Dell Cast

Dell has launched a new dongle awfully similar to Google's own Chromecast, except with a few key differences. Like Chromecast, the Dell Cast plugs into the HDMI slot on a TV or projector, and is powered over USB. However, you can then pair up a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and once set to Productivity mode through the coupled Android app, the Dell Cast builds a classic desktop-style layout on the larger screen.

This way you can get pretty close to a standard computing experience without needing an actual laptop around, though if you're hauling around a tablet, dongle, keyboard, and mouse, you might as well be. Entertainment mode is also available if all you want to do is stream video. For now, the accessory only works with Dell's own tablets, like the Venue 8.

The Dell Cast is available right now for $79.99, which may also make it seem less appealing when compared to the $40 Chromecast, which, though missing the big-screen reformatting, can mirror what's on your Android device just fine. In locked-down enterprises that are all-in with Dell, this peripheral might see some use, but it's kind of hard to imagine. Anybody use their Android device regularly through the work day on bigger screens? Does Chromecast suit your business needs, or is there room for alternatives?

Source: CiteWorld

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