Cyber Monday tech deals are here, and I found some of the most random items for as little as $6

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is all about finding the best tech deals and indulging in impulse buys for random things because why not? I've scoured the ends of the internet Amazon for some of the most random/interesting tech or tech-related items I could find, hopefully to inspire you to buy things you might not otherwise have thought of.

Kinda like a smart mug that can keep your beverages warm, or this rather colorful putty gel stuff used to clean the various nooks and crannies of your car, keyboard, office supplies, and other random items. In fact, Android Central's own Jerry Hildenbrand swears by it — he buys a few every year during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend because you can't really beat $5 for a colorful jar of putty that not only looks fun to play with but also has a practical use.

Quick Links

1. Pulidiki Car Cleaning Gel Kit:$7$5.94 at Amazon

1. Pulidiki Car Cleaning Gel Kit: $7 $5.94 at Amazon

Looking for a fun yet easy way to clean your keyboard or the inside of your car? Well, you should try this colorful putty, as it's malleable enough to fit within the nooks and crannies of most spaces, picking up dust, debris, and other particles for a clean look. It's also reusable and comes in different colors.

But there's more where that came from. Many of the items on this list are incredibly affordable and practical, while others may cost a little more and aren't so much "random" as they are just interesting. For example, one item's sole purpose is to jiggle your computer mouse, and that's it. I also love singing in the shower, so why not upgrade my setup with a Bluetooth speaker in my showerhead?

2. Perilogics Universal Airplane Phone Mount:$18$10.34 at Amazon

2. Perilogics Universal Airplane Phone Mount: $18 $10.34 at Amazon

Airplanes aren't known for being particularly phone-friendly, and unless you have a built-in kickstand case or something, you're left holding your phone for the entire flight. This phone mount fixes that problem, letting you prop your device up on the back of a chair, a kitchen cupboard, a desk, or other spaces. It's pretty versatile and could be useful for the whole family.

3. Musicozy Bluetooth Headband Headphones: $20$16 at Amazon

3. Musicozy Bluetooth Headband Headphones: $20 $16 at Amazon

These headphones go from day to night in a second, thanks to their unique headband design. Wear them while you workout or pull them over your eyes to get a good night's sleep. And with a 10-hour battery life, you can have soothing music playing all night to help you sleep.

4. Veydeer Undetectable Mouse Jiggler:$28$19 at Amazon

4. Veydeer Undetectable Mouse Jiggler: $28 $19 at Amazon

Despite the funny name, this is a neat little gadget that promises to keep your computer awake by subtly moving the mouse. This seems like one of the most random devices I've ever seen, but I admit I could see myself needing this as my computers are always locking at the most inopportune times.

5. Hiluckey Solar Panel Portable Charger:$43$34 at Amazon

5. Hiluckey Solar Panel Portable Charger: $43 $34 at Amazon

We all love a good hike, but what we don't love is when our phone batteries die. I mean, how else are we gonna take in nature if we can't get photos and videos of it all? Fortunately, this portable charger comes with plenty of power and solar panels so you always stay juiced.

6. Pankoo Monocular telescope: $80$49 (+ 20% off coupon) at Amazon

6. Pankoo Monocular telescope: $80 $49 (+ 20% off coupon) at Amazon

Do you enjoy birdwatching? Does your phone lack a telephoto camera? This monocular not only works with your eyes, but you can also attach it to your phone to get some close-up shots of birds and other animals with up to 12x zoom.

7. Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead:$80$67 at Amazon

7. Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead: $80 $67 at Amazon

Do you like singing in the shower? Wanna turn it into a whole performance? With this showerhead, you don't have to worry about bringing your phone or a separate speaker into the shower with you. Play all your tunes while you get clean, and unlock it when you're done to move into other areas of your home if you want.

8. Canon Ivy 2 Mini Photo Printer:$100$69 at Amazon

8. Canon Ivy 2 Mini Photo Printer: $100 $69 at Amazon

Having a your photos saved digitally to the cloud is nice and all, but sometimes you wanna go old school with physical printouts. That's where the Canon Ivy 2 comes in. It's small and pocketable, making it a fun part of any social gathering.

9. KYY Portable Monitor:$220$99 (+ 20% off coupon) at Amazon

9. KYY Portable Monitor: $220 $99 (+ 20% off coupon) at Amazon

This portable 15.6-inch display offers a 1080p resolution with HDR, making it a nice addition to any setup. The HDMI and USB-C ports let you plug in your consoles for games or other computers to use as a secondary screen for productivity. It also supports phone connections, which is great for features like Samsung DeX and Motorola Ready For, turning your phone into a mini Android PC.

10. Ember Smart Mug 2: $130$99 at Amazon

10. Ember Smart Mug 2: $130 $99 at Amazon

If you're a coffee drinker, this one's for you. This smart mug will keep your beverage just as warm as you like it so you don't have to rush to drink it if you're busy with work. There's even a companion app so you can set your perfect temperature and get notifications.

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