PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, oh my. There's a whole lot more to gaming than just the console you choose to play it on, which means there are tons of discounts out there to help enhance your experience. From controllers to games, subscriptions to online gaming and even merch, let Prime Day beef up your gaming collection for less.

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PlayStation Prime Day Deals

Prime Day doesn't just come shortly after E3. It also follows up the Sony Days of Play sale. This year, Sony offered $50 off PS4 Pro and PSVR bundles, DualShock 4 controllers for $40, PlayStation Plus subscriptions for $3.33 per month, and tons of other great gaming deals. If Amazon is going to offer any PlayStation hardware deals on Prime Day, they should be able to at least match those offers... if not outdo them.

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It's always safe to assume that there will be console bundles available at a discount, but until E3 has passed and Sony makes a move, it's hard to say what games will be included. You can also look forward to discounts on controllers and games, and we'd be willing to bet that the PlayStation Classic falls to $25. Fingers crossed for a Death Stranding pre-order deal!

Xbox One Prime Day Deals

Last year, we saw Microsoft discount its own Xbox One X consoles by $100 for E3, and we'd wager on a similar discount that Amazon will match for Prime Day this year. It's also safe to expect deals on Xbox Live memberships and games, though controller discounts aren't as frequent for Microsoft.

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Expect deals on consoles, games, and services. The most substantial discounts will be seen on the Xbox One S and various bundles, though depending on what comes out of E3, we may see some nice deals on higher-end consoles as well. It's safe to expect a price point right around $200 for the bundles.

Nintendo Prime Day Deals

Discounts on the Nintendo Switch are about as elusive as it gets, but last year, Amazon had a Nintendo Switch bundled with a 64GB microSD card and $20 eShop gift card for $300. That's about $40 off what it would cost to buy those things separately. Of course, people were ravenous, and the deal sold out in less than an hour. Constant vigilance, people! There's no doubt that Amazon will offer a similar deal this year, based on the success of last year's deal. However, with great discounts comes great demand, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and be ready to check out if your heart is set on a Switch deal this Prime Day.

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We fully anticipate seeing a deal or two on Switch consoles, games, and/or bundles. However, Nintendo has the some of the most hype for E3 2019. We hope to see pre-order offers on games like Pokémon: Sword and Shield or maybe even... dare we say it... Animal Crossing. It's also safe to expect discounts on games and consoles of the handheld variety, though some of those may be either refurbished or sold elsewhere. No matter what happens, we'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Other Prime Day Gaming Deals

Most assuredly, there will be discounts on games and accessories for every major console. A Nintendo Switch carrying case? Extra controllers? Online gaming services? Expansion packs? DLC? Faceplates and storage and cooling fans? There will be a plethora of discounts, but until the big day comes around, we won't know specifics. It may be wise to make a list of bonus content or goodies that you may want, so that when it's time to shop, you aren't overwhelmed. For an easy roundup, sign up for the Thrifter newsletter and pay extra-close attention on Prime Day.

How to get the Best Video Game Deals

First things first: it pays to be an Amazon Prime member. There are discounts for gamers year-round, plus bonuses for pre-orders so you can get your hands on the hottest titles without paying full price. Prime members also get access to Twitch Prime, a service that offers in-game content for free, complimentary games each month, and even a no-cost Twitch subscription. One of the hottest offers gives you a year of Nintendo Switch Online for free. Twitch Prime is included with every Prime membership.

Another thing to keep in mind is that oftentimes competing retailers will have slight variations on the same bundle. Walmart might offer a bonus controller while Target could give you a gift card and Amazon throws in a slew of accessories. Consider checking multiple stores to see which discounted gaming gear is best fitting for you.

If you aren't a Prime member yet, we highly suggest signing up for a free 30-day trial closer to Prime Day so you can take advantage of the inevitable discounts. In 2018, we saw fantastic deals on Switch consoles, various controllers, Xbox and PS4 bundles, and more.

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