The Monoprice Mini Pro is the perfect 3D printer for beginners and young families. I like it so much I already bought four for my local youth room so the kids could learn how to 3D print and design. This lighting deal is amazing and you should grab one as soon as you can!

Beginner goodness

Monoprice Maker Mini Pro

Perfect starter

$160 $200 $40 off

The Mini Pro is one of my favorite little printers, and $160 is chump change for something this good.

The Mini Pro has some excellent features that more expensive printers don't have, like auto bed leveling. Having a level build plate is one of the most important processes that'll give you the very best prints possible, but it can be tricky to do manually. The Mini Pro takes out all the guesswork and allows you to get perfectly level prints every time.

The Bowden setup works surprisingly well for a printer this cheap, and the lightweight, yet solid frame keeps your prints from getting any wobble in the layer lines. It even has a removable build plate that lets you safely remove your print instead of reaching under the hot print head. The build plate may be small, but it will sit comfortably on your desk and print great prints almost constantly.

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I love the Mini Pro for what it can do, but also because it's perfect for young people to understand and operate. I love getting kids involved in 3D printing and this is an excellent entry-level machine for you, your kids, or any member of your family.

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