What good is your phone if the battery dies? If you use your phone hard and don't have the option to charge throughout the day, battery life is your number one priority when shopping for your next phone. Thankfully there are several great options that focus on battery life and won't give up halfway through the day.

Our pick: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Staff pick

The Note 10+ is a big phone, and it backs that up with a big 4300mAh battery. Samsung's great battery management and efficient specs give the Note 10+ all-day battery even when you hit it hard. And you'll want to because you have access to just about every software and hardware feature you could imagine here.

$900 at Amazon

Great sans stylus: Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Galaxy S10+ does everything the Note 10+ does, but has a slightly smaller screen and correspondingly smaller 4100mAh battery. That small drop-off may be worth it in order to save a couple hundred dollars — and the battery life, in the grand scheme of flagship phones, is still great.

$700 at Amazon

Affordable flagship: OnePlus 7T

OnePlus just keeps doing it: a flagship-level phone with amazing hardware, specs, and capabilities for hundreds of dollars less than the competition. You'll still get a big screen, top-notch internals, and truly excellent battery life.

$600 at OnePlus

Best for much less: Moto G7 Power

You don't have to spend a ton to get great battery life, and the Moto G7 Power shows us why. Not only do you get a huge battery, but a nice set of simple features and capable specs to round out the experience with exceptional value for the money.

$220 at Amazon

Go two days: ASUS ROG Phone 2

The ROG Phone 2 has everything turned up to 11: there's RGB lighting at the back, a Snapdragon 855+ chipset, a 120Hz display that's incredibly smooth, and a 6000mAh battery that lasts two days. It's a behemoth that isn't for everyone, but ultimate battery fiends will want to take a closer look.

$900 at Amazon

Best outside the U.S.: Huawei P30 Pro

The P30 Pro challenges the highest-end phones, with exceptional battery life from its 4200mAh capacity that also recharges super-quick with a 40W charger. Unfortunately, it isn't available officially in the U.S., which means you pay less for it, but you don't get a warranty or the same level of support.

$685 at Amazon

Have your phone last all day

The Galaxy Note 10+ offers fantastic battery life, and also does everything else you could want out of a massive power user-focused phone. You're getting a massive screen, the highest-end specs, and tons of features in hardware and software — the S Pen stylus is icing on the cake.

It has friends in this space, though, namely Samsung's own Galaxy S10+ that offers nearly as good battery life for a couple hundred dollars less. Then there's the ASUS ROG Phone 2, which goes in the other direction and gives you potential two-day battery life but loses the svelte exterior and refinement of Samsung's phones.

For a dramatically lower buy-in, the OnePlus 7T has fantastic battery life, but with that lower price comes up short in a few other areas like the camera.

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