Best monitor light bars 2024

The best monitor light bars can brighten your workspace for easier reading without boosting the screen's brightness, which can be taxing on your eyes. They also come in handy during video calls by providing the proper lighting when you're in a dark setting. Light bars usually don't take up much, or any, additional space on your desk and don't cost a lot. And this is especially important if you're using an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse with a computer, like a Chromebook, and thus have minimal desk space. As you work toward enhancing your home office with items that help increase productivity and better organize the space, we've researched to find the best monitor light bars for your home workspace.

Light up your desk and make computing more comfortable with a monitor light bar

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What should you look for in a monitor light bar?

A monitor light bar is ideal when you tend to work in front of a computer screen for hours on end, especially if you read a lot of text. It's also good for gamers to help provide sufficient lighting that won't strain their eyes while dominating some of the best games for Stadia. When making video calls, it can also come in handy to help you get the proper lighting. The best monitor light bars should offer adjustable angles, like all of these do, so you can situate it just right to avoid reflections and screen glare. The suspension design of the Quntis E-Reading Desk Lamp that keeps the light front and center is a good example.

You also want an adjustable color temperature because the type of lighting you need to read an e-book will be much different from what you need while playing a dark, action-packed video game. The LOFTER Screen Bar Lights excel in this category with three modes: warm, cool, or natural, with 10 brightness levels provided by 84 LEDs.

Finally, if you're looking for something a bit more premium to match a clean PC setup, the Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar is a great choice with a sleek design, a metal body, and plenty of adjustability. The light can be adjusted to be the perfect color temperature with the wireless remote so you don't need to mess with any wires or hidden buttons to get your settings just right. It also uses USB-C so it will fit right in with other accessories for the best Chromebooks.

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