Samsung makes some of the most popular smartphones on the planet, and as we usually see every year, the company's biggest competition is often itself.

The Galaxy S9+ is a truly excellent phone and easily one of the best to come out so far in 2018. However, with Samsung likely announcing the Galaxy Note 9 in just a few short months, should you bother spending your money on an S9+ now or just wait for the latest in the Note series?

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One of our forum users is currently faced with this very decision, and when asked for advice on what they should do, this is what some of our other members had to say.


If you want a note (totally different from the S line - go to the store and play with a Note 8 to see if you fall in love with the things you can do with the S-Pen, or if you think it will grow old without ever being used), I'd wait until at least a month after the Note 9 is released. Samsung has been known to release some dogs, and never really get them working. (And even though they offered...


Note 9 will be basically be a S9+ with S pen decide if u want for sure a S pen then wait for Note 9 or buy the s9+..I shifted from Note 8 to S9+ and very happy


Tadpoles, that would be great, I agree. What has me a little worried though is the camera. I get great results with my Note 8 camera, while the S9+ seems to have some issues with the new configuration - with a lot of examples being shown of loss of detail. I hope they can sort out whatever is going on there before the Note 9.


If you have to wait for July then you should go for the Note 9. The spen is a game changer even if you don't use it daily and the Note 9 will be an upgrade in specs and features from the s9


Now, we'd love to hear from you – Do you recommend getting the Galaxy S9 or waiting for the Note 9?

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