Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

drewC says:

Want one!

titaniac says:

You said that if I posted a comment on this Blogger I would have a chance to win a Galaxy S4, so here it is!

jveio says:

I hope I have enough luck to win!

AndroidTrini says:

Couldn't remember if i posted before, so making sure my post is on the inside. :) Thanks AC

packy says:

And I just got my S3 on Wednesday. I just couldn't wait until late April for a new phone. :-(

stakuo says:

Gimme S4!

phellix says:

iphone sucks! :)

babugita says:

A marvel in our palm

Joshua Payne says:

Neato, thanks for all the great content, I just paid full price for a GS3 a couple weeks ago, so it sure would be awesome to get an S4 to play with and ley one of my friends benefit with a free S3 to get them off that silly iphone. it will be interesting to see what software makes its way from the S4 to the S3 also!

tobysoe says:

That is that!

this is for my wife, that way she can put down my note 2. yeah for her

drdeath91 says:

Gotta get in on this action. Thanks AC.

I love potatoes but not as much as i love Samsung Galaxy s4.

rookie83 says:

This will finally get me off my Thunderbolt if I win!!!!

imtravis says:

Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

tigim101 says:

Gimme that Galaxy!!!!!

Kenny Oxler says:

Please, I'd like a new S4 to replace my S3.

Gpa_T says:

The GS4 looks amazing. I definitely want one.

mjs1124 says:

I love my S3, what could be better? A brand new S4.

TheLand Lord says:

great contest!

joe007 says:

one for the money

treoo0#AC says:

Great specs. Please add me to the drawing.

Shtopor77 says:

My contract with Sprint expires in April, I need new phone and it should be Samsung Galaxy S 4.

ashleypa2 says:

I would love to win the new S4!!!!

And "The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest" winner is here...

Nick McLeod says:

Pick Me!!!

jshenmd says:

Would love to get a brand new S4. Can't wait to try the eye-tracking technology Pick me!!!

luniboy26 says:

Would love to win this for my wife please.

Knyte says:

I don't know if I entered this but knowing my luck I already did...

flacousa says:

Don't know why I'm writing this I have the worst luck and never win anything.

Iatemyshorts says:

Awesome! Hope I win so I can replace my beat-up S2!

mcook1670 says:

My wife needs a new phone. The S4 would be a huge upgrade from her Galaxy Epic 4G. Hopefully in T-Mobile since we dumped Sprint.

wagonis says:

Oh lord won't you win me, a Samsung S4

i never win anything

Vito2000 says:

Yes please. :-)

Bj Melville says:

I can haz s4 2?

Could sure use one of these!

Please let me be the lucky one. Please.

marke103 says:

I want one of these so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain#CB says:



WOP_Drive says:

Thanks AC!

delly999 says:

Pick me please. I need a phone

ulnek says:

s4 please! :D

Jose L Cr says:

It would be cool to win.

pspmike says:

Doesn't hurt to try right?
no, no it doesn't

hell_night says:

Hope I get the chance to win ! thanks for the great opportunity Android Central !

Ytaay says:

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Lloyd my phone to keep.
A new S4 would take the cake, some AC love I hope to take.

darnocs says:

Praying for a chance to win!

Manas Verma says:

Galaxy 4 me

kavyarooney says:

Iam poor please pick me ;)

Jon1029 says:

Android central is awesome!

Noah Brown says:

Galaxy S4? Yes please.

bjfrank2 says:

Here is my story. My Droid Incredible finally died on me. My company ended up giving me an Iphone4 temporarily until I get get a new phone. I really need to ditch this Iphone and get back to android that I greatly miss. Please help me!!!

tdkirk7 says:

I would love a Samsung Galaxy S4! My wallet would be happy if I won so I wouldn't take more money from it. haha

Maya says:

Count me in! Good luck to everyone!

timGSU says:


samsung dominate the android world

Harish Jain says:

nearly 15k comments and wat a coincidence im winning the s4......just kidding
my well wishes to android central and hope they declare me the winner...
god bless you....

John B2 says:

I would love to have a new phone. the Samsung phones seem really nice.

siege630 says:

Give me that S4!

BB-04 says:

It's worth a shot

dbeltz74 says:

Htc and Apple are shaking in their boots!

xuz0 says:

can't wait to ditch my iPhone for the shiny s4!!!

zerospace82 says:

I need this I still have a galaxy s2 it's time to upgrade.

IcRedEye says:


mahasmb says:

My Nexus S can not keep up with me. Speed-wise, storage-wise, internet speed-wise etc. The new Samsung Galaxy S IV I see having no problem keeping up with me.

Convert2 says:

All in.

Bill Wilson says:

Thanks now I can go Virgin Mobile!

lost in utah says:

Samsung blows! Ill take it, only to turn around and sell it or trade it for the "One"

1LoudLS says:

I as well would like to nominate myself to win such an award this grand!

I wanted so bad

BStaFForD13 says:

Would be a good upgrade to my S2!

I am ready 4 the next Samsung Galaxy :) would like to have complete series starting from samsung wave s8500 -- galaxy s2 -- galaxy note 2 and now exicted to win s4 :)
love u samsung + android :)

I'm up for an upgrade!

hoz chumba says:

Please allow me to be the first S.Galaxy S IV owner in my beloved country KENYA -luv U samsung/android,God bless U.

wangjaroni says:

I never win anything....

hoz chumba says:

Please allow me to be the first S.Galaxy S IV owner in my beloved country KENYA -luv U samsung/android,God bless U.

PKnowles95 says:

Let me at it!!! Pretty pretty please!! It would be one heck of a party to win this (/'-')/

hoz chumba says:

Please allow me to be the first S.Galaxy S IV owner in my beloved country KENYA -luv U samsung/android,God bless U.

hoz chumba says:

Please allow me to be the first S.Galaxy S IV owner in my beloved country KENYA -luv U samsung/android,God bless U.

hic9582 says:


dewoin33 says:

this phone will look great in my hands!!! fingers are crossed

watto102 says:

Me, me, me, Pick me....!!!!

Let's give it a try :)

Knoxweather says:

I would love to have one first!

burningdew says:

Lucky to be the one to participate in first S4 contest.

moorman says:

Would love a chance at this.

mbmsoftx2 says:

Oh waoo!! thank you android central, to have the oportunity win the amazing cellphone..

5stryng says:

I love moar phones!

Isaac Ross says:

Amped for the S4! Even though I love my Nexus S

dalebert54 says:

here. I wanna new phone!

cschulte1 says:

I'm hoping the price won't be too much more than the S3, otherwise I will just stick with the S3 until the price comes down.

fizymike says:

s4? yes please

alvareschris says:

Samsung has the perfect S, 4 the Android Jellybean!

Max Macasieb says:

SAMSUNG and Android central., love this. Looking forward to S4! Need it, I am your number one fan. Or is it the millionth or so.

kpatel85 says:

I will take one! Thanks!

imcaius says:

Yes please.

Sandman197 says:

Must have the new shiny!

ledsock says:

pick me!

Dramer77 says:

man id love to win one!

montycarlo55 says:

It would be sooooooooooo awesome to win a new Galaxy S4 and then show it off to everyone I see! :D

Montigo says:

A white one, either 32 GB or 64 GB for T-mobile please.

SQUINTS1 says:

hook a brother up

whyunososrs says:

Thought s3 was competitor to iPhone 5 so I bought it. Would like s4 instead.

I've never won anything :(, I think this time will be different :D this S4 i'ts mine *cruzando los dedos *

nuelaboe says:

The novelty of winning something this huge is awesome. May the odds ever be in my favour!

Onlyping says:

The Galaxy S4 looks like an awesome phone! Thanks AC for another awesome giveaway!

tnns117 says:

Please pick me!

ryker002 says:

Let me be the new Jeremy! Its perfect!

spigott says:

I Like to Move It, Move It. Yeah.

gs4 looks awesome

Sukiyaki says:

I'm doing my best to hold on to my HP veer, but it looks more and more like this is going to be my next phone. I've always liked samsung tho.

Wolasaurus says:

Pick me and I'll be happy happy happy jack

chuckh0308 says:

Maybe I could finally get the other half off the stupid iPhone! :) The Galaxy S4 would be a great incentive!

Awesome awesome awesome to win this baby !!

obewan625 says:

Maybe now I can finally get rid of my Evo 3D.

Thanks Android Central

It would be a shock if I won this. Yet again, I love unpredictability

roadpizza73 says:

My Mom could sure use this Bionic. I would like an SIV «_»

lags1610 says:

How's my luck?

bboy2143 says:

me want! <3

mngdew says:

Are you feeling lucky punk?

Felix Gomez says:

Please give me this phone

kenpbuck says:

Sign me up!

WinDroidGuy says:

Did someone say FREE? :D thanks for letting me win ;P

fubu04 says:

I want it!

I really need a be phone, winning this would be awesome

flychinook says:

I can haz S4?

thechosen1ji says:

@.@ give it here

Silviayw says:

Pick me, thanks=)

jaypee68 says:

I would like to have a black one please. :-)

Cjdarnault says:

Well, here goes nothing.

mdvos says:

Looking for a good excuse to ditch the iphone...!!!

Forgewizard says:

I feel lucky ! Samsung Galaxy s4 looks like a winner too!

kid108 says:

I need a Android phone to get rid of my iPhone 4S.

jaytv says:

I would love to win the Galaxy S4. I would love to compare it to my HTC One that will be replacing my OG EVO 4G.

davrow says:

Amazing amount of interest being shown!
WTG Androidcentral!

Entered and Good luck guys!

joshuco says:

Joshy needs a new phone!

Nurul Ratan says:

Will be awesome to win one.

baysurfer says:

Would love to win one!

Pick me! I never win anything and I'm trying to end that streak!

I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S4!!

Bcousens says:

Give me an excuse to kill my iphone 5!

idlepaw says:

Pick me!

missyani3 says:

I'm in!

courtjames says:

Entering this contest even though I never win any contests that I enter

TnDimples says:

Oh please give me this phone i'm on my constitantly everheating bulged out back cracked screen sad ass looking razr maxx. I HATE THIS THING!

cbatiste1993 says:

I'd like to win!

saiko_search says:

I want it soooo baad!!!!!

andrae007 says:

A worthy upgrade. Let me have one for my wife.

yurid9 says:

After rooting and installing my Galaxy S2, I think its time for me to get this phone. Good luck everyone.

ChinoRican says:

Although I've enjoyed the hell out of my Motorola Razr MAXX & it FINALLY got Jellybean a last week, I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4. Made the switch to Motorola after having loads of problems with the Verizon's version of the first Galaxy the Samsung Fascinate..Let me tell you there was nothing Fascinating about that POS lol.

PickyPenny says:

Pick me! I want one! *

humourbuzz says:

[insert generic pick me comment here]

Alexfleck says:

These things never work. Still an S4 would be very welcome.

Cruiserdude says:

I would LOVE to be the first around with a Galaxy S4, courtesy of Lloyd and the best Android site on the 'net!!

psycho9x says:


ottscay says:

I just bought a Nexus 4, but taking a solid look at the GS4 wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to me!

I better win this!

bhatbhai says:

I'm really liking my chances here.

Angle1555 says:

Would love to win this!

chram893 says:

I'm entered!

Damien Rahul says:

The SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 is a beast ! Thank you "Android Central " for giving away this beast to one lucky winner !

M J says:

Me me me...

Radicalnm says:

Let me be the one Please.....

Goattee says:

My phone runs out of memory so I can't save music. And the browser content is tiny. I want a Galaxy S IV.

kartikbansal says:

one more contest.. lets give it a try.. PICK MEEEE :)

lookforthe1 says:

if i win im ditching bb10!!!!!

raino says:

In it to win it

atari52oo says:

Pick me! Please

Paper8 says:

I'm gonna get me an S4

spddy says:

Add me to the list.

Knuklheadd says:

I'd love a Samsung Galaxy S4

Mr. Creeper says:

So many entries! o.O

bogdanc says:

Count me in

soxfan5 says:

I like free stuff.

nbaveja says:

Proud to be a part of Mobile Nations

DuStU says:

I am dying to get this S4! Lets see if my lucky day is on Android central!!!! Love you guys!

arnavp says:

My precious!!! Give it to me please :)

Such a technological term. Hello World, from S4!

Id99712206 says:

I love the galaxy s4

I wonder if I'm eligible. No harm in trying though! :)

markwid says:

Launch event sux but the phone is great!

avenue13 says:

Galaxy s4 is the awesome-est thing that could happen to someone.. :D

bpiehel says:

It's time to replace my HTC Evo 4G.

Cleargrey says:

More chance of winning an S4 than a lottery win. :-)

Let the luck of the Irish be mine.

Good luck to all...

wuzzzzz says:

Thank you AndroidCentral for your fantastic website! Relevant android news all day every day!

intoaction66 says:

This would be awesome to win! Please AC!

Accell says:

Good morning from the UK. I would love to be the first Brit to win the super GALAXY S4, it would be spiffing. Toodle Pip for now. Mark ;-)

challs442 says:

Can i have one s4 plz...

archimess says:

I really, really, really, want it.

dsore121863 says:

All in to win

Boesgaard83 says:

Pick me

denpra says:

send to my pocket dude..

kumaneko110 says:

Give me free phone!

Lafriks says:

I do want it :)

randchai says:

I wanna be the first one from Singapore to win this !

Cindy Lucito says:

I am obsessed with my S3 & would love to have a new S4!Especially since I'm graduating from nursing school in less than 2 months ;)

icewater106 says:

galaxy s4 I would like one

What an awesome device, I'd love to own one!

stevewl says:

The S4 sure is a sweet phone.

jmcabulay says:

please pick me above the rest >_<

bsnet says:

Well, okay, if I absolutely HAVE to win a Galaxy S4...

I'd love to win one!!!

joseloc_7 says:

Lo quiero

Hogosha says:

I would love to have the latest and greatest!

Hayden4018 says:

I want to win, too.

gheizt says:

Count me in :)

madhan2k2 says:

hi.. thanks in advance.. all the best 4 ur site..

Tanvir Zaman says:

I need one(not HTC One) so badly!

mikenas01 says:

I wish i could win a phone

Ma Sh says:


NARESH R says:

that's a real beast. love to win it.

OMG! So many entry. Hope the fate picks me!!!!

jasonakhla says:

I'd love to have one. I am a huge Samsung galaxy fan and really want an s4. I really hope I win. Go galaxy s4!!!!!! :-)

Dimeezy says:

GS4 Please!

Luis Cornejo says:

I had to sell my beloved GNex because of money, currently I have my endurable Nokia 3220 :D
It would be nice to have the last Galaxy without invest such amount of money.

Hope I will get lucky :)

roelsamson20 says:

I Hope I Won, THANK YOU!!! I Wish for an Android Phone for a Long Time, I Never own an Android, God Bless!!!

johnnyi1222 says:

Always worth a shot to win a new device.

djchead says:

Daughter just had phone stolen. S4 would make one heck of a replacement, but not sure I I could give it away!

clownkiller says:

Pick me, pick me, pick me!

I would love to have this phone, it's amazing :) and good luck to everyone :D

pquirk777 says:

Holy cow! There are already over 15000 comments. Well played Samsung, well played.

yaatzek says:

I'm in :) Fingers crosed, maybe this time :)

SuchTheFool says:

yup, i'm ready for a new phone!

One in 15,000 odds. Not the worst odds around.

late_boy says:


Ruokas says:

I want my first smartphone :)

KindMoth says:

I'm in and I'll accept it in my pocket :-)

Pick me!

slym84 says:

I want is so so totally dyingly bad...

e_LUNATIC says:

I like to win

Mat Lock says:

YOLO! etc. etc. I would love to win the new S4

desean says:

Let the winner be me :)

alexb2611 says:

Oh go on then ;)

wendyearwood says:

This would be icing on the cake!

Wildfire mim says:

Just register to get s4.....

wolftail says:

Me me me! Pick me!

offyello says:

give me my s4...plz

danjok says:

Me please

pennyhorse says:

if entry is still open, i'll definitely toss my name into the hat!

I'm in. . I want galaxy s4

I'm in. . I want galaxy s4

Reui says:

8 Cores Phone? Why not

tangospice says:

I hope s4 is has a better construction than s3, 50% of the person that I know had have one have broken the glass. I'll by one of course :)

pollinho123 says:

Samsung Action! Yay! =)

ERMIGERS gerlixy S4!

Bonics says:

(fingers-crossed) -_-

Destim says:

Pick me :D

SimonBM says:

Nice phone,i like one!

Fingers crossed

I would be very grateful if I get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4.:-)

RASRobin says:

omg this took forever! I *need* a new phone please!

Advntrous1 says:

I'll make a trade: Your new Samsung IV for my Blackberry Storm. You will? Great!

It will be great to win a brand new one!!!

I Love S4

Gandof says:


Seike says:

I'm waiting my S4 from the postman.

lem0n66 says:

S4 ftw!

arutemauepon says:


caiordn says:

I'd love to win this!!

Bikal Basnet says:

when r u going to announce the winner i cant wait to get my hands on the device :D

mkjsr757 says:

Hope to see you soon GS4

Would love to win such a great smartphone! :)

I hereby command you to send it to me :P

Divegeek says:

Yay! Free stuff

dwain77 says:

Pick me, pick me.

sergeroyal says:

I want to win this beast! Good luck everyone!

Dan Hensley says:

If each applicant represented 1,000 S4 Buyers...then this phone will sell over 15 million sets...I know I would love to own one!

fazewan says:

Lots n lots of eye tracking; yeeeha :-)

FunctionONE says:

I'm down for a victory!

Jellyfrog says:

A free SGS4 you say if I comment? I'm down, I hope I win :p


yut says:

get it

Balagopal R says:

Come on beast.. choose me!

bluffy says:

Gr8, this s3... sorry s4 will work well wit my nexus 4

deathwiz says:

S4, pleeeeeeease

I would love a S4 :)

Send it to me :)

Turiya says:

Gotta gets me some SGSIV Lovin'!! <3

VenomNX says:

want one!

chleo1 says:

Awesome phone.

bsball721 says:

Perfect for the wife

martjokesy says:

I am really impressed with the Galaxy S4. Winning it would be awesome.

Want to be one of the first in SA to own a Samsung galaxy 4.


I have GS3 now and had Captivate before
Would really love to continue moving
up the galaxy chain.

Mm3lol says:

Got the first galaxy, then the s2, then the s3, now gonna bag the s4

Noel Cardoza says:

Awesome it to win it

dnanj says:

Currently own Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 and very happy with it. At this time, I feel that the design changes between the S3 and S4 is lacking and I can't help but feel that the S4 does not provide a significant upgrade for me to consider it at this time. Of course that opinion could change one I actually get some hands on time with the device.

blaghda says:

Don't mind if I do!

Katiya91 says:

S4 would be a fantastic upgrade from my droid razr! Pick me!

razgriz1412 says:


s furda says:

hook a brother up!!!

HDriki says:

Would be nice to be the first! I want one! :)

Hope I Win The Phone Cuz I Love The S4 And I Am Very obsessed with it

Skyeclad says:

I'd love one!

Cool... I would like one of those :-)

NoICon says:

Please don't give me an S4. That would be just awful. I mean with all that fancy tech and stuff. Pure torture I tell you.

Best regards,

Brer Rabbit

Hello galaxy