If you were to just judge it by the name, one would assume Amazon Prime Day 2019 would last for just 24 hours, a full day, but that's not the case. The first few years, Amazon stared the event in the morning, and ended it at night, but two years ago the event spread to a 30 hour span, and then last year it was 36 hours. Amazon has finally made its 2019 event official, and it will be the biggest one yet. Prime Day 2019 will kick off on Monday, July 15 and last for a full 48 hours, which is 12 hours more than last year.

Back in 2017, Amazon reserved the first few hours of the event to offer exclusive deals for Voice Shoppers only. This meant you had to have an Echo device in order to order the items via an Alexa voice command, but last year there was no exclusive period for that. As the event gets bigger, Amazon stretches it to last longer and longer. Last year the company boasted millions of deals throughout the span of Prime Day, and there's no way we could see them taming that down any.

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