Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

japhule says:

I hope I win one!

Trev Boogie says:

Someone must have been in my thoughts ... im all in

sannyo says:

Nice, I would like to be the first who win a S4 on The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest :) Pick me pick me pls :D

Atvar says:

My Galaxy S2 is starting to show it's age. Time for new!

LinuxKnight says:

Niiiice :) Now hopefully Verizon doesn't pull another ... well Verizon, and they actually carry this thing. Let's see if I remember right- they skipped the GS1, binged up the GS2, and the GS3 was more or less unmolested... so here's hoping... ;)

flan says:

I'm going outside with my lightning rod.

Alphadinger says:

I would be into a S4. I do like my S3 but that could go to the wife.

I would love to have a GS4.

vader4633 says:

Love to win!

kasb58 says:

Free is the best...

deltasig says:

My Nexus S 4G is getting a little long in the tooth and need a new phone, and couldn't happen at a better time. Come on baby needs a new phone!!!!!

I would love to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S4 especially for the camera phone. I'm in.

obidos says:

NICE!! Count me in for the WIN!

jolvar says:

Thank you for the new phone, just make sure you contact me before shipping because i plan on moving soon!

Anon_Emus says:

Me me me!!!

samba says:

did not get the S3, got to be the S4!

HELLLL yeah i want a s4

Dan Nichols says:

I'd love an S4, been a Samsung fanatic since the fascinate. Had the nexus, S3, note 2, tab, note 10.1, can't wait to get the s4 :)

Spaniard85 says:

ERMAHGERD! Android Central FTW!!!

Thanks AC!

superm1 says:

I'm in!

gknit says:

Pick meeeeee! :-)

Had the Fascinate on Verizon, the Galaxy Nexus, The S3, might have a Note 2 in a few days. I MUST have the SIV. I'll laugh at an abused animal commercial if I don't. Is that what you want AndroidCentral? HUH??!?

dash1828 says:

MSUDroid you lie

ansextra says:

I want one!

Darkloks says:

Yeaaaaa...... Why not.... Might as we'll try a Samsung device for a change

bcp23 says:

Pick me!

xforce_dac says:

Oh yeah, thanks AC!!

rmwilk says:

Becoming a Galaxy family. Note 2 for me, an S3 for my daughter, wife and son have Tab 2 7's. Need an S4 for my wife to replace the Droid X2!

Bummrusha says:

To win, or not to win?

robzon says:

Haha cool, but can you explain the rules again? ;-)

1701 entries and counting!

I could sure use a new smartphone since my lg dare is on its last leg. The dare is a smartphone right?

Rohan Thota says:

pick me ! :D

3:) S4 has my name written on it :D

bigrey81 says:

Hey i am in please pick me.....s4

sakasune says:

So the next new thing is *almost* here? amirite?

oneouthere says:

Come to daddy S4 lol, cant what to see the official specs

holyszack says:

I sure hope this works better than my Galaxy SII Epic 4G touch... that thing is sooo incredibly buggy :/

Ross Mathis says:

James, have you lost weight? Looking good, sir. #flatterywillgetyoueverywhere

danlintz says:

Pick me I have a thunderbolt!

Hell yeah i will take one

abezzilla99 says:

If this were to be my first online contest win that would be awesome!

idlepaw says:

Pick me!

I hope I win this thing.

mikelos51 says:

An awesome prize. I'm in!

maksauce15 says:

yes please

Jugador says:

Never had a Galaxy S device. I would definitely be in to getting one in my hands though.

facedown41 says:

Yes please and thank you! Android central gives away the best stuff.

fopho says:

I am getting one anyways! Might as well try to win it!

el_zak says:

good deal

Jonathan Sem says:

This is great a contest for the next big thing. Thanks android central

natehoch96 says:

Need a new phone, would love to win this! Thanks!

gna says:

Entered to win the phone of the year/century, thanks guys!

Here I come S4!

Hamp says:

Would love to win the new Galaxy S4! Great addition to my S3! Here's hoping and good luck to everyone!

Good looking out AndroidCentral, I'm down.

Uptownbx says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 The Win!, get it? FTW; Hope I win :)

dzumagos says:

thanks in advance to the awesome AC team ! (for the GS4 ofc)

evowannabe says:


jaytuduri says:

BOOM! And just like that I won an S4!

Casey Wright says:

here's hopin'!

skuni says:

Please pick me!

Alan Kleiman says:

I would like to upgrade, too.

johnnyi1222 says:

I'm always game for a new phone since my GS1 is on death's door now.

gcole says:

Would love to win an S4 to replace my old HTC Inspire!

pulpdogs04 says:

Please pick me!! Cracked screen livin has got me down!!

Jdroid3 says:

I want this phone!!!

Selwin says:

Samsung are getting better all the time. I'd love to win it.

wphenry84 says:

Lets do it!

geives1 says:

Wow, a contest before it even launches! This is exciting!

Budgetmedic says:

I've never won anything but a private dance from a fat stripper years ago. :( This would be great!

Shoesmom says:

Love my Samsung and would love to have the S4!! Please, make my day :)

Black Mambo says:

"The next BIG thing is already here."

That's what she said...when I walked into her bedroom (carrying my new Galaxy S4) :)

clvrbas says:

I'll give it a shot. Would be my first Android phone :). I guess go big or go home ;)

Unicorn56 says:

I want the S4!

2happy says:


Stuhix says:

a comment

this would be awesome!

zoyano says:

Yes please!

deejaylobo says:

I'll take one S4 please.

Pls respond.

i_am_manu says:

welcome SGS4 ;)

rsen says:

Aw yeah!!!! S4 fo' me, preeze.

Well played, AC...well played.

dhornstein says:


rafsi says:

i want one, pick me....

sooraj90 says:

count me in :)

That's superb!!!

MaddKidd says:

Wow that's awesome!!! I would really love to be that lucky winner for that lovely new Samsung Galaxy S4 :) Android + Samsung= Handsung!!!!! Thanks for the contest Android Central keep up the good work!!P.S if i don't win i would love a LLOYD sticker just to show that i won something from Android Central ;).

stalban says:

Hope I win this one!

samba says:

missed the s3, got to be the s4!

Adamd1169 says:

This would make my day.

I buy the SGS1, SGS2 and SGS3, i need the 4 XD

Lance Jahnig says:

Ooh Ohh Pick Me Pick Me

allyn274 says:

I would LOVE to have the hook up on a new S4.

Incabulos says:

Building up a lot of hype :-)

goatrope53 says:

Deal me in for the S4 goodness.

strausd says:

I'd love to win one!

scleejr says:

Count me in

venom376 says:


mogubass says:

I'd like to win please :D

biggie3535 says:

Please and thank you!

jabarquez says:

i want one

jayoh14 says:

Yes please

ebphd says:

Awesome! Super easy to enter contest, love it!

steve032792 says:

My Galaxy S2 is getting a little long in the tooth. Would love an upgrade, especially a sprint version.

DJNoClue416 says:


alila2 says:

would i have a better chance if i post more than one comment???? :p

Caesar69 says:


jtc276 says:

I really love Mobile Nations and Android Central for doing these kind of things. It's stuff like this and your informative articles that keep me coming back. It would be awesome to win a Galaxy S4.

lloydjr95 says:

Shut up and take my entry!

robant85 says:

I'm in...let me know when I can give you my address. :-)

Ramsin Malik says:

I like turtles.


vlbaston says:

Awesome, it will be an nice addition to the family... Samsung note 2, Samsung 10.1 note tablet, and soon... The 8"tablet and then this! Yes....

iVikD says:

Trying my luck :)

i_am_manu says:

HELLLL yeah i want a S4

droidman2177 says:

Oh Man, Pick me, pick me!!! This phone is going to be a blockbuster!!

Wow... I am not too much into contests and giveaways, coz hardly anyone ever wins anything in "India"... and look.. I am participating two nights in a row, first for the BB10, and now that its pricing is launched, and am mighty upset, the nerd in me is looking for some Android love eh!

wildo69 says:

yay gimme gimme

chadnles says:

I'm lovin' the 3! Bring on the 4!

vorlorg says:

Sign me up

King Mob says:

Protovision, I have you now.

erikemp says:

I could use a new phone.

videorx says:

Please choose me. Thank you.

DJNoClue416 says:


GeekGie says:

I've got to imagine that the pageviews are going to spike insanely with people searching the S4 and coming here. I'm going to estimate 10k+ comments by the time March 14th comes around. Count me in!

cuberob says:

I wish...!

RetiredJedi says:

Single comment submitted.

wilfredopr says:

I want the galaxy s4 <3 :)) samsung my fav ! Had s2, s3 im ready for the s4 <3

MazoMark says:

I just sold my S3, so I have room for an S4!

I will give it to my father :-)

vegiisan says:

I will have this thanks. :-D

Testing my luck also! Have the S3 right now & if the S4 will be better in every aspect (hopefully) then pick me!! :-D

Pick me!

lobilo says:

I'm so psyched IV the new Galaxy :D (pun intended)

valapsp says:

Badly want ya!!!

Count me in!!

cbn4forums says:

Nice... Looking forward to this device.

Il_Baro says:

I'll glady take the S4, thanks :)

umbrae says:

I would love to finally upgrade my Nexus One, which needs brain surgery every time I have to update an app. :(

I am a die hard samsung phone on the markes

Hello, this is dog.
Yes, I want a Galaxy S4.

TheWenger says:

This guy. Right here.

lowchef1 says:

hodwy...if you pick me..that would be really really cool!

jenskristian says:

I wouldn't mind one of those :-)

Post a comment, I shall. Post a comment, I am doing. Post a comment, I did!

hoosiercub says:

I want to be the first cool kid on my block with a Galaxy S4!!

kgood63 says:

Have never won anything would be nice if this could be the first time

Marc Bernard says:


Handsett says:

Yeah, this is gonna happen! I love you Lloyd, and, oh you other guys too. Great job on the podcast. Keep up the great work :) And I almost forgot... pick me, pick me, pick me!

Rey perez says:

I want it. Yo lo quiero.

dlknight says:

If you see it, it will come. I'm seeing it.

con5150 says:

I surely would like to win the S4, thanks.

The_Pixel says:

Ill take free stuff

p47riot says:

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Oh, no limericks this time? Well put me down anyway!

ever1ast15 says:

Hook Me Up!!!

dstick653 says:

I want in

bigflexdog says:

Thanks for a chance to win one guys!!!

bessiq says:

I like beans!

becole says:

Count me in!

I hope I win. Thanks for another great contest!!

ThreeofNine says:

A Samsung Galaxy S4 to be given away? That would be the next BIG thing!

whodatt says:

Not passing a chance for a free Gnex replacement :)

Awesome AndroidCentral rocks!! I'm in now :)

AkshatNz says:

One for the vegetarians!

Joruus2 says:

Here's hoping it's on Verizon

specops2k3 says:

Samsung all the way baby

lewis3180 says:

pick me

kimrober says:

... for real? If can can, if no can, no can.

marijnt says:

I'm in. I'd love to win a samsung galaxy phone.

BigC859 says:

I love my GS3 , so to win a GS4 would be the bomb !!!

BBurg_16827 says:

I need an upgrade from my GSII!

esoteric781 says:

In it to win it!!! Thanks!

Comineeyeaha says:

You guys always have the coolest prizes. Good on ya!

dec3ption says:

who wouldn't want one of these?!

jquest68 says:

A Galaxy S4 would be awesome to have. Pick me and I'll give you a full report on it.

is this a worldwide contest? :D

Shani248 says:

You can't touchwiz, dun dun dun dun, you can't touch wiz dun dun dun dun

rogeratm says:

I currently have two Samsung Galaxy S3s (one is for my wife) and I love them. It is difficult to see what Samsung could do to improve on the S3 but I am sure they will find some good things to do! I am anxious to see the hands on reviews and even more anxious to be the winner of the S4 offered here!
Send it my way, PLEASE!

CristianX says:

Let's make the universe brighter! New Galaxy IV

deercreek says:

I'd love to have a free S4.

sdot10 says:

Heres to hoping I win

auau465121 says:

S4 enuff said

I want to be Samsunged...!

SoreAintya says:

How awesome is Android Central!

Ian Smith3 says:

Thanks for having the contest. I hope you pick me!! :)

cficklin31 says:

Yeah, I'm going to need to go ahead and win that free S4. Thanks.

poxitee says:

Wow cool, A contest before even releasing the phone, Android Central rocks!

JJones1210 says:

You guys always have the best contests! Let me know when you need my address so you can send me my new S4! This will probably be the only thing that gets me to retire the old Galaxy Nexus.

kreinartz83 says:

A brand new Samsung galaxy s4... For me? Why thank you!

cnote56 says:

You are all on notice that this is the winning entry.

btgrave says:

Wow! A contest for a device yet to be announced. AC is super big time now. Me likey!

petestl says:

Best place for all you Android Info = Android Central.

Ajames25 says:

Its Mine.

masterpfa says:

OK here goes.
Good luck to, er me.

Nyjil says:

This is a single comment

Marufbh says:

thank You ac...!!

It'd be super excellent to win the very first Galaxy S4 contest!!!

kyesb says:

Pick Me! Pick Me!


All the best to everybody.... May the luckiest win... :-)

betsuni says:

Add me to the list of those who are hoping to win.

nicholasbehr says:

Ahhh! I need an S4!!!

Jaggrey says:

Game day bucket go BOOM

bsinghrana says:

what comment?

ashughes says:

I'll take an S4!

joedonpipp says:

would love to win

IMjBI says:

Count me in.

PAE2008 says:

I'll throw my name in - it would be awesome to win a GS4!

jess.hickey says:


calibretto23 says:

Dear god I'm still on an Droid X2... I'M LOSING MY MIND!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

jallen3.14 says:

No... pick me!

KenA says:

Awesome! Put me down, please! :-)

wiking says:

Would very much like one please, Thanks!

I'd love to win the new Galaxy S IV. I'm in need of a new phone in a bad way!!!

I would LOVE a Verizon version but of that's too much trouble or they decide to take forever to release it the AT&T version would be good too :)

yipi... i have a htc hero.... think its time for a new phone

HumbertoH says:

Ok, there's a lo of comments...

Peter Gencur says:

Do you ship also to Europe?

sbatwater says:

I can't wait to win this!

jncryer says:

Here I am, commenting.

bob the noob says:

Man I hope the Verizon version doesn't have a locked bootl-HAHAHhahahahahhh... darn it, I almost said that without lauging.

jpurv says:


oneiroz says:

Give me the Samsung Galaxy S4 Please!!!!

Danf says:


+1 Here!!!!

I would like to have s4 to make a harlem shake video!!!

Davey Sage says:

I love my s3 and I would love to get the s4!!!!!!!!!

abelr78 says:

I need this. I'm super hyped.

ndwarika says:

Wow... would have loved to win something for the first time from, especially a quality build handset, with sturdy hardware and cutting-edge software.

But the question remains... how can I calculate the possibility of winning? It is like finding a particular grain of sand in the Sahara, or identifying a a drop of water in the Pacific.

Nonetheless, I have thrown my hat in, maybe I wear it, or I eat it!!!

Wow, a free S4! That's good because this old S3 is just so slow and crappy... No wait. No its not! I only got this thing back in June, right? A new one already? Who do they think they are, Apple? ;-)
I guess, if I win, my wife gets my "old" S3.

Thanks, Android Central!

romans5v1 says:

I'm in! Thanks

joshied99 says:

I wanna win!

NDchem2014 says:

Me! Pick meeeee!!! :) Thanks guys. Keep being great! :)

HuskerD says:

Count me in!

Ahmad Bilal1 says:

Maybe me?

Audy Peoples says:

i would love love love love love love to win. please and thank you :)

cleon062 says:

Samsung is the serendipity of my success today.
Not like the unearthly OS that's fading away.
A scintilla of proof to them saves the day.
So slough off that ancient OS it don't pay.
Having a Galaxy S4 is the only phone to pave the way.

Thank you to all it's going to be OK!

Jan Husak says:


let's roll

pundiramit says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 \o/ #FTW

tdeanhoward says:

Yes please. I could really use it.

Zachary666 says:

hey guys

mitchger says:

Yes pretty please!

notthatjafar says:

I place my comment among the thousands and thousands.

asn5014 says:

pick me

Saj Guevara says:

me me me please!

gvndeb60 says:

Um, yes please!!!!

I want one more than any of these people! Love the site and am going to love the phone!

Daf L says:

If you've got one you want to send over here, that'd be great.

jmyers1911 says:

It would be absolutely amazing to win the new Samsung Galaxy 4... Im tired of HTC at this point!

Let me Get Samsung Galaxy S IV Please!! that would be AWESOME from you Guys!! more than you already are lol

tj2nis says:

Pick me!!!

KenZ33 says:

Probably the fastest way I'll ever see Jelly Bean....

tonybyatt says:

me, Me, ME, MEEE...

olson2334 says:

Would love to get my hands on one.

shaunp180 says:

My community needs this!

ccopac says:

Please oh please!

Darth Spock says:

uh oh, spaghetti monster.

Gregg Lange says:

Oohhhhh yyaaaaaaa!!!!! Galaxy s4! Cannot wait sending this on my s3 right now!

Martin Lane says:

I don't really want one.

Raz328 says:

Would be nice to win one

select me as a Samsung Galaxy S4 winner because of i'm a big fan of Android Central....

churd83 says:

Need a new phone badly. LG screwed me with the g2x now I'be been waiting for the s4!

byunghooncho says:

I need one

Raz328 says:

Would be nice to win one

gtp20 says:

I can't wait!

stormsinger says:

I'd love to have a new S4! Thanks AC for putting this together.

Hoping Samsung goes with the Snapdragon 800 over the 600 but nonetheless, I want one!!

Will this S IV be a Sprint version? If so I would like to have it very much.

jab0321 says:

Sure thing!!

mtmerrick says:

Hell yes i want one =D

draken says:

I'd love a shiny new Galaxy S4, wife needs an updated phone, currently using a no name Chinese import.

brucewayne says:

Pick me, pick me!!!

Trax22 says:

Good luck everyone!

Milton Dean says:


1LoudLS says:

just saying, this should be the winning entry!

iampeanut says:

Kiss me

mariocms says:

Count me in!

Hey hey hey. I'd like a freebie!

vcsabi5 says:

Hi! I want the SGS4 ! :-)

amnchode says:

I'll bite...curious to know what they are do to improve upon the GS3, it's a beast in in't own right...

Finsol says:

Here's my post! Good luck everyone!

anton2dan says:

Sure thing.

kilgoretrout says:

Considering it hasn't even been revealed, I have no idea what the Galaxy S4 really is. Assuming it's a smartphone, and a logical follow-up to the Galaxy S3, I imagine I wouldn't mind winning it. Been awhile since I upgraded, at any rate. Cheers!

I really want to win the S4. Please choose me and the you for this chance.

bbarend says:

I'm a rooster illusion.

Ryan Palmer says:

My most charming quality is my modesty.

pseudoelf says:

Oh, pick me, pick me....

SedonaLee says:

Very nice phone to win!!!

Really nice, congratulations, the blog is amazing!!

Shimmy says:

I would love to win this!!!

I wonder how many pages this contest will reach!?

phippsy84 says:

Yes I would love a S4 when it comes out thank you for asking :)

The galaxy s4 is mine

lgoldstein83 says:

I wouldn't mind an S4 ;)

Burtb says:

Sounds good to me

Mojit0 says:

Well, well, well look what we have here! A brand new S4 giveaway! Never really entered a giveaway before, let's see how this turns out! ^.^

Always wanted to explore the beautiful secrets hidden deep within the S series line of phones!

sinjo says:

Pick me please!! Thank you!! :)

efranco1 says:

I can't wait to see what the new S4 has to offer!

nkd says:

I could really use some happiness at the moment...LOL.

mayormullet says:

I'm feeling somewhat lucky.that is all.

Johnsontm says: