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Prime Day deals if you're in the hunt for a new mattress for yourself, a spare room, or any one in your family, Prime Day is the place to be. So close to Black Friday, you're likely already seeing the best deals on both normal and inflatable mattresses for entertaining guests, treat yourself to that new mattress you've always wanted.

We all know how getting not only enough sleep, but also good quality sleep, can impact our health and wellness, which is why so many smartwatches and activity trackers these days include detailed sleep tracking. And integral to that is having a good mattress.

So how can you find the best deals from Amazon to have a brand new, comfortable, and springy mattress delivered directly to your doorstep? Here's a look at some of the best deals you'll find on Prime Day.

Simmons Memory Foam Mattress | From $249 at Amazon

With a gel-infused top layer and supportive base layer, this mattress helps keep you both comfortable and cool.

From $249 at Amazon

Tuft & Needle Original Adaptive Foam Mattress | From $350 at Amazon

Using Tuft & Needle's own proprietary foam, this mattress provides an adjustable sleep surface and helps relieve pressure.

From $350 at Amazon

AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress | From $105 at Amazon

With thickness from 6-inch to 12-inch and sizes from twin to California king, its plush foam layer contours to the body.

From $105 at Amazon

Ashley Chime Plush Hybrid Mattress | From $126 at Amazon

From twin to king and 8-12-inches thickness, this bed in a box has gel memory foam and 805 individual coils for lumbar support.

From $126 at Amazon

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress | From $100 at Amazon

Ideal for dorms or the kids' room, this medium-firm mattress comes in twin to queen and 6- or 7-inch thickness.

From $100 at Amazon

AmazonBasics Pocket Coil Mattress | From $182 at Amazon

This coil mattress with a high-density foam topper helps evenly distribute your weight and comes in sizes from twin up to king.

From $182 at Amazon

Casper Sleep Element Mattress | From $476 at Amazon

Two layers of foam and AirScape technology help keep this mattress soft yet supportive.

From $476 at Amazon

Modway Jenna Quilted Pillow Top Innerspring Mattress |From $122 at Amazon

Isolate motion between partners with this pocket coil mattress that comes as small as narrow twin and up to 14-inch thickness.

From $122 at Amazon

Milliard Sectional Mattress | $161 at Amazon

Configure this clever foldable, travel-friendly mattress to any size you like, for up to three cots or one king.

$161 at Amazon

Sweetnight Breeze 12 In Memory Foam Mattress | $382 at Amazon

This awesome gel memory foam mattress up to 33% off on Prime Day.

$382 at Amazon

LUCID Hybrid Mattress | From $213 at Amazon

The memory foam comes infused with bamboo charcoal as well as aloe vera to regenerate fabric and keep the bed fresh.

From $213 at Amazon

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress | From $95 at Amazon

Guests will sleep soundly on this air mattress with ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to prevent slipping.

From $95 at Amazon

How to choose the right mattress

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Find the right mattress type

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right Prime Day mattress deals. First and foremost, you want to make sure you get the right type of mattress. And there are four main types.

Innerspring or coil mattresses are great for those who toss and turn a lot at night since you can move around easily on them. They provide support through coils underneath the comfort layer, so logically, the more coils, the more comfortable the mattress is likely to be. But they aren't the best when it comes to motion isolation, so back or stomach sleepers might want to steer clear.

Memory foam mattresses are good for those who suffer from neck and back pain thanks to the way they mold to your body, though it won't be as easy to shift positions as with a coil mattress. You get the feeling of sinking into a spot on the bed, so for those who tend to sleep soundly without moving, these are worth considering.

A newer option is Gel Memory Foam, which adds another layer of support and a slightly different feel to traditional memory foam. Usually made with things like green tea extract or charcoal, they do really well at absorbing moisture, which can come in handy if you sweat a lot at night. And they will keep you cooler at night, too, better dissipating your body heat.

Latex foam mattresses are usually used for smaller beds, like bunk beds, as well as for camping or travel. They could be joined in the fourth category by air mattresses, both of which aren't typically designed for everyday sleeping but for occasional sleeping or travel.

Choose your firmness

Mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels and it's important to understand them to ensure you get the right amount of support while you sleep.

A soft mattress is best for side sleepers, as they contour to your body and help relieve some pressure. Light sleepers might also prefer a softer mattress. But back and stomach sleepers will require something firmer.

A firm mattress helps relieve pressure on the lower back and are better for heavier people since they can initially seem quite hard when you lie down. Medium-firm mattresses, on the other hand, are the most popular type of mattress firmness. They aren't too firm or to soft, offering just enough support for most people.

Get the size and thickness right

The size of mattress will, of course, correspond to the size of your bed, which can range from narrow twin up to California king. Make sure to buy the right size to fit your bed.

In terms of thickness, this might depend on your needs and preferences, as well as factors like whether you have a really high bed frame or a box spring. Measure the space from the floor to the top of where the mattress will be to determine if a 12-inch thick mattress, for example, might make the bed too high, or conversely, a 6-inch might make it far too low.

Amazon Prime Day mattress accessory deals

Sureguard Waterproof Mattress PadSource: SureGuard

Along with your mattress, or if you already have a mattress and are in search of bedding accessories, there are a number of them worth considering on Prime Day that are being offered up for great deals. I never put a fitted sheet over my mattress with first putting on a mattress pad, which will protect the expensive mattress from spills and stains. The SureGuard Mattress Encasement is a pretty sweet deal that offers 100% waterproof protection as well as protection against bed bugs. The zippered, six-sided cover is also waterproof.

If you're getting an air mattress, don't forget to buy an electric air pump so you can inflate it quickly when needed. The AGPTEK Electric Air Pump has three nozzles and works with 110V AC/12V DC for using it both at home or on the road.

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