Deals are aplenty this Amazon Prime Day, and while there are tons of expensive goodies to pick up, there's also a lot being sold for cheap. In fact, we've found a lot of great deals for $10 and under. Here, we've rounded up our favorite affordable deals to help you discover your next great Prime Day find.

Add some storage: Samsung 32GB MicroSDHC

Have a phone with expandable storage and need just a little bit more space? Samsung's 32GB microSD card gives your phone some added wiggle room at an exceptional price for Prime Day. It comes with fast data speeds and a 10-year limited warranty.

$6 (was $8) at Amazon

Charge in the car: Maxboost Car Charger

If you often find your phone with a low battery while in the car, it's probably time to get a car charger. Maxboost's has two 2.4A USB outputs, allowing you to charge two handsets at once. For peace of mind, there are built-in safeguards to prevent any overheating or excessive currents.

$8 at Amazon

Stay safe on the road: Mpow Car Phone Mount

Speaking of phones in the car, it's also time for you to get a phone mount. Mpow makes one that easily attaches to your dashboard, and once installed, it can be customized and positioned in a variety of different ways. For safely following turn-by-turn navigation, it's fantastic.

$9 (was $11) at Amazon

Plug it in: PNY Turbo 64GB Flash Drive

Flash drives aren't the most exciting things, but there are times when you just need one. If you do, Prime Day is the time to buy. You can get this PNY one with 64GB of storage, enough to store close to 12,000 songs. It works with USB 2.0 and 3.0 and can easily attach to a keychain.

$8 at Amazon

Smart plug: Gosund Mini Smart Plug

If you're a smart home enthusiast or novice, this is a crazy good deal on a smart plug. Just plug the plug into your outlet, set it up via the companion mobile app, and you can remotely control it using Alexa or Google Assistant. For the price, you can't do any better.

$10 at Amazon

Good old cables: AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB-A

With USB-C becoming more and more prominent on all of our gadgets, it's a good idea to have a spare USB-C to USB-A cable lying around just in case you need it. From AmazonBasics, this discounted option has 10Gbps transfer speeds and a one-year limited warranty.

$10 at Amazon

Keep going and going: BONAI AAA Rechargeable Batteries

AAA batteries are often used for remotes, cameras, and other smaller gadgets, and BONAI's rechargeable ones are really great for their low price during Prime Day. You get a pack of eight and each one rated to be recharged up to 1200 times. These things will pay for themselves.

$8 (was $10) at Amazon

Always clean: AUTENPOO Lens Cleaning Wipes

Phones, tablets, and smartwatches always get dirty. If you want to keep them clean, you'll want to pick up these lens wipes. You get a package of 110, and each wipe is individually wrapped and pre-moistened. If you need to keep your tech clean on a budget, this is a great pick up.

$7 (was $9) at Amazon

USB aplenty: Amoner USB Plug Cube (2 Pack)

You can never have too many USB wall plugs for your home, and if you need to stock up on them, this deal from Amoner is worth scooping up. The wall plug features three USB ports with 15W of power, along with drop and scratch protection. The best part? You get two of them for one low price.

$10 (was $12) at Amazon

So many goodies for under $10

With a little bit of patience and know-how, you can find some excellent Prime Day deals for $10 or less. One of our favorite discoveries is the Samsung 32GB MicroSDHC. This is already a pretty affordable card, but the fact that you can currently get 32GB of extra storage for your phone/tablet for a little more than $5 is crazy. No, it's not the absolute most storage you can get, but if you only need room for a few more apps/games, it's a good and affordable choice.

Verizon is offering the Pixel 4a for just $10/mo on new Unlimited lines

Another great choice is the Mpow Car Phone Mount. For those times when you need to use your phone for whatever reason in the car, it's so much safer to do so with a car mount rather than holding your phone in one hand with the other on the steering wheel.

Lastly, if you want something a bit more fun, we suggest checking out the Gosund Mini Smart Plug. Smart plugs in general are really great essentials for any smart home, and when you can get one that's this cheap, you can add multiple to each room of your house without breaking the bank.

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