Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Want it so bad!!!!

Andy_in_Indy says:

I wonder which carrier in the US will get this first. . .

crausch says:

Can't wait to get a S4

Wouldn't mind winning that!

ScotJeepBoy says:

It's not common for me to comment, but come on - I can at least commit to a comma!

gameworm says:

I'm in for a Verizon model.

David Cramb says:

Can't wait to get my hands on the s4

mctl says:

I was given a choice between trying to win an Audi S4 or a Samsung Galaxy S4.
Well, I chose the Galaxy S4, who in the world needs a car that doesn't play Angry Birds?

Kr00ney says:

Ugh. I need this phone. My nexus 4 is getting horribly out of date. I'll even offer to send my N4 back to you when I get the GS4. Deal?

thenyukie says:

A free GSIV may get me to finally cheat on HTC.

kjhalstead says:

"My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the GALAXY, why it is as it is and why it exists at all." --Hawking

fullbeem says:

I take one please. Will go well with my free beer

jjhenkelman says:

This is a comment. This is not a pipe.

tuckprodigy says:

I can has an S4?

bmstew says:

I'd take one!

mtchllyng says:

I appreciate everybody's enthusiasm and all...but just know that the phone is already mine. Yep, that's right folks, I've already won!!!

mtsmedly says:

Holy Galaxy S4 batman! I'd love one.

PS: great promotion idea.

JosefTor says:

I love my Galaxy S3 and can't wait to see what Samsung has up their sleeve.

a new s4 would be sweet

AnAm85 says:

mE wIN gS4? yaI!

Mert Efe says:

One for me!

jjh2397 says:

Count me in!

DCounts says:

I'm happy with my brand new Note 2 but this would be an awsome present for my wife's birthday!!

RapMasterC says:

The comments really escalated quickly.

Wouldn't mind winning the S4.

Imantz says:

So, S4 eh? Can I get 6 of these?

hubtime says:

My Gosh! Choose me and get on with it! FTLOG (for the love of God).

norman158 says:


Bryan Lucas says:

I was trying to decide between an S3 and a Note 2, but a free S4 would work too.

jamesb75 says:

(Ahem) OMG I can't believe I won! I'd like to thank Android Central as well as WebOS Nation for getting me hooked on this site without which I would have never won this amazing Galaxy Episode IV (A New Hope).

Just practicing...

jasonsf says:

I would gladly take one!

mattdubs says:


jesmann says:

Would like to be the first Samsung Galaxy SIV contest winner

rockymelboa says:

S4 For me

Stevo612 says:

I hope this competition is open to the UK, because I would LOVE a Samsung Galaxy SIV

Mhart1000 says:

Single comment

meneff says:

Android Central rocks!!! Please, please, please pick me for a S4!

soulaver says:

JEAH JEAH S4 finaly. If you let me win, i'll buy you a beer:P - althou a have to say I am suprised how fast you announce this contest. That's Android Central we love!

Inthus says:

Worth a shot!


Yes please!

joell27 says:

I can't wait!!!!

zeaol says:

Would love a new phone!

I love my S3, but as Barney Stinson says, "Newer is always better!"

bamasnoopy says:

Would love to win the S4, that way I could give my S3 to my daughter

Katastroph3 says:

Definitely down for S4

sdreelin says:


S4 Pretty Please!

hargoth#AC says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Kiners8817 says:

Pick me, pick me

stigui says:

Want want!!!

Vito2000 says:


Guido099 says:


robisaks says:

Yes Please!

yaniv30c says:

I want one!! oh god do i want Galaxy S4

I want a GS4 please!!

Wes Minto says:

If I win the SGS4, you can give away my SGS3,deal?

dkh7m says:

Yes, please!

MechonisFX says:

I'm just gagging for an S4

pseang says:

I'm in :)

drakomagi says:

Hope it's me... my phone is on its last legs.

dar_k says:

Would love to get my mitts on an S4...

MRW1215 says:

Ooh, I'll take one, please! Pfft, haha, who am I kidding? I never win contests! :p

ericcorp says:

I hope I win it. My life is measured by the newness of my consumer goods.

morrisdl says:

please pick me; I could use some good news.

ubermanx says:

Just sold my S3 to pay for my Z10 so this would be awesome.

leanaf82 says:

I really want the S4.

Gambler_BE says:

Well you never know I guess... :p

kedesa says:

I win!!!

kuoirad says:

That easy, huh? Won't be cdma, but what the heck? :)

Seiyajin says:

Sweet! Good luck everyone!

Zocker516 says:

Pick me please! :-)

rchartier says:

Pick me! Thx AC

codekey says:

Love me some Samsung

I hope that i win the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Thank you Android Central. You rock !

JZ4321 says:

Samsung galaxy s IV might be the ultimate Iphone killer...

Thanks AC! I love the Galaxy line!! S4!? I AM ALL IN!

Du Pereira says:

S4 could be really nice! Thanks!

Kenny Oxler says:

Ready for an upgrade. GS4, please!

Robi-K says:

I need to have my precious. I really do.

dcosta43 says:

Do I want to stuff? Hell yea

Join me, S4! Thank you, Android Central!

kroy2k says:

a single comment

myusername says:

S4 for me!

kygator1 says:

Because I love little Green Robots and I never win!!!!

Taffer says:

Looks good.

RichySamui says:

Android Central, you guys rock my world. Call me a wild man, but I say the Samsung Galaxy S4 will turn out to be the phone of 2013. xx

Truly can't wait to see Samsung galaxy sIV!!

aster1272 says:

S4 for the win!!!! Thanks

yes pls

jdevenberg says:

Yes please!

Uncle Reemus says:

Sign me up please.
I would love the new S4

joo says:

in for 1

Magnolia Man says:

I don't think i've ever entered a contest for a device that i know absolutely nothing about spec wise.. 1st time for everything i guess :)

macgyver66 says:

Here is my single comment.

Cirro says:


ShonnSac says:

S4 me please!

Aimperial says:

Would love, love one! <3

tweebee says:

I would love to win this!

Sennant says:

Know nothing about it, but I'd love one! :)

jkundrick says:


ducdwn2004 says:

I so wanna win, The Galaxy S4, pick me!

work4crown says:

The only way I'm going to get an S4 is if they give me one for free. I love new tech and would LOVE to try it but when it comes out I'll be smack dab in the middle of my Verizon contract with an S3.

asendi says:

I want one :(


As usual, thanks for a fantastic contest. Another reason Android Central is truly the greatest Android website on the interwebs.

Ry says:

single comment

tucamsam says:

Oh boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
Please pick me :-)

bapestarr says:

New gs4? Yes please!!

phanikv says:


zchoate says:


zaslek says:

My Nexus 4 back & front just shattered a few days ago - I could use a replacement!

bmoney218 says:

Can I has please?

SBullock902 says:

Ohhhh! Pick me, Pick me :)

Yeah Samsung galaxy sIV!

robpasell says:

Look, I'm leaving a comment.

kenner30 says:


Thomas Glitz says:

heres to free stuff!

adairpro says:

Love to win the new galaxy s4

Jamookie says:

I had a SI, then a SIII. Getting the newest tech is so addictive that Samsung is now releasing Galaxy phones in IV

Theolodin says:

I would love to win!! It would replace my Galaxy S2

vizzy bone says:

US only?

Nathan Marx says:

I'm in

jota.ctu says:

Awesome!, gotta win this :D

garciaop says:

if only i knew what exactly i need to do to win the s4 for sure i will
but in the mean time it doesnt hurt to try and see get choose

Sigma60 says:

Although it's not a Nexus device- I'm down for some S4 power!

mrgobo says:

Good luck everyone!

misterpink14 says:

I could definitely use an upgrade(:

As all I have to do is comment, I'll post a useful one (at least for me). Is this an international givaway? :P

morganjayp says:

I can't get a subsidized phone on contract without loosing my unlimited data. :( This would be nice :)

margarita2k7 says:

My birthday is the 15th, what a nice birthday present that would be.

bergeronjc says:

I'll take one

TaUsTeR says:

mE wANt S4 pLeASe!!!

eliasso says:

i might win a phone i know nothing about

Andy Wood says:

let me win

ShadowAdama says:

One more for the road!

Hogosha says:


klydefrog says:

Yes please!

rycus86 says:

Pick me please! Would be nice to change from GS1 to GS4. :)

braver0 says:

I would like to win one please!

DaDennis says:

give it to me ;)

ToxicX says:

Yeh.. I'd like to have an S4 :D

music10ver6 says:

I love Android Central and I love Samsung! The S IV would be an awesome upgrade from my current situation: Galaxy S, Captivate running CM10.1 ... been holding out for a long time!

LordSudsy says:

If I won the S4, I would be so hardcore

AndroiX says:

Wow, this is so amazing. Thank you guys so much. It'd be soooo great if I'd win this one!

muddy13 says:

I would love to win a new Galaxy S IV so I don't have to pay full price or sign up for Verizon's Share Everything In Your Wallet Plan.

godsaviour93 says:

gimme dis

endeavornet says:

Count me in.

Marc11218 says:

This is to easy.. Wonder if there's a catch :)

Anyway, pick me, pick me.

Will_C says:

Shiny plastic! I want it! :)

HubyD says:

Random comment :)

Suntan says:

My wife is eyeing my GS3 more and more every day to replace her aging Droid 3...


turtle3 says:

Hells yea...Add me to the list!

bcornell says:

Thanks for thge opportunity to win a Galaxy S4. I would really like to have one.

Geex88 says:

Just post a comment? Cool.

Jayshmay says:

I want the Galaxy S4 because I currently have the
Samsung Droid Charge, which is equivalent to
the S1, so the S4 would be a really big spec bump for me.
Better battery efficiency, much better processor,
newest version of Android. . .

misiekc says:

If there are almost 2000 comments within one day and assuming that there will be 600-800 more each day until March 14th when the winner will be announced, the chances fot victory are about 1:10000 so good luck everyone! :)

Kenn Brown says:

I started with a samsung feature phone back in 2011, I couldn't wait to be able to afford a real smartphone, finally I got the Droid Raxr, I realized that it didn't have a removable battery and I seem to be joined at the hip with the charger. Finally I worked my way up to the Galaxy S3 and I never knew these mini computers could do so much, now that the S4 is coming soon, I'm simply about to lose my mind!

DesertVelo says:

Good luck everyone!

FjT says:

Num num num num num!

Briredsoxs says:

Lets do this!!! Send it this way!!!

nbell978 says:

Mandatory contest entry post

willmark87 says:

This is going to be fun!!!

farsidavid says:


angelita1212 says:

I'll skip the S3 and get an S4! :)

Antecuser says:

Do they pick a random comment ?
if yes, this is my entry :D

CodeInVB says:

I need to win. All I have now is this old Galaxy S3...

Feel a good vibe on this one.. it may actually be my chance to win..

DonJuan89 says:

The next big thing is 'almost' here :)

I want one!!!!!

jrsnively1 says:

I would like to win! :)

gmtom1 says:

Hope I win! You guys are awesome.

gustavos says:

Need this to replace droid charge can't use upgrade or else lose unlimited data please let me win

reg1233 says:

Ship it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Count me in!

sirheck says:

An S4 would be nice.

udrunner says:

I could always use a new phone.

amgalloway says:

Yum, would love a brand new Samsung Galaxy S IV! Count me in!

deluxe92 says:

Wow, let's win a smartphone that don't even out yet lol

Oh go on then you've twisted my arm.

zimmerfly says:

I'm in!

Dstewart1 says:

Sweet S4 is gonna be soo cool

Obsession says:

I love all the contest you guys do. but I really hope to win this one.

panda_mode says:

Hooray! More Samsung goodness! :)

microm3gas says:

Right on, would be nice have the latest and greatest.

leaoguitar says:

My S4, please.
Thank u.

Dentou10 says:

I am feeling lucky Today, :)

medic9680 says:

Love Samsung phones pick me !!!

jrocm says:

proud to be in the running to own this sweet celly with all you nice folks...good luck all!

TheBar1 says:

Hope I win!

sasquatcho says:

Hope I win

Obsession says:

I love all the contest you guys do. but I really hope to win this one.

grkmaster says:

I would love me a S4(SIV) !! giggly!!

DarkSorrow says:

Would love a Verizon Galaxy S4. I have the S3 and love everything about it. Thanks for the contest.

davidnzs says:

Want one! Please! :)

oddom says:

Pick me please

I'd like to win!

Dub J says:

Yes please!

CyD13 says:

My boyfriend has an iPhone 4S right now because his Android phone broke. He loves Android just as much as I do, and I think he deserves to have an amazing Android phone like the GS4. Pick me? Pwease? :)

CyD13 says:

My boyfriend has an iPhone 4S right now because his Android phone broke. He loves Android just as much as I do, and I think he deserves to have an amazing Android phone like the GS4. Pick me? Pwease? :)

Martavious says:

CANNONBALL!!! into the pool for a Galaxy S4!!!

mechaz says:

S4 will be great, I really hope I can win it

bwigginit says:

Yes please!

jaskil1975 says:

He'll to the yeah!

WOP_Drive says:

Thanks, Android Central!!

kanichi says:

Hope I win =)

EasyDanger says:

If I could get an S4, I could give my mom my S3, so she can finally really understand the difference between her current feature phone and an actual smartphone.

gamewizz393 says:

Shut up and take my entry!

Awesome, I'll take one statistical probability, please!

kanichi says:

Hope I win =)

krisnielsen says:

I want in!

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

a month ago i broke my iphone 4s so i bought a nexus 4 and a week into it dropped on title floor and cracked the screen....and today i received the case for it....oops. back to my nokia n95 oh yeah!


flyinj54 says:

Doesn't get any better than this!

Sign me up for this one!

Jitterpop says:

Sure...why not.


Mark Farrow says:

have to enter, be rude not to

turcu_a says:

I am gonna win a Galaxy S IV :)

maddieso says:

I want that GSIV....please

Jan Moravec says:

pick me, pick me ;o))

EvilJRN says:


callworth says:

Want one! Thank you.

Shamrock says:

Here's hoping! :D

cygnusx8 says:

Help me replace my DynaTAC!


oceancity says:

I wouuulllldddd like ooonnnnneeeee!!!!!!!!! =D!

huynhp says:

I hope I am lucky enough to get picked :)

That's great! Let's hope the Samsung Galaxy S4 will leave us breathless.

forsytsp says:

I would love to win one!

Bennel12 says:

Can't wait to win this S4 :)

john pepe says:


Mark38591 says:

I just quit both my jobs, moving to SC to be closer to my daughter, shes 11 and I would love to give her my GS3 if I win a GS4!

rans42 says:

Be the number! Be the number!

symplee.mike says:

Oh hey, I think I left my comment here? Did you happen to see it? While you're at it, you could always give me that brand spankin' new S4... just a thought... hint hint... *maniacal laugh*

radyoactive says:

In it to win it! Great contest, wtg AC!

Cente says:

Worth trying

MMontanez92 says:

Id LOVE to win a GSIV!!! pick me!!

I need a new phone instead of this HTC G2

Can I have one? Please...

PLEASE!!! And thank you in advance.

miknxn says:

I, Good luck to all!!

radgatt says:

Great contest guys. I hope to be the lucky guy. If not then all will not be lost. Again, great contest!

KASTL65674 says:

This would be a very nice item to win. I'd absolutely love to win the New Galaxy S IV, so my graduating son could have my Galaxy SIII

iiqwertyii says:

I need one for my wife...she wants to switch from her iPhone 5

tsells says:

I'd rather get the S4 than a BB10.

shahuln says:

Galaxy for me.

BIG ACH says:

We all have no idea what the full specs are for this phone - but we all want it! :-D I want it I want it! Yay!

Dave4444 says:

I wouldn't mind winning it :)

scottryan says:

Exciting prize!

monci85 says:

I win!!!!!!! :)

zenthrax says:

Fast new phone from a fast article updating site

Jaredshoes says:

2000 comments already

sknox81 says:

I want a Galaxy SIV

Waterboy06 says:

Would be awesome to win a galaxy s4 to replace my atrix 2

Johnson21x says:

Oh man this is going to be a tough cookie to win.

chaczyk says:

Greetings from Poland!

dakid2k6 says:

I'm IV in.

tmyinc777 says:

Hoping to win my first galaxy device. Been itching for one for a while now. Thanks for the opportunity!

jprit35 says:

Happy Happy Happy to receive an S4!!

Impheatus says:

Let's win this baby!!

pedrobamboo says:

I want my galaxy S IV!

KasualBrown says:

Let's hope Canadians have a fighting chance at winning!

kimoohh says:

It would be awesome to win a SGS IV

mc_88 says:

I love the easy contests

gregsuko says:

Sweet...sign me up

I'll take the next best super phone for free Samsung for life

Definitely would love a GS4!

galaxy s 4 is the best android...

RyJoDetroit says:

"Smithers, get me the S4....Excellent"

cparlin88 says:

Please pick me! Thanks!

vic6string says:

Motorola is forcing me to keep eating gingerbread (photon) while my wife has an sgs3. Help me take back my spot as the android king of the castle.

jsvor says:

I would love to have the S4.

itsthedaubs says:

I never win, but this would be a hell of a way to change my luck!

lpt2569 says:

Yes please, I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy S 4. Thank you.

dirtfan101 says:

Pick Me Please!

buckshotzero says:


davidkerkes says:

I'd be stoked to get one of these.

davidkerkes says:

I'd be stoked to get one of these.

fz553 says:


Attavia says:

Can somebody switch on the light ?

Erckul says:

BaBa Booey !!!

Would love an s4 :)

djthomas98 says:

Gimme gimme gimme....please? :)

RedDotNick says:

Samsung always giving us the best of the best!!! Bring it on!!!

What's better than a Galaxy Note? A Brand New Galaxy S4. GIMME GIMME!.

chris12111 says:

cant wait to get me somes!

Chiggin4 says:

Wish me luck!

roams11 says:

Make it Verizon flavored please!

jugue76 says:

I would love to win a S4!

I love you guys! You rule!

z71kris says:

I wouldn't mind a SIV; hook it up!

johall15 says:

Never too soon to upgrade from my S3!!!

rd_nest says:

Fuck.. Already more than 2300 comments.

Ok, I don't want to downgrade to GS4.

blp72 says:

Am I the first to enter "The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest"? Oh,looks like I missed that by 2233 entries. I still would love to be the "World's First Winning Contestant" of "The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest"!

seven30 says:


x2f0181 says:

Yes please!

Solo313 says:

I would love the Galaxy S IV. I am still using Android 2.3.4 and plus my birthday is on March 13, the day before Samsung's announcement.

lion7718 says:

Please, I use an Exhibit 4G from T-mobile.

It would be awesome if the first Galaxy S4 comes to Brazil!

mrmike85 says:

Samsung galaxy S 4. S4. SGS4. GS4. Any way you look at it I need it.

jnaught says:

I love Android Central! Please free me from Droid Charge hell!!