Best Phones in India

Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Image credit: Android Central)

Update, May 2017: The Galaxy S8+ is now our top pick for the best phone in India. The Pixel is still a great phone, but the S8+ offers much more for its asking price.

Why the Galaxy S8+ is the best

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If all you want is a decent phone, then the ₹30,000 OnePlus 3T or the ₹16,999 Moto G5 Plus will serve you very well. When you're in the market for a device that costs north of ₹60,000, you're looking for a phone that's at the cutting edge of what's possible in this segment: an astounding display, the fastest chipset, class-leading camera, and the best overall experience.

Currently, that phone is the Galaxy S8+. Samsung isn't a stranger when it comes to delivering a great flagship, but with the S8+, the manufacturer outdid itself.

The 6.2-inch QHD display on the S8+ is the best on the market. Samsung's AMOLED displays have consistently ranked at the top for a few years, and the situation is no different this year with the S8+. The fact that it doesn't have as many bezels around the edges as previous generations makes the device that much more enticing.

The internal hardware is top-notch as well: Samsung is using its latest 10nm node for the Exynos 8895, and what it essentially translates to is that the manufacturer figured out a way to cram more transistors into a smaller package. The result is that the S8+ is much more energy efficient, with the 3500mAh more than adequate to last an entire day.

The Galaxy S8+ is also the first flagship to offer Samsung Pay out of the box in India. Samsung's digital payments solution is easy to set up, and as it works with MST as well as NFC, you'll be able to use it to pay for purchases at most retail stores across the country.


There are plenty of options available across price points if you're looking for a decent phone, but if you want the absolute test, then the Galaxy S8+ should be at the top of your list. The ₹64,900 asking price is by no means affordable, but you're getting a phone that justifies its cost.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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