Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 surfaced on June 6, and to not much surprise, revealed that the phone will look eerily similar to the Note 8.

We're still expecting the Note 9 to come equipped with a faster processor, new software features, and improved cameras, but when it comes to its design, it doesn't appear that we'll be seeing much change at all.

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Some of the Android Central forum users were quick to leave their comments about the Note 9, and this is what they said.

Hermes Hidayat

i would wait for Note 10 instead.as so far from what Samsung has made is like big difference every 2 models...like S6 to S7 ,S8 to S9...


Doubt it. Given the leaked video posted on another forum it looks like a note 8 with a finger print scanner that's been moved a little lower to appease everyone who thought it's placement on the note 8 was the worst thing that's ever happened to them. I stuck with the note 5 for 2 years, shouldn't be a problem to do the same with the 8


Not planning on it - unless my Note8 gets run over by a dump truck, then I probably will. I may decide to go with a 2-year replacement cycle so that I can get more use for my money.


I have a wait and see attitude right now. I'm extremely happy with my Note 8 and certainly don't need to upgrade. It would be a want rather than a need. Same with the Gear S4. My S3 is great but if they integrate Bixby or Google assistant into the next watch, I'll get that too. I feel like I'm in a good spot this year. If I choose to stick it out with the Note 8/S3 combo, I'll be just fine.


Based on what we know so far — Do you plan on upgrading to the Galaxy Note 9?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9


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