Android Central's Best Android Phones June 2011

Android Central's Top 10 Android Phones Report ranks the popularity of the best Android Phones over the past 30 days as determined by our proprietary algorithm which compiles data from across the AC community and beyond (Lloyd invented the system and gave it his blessing).

So check out the list below to learn more about what's popular in the Android Universe!

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Verizon ThunderBolt
by HTC
"The hottest phone of 2011, thanks to its large screen and fast LTE data. But will its blemishes lead to its downfall?"

Sprint EVO 4G
by HTC
"The first 4G smartphone and first 4.3-inch device remains a hot seller, but a sequel looks to be hot on its heels."

Verizon Droid Incredible
by HTC
"One of the great phones of 2011 thanks to its speed and size. But its days may be numbered thanks to its follow-up."

AT&T Inspire 4G
by HTC
"One of the first great Android phones on AT&T, from a manufacturer known for great Android smartphones."
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Verizon Droid X
by Motorola
"Ushered in the era of the large, power -- but thin -- smartphone on Verizon. But it's already starting to see the sunset."

Verizon Droid Incredible 2
by HTC
"Looking to overtake its elder sibling with a larger screen, more memory and a faster processor."

Verizon Droid
by Motorola
"That this phone remains in our Top 10 list shows you just how popular it's been since its launch in late 2009."

Sprint EVO Shift 4G
by HTC
"It's fast with 4G data, and it throws in an excellent horizontal keyboard for those who can't stop typing."

Verizon Droid Charge
by Samsung
"It's big, fast, light and thin -- basically the best of all worlds, with Verizon's 4G LTE data thrown in to boot."

Sprint Epic 4G
by Samsung
"The second 4G smartphone of 2010 added a horizontal sliding keyboard to make a great phone even greater."