What you need to know

  • The FCC has published new photos of the Galaxy Note 10.
  • Once again, we see that there's no power button on the right frame.
  • It's possible Samsung could combine the Bixby and power button into one.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 has shown its face online quite a few times — most recently earlier this week in the form of renders that showcased the phone's striking Silver color. Now, the FCC has published more photos of the phone, as first reported by XDA Developers.

The FCC's pictures specifically show the Galaxy Note 10+, as evident by the three rear cameras and additional (time of flight?) sensor not found on the regular Note 10. We can also see a large display around front which is rumored to measure in at 6.75-inches.

In these pictures and other ones we've seen, it's evident that the Galaxy Note 10 is missing its usual power button on the right frame. However, there's still a volume rocker and what we believe to be a Bixby button below it on the left frame.

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A couple of possibilities arise because of that. One one hand, Samsung could be adding dual functionality to the left side button, making it a Bixby and power button in one (not unlike what's found on the iPhone XS and XR). However, the ergonomics of a power button the left frame seems a bit awkward. We also previously heard rumors that Samsung would use "fake" buttons on the Note 10, meaning there might be a capacitive side on the right frame that acts as a non-physical power "button."

Your guess is as good as ours for what's going on here, but in any case, we won't have to wait too much longer to find out. Samsung's holding an Unpacked event on August 7, more than likely where the Note 10 will be unveiled.

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