Amazon Prime DaySource: Amazon

What you need to know

  • Amazon Prime Day 2020 now likely to happen in September.
  • It will still be a two day event.
  • Amazon hopes to have more inventory and better fulfillment by then.

There have been a few reports that suggested Amazon would be delaying its annual Prime Day event this year, and now a new one from The Wall Street Journal indicates that it will be happening in September. It was fairly obvious that with the retailers current supply chain and delivery restraints that Prime Day would not happen in July as it normally does, but many thought it would take place in August.

September is two full months later than it normally takes place, and puts it just two months before Black Friday and the 2020 holiday shopping season. Amazon warehouses are already under a lot of additional strain, and up until just a few weeks ago it wouldn't even allow 3rd-party sellers to ship items into warehouses. Stock levels are low, orders are high, and Prime deliveries are delayed all over the place.

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According to the report:

The latter move will allow the ecommerce giant to lay the groundwork for shipments of a wider variety of products, the people said. It indicates that the company is now in a position to process orders more quickly in its warehouses and create room for more inventory, the people said.

Amazon doesn't usually officially announce when Prime Day will be happening until mid-to-late June, so we don't expect that the company will confirm this news just yet. If it is indeed happening in September, Amazon may wait even longer before giving an official date. Be sure to stay tuned for more Amazon Prime Day 2020 news.