Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

msvanhorn says:

This looks like a really great phone

omegastu says:

Yes please.

I want to win the S4 so bad, my gnex needs replacing with this cutting edge tech.

aesopn says:

s2 to s4 pick me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S4 Please

bccr7 says:

Hope I win. But I still love my nexus s.

In 4 1!

sethjk says:

Love AC and loving the S4!

r3ddawn says:

would love to win one, ;-)

kamuidn says:

i want to winnnnn

BeauJeur says:

Hope i win! Goodluck eveyone

fischdl says:

Sign me up

funktron2x says:

WANT S4! Will post to get. :-) Never win, but always gonna try!

gaijin82 says:

Me me me me....... Please.....

coldking says:

Pick me!

oz1421 says:

Be pretty awesome if i win

tswigs says:

any comment eh... gdfgiIdfsnfdnldfsknkdfs;nsd

chas0001 says:

One would love to win a GS4!

ferbio says:

Would hate to part with my One X, but willing to see what this thing has over my most favorite phone ever.

Oh oh oh pick me pick me over here pick me ;)

Umang.C says:

My brother decided to break my GS3 and I'm now stuck on my Blackberry Storm.

Yes, you read that right, the Storm, the Storm 1.
I desperately NEEEEDD this

willobee says:


levadira says:

hello :)

killspy6 says:

S4, My perfect life companion!


nickf126 says:


ArtirianX says:

Opera...the reason I would like a Samsung Galaxy S4 is because I'm still using a trackpone and If I win this phone I would spread love and peace to the world! O_o.....wait a minute....this isn't opera! Hahaha......Android Central.....if i win this phone......;_;....nevermind... -_-.

I would like to get one!

Dilawer says:

Tough for the phone which start from i
no one can beat Samsung S4

ncpumdawg says:

Awesome I Need it Badddddd Plzzzzzz Yall are the best!!! :)

Kevin Ng says:

Here comes my new galaxy s4!

polsoft says:

Thank you for picking me!!! thank you!!!!

fndollars says:

I want the Galaxy S4 pleaseeeee give it to me now! haha. I hope I win :)

crucian4 says:

No Comment...

muthafray369 says:

Pick me! The phone will be put to good use!

are12c says:

Pick me or I'll move to a iPhone! (JK!)

TallOne says:

Samsung me up! Please :)

ofteno says:

i want to reach another galaxy!!! :D

mantis99 says:

An S4, an S4, my kingdom for an S4!!!

ofteno says:

i want to reach another galaxy!!! :D

ConnorL9382 says:

Me please!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 for the win!

EVOJoe says:

After my wife got the Galaxy S3 last Thanksgiving, winning the S4 would be a great way to go one up.

arkha says:

Pick me pick me
EU EU EU!!!!

kill4food says:

thanks for the shot at winning. love you guys. keep up the great work.

sherwin892 says:

new pope, new hope! lets do this!

myruka says:

Ill take one please

timleerj says:

I want #thenextbigflop

XboxOneGam3r says:

I'll take a Samsung Galaxy S4 please...

RyanYaddow says:

This would turn what is possibly the worst year into what could be possible the best year!

professorx says:


bigfatso says:

S4 is mine!!!

brianmazanec says:

Please pick me! I'd love a GS4. AC is awesome!

dzbez says:

I need this

cowboy77328 says:

I need a new phone and this one would be SWEET !!!!!!!

lppngmk says:

hmmm. If I win this I will trade this to my brother for his current phone since he is looking for a change (assuming he wants it.)

ejerkel says:

Pick me Android a brother out.

billpena says:

I want a GS4! Thanks Android Central!

lojanguyen says:

I would love to win one! AC is the best! :D

o_dat1 says:

Need that GS4, please cometh my way so I can win you!!!

kaotik_187 says:

I need to win this. It's gonna be hard with the amount of people entering... but i think i deserve the win! Good luck to everyone!

briancook451 says:

Me please!!!!

jjrdias says:

I win.

btc0526 says:

Come on android central! Pick me!!

hadoukyuu says:


tburgman says:

Its just sprinkles

Zand_er says:


Can you please enter me in the drawing..I am an android nut and need a new phone, thanks.

coggster says:

Well the odds are better than the lottery but I am still pretty confident I won't win it!

junx6969 says:

I'd love an S4. I can't believe I'm saying this but the battery life of my GNex is pretty frustrating. An upgrade is definitely in order. Love Android Central. Hook a brother up!

BBwhat says:

Sorry everyone. It's going to be mine.

Pat Kenney says:

Please pick me android central I never win please make this my first win god bless

bigdaddy87 says:

My S3 has been so amazing to see how they improved on it is exciting.

Pat Kenney says:

Please pick me android central I never win please make this my first win god bless

Pat Kenney says:

Please pick me android central I never win please make this my first win god bless

Pat Kenney says:

Please pick me android central I never win please make this my first win god bless

Pat Kenney says:

Please pick me android central I never win please make this my first win god bless

Pat Kenney says:

Please pick me android central I never win please make this my first win god bless

Pat Kenney says:

Please pick me android central I never win please make this my first win god bless

cromwell316 says:

I'm quite happy with my Iphone 3G thanks, don't need any of this new fangled gadgetry, but having no friends I had nothing better to do at 1am.

Sent from my Galaxy Note 2

defaguim says:

Good luck to everyone, but this is mine!

eire76 says:

Mecca lecca high mecca heinie ho!
Mecca lecca high mecca cheinie ho!

raptordj says:

That's for me.

diasro says:

I desperately need a new phone. Need to replace my Nexus S

TimmE says:

I'm in for the win!

AndCarryall says:

The Galaxy S4 is a serious game changer! It will be interesting to see how Apple and other smart phone makers react to Samsung. Apple's products are becoming monotonous and increasingly expensive, while Samsung is becoming more innovative.

Rockdwg says:

This would be Sweet!! about time for a new phone

Evil_Finger says:

a single comment to this blog post

Can't wait. So long Apple

I will gladly accept it. That would be awesome.

S4 has come a long way from the original S Series, with both hardware and software upgrade, Samsung has captured the Core values of my life which is a life companion. I couldn't agree more with Samsung on this. S4 has finally comes full circle with this amazing piece of technology in history

narok90 says:

Need some S4 Love! My old phone is killing me!

martyah says:

Only 14,695 posts ahead of me...umm 14,696...err 14,697...ahh, fergetaboutit!

TJGolf says:

I'm in! Thanks Android Central!

sdomene says:

I also want a Samsung Galaxy S4. It looks like an awesome device for home and work. Hope you pick me :-D

Jondewey says:

Count me in.

Trodecke says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S 4. Yippee!

kyt says:

Woo! Upgrade me!

Eion says:

Would love to rock a new S4

colin.mckean says:

14000 comments. I like my chances.

phillykish says:

To whoever wins, congrats!

knlptl says:

I hope I win. All the new features in SG4 are amazing. AndroidCentral well done with this competition.

Hook me up boss! :)

Polaritet says:


dcb4l77 says:

Sure would be nice to have that new gs4

randyw says:

I'd love to own a new S4!

Brian Oliver says:

The galaxy line will blow away the iPhone

dcb4l77 says:

Sure would be nice to have the new gs4

stephens7414 says:

I need this phone.

ariel2022 says:

Trying my luck. Hope this drawing will be random, and good luck to all.

Pick me!!

jmoney13 says:

Pick me, please!! :)

dbtabasco says:

I would be happy to take an Galaxy S4 off your hands

Enemy5802 says:



Enemy5802 says:



Enemy5802 says:



808Mobi says:

Aloha. I'm in for this.

mastaxtian says:

lets do this android central! i gotta have that octa core in my hands!!!

Warrenisit says:

I would love another piece of Samsung hardware!

I've had a rough year and it would be a huge pick me up if you guys picked me!!

GlennTX says:

Sign me up

HoldFastHope says:

Sure, what the heck.

miffin712 says:

Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this phone!!!! :)

SoCGHOST says:

Is this the Galaxy S5 contest?

Android4luv says:

I really needed this companionship <3

WTForce says:

I want one

The most awaited phone..THE GREAT SAMSUNG GALAXY S4..I wish I get this phone..Thank You Android Central.. :)

smvdr says:

Who wouldn't want one.. The big daddy of all phones has arrived.

Fuzz33594 says:

Nothing thus far to make me want to give up my Note 2 running NoVella_DOS ROM.

MzsLadyT says:


gmmech says:

I'd love an upgrade

Bdisanto says:

Lemme get that new S4!

tuanskie says:

An awesome S4 please!

tuanskie says:

An awesome S4 please!

atfd45 says:

Hey it seems everyone is entering...but a blind squirrel can find a nut sometime. Hopefully its my turn.

Please pick me!

Yucandroide says:

I hope, very much, to be selected. Its a powerful little private

kczng says:

Fingers crossed now. The phone does sound good on paper...

lhowe2005 says:

I want one...

Yucandroide says:

Hola, Its me again. Ready to...

MarcusSch says:

1 in 14789 and counting. I like those odds, way better than the lottery :)

m3grady2 says:

I'm feeling lucky. Would love to try out an S4

pensfan71 says:

Happy with my RAZR hd but want one so bad. :-)

RS_X says:

Galaxy S4 the win!

Delenot says:

Have to love awesome giveaways!

MidMoMonkey says:


KrsWon says:

I hope this is a random drawing, because nothing would be more random than me winning a S4!
Keep rockin AC!

Rickoalex says:

Hmm yeah, if you could go ahead and pick me as the contest winner, that would be great

ghwin says:

Hello (S4) World!

This could be the best birthday present ever.

megadirk says:

Im getting it even if I don't win it.

Send me the black mist international version. :)

legaltender says:

I would so love to win this phone..... Just in time for summer, taking great pics of my new baby who will be born on June 14th. :)

BioDave says:

Pick me, pick me!!

Good luck to all!

Ayy Pii says:


4R69l says:

Nice, now let's hope I can win one.

robreyes4 says:

New Phone would be nice...

wolflowe says:

15000 comments? Definitely NO chance to win :D

skateoroma says:

I'll take that.

verata says:

Did some one say a free Galaxy S4?

Amazins71 says:

They say you don't win if you don't play. What the heck, lol

Gimme one please

After years of HTC devices I wouldn't mind trying a Samsung Galaxy S 4

BCGuiney says:

Time to upgrade from the original phone :)

Shermdiggity says:

I would write an passionate plea for why I should be chosen, but I know the selection doesn't have anything to do with the type of comment. So, I'll just say I would be very excited and proud to own the Next Galaxy!

L Sloan says:

Pick me, maybe?

KD1334 says:

Yep! I want in on this one!!!

ArcadeFire says:

Le comment

Rycubi says:

I will wear an Android Central shirt for a month if I win!

Mmmmmm. New shiny Galaxy S4. Pretty.

Let me be the winner! Please? :)

evilgenyus says:

I would love to win this awesome device. Pick me!

buttus says:

wow! almost 15,000 comments! well, here's another one! hope i win!

Pick me

dragonsofcp says:

Pick me!

easymate says:

If I had a Galaxy S4! I will smile forever!

I wouldn't mind getting one of these!

adamcress says:

Comment applied, results almost here.

Greg Schultz says:


CarbonOak says:

Would love to win one!

VikngEyez182 says:

Man, it would be amazing to win the new S4!


I found a four leaf clover once but nothing good happened, maybe it was meant to be a phone?

S4 4 Me!!

s4 made 4 me :p

tcvans says:

"a single comment to this blog post." ;) LOL

ndm22 says:

Hello. I too would like to throw my name in the hat for a GS4.

This would be great. Thanks for the chance

vg13 says:

Count me in

pank says:

Cool beans... :)

I WON!!!!!!!! :D

fzielmanski says:

I want the gs4!! Thank you!

HeyKeith says:

This phone looks fantastic ... best of luck to everyone!

octacolover says:

Love my s3. An s4 would be awesome!

Noriega24x says:


Djinnnjoose says:

I would soooo love this phone!

Mike Tubz says:

I call into work to watch the S4 unveiling.... really wanna win this.

bandit4 says:

Galaxy s4 for the win

Please and thank you!

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

iain010100 says:

Me like gALaxy thing.

Odayle14 says:

pick me to win.............


Well, here goes nothing! Let's see if I get to retire my Photon 4G...

bobbyfg7 says:

Haven't had a galaxy phone since the captivate. Would love to get the s4 though.

iain010100 says:

Woah! Didn't mean to post so many. My iPhone didn't seem to hear me!

DevilInPgh says:

I want the Galaxy S4 soooooooo bad!

Romeo Pulis says:

Hope I win :-) good luck everyone

f9cator says:

Haven't won a single thing from previous contest yet. Hope this is the one chance that I win. :)

Better than the lottery! Never any expectation of winning but always a sad hope. Cheers

jncryer says:


jpmack says:

Android Central kicks ass!

Andy Glasgow says:

Yessir... best android phone on the market in the near future. I'm in!!

drakester09 says:

Fingers crossed... :-)

Tim Norris says:

From a Galaxy S2 to a Galaxy S4, yes, sign me up please.

rbkhockey29 says:

I'll take that new phone.

chrismage says:

Posting on my S3 that I would love to get a S4.

Yogurt Shop says:

Can't wait to retire my samsung charge for this baby! I thank you in advance for my S4 :~)

sinisterc says:

Would love to win a Galaxy S4 :)

ErndoggyDogg says:

Samsung Galaxy S3 was the best phone I ever owned. I bought the Samsung Note 2 and I have to say Samsung is the best out there. Who would not love to own the finest quality piece of performance ever made.

dmart5420 says:

I would love to get my hands on one of these. Enjoy your green beer weekend. Or a nice Guinness

Nahte27 says:

Galaxy S4 = exactly 1S better than my Galaxy SIII

Gv Siva says:

I would
like to win a samsung galaxy S4

vasfo says:

My dream and 1st real smartphone !

memmerp says:

Lucky winner of the S4 or chicken dinner?

AgentMetal says:

Hey, I'll take a Galaxy S4!

lukejwalka23 says:

Enter me in for a free GS4!!

I want the Next Big Thing

Dwayners says:

Please. Pick me. I'm the poorest person on here and could never afford to buy one myself. :-(

areopag says:

That would be a great gift for my daughter, and it will complete the line of Samsung phones in the family.

Oh yeah

ThatOneGuy13 says:

I sure could use a sweet new phone like this, especially considering that I'm still rocking a soon-to-be-three year old OG Droid Incredible!

dsdxp says:

c o m m e n t .

sgtmilstack says:

Por favor!

kosh1961 says:

I hope I win

1080p amoled screen+qualcom 600 cpu.? Hell yeah give it to me !

B3t0 says:

Want it! Need it!

Audiyoda says:

In it to win it! YeAh!

Who do I send my address to?

Let me take this time to tell you all that you are really handsome, and smart, and funny and I love your website.

martinrrrr says:

Boy the timing is great. I have to give up my work phone next month and the GS4 would be great to have.

franzax says:

Here! Me! I Want one!

xReDeViLx says:

i want one...pick mee.e.....

Loved the Galaxy S4's new features. Although I was curious something entirely next gen would be incorporated. Nevertheless a great release!

zaksma says:

I would absolutely love to win this phone. The display is beautiful and I happen to use a lot of the so called "bloatware" people seem to hate. Pick me!!!

ladyvyol3nc3 says:

Im still using a phone with gingerbread. I need this.

rawdeadfish says:

Best contest! Thanks AC!

zaksma says:

I would absolutely love to win this phone. The display is beautiful and I happen to use a lot of the so called "bloatware" people seem to hate. Pick me!!!

i want one !!!!! s 4 please

BBJoe2011 says:

Hover finger activate! S4 ME please.

Negesh says:

Would love one!

Chrisparham says:

I'll take it off your hands :D

Pedroq_2007 says:

Here we go GS4!.You are mine! Lay Down Apple!it will Hurt this year like never before!

Pedroq_2007 says:

Here we go GS4!.You are mine! Lay Down Apple!it will Hurt this year like never before!

Xingularity says:

Done. Gimme... ;)

nizael says:

Count me in

Ahowe125 says:

In to win! Thanks Android Central.

linggakusuma says:

I'm thinking being a winner this time. I wonder, would S4 be more powerful than S3 or Note 2? I have a bit doubt on S4's performance as well. Why have to scream loud on Quad processor or Air "something" which probably never been used. Basically, Samsung is just nothing but pushing th market with too many options of smartphones, and quite expensive than Sony does.

Well, fingers crossed...

faris_saati says:


modern says:

I'll take it!

la0t0n says:

Wish me luck

Toypetas says:

my daughter's 9th birthday is on March 20, mine is on March 21

hope i win the samsung galaxy s iv

would be the greatest birthday gift ever for my unica hija and me

please let it be me please please please

kevin2pt0 says:

Best of luck. To Me!

anon99128 says:


LukasMc says:

I'll drive over my S3 if i win an S4!

hitsmanj says:

And the winner is ... Hey, that's me!

thebatmanman says:

Looooooong shot, but I'll take it. I'd love to have one.

AnneO says:

Please pick me...I would love to win the new Galaxy S IV.

It'd be really nice to win the Samsung Galaxy S4!!

jpeterman says:

Is it what you say, or what you don't say? Or, maybe when you say that sends an S4 your way?

nizi123 says:

I'm totally gonna win a Galaxy s4. I can feel it

Guapo104 says:

Would love to win one!!!!

Well, my phone is officially obsolete now, so I wouldn't mind an S4!

Blacklandgod says:

I'd have it.

jreed06 says:

I was 1 of the idiots that bought a Droid Incredible 4G - I need a GS4!!!!!!

samcro68 says:

It's time for me to win

KyKy says:

Please pick me =]

moktay says:

Snapdragon 600 CPU rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and It's time for me to win

Sinick says:

We have faith

Sinick says:

We have faith

blackgs3 says:

Hey everyone. The GS4 looks like its going to be a good upgrade to the GS3. Hope I win the GS4! Good luck to everyone!

Ellett says:

Thank you Android Central for keeping your contests easy to enter.

mty msi says:

Luv to have one!!

wj860 says:

Sometimes tech, especially phones and tablets, have to much of a forced look to them, we are trying to take functional items and make them art. Instead the just look gaudy. Every once and a while something will truly transcend functionality and become beautiful in its simplicity. The galaxy S4 is one such phone, as is the IPhone and possibly the lumina 920. Easy crafted to perfection, each beautiful in their functionality. Unfortunately, the IPhone runs iOS and the lumina runs windows, so the S4 is the undisputed best right now, and I would like to have the best. (To for stall any arguments these are my opinions only and are not proven facts nor should they be taken as such)

g0d5hand says:

I want !

vsteel says:

If I win I won't have to sell my Z10 to buy one.

i have no chance to win in this contest,but i won't give up myself from participating in this contest. I just need a new phone to replace my ancient phone.

seafra10 says:

Samsung Galaxy S IV......Your move, Apple...good luck, you're definitely going to need it.

snsmetro says:

Samsung keeps me on top and i plan to stay there withe new s4 !