This is the Pixel Watch band I'm buying this Black Friday

The Google Pixel Watch with the official metal band in matte black
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

So many amazing Black Friday deals are already live, giving us plenty to sift through and purchase. Some Google Pixel Watch bands are also in the mix, with sales on assorted third-party bands that work with both the Pixel Watch and the Pixel Watch 2. The fact that these bands are backward/forward compatible takes the sting out of them using proprietary connectors, to a certain extent.

As a Pixel Watch owner myself, I already own the ultra-soft Pixel Watch Active Band. Now, what I'm really eyeing is something that can compete with the Google Pixel Watch Metal Band without costing an arm and a leg to acquire.

The TenCloud Metal Link Band is a great alternative, and it's even cheaper right now thanks to Black Friday shopping festivities. You can score this stainless steel Pixel Watch metal band for less than $10 at the moment. Only the black variant is on sale, but honestly, I don't mind because that's the color I've had my heart set on. As we saw in Nick Sutrich's review for the official Google variant, black metal links look really good with the Pixel Watch, even if you've got one in Champagne Gold.

TenCloud Metal Link Band for Google Pixel Watch: $11.99 $9.79 at Amazon

TenCloud Metal Link Band for Google Pixel Watch: $11.99 $9.79 at Amazon

Attain the timeless metal links look on your Google Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2 with the affordable TenCloud Metal Link Band. With this Black Friday deal, you can score this stainless steel strap for just under $10. What a steal!

What sweetens the deal even further is that TenCloud includes a link removal tool as well as three extra pins inside the box. You get everything you need to alter the TenCloud Metal Link Band's size for yourself with the band itself, at no extra cost.

While it's hard to expect a lot from a dupe that costs nearly a tenth of the first-party metal band, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the price is just too good to pass up on.

Higher-grade alternatives exist, with brands like Ringke providing premium metal link bands for the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2. However, you might as well buy Google's own offering in that case because the price difference is dismissable.

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