One UI is Samsung's take on Android 9 Pie, and while it retains a lot of what makes Pie so great, it also introduces a few new things not found on other devices.

Pie's native gesture navigation system has been faced with a heap of criticism since release, and like a lot of other companies, Samsung used its Pie update to introduce its own take on gestures. On a Samsung phone running Pie, you swipe up from the middle to go home. Swipe up from the left to go back, swipe up from the right to open the multitasking menu, or flip these around if that's your preference.

It's a pretty great idea, but in the real world, how enjoyable are they to actually use?


I LOVE the new update, i think it has pulled me away from Nova and any other 3rd party Launcher, but i keep going back and forth with the nav bar options. i like how the screen looks with the gestures, but i'm a creature of habit, i'm so use to the buttons. what is your preference?


I tried the gestures and I'm not really fond of them. I thought that maybe I didn't like it because it kept hitting Samsung pay, but once I took Samsung pay off of the homescreen and tried the gestures it still wasn't impressive.


I'm sticking with the buttons. For me it's easier and faster. I also really like the double tape of the recent button to switch between the last two apps. As soon as Good Lock is updated I will also have my camera shortcut back on this bar.


I'm using 100% guestures without HINT where the bars showed. After few days of using, and now automatically swip at certain location. LOVE IT!


What about you? Are you using Samsung's Pie gestures?

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