Someone's getting fired over this wild Amazon Echo Pop and smart light Black Friday deal

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Do you know that we're squarely in the middle of the biggest shopping season of the year? Of course you do. There are deals going on all over the place, but Amazon's Black Friday deals on its own devices are pretty insane. Just look at this deal on one of the best smart speakers you can get, the Echo Pop in Lavender Bloom, paired with an equally great smart light from TP-Link Kasa! Get both for 71% off — that's $18...for both!

This tag team Echo Pop and Kasa smart light deal is far too good to pass up

Amazon Echo Pop in Lavender Bloom & TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb: $62.98 $17.99 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Pop in Lavender Bloom & TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb: $62.98 $17.99 at Amazon

While this deal is only for the Lavender Bloom version of the excellent Echo Pop, that doesn't negate how good this little Alexa smart speaker is. Adding in the TP-Link Kasa smart light means you're getting a fantastic start to a smarter home for only $18.

OK, I'll tone my excitement down a smidge so I can hopefully let you know how good of a deal this really is. Let's start with the Echo Pop. When we reviewed the Alexa-powered smart speaker, we were impressed with all the tech that Amazon packed into this little device. While the sound isn't going to rock your next house party, it is plenty great for listening to music while cooking, cleaning, or just hanging out. Oh, and it supports the new smart home standard Matter and will help extend your Eero router's signal.

Next, when we add the TP-Link Kasa smart light to the deal mix, that's how things get leveled up. Kasa is a smart home brand from a well-known networking company and makes some of the best smart plugs in addition to its lights. By connecting this bulb directly to your Wi-Fi and then adding it to your Echo Pop, you'll have complete control over your lighting with tunable whites and over 16 million colors. So,  see how $18 for these two fantastic smart devices is a no-brainer?

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