Amazon Prime Day 2018 is right around the corner. The Prime member-exclusive sales day that's rivaled only by Black Friday usually happens around mid-July and features at least one 24-hour period of amazing price drops on thousands of items. Some of those items will be televisions of all different shapes and sizes. If you're wondering whether or not it's worth it to try and get one of those TV sales, I'll just go ahead and give you the answer right now: maybe. We've got a few solid tips you need to know if you're looking for a new TV.

Buy Amazon's Own

Prime Day is really Amazon's Day. Sure, we'll see a whole ton of products from anyone and everyone that sells on Amazon, and other retailers like Best Buy and Walmart will make token efforts to get in on the action. However, when it really comes down to it, Prime Day is Amazon's chance to sell what matters to them. Namely, it's a huge day for Kindles, Echo devices, and other kinds of Amazon hardware. For example, the best-selling TV last year? The Element 4K Fire TV. Why? Because it's the TV Amazon wanted to sell the most. They dropped the price really low and pushed it on the main deal pages. Keep an eye on any new models that incorporate Amazon's hardware and software if you really want to find the best discounts.

Older Models Will Be Limited in Stock But Low in Price

The first thing you should know is that new models of TVs are released in a yearly cycle. That cycle usually starts with the Consumer Electronics Show in January of every year where new TVs are announced and new technology is revealed. Then, over the course of the next few months, the new TVs for the year are released. The time period seeing new TVs released is usually the best time to buy older model TVs since this is when retailers are trying to clear out that inventory. This usually includes big sales on leftover Black Friday model TVs, as well. By the time Amazon's Prime Day has rolled around, that sales phase is mostly over.

However, last year we saw a lot of TVs go on sale anyway, which means retailers are more aware of Prime Day and planning for it. We expect to see them follow a similar trend this year. So, if you're looking for good deals on 2017 models versus the brand new 2018 models, that's probably your best bet for the absolute lowest prices. Just remember that retailers have been clearing their shelves of older models for a while by the time Prime Day hits, so these deals will go fast.

Mid-Range TVs are the Sweet Spot

Don't want to live in 2017 anymore? Insist on getting a 2018 model TV? Don't expect to get one of those $4,000 magical OLED TVs for $500. Rather, keep your eye on the TVs already somewhere in the middle. It's the 43-55 inch TVs that regularly sell for around $700-900 that will probably get the best deals. One of the best "bang-for-your-buck" TVs in recent years has been the TCL Roku 4K series, and TCL just announced brand new models for the year. I imagine we'll see some great deals on those for Prime Day.

Don't Get Fooled by Cheap Prices

When you see a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just because Amazon is advertising a $100 4K TV doesn't mean you're getting a quality big screen TV. In fact, odds are it's not even real 4K but something like 4K upscaling. Use a price history tracker or the website history to see what price that TV goes for normally. You're really only saving $50 off its regular price, and would you buy a $150 big screen TV on a regular day? Probably not because you know it's going to break in six months. If you're going to buy a TV, know exactly what you're looking for before you do.

Remember that Prime Day is for Prime members only. You'll either need to be an Amazon Prime member or using the Prime 30-day free trial, which you can get here. This huge sales event can be a good time to buy a TV, but it will be hard with many of the best deals vanishing quickly. Be prepared. Know what you want and what you're looking for. You can also use resources like our team at Thrifter, who will be following every major deal for the entirety of the event.

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