Nexus 5X

Folks who got in on the early Nexus 5X shipments should have them in their hands this week, and when they take them out of the box they'll be seeing an OTA hit the phone. The 42MB update brings the Nexus 5X up to software version MDB08I, which is the same version available via the factory images Google posted recently.

In our case the 5X pulled down the OTA and forced the update as part of the initial setup process for the phone as soon as we were connected to Wifi.

It isn't clear what was in the update specifically, but the fact that it just brings the Nexus 5X up to the software version currently available from the factory image indicates it was likely a handful of bugfixes and some cleaning up for phones that were flashed a few weeks ago during manufacturing.

Anything particularly interesting catching your eye after the update? Let us know!

Nexus 5X


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