Nexus S Update

Hot on the heels of the Nexus One getting an update, the Nexus S is now in the throes of a 17.5-megabyte download that brings Android 2.3.6 (build GRK39C) along with "bug fixes and security patches." Should just take a couple minutes to update, and then you'll be able to go back to lording it over your friends that you have the latest update, and they're still twiddling their thumbs.

Looks like this indeed fixes some of the tethering issues we'd been seeing, which is nice. And if you crack open the zip file you'll see patches to just about everything -- with the biggest changes to the NFC function

If you're not in a waiting mood, we've got manual install instructions after the break.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Grab the OTA package here
  • Rename it to  This isn't needed for the Nexus S bootloader, but it makes things easy.
  • Copy it over to the internal storage on your Nexus S.
  • Power off, then hold volume up and power to reboot to the bootloader.
  • Using the volume key to navigate, select recovery, then use the power button to confirm
  • When you see the warning triangle and arrow, hold the power button and tap volume up.  You'll see a menu.
  • From the menu, select "apply update from /sdcard", and choose from the list.
  • Let it do its thing and update your system, radio, and other partitions.  When finished, choose "reboot sys

Hackery bonus round -- I had to jump back to stock and apply the OTA manually, here's how I did it quickly at 2:00 AM:

  • Download the stock GRJ22 build direct from Google here.  This file contains the full stock ROM, including recovery and radio.  Copy it to the root of your USB storage.
  • Flash it from Clockwork Recovery or stock recovery
  • Wipe data and reboot system
  • Grab the GRK39F file from the steps above, and flash it with stock recovery. This should have installed when you flashed GRJ22 above.  If it didn't, reboot again.

You're now back to stock and current.