If you know your tech history, you'd know that Steve Jobs (on the left) and Steve Wozniak (on the right) founded Apple together. Yes, Apple. Maker of the iPhone, among other great products. Steve Wozniak isn't involved with Apple anymore (he still collects a paycheck though!) so he's really free to say whatever the heck he wants. And oh the things he says!

Just recently, he made it known that his current favorite gadget is the Nexus One. Well, he wasn't that outright but it was quite obvious. To quote:

Wozniak made his latest revelation [about his favorite gadget] with a coy laugh and without actually speaking the Google device's name. Instead, when asked what his favorite gadget is, Wozniak said, "Well, it's the latest one. It's a non-Apple product, but it's a gadget that just came out yesterday."

Could you imagine Woz calling up Steve Jobs telling him all the cool things that Android can do? Just awesome. Obviously, we're no stranger to having certain people from Google using certain devices that aren't from Google but it's always fun to see happen. Heck, to be honest, we'd be downright stunned if the bigwigs at each company never used competitors' devices. Oh wait..

To be fair Woz still owns two iPhones and loves them dearly. He just favors the Nexus One =)

[via gizmodo]