Official Google Pixel Watch Metal Band review: Rock solid

Metal bands rock, but they are heavy and expensive.

Wearing the Google Pixel watch with the official black metal band
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Android Central Verdict

The official Google Pixel Watch metal band is a work of art that fully completes the gorgeous aesthetic of the Google Pixel Watch. While it's nearly as expensive as the watch itself, this one is built better than most bands could ever hope for and its classic clasping and adjustment mechanism means you'll feel right at home if you're a metal watch band user.


  • +

    Looks incredible

  • +

    Super well-built

  • +

    Anti-scratch coating

  • +

    Easy to adjust the size

  • +

    Simple and fast clasp mechanism


  • -

    Eye-watering price

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The Google Pixel Watch might ship with a sporty, silicone band that looks "fun" in certain colors, but the classy design of the Pixel Watch just screams for a more elegant band. That's where the official Google Pixel Watch metal band comes in.

Everything about it gives off that classic, expensive watch vibe. When paired with the Pixel Watch, it's hard to imagine a better-looking smartwatch could ever be made. It's heavy, extremely well-made, easy to wear, and is easily one of the best Pixel Watch bands.

The classic metal band design means that you'll need to use the included set of tweezers to add or remove the links to best fit your wrist size. While this might be annoying for some, you'll never have to adjust beyond the initial fitting session. The price is also pretty difficult to stomach — it's almost as much as the watch at $200 — but this is the highest-quality band I've yet used for Google's excellent watch.

Price and availability

What's in the box for the official Google Pixel Watch metal band

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Google sells the official Pixel Watch metal band at the Google Store, either in person in select cities or the website. The metal band retails for $199.99 and comes in Brushed Silver or Matte Black colorways.

The band weighs 109g, making the total weight of it while attached to the Pixel Watch 145g. The band fits wrists 137-203 mm around. It's stainless steel and is not rated to be sweat or water-resistant.

The box contains the band, the link removal tool, six additional links for sizing, and an instruction pamphlet.

Premium at a premium

The Google Pixel Watch with the official metal band in matte black

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

After spending $350 on a Pixel Watch, does it really make sense to spend another $200 on a watch band? In some cases, maybe. The old adage "you get what you pay for" certainly applies here, and that amount of money buys you quality like you won't find elsewhere.

Companies like Ringke sell metal bands for the Pixel Watch for half the price, but you're probably looking for something as official as it gets if you want this band. After all, $200 is exactly what Samsung and Apple charge for their official metal watch bands, so it makes sense for Google to do the same thing.

Thankfully, it lives up to those lofty expectations but, without testing every cheaper metal band that exists on Amazon, it's difficult to assess if this really is worth $100-something more than those.

But, at the very least, this band feels like it cost $200. It's super heavy —109g, or over three times as heavy as the watch — and comes across feeling very, very well built. It's completely made of stainless steel so it's not a great idea to get it wet, and you shouldn't wear it while working out.

The scratch-resistant surface of the metal should keep it looking nice for a long time.

I took a metal pin to the matte black exterior of the links and tried to scratch them as hard as possible. It made some marks but, lo and behold, all of the marks disappeared as soon as I rubbed them with my finger. The scratch-resistant coating on the metal is legit and should keep this looking nice for a very long time.

The links are very easy to remove or add thanks to quick pins that can be squeezed with the included tweezers. I needed to remove five total links for it to fit my wrist which only took about a minute in total from initial fitting to final form.

The links are easy to add or remove, and the wrist clasp couldn't be simpler to use.

Once you adjust it the first time, you'll never have to adjust it again. The clasp underneath is long enough so you can slide your hand through the band while the watch is still attached. That clasp is a dual-sided folding clasp that releases by pressing the button on both sides of the clasp simultaneously.

As this is a thicker, heavier and and that clasp is very well built, it's not the most comfortable band to wear while typing on a keyboard. I usually prefer thinner, cloth bands for this because, otherwise, the underside of the wrist becomes very unhappy after a while.

The lugs and connectors are stainless steel just as the band is, so this thing not only easily clicks into place but stays there without any wobble or rattle. Lots of Pixel Watch bands use cheap plastic to connect to the watch, making them rattle while worn, but not this one.

Google didn't cut any corners with its metal band and that's a great thing given how darn expensive the thing is. It's hard to imagine a nicer band on this watch — especially in the matte black color — as it perfectly complements the Pixel Watch's elegant, minimalist style in a unique way.

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