Galaxy S20 UltraSource: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

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What we consider a "normal" phone size today would feel downright gigantic just a few years ago. And that normalization of large phones has made it even easier for companies to make even bigger phones at the very top end of their lineup. When you need a big phone to give you the largest screen and most capabilities, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the best of the bunch. Not only does it have a huge display, but it's a great display — and everything else about the experience backs it up.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20 UltraSource: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

The Galaxy S20 Ultra's size is true to its name, with an absolutely huge 6.9-inch screen. The screen is once again the best in the industry, following in the footsteps of every other Samsung screen, and it has a superb 120Hz refresh rate mode that will spoil you for any other phone.

The rest of the phone is unapologetically large, making room for a 5,000mAh battery, all of the latest specs, and an impressive camera array. Those cameras give you great photos in a variety of lighting conditions, and impressive zoom shots at up to 15X. Samsung's software still takes a bit of organizing and fine-tuning to work just right, but is extremely powerful.


  • Massive high-quality screen
  • Huge battery
  • Super-sharp main camera shots
  • Solid zoom camera up to 15X
  • Necessarily big and heavy


  • Great battery limited to 60Hz mode
  • Slow fingerprint sensor
  • No headphone jack
  • 30X+ zoom is a gimmick

Best Overall

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung goes all-out

Take the S20+ and turn it up a notch — all of the same qualities, but with an even bigger screen and battery, plus improved cameras.

Best With a Stylus: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Source: Android Central

It's easy to argue that the Galaxy Note defined the "phablet" category so many years ago, and several generations on it's still the standard. The Note 10+ has a massive 6.8-inch display, and, wow, is it incredible. The rest of the hardware experience is as solid as it is beautiful and conceals a packed spec sheet capable of powering anything you want to do. Battery life is great, as is its charging speed. It all adds up to make this a real complete package for anyone who wants a do-everything big-screened phone.

On top of it all, where the Note 10+ stands out is its S Pen. It's a feature you either completely get and love, or don't care for — but for those who utilize the S Pen it's hard to think of using a phone without one. You can write, annotate, sign, and draw, but also remotely control the phone wirelessly to take photos, advance presentations and more.

The Note 10+ is now a (partial) generation behind the S20 series, but that doesn't mean you should overlook it. If you value the S Pen, consider the Note 10+ even though it isn't entirely Samsung's latest and greatest.


  • Incredible, huge display
  • Hardware looks and feels expensive
  • Outstanding performance
  • Great battery life and fast charging
  • Best stylus experience on any phone


  • Considerably more expensive than Galaxy S10+
  • Inconsistent in-display fingerprint sensor
  • Software requires lots of tweaking
  • Low-light camera quality is weak

Best With a Stylus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The phone that defined what 'phablet' meant

The Note 10+ isn't obsolete because the S20 Ultra is out. A massive screen is backed up by incredible capabilities, plus an S Pen.

Best Value: OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7TSource: Android Central

The OnePlus 7T continues the company's legacy of releasing affordable, high-end Android smartphones. This one has all of the good aspects of the more expensive 7 Pro but forgoes the curved-glass, bezel-less display for something more traditional, and more usable. The hardware is just as nice and has the bonus of being a tad smaller as well.

Typical superlative OnePlus software is the same as its other phones, which is a great thing. The display running at a 90Hz refresh rate (just like the 7 Pro) just adds to the smoothness of OxygenOS. There's a versatile camera system that is consistent, albeit not challenging the best out there. Luckily, you're getting excellent specs and performance across the board, with enough power to run this phone for years.


  • Well-designed, with premium materials
  • Excellent battery life
  • OxygenOS 10 is awesome
  • Consistent and versatile cameras
  • Great price for what you get


  • Lacks official IP rating
  • No wireless charging
  • Loses telephoto OIS from OnePlus 7 Pro

Best Value

OnePlus 7T

One of the best phones you can spend your money on.

You get the same great specs as the OnePlus 7 Pro, in a slightly smaller package with a few extras cut back — but in return get an exceptional price.

Best on a Budget: Samsung Galaxy A50

Holding the Galaxy A50Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

The Galaxy A50 isn't quite as big as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, nor does it have its high-end specs, but it's also just a fraction of the price. But for the money, it has an incredibly high-quality 6.4-inch display, really good specs, and strong battery life — all things you want out of a big phone. And it even has a flagship-style triple camera array that holds its own.

The rest of the experience is typical Samsung quality, minus the necessary corner-cutting required to get the price down. But what's important here is that the core parts of the experience that make it a great big phone are all accounted for.


  • Flagship-style triple camera
  • Great display for the money
  • Strong battery life
  • Great value in specs


  • Considerable bloatware in the software
  • Portrait mode shots are weak

Best on a Budget

Samsung Galaxy A50

Great Samsung quality for a fraction of the price

A big high-quality screen, good battery life, and great specs make the A50 an incredible buy at a fraction of the cost of flagships.

Best Camera: Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XLSource: Android Central

The Pixel 4 XL has the best overall camera you can get on an Android phone, no matter the price or size. In daylight, mixed light, and even super-low-light, it consistently takes better photos than any competition. While we had issues with the 3 XL's speed, the camera app is also now fast and fluid. A secondary telephoto lens, paired with clever software, takes great zoom shots. Its front-facing camera isn't as wide as before, and that's the only marginal downside here. It still takes crisp, colorful and bright photos, along with great portrait selfies.

Its screen, coming in at 6.3-inches, is right on that borderline of what you'd consider a phablet. But the screen quality is good, and has a 90Hz refresh rate — but again this phone is all about its camera and software.

The Pixel 4 XL, as a whole phone, is, unfortunately, let down by a few shortcomings. Its battery life is the weakest of the phablet competition, which is probably the biggest downside for people who are looking for a big phone. It has lower RAM (6GB) and storage (64GB) than the rest, too, and its face unlock system has only been adopted by a handful of apps. However, that shouldn't detract from all of the great things this phone does — and it is still fully in the conversation of the best phones you can get today.


  • Super-smooth 90Hz display
  • Simple, useful and fast software
  • Extremely fast face unlock
  • Top-notch camera quality back and front
  • Nice-looking and feeling hardware


  • Incredibly weak battery life
  • Motion Sense has little real-world use
  • Low RAM and storage for the money
  • Lots of app incompatibility with face unlock

Best Camera

Google Pixel 4 XL

The best camera you can get in a smartphone today

The Pixel 4 XL has excellent hardware and the best camera but is let down by weak battery life and specs for the money.

Best Value Outside the U.S.: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite reviewSource: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

The Galaxy S10 Lite is the best value flagship Samsung has released to date. The Snapdragon 855 chipset has plenty to offer in 2020, and the 4,500mAh battery easily delivers over a day's worth of use. Even though this is a budget-minded mid-range phone, it still gives you a great big 6.7-inch display that outperforms its price class.

Combine that with decent cameras and Android 10 out of the box, and you get a phone that holds its own against the OnePlus 7T. It just isn't available officially in the U.S., so it's only a good choice elsewhere in the world.


  • Snapdragon 855 platform
  • Big high-quality display for the money
  • Excellent battery life
  • Android 10 out of the box
  • Decent cameras


  • Ho-hum design
  • Not available in U.S.
  • No 3.5mm jack
  • No wireless charging

Best Value Outside the U.S.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Getting the core Galaxy experience for hundreds less.

The Galaxy S10 Lite is the budget-minded Galaxy we've been waiting for, striking a great balance between price and capabilities.

Best Gaming Features: ASUS RoG Phone 2

ASUS ROG Phone 2 reviewSource: Android Central

ASUS has expanded its Republic of Gamers line of devices over to phones, focusing on bringing all of the mobile gaming features you could want — no matter what intense game you're into. The RoG Phone 2 is big, as you'd expect for gaming, with a 6.6-inch display that has a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, and excellent specs to make sure the game never skips a beat. And it has a massive battery to match, so you don't have to worry about not making it through the rest of the day when you've spent an hour or two on a game.

It also stands out with a unique hardware design purely focused on gaming, including secondary charging and headphone ports along the side so they aren't in your way when playing games in landscape. You also get "Air Trigger" touch sensors that let you use the corners of the phone as customizable inputs for shooters and an external active cooler accessory that lines up with the phone's heatsink to keep thermals in check.

With its polarizing design and huge size, you will need to have a gaming focus to pick this over something more well-rounded, but some people take mobile games seriously and this phone is perfect for them.


  • Uniquely designed for gaming
  • 120Hz display refresh rate is gorgeous
  • Air Trigger controls are still innovative
  • Front-facing speakers are loud
  • Great battery life


  • Phone design maybe too gamer
  • Dedicated accessories are pricey

Best Gaming Features

ASUS RoG Phone 2

If you go all-in on mobile gaming, this is your choice

You get a huge display and huge battery to let you game without worry; plus great gaming-specific specs and features all around.

Bottom line

When you're looking for the biggest-and-best phone available, the Galaxy S20 Ultra sets the standard. Not only does it have a massive display, but it's also the best display in terms of quality across the board.

And Samsung makes use of it with an incredible spec sheet, tons of features, and a camera array that gives you great main camera shots and impressive zoom capabilities. You pay dearly to get this complete package, but there's something to be said for going all-in to get the best phone possible when you need a big screen. The Galaxy S20 Ultra rewards you for that decision.

If you decide you're looking for something smaller, there's our list of small Android phones. If you just want a list of the best general Android phones, we've got that too!

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