Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

dougwesson says:

Winning a Galaxy SIV would be out of this world!

Giel88 says:

Count me in!

I want it!

Glissandi says:

I love Android and Samsung. Best phones and OS out there. I would love to show off the new Galaxy S4 to my envious Apple Iphone friends.

shywolfcry says:

I want... *drools*

Prefix#AC says:

Great contest...thank you!

mcross72 says:

I'd love to win but good luck to everyone. Android rocks.

jorb1328 says:

yes please!

Buzz Capizzi says:


Mio22 says:

Sign me up for that S4 :)

Czeresniak says:

I'm still rocking an S2. Would be nice to upgrade to S4.

jackgene says:

My iPhone 4s needs a break!

Buzz Capizzi says:

Pick me!

turp415 says:

This phone is the bomb! sure would like to get one for free before i have i buy it.

Buzz Capizzi says:

Pick me!

Galaxy8 says:

Apple Iphones reminds me of the VHS in their slow demise. Something better, powerful, and more innovative has arrived in Samsung S IV. I see this trend continuing in the near future. Apple was yesterday, Samsung is today and tomorrow.

ridgele says:

I don't think I'd buy this but I would LOVE to win one!

Would love to win a GS4. Have a GS3 right now, but the upgrades look awesome!

This would make a great St. Patrick's Day gift for me. I'm like 8% Irish!

Oxagarh says:

let it go, they said me...

mayimbe27 says:

Let's go I will take one plz

mayimbe27 says:

Let's go I will take one plz

CincyGuy says:

I have no chance to win this. None.

Galaxy S4

mpinter says:



THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

longerlife says:

Why do I never win?!

Dave Simpson says:

I wanna win this one!

Like I really have a chance. Look at these comments..:)

Ron Yeshulas says:

Upgrading to an S4 sounds nice to me

ronzkie21 says:

I don't know if I want this or the S IV or the S quatro.

evan34 says:

I hope I win!

javelinBCD says:

Just what I need.

flaviopp says:

Since I saw the Galaxy S4 on that stage, I can't eat, or sleep. Save me, pick me!

rltrwizard says:

Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals. Samsung Galaxy S4


wpeen001 says:

Would love to update my Evo 3d!!! :)

tootseroel says:

yes please!

wpeen001 says:

Would love to update my Evo 3d!!! :)

DBMaSterRWB says:

Samsung makes good products that are giving Apple a run for their money.

DBMaSterRWB says:

Samsung makes good products that are giving Apple a run for their money.

klgroce says:

S4 would be awesome!! Would love to win it!!!

MO979 says:

I'm due for an upgrade!! S4, please?!?

b727 says:

I want it

ltfrazer says:

I don't own my own phone, I use my company phone. I would love to have the GSIV

i'm in....

i'm in....

i'm in....

Tracy Wallen says:


MrsMccarron says:

This would be an amazing birthday gift for my Husband, he'd never expect it & be SO surprised!

jorsalal says:

I also want to win the Samsung Galaxy S4! :-)

nyry says:

This would be awesome :DDDD

Keen0300 says:

I would really like to win this!

TaintedShirt says:

Interested in trying out a Samsung phone. It'd be my first non HTC phone in over 8 years.

acav1986 says:

Count me in!

robocopvn says:

I want this :D :D. Love it when androidcentral open this worldwide, not only for US citizen, like some tech sites !

dnhclark says:

I would LOVE one please!

brucefan42 says:

I need a new phone badly. A new S4 would be just about perfect!

casper5090 says:

here's to hoping for a win.

casper5090 says:

here's to hoping for a win.

racajay says:

Definitely want one.

I win..I win

robslost says:

I could win....stranger things have happened!

eharty says:

I would love an S4! Thanks for the chance.

S4 ... yes please

bigmike09890 says:

I would absolutely LOVE a new Galaxy S 4!!!!!!! I've only had HTC phones and a Samsung would be awesome to use.

lostfan0 says:

ready to give sammy a try

Can't remember if I had already posted, so here is another one just in case :)


ItsVictorB says:

I never win at these things...womp womp...

adamcwingert says:

i never win anything. boo hoo!

donnalar says:

I hope I win a S4 -- sounds great!

bob_gray98 says:


Love my S2 and glad to have switched after being one of those who queued for the first 3 iPhone versions. So S4 is the one for me but can't upgrade until December. Would make a great birthday present in April if I won this one.

gpmartinson says:

Love this...also love htc one.

adamcwingert says:

ahh, I posted that right after that Victor guy. I didn't do that on purpose

johall15 says:

I'd be very happy to add a S4 to my galaxy collection!

mclgetsum says:

Awesome phone!!

Edwill86 says:

I could use a new phone.

I would love me some s4

I would love me some s4

mrhac says:

Android Central is killing me with all these free phones!

pmpysz says:

I'll take one please!

sjschenk says:

Please pick me...I'm still stuck on an S II!

Brian Olsen says:

Nice post. Update me when I win, please.

jshumphries7 says:

Pick me, this will be my 1st Samsung phone, 1st Android phone and my 1st non Nokia in over 15 years

rseaholm says:

who wouldn't live to win one!

ralphrmartin says:

Screen is too small, but I suppose it will do.

ralphrmartin says:

Screen is too small, but I suppose it will do.

ralphrmartin says:

Screen is too small, but I suppose it will do.

poqeteer says:

I'm in.

For the love of God, gimme that SIV, i really would like to have it, i could really use it here in Brazil and have a lot of fun with these new aplications and awesome hardware.

ogjaybird says:

the Galaxy S 4 would make a perfect gift for me so I can intern take my galaxy s3 and regift it to my wife. Thx Android Central

arich5 says:

I cant wait to get rid of my @^#%&^*#$$ Thunderbolt and get an S4!!!! Winning one would so wonderful! I wouldn't have to scrimp just to get a better phone that ACTUALLY works right! Just saying ;-)

mannyvzla says:

Pick me and it'd be a really world contest

gmurphy0487 says:

I'd love to win a new shiny Galaxy!!

Good luck to everyone.

canito63 says:

Have you seen the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man. Have you seen the muffin man because if you have, "Please tell him to bring me my dang Galaxy S4 already"!!!

peiguy67 says:

This would be AWSOME to win. Good looking phone.

I have a good feeling I will win. Hopefully (x it's time to get updated.

Globetrahter says:

Man! I definitely want a Galaxy S4 GIMME GIMME GIMME! :)

enthuz says:

The S4 ROCKS!!! I would show this phone off to everyone I see if I won it. The specs and features captured my full attention during the full release.

k1mgy says:

I drool that she is mine
Once Evo was just fine
For plastic do I pine
Oh Galaxy divine

Her glassy classy features
her smooth against my fingers
and there I wish to linger
Oh Galaxy divine

If dreams are these electrons
Her wondrous flashy Samsungs
Her warmth, her glow, her tactile flow
Oh Galaxy divine.

/mark richards

Hi! I would like to get one to.. :-)

chumin says:

If I win then I don't have to decide between the
s4 or the HTC One. Yeah.

budwizer says:

Throwing my hat in the bucket to see if I win!

haxrnick says:

I'd love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.

bgpoppa92 says:

Lottery!!!!! Im down.

ltredbeard says:

My comment to join the sea of others.

dacmcbibs says:

My old reliable Dinc is ready for retirement. This would be a great way to send it off :)

9teen says:

Gotta be in it to win it!

jj2339 says:

So the odds are slim, but include me too! :)

Nault2000 says:

Pick me! Pick me! Please!!

Erezfri says:

Pick me pls pls pls.
Thanks :-)

screech113 says:

Man, there are a lot of people who want this phone. I am one of those people.

resur says:

I am getting one, a free one would be awesome! Pick me please


bknn says:

I owned all previous galaxies and loved them. Looking forward to winning the fourth and the best yet!

shoefly says:

Count me in please

jpsheridan says:

I'm willing to give Samsung another shot, just to ruin my iPhone carrying friends days!

shoefly says:

Count me in please

alarude says:

winner winner chicken dinner!

nivekkcul says:

Add me to the list !!

ichris12525 says:

Wow, it would be great to win an S4! Congrats to whoever does!

superaj says:

Yes please

pranav.lpin says:

Count me in too..

facewashwash says:

I'd love to win the new GS4. It's time to retire my HD2.

The Sim says:

Awesome! Entered

mithmal says:

looks like a great phone to win!

Tom Heath says:

I almost forgot I'm supposed to win!

jabwtv says:

I would love to win the S4

Lucky post right here!

Abdul Qadar says:

Thank you ANDROID CENTRAL.....kindly please select me...

bhem says:

Congratulations bhem you've won a GALAXY S4!

bhem says:

Congratulations bhem, you've won a GALAXY S4!

jamesrmca1 says:

Ok, I really need this more than you could possible imagine. Paleeze pick me to win this...really!!!

I live down under and I would love having this beauty. I do want this SGS4.

Rohit Kohli says:

I hope i win..been stuck on htc hero since 3 years :P

Kilrah_il says:

Pick me

a single comment

i have a htc rhyme.....which i HATE hope i win the S4 would be nice to have a new fone. everyone else uses my upgrade. :(

esoyitaque says:

I want it. Please

Hattori says:

I need a new phone. Good luck.

here goes nothing

Oompa loompa! \^^/ this is awesome!

crosstrnr says:

Motorola broke their promise to upgrade my Photon 4g to ICS. Ready for a new phone ASAP!

eartolisten says:

S4 sounds interesting, count me in.

footysr says:

I want to come back to Android!

MAC20 says:

Hoping I can finally win. This is like playing the Lotto.

I am really loving the 5 inch screen on the S4. Perfect size between a Note and an S3.

juggle says:

I'm due for a new phone, would help ease the decision for sure!

In for 1. (please?)

ipefix says:

That will not be easy, but let's give it a try and hopefully win that Galaxy S4 :D

Thanks for the contest!

This is my comment. Good luck to all! :)

ajseratte says:

Would love to try out another, top tier android phone


Dub J says:

My fiance has an iPhone but really likes my Galaxy SIII. I would LOVE to win this and fully convert her!

nolanliang says:

I'm gonna win this one... FOR AMERRRRRRICA!

eancox says:

Looks like a great phone. Hope I'm lucky.

srain1 says:


fwtx says:

i wanna win!

I would love to win one! I have the GNex right now and I'm ready to go all Samsung.

chubbrock says:

I need to win one so I can replace my ancient S3!!!

bor42 says:

Awesome opportunity!

edyts says:

oooo pick me!!!

Time to retire the S2 which has served so well !

SoloUno1 says:

I really need a new phone, my cracked screen HTC Rezound needs to go!!!

Pick me please!

brat1475 says:

It would be an awesome upgrade to my GNex, but if not, I still have a Nexus :-)

Dave Lay says:

I would love to move from a Blackberry to something with more to offer like the Samsung S4.

1) I would love to win an S4
2) I love the new features/accessories that are planned.
3) I hated that announcement presentation for the much better worded reasons listed in this post:
4) My First World Problem is should I wait for the Galaxy Note 3, Get a Galaxy Note 2 or Get an S4? I really really do love the SPen features and don't mind the size of the phone.

Jeff Attaway says:

Ooo pick me pick me!

Laoto says:

me, me and me!

Madestric says:

S4 for me please

alucky0 says:

I have luck on my side, it's my birthday!

Todd Fedele says:

Would love the upgrade.

SoulNDesire says:

I just want to win a new phone, Galaxy S4! Why not?

dmack410 says:

Galaxy S4!!!

ChumpChange says:

A free GS4 sounds good to me!

OEM_Reject says:

Too excited about the S4 not to win.

Would be THAT great!!!!

Yevheniy says:

I wish I could present this phone to my boyfriend! Maybe... someday... =(

Torch4x4 says:

I'm the new Galaxy S4 super-fan, without one.

It'd be interesting to play with this super phone.

freshkemmi says:

Would be nice.

ksu1971 says:

Pick me, Pick me

Scottyscott says:



Hope i get it .

fullnelson13 says:

I would love a Galaxy S4 so I can let my dad use it. His current phone needs to be replaced badly.

Kinesis916 says:

I want it.

davidcox6 says:

I'd really love to have a new S4. Thanks!

3165dwayne says:

I have to say that I like what samsung is doing. They have really created something recognizable in the android world which is a very difficult feat. The phone has amazing software features especially what they have done with the front facing camera. Instead of just doing video calling, it tracks your eye movement and enhances the browser and other applications. Scrolling without touching the phone pausing the video while you look away at anything that demands your immediate attention. I don't think anyone has thought of such useful features for the front facing camera alone. Android is open source and it is because of this nature that it is able to grow and incorporate new features. It is why there are different faces of debian alone in the Linux world and I would say they are all useful. A lot of Android purists hate touch wiz despite it's success. I think this is what much of the market needs. It adds a whole lot of very useful and interesting features that stock does not have. It proves that Samsung is thinking outside the box if you ask me. I think we should only show or distaste when it proves to be completely unuseful and poorly optimized which gives the average consumer a very negative view of Android. Much of the rest of the manufacturers just throw android on a powerful device and leave it at that. Samsung has taken both in to consideration and has undeniably drawn the interests of everyone. And It seems I got carried away. I just felt like writing to my heart's content.

dkndkn says:

i have to say that i love what samsung is creating. they have create things that people really really wanted. the phone has an amazing software, the great camera, the wide screen, and especially with the front facing camera. instead of just doing video calls, it tracks your eye movement. Scrolling without touching the phone pausing the video while you look away at anything that demands your immediate attention. i think that no one has come with such this big idea.. Android is an open source and it is because of this nature that it is able to grow and incorporate for a new features. A lot of Android purists hate touch wiz despite it's success. This samsung Galaxy S4 has everything that human needs. for Health, Communication, Relationships and the other.. Much of the rest of the manufacturers just throw android on a powerful device and leave it at that. Samsung has taken both in to consideration and has undeniably drawn the interests of everyone. and i think that i was just get carried away. i just felt like writing to my heart when i jined this contest.

I need this !

archtech3d says:

Would be a dream come true to own one. :)

Jeff Bachman says:


I must have an S4, but there's an obstruction in my wallet

i need a galaxy s4

I really hope that I win!! Though I've never won anything like this before... I have never owned a smartphone but the S4 looks like the one to get if I'm finally jumping in. I've been reading android central for a while now, just to be tech savvy with the rest of my friends, so I was happy to see this giveaway, but a little dismayed due to how easy it is to qualify.

Win or lose, I really do love this site, and android over apple!

Marcin R says:

Thank You for the opportunity to win this beautiful device!!!

mumbo jumbo says:

Come to me sg4!!!

mvpilot172 says:

The Newness!

Eggssayfear says:

will tap dance 4 phone

mikelos51 says:

Great chance to win a great phone. Thanks.

GarciaTRamon says:

I Want to WIN!!!

Neil Teo says:

I want galaxy s4 =p

hammer9 says:

love to upgrade from my s3!!!

Jesterooni says:

Thank you

TBayTom says:


sunrisepromo says:

Please pick me. I am still stuck with a Galaxy S2. Ugh.

iconprog3 says:

thank God this galaxy s4 is mine...,.!!!!

Lozlegend says:

Would love to win:-)

VivaBeavis says:

I hope I'm a winner! Luck of the Irish on my side!

Somto Iwueke says:

s4 is amazing pick me

I'm sure by the 17th my odds with be 1 in 20,000 but, hey why not?

Luv to be the winner of the next big thing in smartphones

eric6052 says:

I would definitely like to win.

Explicit says:

In it to win it. It's Morphin' Time!!

Silimdur says:

Yes, please. Thank you.

Delawareduff says:

Hit me with that

=G=A=L=A=X=Y= =S=4= !!

Sakuran says:

Please :(

Reeper says:

I'll take one!

Wyatt says:

Yes, put me down for one.

Xas3 says:

MmMmmmmmm galaxy

baotantran says:

This is awesome!!!

darkshade says:

One in 15K chance? Sign me up!

tcmax1 says:

My S3 is getting sooo old.:)

The GS4 will work for me! I will need to purchase accessories somewhere though ;)

Retinella says:

I'm a Master's candidate in graduate school. This week was my university's Spring break and I spent the whole week conducting paleoenvironmental analysis as inferred from gastropod shells while my buddies sat on the beaches of Mexico. What prevented me from going crazy was the awesome tech news from Samsung this week.

rimon_samir says:

I would like to have a new phone with a big screen and a very fast processor and lots of RAM like the Samsung Galaxy S4 to help me in my study and work.

stevo760 says:

I'm feeling lucky! Bring it!

Baroka says:

I want!!

hacer619 says:

Pick me from 1000s of entries :D

drich says:

Pick me---- pick Me

I would just lovveee it if I one this :) My Samsung Continuum phone is broke, so I have been resorting to Google Voice on my computer to make calls, so this would be a very nice surprise :)

Thank You!

mhmmdy123 says:

Please pick me....Please.... I love AC.

jdiperla says:

I want in! My SII has been nothing but garbage, and I cant afford an sIII and most likely a 4. May as well give this a try.

ReAvenger says:

Samsung 4 life

Tim Lewis says:


mysticaly4u says:

here's hoping to getting this S4

marcus.plans says:

My mom just got the Galaxy S3. I'd love to one up her.

y2kirk1028 says:

yes plz!

CrazyEyed says:

Love me some S4

Debbieg says:

Please pick me!

emmostrom says:

Looks like a great phone

sholling says:

I'd like an S4

I want samsung galaxy s4 hardly , coz i am technocrate , die hard technology lover person...
i know that i will win this contest foe sure...and android central will give me s4
i am waiting for the results...17 march

jyragui says:

I'm a Ginger. Pick Me!!

Steven Di says:

Come on lady luck :P

Gator352 says:

I'm poor and I need a new phone. PLEASE!!

I want one!!!

chinita279 says:

YAY! here goes nothing!

twint7787 says:

I would love a new phone thank you!

Adalberto PW says:

I want the one new SIV.


A long time ago, in Galaxy far, far away............

clifffc says:

a S4 would be nice to have..

acer1096xxx says:

Oh please let me win!

S4 is 4 sure

davidank says:

Definitely Want This Phone Please!

dgrass90 says:

That's a whole lotta phone for one giveaway but if you're offering I'll gladly accept!

kenn23 says:

I want one please!

romieorock says:

I need the S4 to do so much more. Please pick me and heal my S4 need.

CavidDhoi says:

#TheNextBigThing is coming..... to me!

badsanta1 says:

An S4 would be a nice replacement for my Galaxy Nexus!!!!

KLRTN says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

medicdanny says:

Must. Have.

el1diablo says:

I'm starvin ova hear. Feed me!!!

Odds suck, but whaddya gonna do?

Bought a gsII right before the new gsIII came out.... Dumb move ....i need a new phone

Martin Solis says:

That s4 is incredibly powerful. I want it

swebb says:

Come to me Sammy

lazarus2 says:

Hope it is as simple as it sound.
I need a phone.

Oh I can hope!

rosecity1980 says:

Awesome, thank you for the chance to win!

jstotts says:

I'd love a new S4!

slbuck says:

It has a four in it, it must be better than the three.


mui7 says:

im down to beat the chances =)

Sambo41 says:

I like my S3, but I'd love the S4!

sfsilicon says:

Would love to upgrade my s3 to a s4. Please pick me.

clmill79 says:

I'd love to get an S4. =O

tnmurdock says:

I would love to go from my GNEX to the Best one... count me in!

phantom21 says:

Pick me plz.

silentjosh37 says:

I wouldnt mind a new S4.

mekmar says:

It may look like a soap dish, but still wouldn't mind getting one :)

doomedsloth says:

Yay slight chance to win new S4!

I want to win.

Scythe55 says:

I agree, A S4 would be welcome next to my S3.

GS4 looks better than Nexus.

Ian Pintor says:

let me win please...

wow! a stunning phone. Love the coverage thereof!

Polaritet says:

That Galaxy is mine. Mine.

jbyinc says:

Thanks for helping me end my 3 year wait to replace my droid incredible with the SGS4! Much appreciated!

LuvPink75 says:


trshb says:

I need a new phone!

Chear says:

I am pretty interested to win this fantastic phone.

jtroupe281 says:

Ilove my S3 but if the truth is S4 would be a hot addition in my hand...come on AC do me one solid...choose me!!

todmonsta says:

I like free

Mihir Shah says:

I have never won anything anytime in any contest, i hope androidcentral can change my bad luck

rotto16 says:

I'm in, can't remember if posted already or not hope this eliminate me

Mourningdark says:

Who has two thumbs and wants to win a galaxy s4? THIS GUY!

ozzy11989 says:

This is an amazing opportunity for a great phone. Thanks to you guys. That's the definition of cray