Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Please and thank you

Pick me I totally love this device and this forum. Samsung and AndroidCentral are the best!

skippyg says:

its not about wanting. its about needing one ... i need one :)

rgeezy91 says:

Uhm. ehh Gs4!!!

ads says:

Here's hoping against hope!

I am still single want to mingle with samsung s4.... great work dudes go on..

Sheri Payne says:

I'm in.

koreandude says:

Android Swag!

bartclan says:

And another great contest from AC!

samsung'S ... of course

Kai Harjula says:

More the same or something brilliant? Can't wait to ge my hands on mine..

technacity says:

I need a new phone.

Pedro Veiga says:

No harm tryin xD

mjm777mil says:

I promise to continue to support samsung forever! lol, seriously i will for a free s4

elchinitotwo says:

Sounds like a great phone!

Vetdoctor says:

I win.

wb2alta says:


hormosapiens says:

yeah yeah yeah...

5ive12 says:

I'm too cool for this S4 thing but give it to me anyways.

RonD says:

Hope I win the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Markinwyo says:

I could play bingo by myself and still lose. I would love to with the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Kyoshiro82 says:

I'll take 2 plz my wife will need one as well. :-)

5ive12 says:

I'm too cool for this S4 thing but give it to me anyways.

wolverine318 says:

I'm in! Pick me please!!!!!

maddoggzy says:

I'd love to have one!

ruslanoid says:

Want a Galaxy far away to become a Galaxy in my hand

GoldyAu says:

I would love to play with the new SGS4!! :o)

timdotthomas says:

OOO Oooo...I want it...gimme...

oasiskey says:

I'd Love to win

jmalucci says:

I want that

effengee says:

i want one! seriously, this might be the phone to switch from HTC (had the DInc, DInc2 and now Rezound). thanks. i'll definitely switch if it's free, ha!

I would LOVE to have a new galaxy S4 please and thanks.

agprime says:

I don't wanna buy a new S4 so I'd rather be selected to win it.

Chocoburger says:

I have a Samsung Droid Charge and got completely hosed by it. It left a really bitter taste when it comes to Samsung. Winning this would help dramatically, thanks for the chance! :)

It would be great to win this for my mom, I would give it to her because she needs a new phone! And she loves the S3, but she's had the same Motorola for 4 years /:

jas4on says:

Please pick me!!!!! I don't have a smartphone. I really want one and the s4 is a really good phone. I really want the s4. Please pick me!!!!!

gabcab says:

I want one!

JustBeMe says:

I want the S4 bad!

edgardniire says:

Me and my wife both have the SG3, but i see the SG4 is the final outcome of Samsung's testing of the SG3 in the real world.
The Iphone was always picked because of its camera options and screen quality, not the case anymore.
I'd love to get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy IV.

WhenForever says:

I'd love to win a S4!! :)

flimsy888 says:


rubiksbotes says:

I have it worse than all of you
I'm on a flip phone
Looking forward to my new s4

zmkellner says:

Sign me up for this one...I love what Samsung has been doing recently with their phone!

cptmcnair says:

Awesome phone.Even better when it's free

LowBattery00 says:

Hello world!

Joe Koshy says:

S4 please! Thank you :)

Fuego1927 says:

This will be my very first Galaxy phone!
Let me win!!

Helder4 says:

Galaxy S4 Rules..

jrod986 says:

Geez, over 15000 entries. Still a much better chance than the powerball.

I'd love to win one!! Pick me

I want to win my very first Galaxy S phone!

daspost says:


raymaane says:

I guess, I could try my hand in a contest. Count me. IN.

Nicholas Yap says:

If i get a chance to win this, it will be my first smartphone. I'd love my first to be an android. :D

Wazir Khan says:

Me please

tmoore73 says:

I'd love to win.

Gasconman says:

Hey, I have a one in sixteen thousand chance!

boneyard says:

i want one!

dennis96411 says:

I would love to win one, as I recently got my Galaxy S2 stolen. :(

Flowdogs says:

Weee 3 dogs need to explore the Galaxy 4 our human.

gmtom1 says:

Meh, not that impressed with the GSIV, but I'll still take it if I win! You guys rock. Keep up the good work!

wichon says:

Galaxy S4 FTW :D

Swe_Evil_E says:

I'd love a plastic cup of S4 filled with plenty ;-)

gyurati says:

Well I have never won anything before, so maybe luck will be on my side this time :)

My Galaxy 5 is begging for a new big brother!

ZenSomething says:

The new Samsung S4 looks great! Thanks for the contest!

Muffingod says:


kewlgreen says:

Don't think i posted already but i'd love to win one :p

oyeman says:

Put me down for one!

Well, since my daughter was born 4 weeks ago, I would LOVE to have a GS4 to go with her!!!

For many years I have been wanting to buy a Galaxy device from Samsung.
But just when I decide to buy one, rumors of the next Galaxy device start showing
up and I decide to wait over and over again, I hope to win this contest so I'd
finally get one and no longer worry about when to buy it.

fingers crossed,

hope it's my lucky day,

good luck to all,


Clave567 says:

I'd love an S4

phanitej says:

I just scrolled down to post and found so many comments. Wish me luck please :p

Mario Camou says:

Let's win this baby

jellie123 says:

Sweet phone!

sudutmata says:

I would love to have this S4... but still when the next Note3 comes out, I will for sure update my current Note2. Stylus is the ultimate tools for drawing! :)

What better phone to replace my GNex with!?

qazwsxedc813 says:

Eh,why not?

Gib me Galaxy S IV plox!

Jake Miller2 says:

It would be pretty neat to have one. Let's try this out!

I'm so excited.... good luck to myself

would love an s4

s4?! I just got the s3 a few months ago! oh well, i'd love to have this phone!

Yes please. I would love to have a Samsung Galaxy S4 before my friends.

Jstar269 says:

Please Give Me One. I Would Totally Love One.

MikeVespa says:

Yes please. I want one! I love the fact that iPhone users now have a worse phone that the last two Samsung galaxy phones.

Nohelly Rios says:

I've never had a phone in my life i would love to own my very own... This would be a wonderful birthday gift...

mwz123 says:

I want one!!!

BartLee says:

There are billions of galaxies in the universe.
How many galaxies Samsung could sell on earth?

Jay Carter 1 says:

Fancy this giveaway to come about when I'm considering to jump ship from IOS to Android.

tlo07 says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4!

dachewster99 says:

Omg, I have been waiting for this phone since the s3 came out!

Greg Cender says:

I'd like to win.

zaptor99 says:

Two words, Dual Camera

Pat Kenney says:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mE pLeAsE

Pick me I'm a consumerist pig! I do hope I win though.

flicktron says:

Gee golly, A S4 to win? Hope it's me!

Naby King says:

Chances are really, really slim but here it goes! Please, AndroidCentral fulfill my dream ♥

mbiram says:

samsung phones just get better and better, iphone 5 killer?

ShaynePierce says:

I would sure like to win an S4. Thanks, Android Central!

Jmrstocks says:

Would love to win....

loooney2ns says:

Count me in. I can really use a new phone!

AshBloodfin says:

I need this!

melan26 says:

Look at the entries!

racedog says:

Would love a free s4!

random1204 says:

please please pleaseeee I want one so badly...haha

dgwilliams says:

This is a single comment left to this blog post. :-) Seriously, please count me in. Thanks AC!

Neo Killar says:


seansfit says:

I am a personal trainer n life inspiration leader and this new galaxy s4 would change my life and can help me change others also, nothing makes me happier in life then to motivate all types of people and this phone can make it so much easier! Please choose me n not change the way I live my life but others 2! Thank You!

BerSerX says:

I wanna win a new S4. Help me replace my stuttering Droid Charge.

babracmmm says:

a comment

Lildun101 says:

Simply Post A Comment Huh, Ok "A Comment"

Please yes!

The S4 looks like butter :) Want!

GrooveRite says:

Anndd the winner is.....ME!! :)

I am drooling, a new Galaxy S. I want.

I'm down like 4 flat tires

my phone just broke so this would be perfect if I get it!

Ready to upgrade from my gt-i9100, love a GS4!

I never win anything, but you guys could change that...hint hint

If I won I'd be the happiest person. Get to leave my boring old iPhone

Marco Rafael says:

Wow owning a galaxy s4 would be the bomb cmon AC pick me! I've been living vicarously through my Sony Xperia Neo L. I had to root the damn thing to fully utilize its single core and 356 RAM. But getting the S4 with more RAM than my current phone's internal storage is going to change my life!

Calm down guys. They already know in advance who will get it. someone's brother. It's none of us posting here.

So stop dreaming about it. unless you're a bro if someone from android central

jblank says:

Good luck to me.

ZingerCZ says:

I wish to wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

paulrosel says:

Please let me win this one!

Khoupe says:


a sweeper says:

I would be 'all the rage' while sporting the new Galaxy S4!

herrcecil says:

My Galaxy S3 is so late 2012

Snx Gfx says:

Samsung GS4 rocks the android world!

I would love to win, so I can give it to my girlfriend! She would love a new phone!

Thank you for the contest.

ajs0203 says:

I could use a new phone.

Single comment

Magiclynx1 says:

Hi there, AC...
Would you mind forking over a juicy, white, Verizon Galaxy S4? The Apple thing is starting to get mighty old, and I am sooooo intrigued with this new phone - kindly cough it up, will ya?...thanks ;-)

rperki8 says:

I thank you in advance for my new Galaxy S IV. ;-)

dmatson1 says:

Who has two thumbs and is about to win a new GS4?

This Guy.

Sudo says:

I was so excited about this launch I actually watched the countdown.

paul_704 says:

Awesome spec's......would love one please :)

conchim says:


An S4 would be amazing upgrade from my Droid Bionic.

badblue1__ says:

Thank you so much for this opportunity, i will graciously accept my new Samsung Galaxy S lV ! ;- )

Let it be me.

Dueddums says:

I really need this... No really I'm not joking!

SR86 says:

Can't wait to see the Galaxy S4 in my hands :D

warpdrive says:

An S4 in my hands would be like a gift from the (android) gods.

KinK says:

Who put this post here?

Jimcoker says:

I'd love one. Awesome contest!

I ja zelim S4:-)PICK ME!

luisribeiro says:

A Samsung é como o vinho do Porto, quanto mais velha mais refinada é. Now S4 will translate, if i get one!

ramc501294 says:

Be my only life companion Samsung Galaxy S4


Thor20003 says:

In for the win.

peruvianman says:

I think the GS4 is the new God in the block. I hope i win this baby :)

Son37Lumiere says:

I'll gladly take one!

i'm not from rich family and most of my friends belongs to rich families. They all own high end mobiles and i haven't a premium mobile. So I'm always feel very bad. so please pick me. i'll very thankful to you if u help me out to prevent this problem...

koolestk61 says:


thanks in advance.

Caspid says:

What are the chances that you'd pick this post!?!

jthekid says:

mine mine mine mine!

Why0Why says:

Yes, please!

augievarela says:

I am ready to up grade to the GIV

CptNemo says:

Even though I haven't won one yet, I have to admit that AC has the best contests. :)

grkernisant says:

Come to papa

karta7 says:

Love me android central

DeathByReach says:

A GS4 looks pretty good right now :B

Davidb296 says:

It would be fun to win a new Samsung Galaxy S 4, so pick me pick me ; )

Good Luck Everyone!

Davidb296 says:

It would be fun to win a new Samsung Galaxy S 4, so pick me pick me ; )

Good Luck Everyone!

Rita77 says:

Thanks for this giveaway!

Davedwin says:

YAY!! I made the cut off to WIN. ;-)

jayhawks#AC says:

My precious!

KCC123 says:

Here's hoping my next comment will be "Thank you Android Central!"

::crosses fingers toes arms and legs::

joethegoat says:

Me please!

westhillsat says:

I would love to have this phone. Thank you.

dorn smith says:

Looking forward to traveling with new Galaxy!!

As always...AC comes with the best contests. Good luck everyone

Looks like a solid phone


sjshowal says:

I'm in. The S4 would be a very nice phone to have. I would put it to good use.

rickyromero says:

Am really hoping to win this phone considering how great the GSIII was.

TheWuternal says:

I'm in!


Love Samsung products!!! everyone at work has a samsung and they are tapping away:Sharing tyere files, I would love to jon tye crowd since I never wanted an ipod, just got a galaxy tab 2 7.0, Love it!

Jay2pt0 says:

I'm super pumped for the new S4. I skipped the S3 so for me this is a huge upgrade and I'd love to experience that on day one. If its okay with you guys, I'd like to win please.

Bikal Basnet says:

it would be a perfect gift for me n guess what today is my birthday so plz plz win me a Galaxy s4 :D

Brad Collard says:

I need the new S4. Pick me.

Dude1134 says:

I'm gonna win fo sho

iAmRyC says:

Mouth watering goodness I'd love to get my grubby hands on!

after waiting for a long time at last samsung galaxy came out with s4 which i was waiting for a long time congratulation to samsung galaxy i would like to win this contest i would love to have blue colour samsung galaxy s4

Wild Buffalo says:

Have mercy on an indie!!

pcdebb says:

how on earth did I miss this contest?!?!?!?!?!?

Ratane says:

Can any contest get better than this - No. It is the Galaxy S4. Awesome!

Comment :)

Alin Timu says:

Simple comment.

ricanthunda says:

I got an S2 that can be replaced.

Erik Nygren says:

I will not say no to this opportunity

i was waiting for this contest waiting Samsung Galaxy s4 i wish i win blue colour Samsung Galaxy s4

yenrod says:

The S4 seems a really nice phone!

tjsongman says:

Would LOVE to win this! Would be the world's first time I ever won something! :-P

I need to possess a Samsung galaxy 4 - Red one.....waiting for it

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great device. This coming from the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 920 - Jinu

I really wanna win this one.

sgavriel says:

I love androidcentral.
You are on my g+, and read a lot of your.

I also have an old Samsung phone, which must be upgraded. and the S4 is amazing.
I would love one.

Thanks a lot

sheyhan says:

I desperately need a new phone, no lie.

mohitv says:

I soo want one.

joec32033 says:

I would like one please.

binderhoff says:

I need one. Besides I think I have flashed the life out of my gs2

poxitee says:

time for the upgrade

As per the latest reviews,this phone will become a catalyst for change in the aspect of Mobile technology.

Cuthuloid says:

Im always down to win a free anything, thx guys for the offer.

Bigdgt1984 says:

Please let me win I really really need a new phone and the GS4 is my phone of choice for 2013!

With the S4, forget dual-core and quad-core. The Samsung Exynos 1.6GHz processor has a whopping eight cores! Amazing.
But while you'll get that Octo-core Exynos 5 in some territories there will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro in others.
You also get 2GB of RAM, which is twice the amount in the iPhone 5. But, the Sony Xperia Z also has 2GB. In terms of storage it's available in 16, 32 and 64GB variants.

i will dfntly like to have one :) :)

Im poor. This would excite me lots! :-)

bugsdaffy60 says:

Lets try the 4th

Ravi Thakkar says:

i would like to have one :) , hope for d best :)

Lo so sono italiano e non c'entro niente , ma ci provo lo stesso

akismik93 says:

This phone is amazing!!!!

Samsung S4 + AndroidCentral love you......:)

well ...let's try...again!

nsumner says:

I plan on having one.

t knows says:

I was just about to sell my s2 to buy a s3 now i change my mind i'll wait on the s4

Mayan Calendar Prediction- 14/03/2013... Doomsday for Apple(R.I.P)

StormHearder says:

i can't wait to play with the new s4

Dan Brown2 says:

Woohooo! I'd love to win an S4 from you guys!

S4, it is my faverate.

My cellphone doesn't work anymore. I really hope to win this!

Kseko Chris says:

the wow spec mob to me!!!

Da_K1689 says:

Ooh! S4 looks awesome! I want one so freakin' bad! O_o

b0btech says:

pick my guys. I love you all forever. can't wait any longer, please please please.

molly41 says:

Wow, sounds and looks a good quality phone. Can't wait to try out its 13 mp camera!

Sunardi Sun says:

i want to win samsung S4. let me win please

DrWu says:

I really need this to be cool again. I'm still rockin a RAZR MAXX (NOT HD) yeah.

alizafarshah says:

Can't wait to get my hands on one. Not sure what I will do with my tablet once I get the S4

Syed Ahmad says:

Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her android,
It is so big. [scoff] She looks like,
one of those apple guys' girlfriends.
But, you know, who understands those blackberry guys? *scoff*
They only talk to her, because,
she looks like a total jelly bean, 'kay?
I mean, her android, is just so big.
I can't believe it's just so round, it's like,
out there, I mean - gross. Look!
She's just so ... vivid!

I like big Androids and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty bezel
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung, wanna pull out your tough
'Cause you notice that android was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she's wearing
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh baby, I wanna get with you
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that android you got makes me so horny
Ooh, Rump-o'-smooth-skin
You say you wanna get in my Jelly Bean?
Well, use me, use me
'Cause you ain't that average groupie
I've seen them dancin'
To hell with romancin'
She's sweat, wet,
Got it goin' like a turbo 'Vette
I'm tired of apples and blackberries,
Sayin' flat windows aren't my thing
Take the average nerd man and ask him that
She gotta pack much spec !!
So, fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)
Has your girlfriend got the Android? (Hell yeah!)
Tell 'em to shake it! (Shake it!) Shake it! (Shake it!)
Shake that healthy Android!
Baby got Android !!!

Xitij_22 says:

i have the iPhone 4. i would love to have the Galaxy S4 now.. :)
PS: commenting for the second time, as i couldnt find my first comment

Hey there Android Central Staff! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hoping that I get the notification tomorrow (3/18, my Birthday :)) with good news that I am the Winner! Epic Winning!

danielc29 says:

This time i hope i win the S4



Gavj says:

I want the best and the galaxy s4 simply is.

antonleung says:

Pick me, yeah!

I can't believe it's real!!!...It's not a phone, it's a Masterpiece!!!...Speechless...

nitehawkz says:

When is it going to be my turn? ^_^

glaugh27 says:

I could really use one!!!!!!

Raikou says:


jkeats20 says:

Thanks for the chance to win!

Marie Cooper says:

If you could see my current phone you would just give me the Samsung Galaxy S4 out of sympathy :D

beelykemyke says:

Testing Testing this thing on?

I would love the Galaxy S4 with Android Central as my homepage!

I think it's about time I win one of these contests.

Rene Cannon says:


AlanP says:

[trying to delete accidental duplicate submission]

AlanP says:

Hell yes. Though with 16,000 comments here already, I guess the odds of actually seeing that S4 are pretty slim.

JaGuAr81 says:

how did i got here?

Pick me. Pick me. Pick me, pretty pease?

Lou Farris says:

Owning one of these would mean blogging and testing, and blogging, and testing, but I'm p for it.

Amazing to have a bigger screen in the same size of the S3.

A visitor to asked; Can I jailbreak my iPad so that I can load Android? That deserves a prize!

mastromagno says:

pick me :)

simbapenn says:

My S2 is getting 2 old! Love an S4!

csims9158 says:

Pick me! Pick me!

My son has the S3 while I have Samsung envy.

theghx says:

So there is a contest to win s4 aaaaand it's mine.

Bbock says:

I've owned a product from most hardware companies but never a Samsung. I'm ready for my first Samsung phone!

btsparky1 says:

I'd love to win this phone!

btsparky1 says:

I'd love to win this phone!

ttsantos says:

The World's first winner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 contest.

Samsung unveiled a powerhouse..& dubbed as a life companion...I wanna life companion & dat 2 so beautiful

planoman says:

Come to papa my little Galaxy S4!

Nayyer63 says:

me :)

Idirian says:

Will it be better than my current phone? I hope to find out. :-)

Galaxy S4 seems to be the real iPhone killer. I'm an android user for life but do love seeing competition in the smartphone universe... And Apple, you may just wanna bow out now. Lol.

Shehla67 says:

oooh i want this :)

NayerFamily says:

hopefully I win Insha'Allah :)

Burnt Toast says:

Baby, I have an Evo 3D that was long forgotten by HTC and needs replacing with something new! :( Especially since Sprint took away my yearly upgrade eligibility and now I'm stuck with this until August. /sadface

jganovsky says:

Have the S3. Would love the S4.

MatejVili1 says:

Want to win real bad-

i Am in to win this phone
tham you so much!!!
pure awesomeness!!!

javi9600 says:

Time to replace my Epic 4G Touch.

Budius says:

I want one!!!

memphisboy says:

Pick Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollow.Droid says:

Wow, an S4 would be an awesome thing to win!!


The last ICS "Update" killed my Thunderbolt! HELP!!!

Yes Please! Count Me In :)


imee lopez says:

this is the one ive been waiting for i love s4!!!

_iL33t_ says:

OMG! awesome contest. and after a presentation that live in NYC, i'd love to have one. the phone's specs are amazing, and i'm in dire need of an upgrade (still running a WinMo 6.5 phone)... i seriously need to get an upgrade that'll last me a long time from now. please let me win this one!!!

I remember back in the day the first cellphone was a motorola bag phone,then there was the brick phone,tech started getting better with the advent of the clamshell,then the candybar. Radios,signal strength,beep beeps.From beepers which everyone started off with which most of us old schoolers remember. Now processors,roms,apps,rooting,fast,pretty,light and tight. To be in this age of innovation is wonderful Samsung Do Your Next Big Thing!!

Vivek Likhi says:

I am still stuck on symbian......I need this plz.

S4 for my birthday on 26<3

AndreasNYC says:

A free S4 for Verizon would be nice

AndreasNYC says:

A free S4 for Verizon would be nice

AndreasNYC says:

A free S4 for Verizon would be nice

I've been using a Motorola Atrix 4G (yes the original one), eagerly anticipating the release of this amazing phone. Can't wait, hoping to win one.

SQ609 says:

a comment...

badbrad17 says:

Okay now I need one.

BetimBryma says:

Pick me, because when I become a billionaire I will be a huge donor of your site ;) ahhahaha, anyways I have spent all of my life helping other people, and now I am the one who needs help, and if I win the breathtaking Galaxy S4, I will love it, I will cherish it, I will take it EVERYWHERE with me :)!!! Let the best one win :) cheers..

roelsamson20 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 would be one of the Great Gift on my Graduation Day! I never own an Android and I Been Wishing to Have One! Thank You!!! ^_^

got berry says:

This phone looks awesome. I would love to win it.

mlmeloy says:


Mayur Gavde says:

I wanna be d one . pls