Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

I wanna win!!!

randomchars says:

Pick me ! Pick me! Pick me!

marka_450 says:

Thank you for the contest!

rlb says:

Pick me please.

b_leonard says:

This would be awesome. Let me get the S4

Luis Gomez6 says:

I need a new phone! Would be awesome to win this Samsung Galaxy S4!

stevieq says:

Sign me up for the contest please.

dammy_obamo says:

Please I want one! Pleaseeeeeee! You guys never ever pick me :(. Please gimmeeeeee!

Wookiee says:

Really looking forward to this phone! Sign me up!

deke25 says:

I want it

YoungChrisG says:

Count me in on this contest!

Samsung Galaxy S4 aka (Serious 4orce in Technology!)

ryancl25 says:


miller3078 says:

I would love for this to be the first time I won some type of contest/ giveaway. Choose me.

maksauce15 says:

i look fourward to winning this four four myself four four four four! what..

Sayuuk says:

Right, Galaxy S4 to me, stat ;-)

Big-A-Rob says:

S4 please.

sungam#AC says:

Who can resist Samsung Galaxy S4?

give me

Big-A-Rob says:

S4 please.

kobrapack99 says:

I dont understand why samsung uses different processors for different regions...but I dont care. Fast is fast. I would love to have this phone as it seemz to be exactly what im looking for. Thanks AC

SAVJR says:

That would be wicked awesome!

Josh Easley says:

Awesome contest

rfuchs97 says:

Me me me! Pick me!

Mark_Henson says:

Would love to have an S4.

Slowhand00 says:

I never win anything, but what could it hurt to add my name in the hat of 13k+ other people.

axis789 says:

I'd like 1 x Galaxy S4 please.

buckeyerob says:

!em kicp esaelP !4S na niw ot evol dluow I

motthew says:

'Twould be grand to have an S4!

Last Ride says:


illiniah says:

I could always use another phone, the S4 would do the trick.

Shoesmom says:

Since I just broke the screen on my S3, I sure could use a new S4!

Sax510 says:

I need that phone.

please let me win Sammy is going to kill apple again,

JL4 says:

Happy to enter. Hope to win.

Super excited for S4!

I want one!
But i know i won't win

smwinn7 says:

Of course I would accept this wonderful tech!

tr-1 says:

I'm in


Can't win without trying! ;-)

brentj says:


A S4 would definitely be a wonderful upgrade from the original SGS. I know the chances of winning anything is abysmal, but why lose hope :)

SammySack says:


ojocell says:

Count me in. Please.

brentj says:


Bawb3 says:

Hmm a free S4? Who would want that... This guy.

I NEED THIS PHONE! I'm running on a junk straight talk "smartphone". Best of luck to everyone!

mcardona9015 says:


RetiredJedi says:

I would love to whip one of these out in front of all my i*hone loving coworkers plus, I'm due to finally win something form this site...;-)

Lanhoj says:

I'd love a 5inch screen please.

Snapdragon 600, wow!

dcheungyt says:

would love a galaxy s4 to replace w850i

mcardona9015 says:


nmyeti says:

Free yes please

rapperman says:

Even though little more than an S3 refresh I could definitely use a new phone.

galaxy central....

SF Steven says:

Me, me, me, me, me!


Please and thank you.

Can I win if I'm in the UK? I hope so.

cgb77 says:

I need one please!

tripsbacks says:


murnja says:

I would love it

bodyxparts says:

wait so is this where i post a comment to win a phone? and then what.

str3tchb0y says:


Please pretty please?? :)

TheRiot2013 says:

Please! Pretty please! Super ultra mega please! Pick me!

ImFromCanada says:

I would really love it!

Nanchomex says:

I have the original Galaxy Note and want to downsize!

AkDo says:

good luck to everyone! :)

Jmrstocks says:

The S4 is so sexy...pick me pick me

Hoping to win, because this phone would total awesomeness

LoSt180 says:

I could use an upgrade to my S2 Skyrocket. Hook it up please!

Everybody Wang Chung tonight! S4-4life

BklynSoul says:

I love that you can use it with gloves! I went through so many gloves trying to find one that was warm, comfortable and can be used with a touch screen. I can't wait 'til it come out!

lemonalism says:

Please I want one!

csloomis says:

I'm down for an S4

360Mobiles says:

K, I'm in!

kirxander says:

I think the device looks great. I thought the presentation in NY was horrible/embarrassing. Anyway, good luck to everyone entering the contest!

Please pick me Im in dire need of a new phone. The Galaxy s4 is just what I need.

slackerjack says:

I'd like an international version please :) And thank ya!


Innersoul33 says:

Galaxy S IV!!!!!

jfhutchison says:

Looking to upgrade from iPhone 5 to the GSIV, long time iOS user and apple fanboy looking to make the jump to android!

Deepu_nxt says:

Count me in. Lovely phone

Horray for the Galaxy s4!

dantheman says:

A new S4 would do nicely to replace my Galaxy Nexus thank you very much !

Nanchomex says:

I have the original Galaxy Note and want to downsize!

Morjesta says:

Im so in!

I can't wait for this phone! I've been a Blackberry user for 4 1/2 years and I'll be jumping ship for the S4 whether I win this contest or not!

nprak says:


jointmedias says:


jm0327 says:

pick meee!!

Fishbelly says:

I'd love to win this for my wife!

Im thw World's first Galaxy S4 giveaway winner!!!

nwaves says:

I'd love to get one!!!

kenwang2688 says:

Yeah the S4 looks sweet!

Rotem Bar says:

go SG4 !!!

Servicejoe says:

I would like to learn how to code for android devices, and I think that the S4 would be a marvelous foray into the world of Android development.

batrad says:

need to replace my blackberry... thanks

BigV592 says:

Come to daddy!



choo69 says:

Can't wait to get mine !

morrsn says:

I'll take one please :P

tcamca says:

Nice upgrade...thanks!

I'm in!

K Q says:


Ezye1313 says:

Me please!!

konaman01 says:

Sweet little contest. Samsung Rocks!

bumpandrun says:

Is it called the S4 because it's a life line like an IV?

geek4ever says:

With 13k comments already, the chances are slim, but what the heck, I love the S4!

samquantum says:

Yeah, but I want to win more than everybody else.

shdw493 says:

I'm really looking forward to playing around with my new phone (S4 BABY!!!). I'll take pics and post videos for everyone after I win.....

honki24 says:

Need one for my wife!

docangle1 says:

S4, Squirrel!!!

nizur says:

Would be more than happy to get an S4!

Bobby Baker says:

Please send one to me.

Philosuffer says:

In for this. Thanks!

skippa2011 says:

next big thing

trap49 says:

Thank God Samsung is still making phones with REMOVABLE BATTERIES!!!! I'm IN!

urbangeek says:

Put me in for one

Caped Codder says:

S4 gooooooood!!

untyla1 says:

hmm is it too late to enter?

htafari says:

Current chance of winning stands at ~0.007%. Sign me up!

My s2 broke at just the right time. Thank you Jesus.

Fatasaurus says:

I hope they have more colors this time around!

mark_pavlik says:

Hash tag awesome.

ttriplett1 says:

It would be awesome to win this; I never win anything!

xiaoali says:

Would like to try it out.

EPM449#AC says:

The Zenn~Coach is Waiting To Patiently To Utilize The Galaxy SIV
in His Sports Medicine Private Practice....
Respectfully....E. Patrick

xBigReemo says:

WOW!!!! Over 13,000 comments ..... Should be way more than this for this awesome device. Good luck everyone!!!

ortizeliezer says:

Yes please! It would be awesome to win one.

fascinatej says:

I started with the fascinate, and now have my beautiful gs3. Would love love love gs4. Please and thank you!!!!

boxer2 says:

Hope I win! Need to complete the Galaxy lineup.

Gilbert B says:

GS4, disappointment with design but made up with specs and still being compacted.

tayoonja says:

Can't wait to read my name as the winner ;-).

hutchinj says:

Oh my god I get a S3 and they come out with a new one....

schrack3000 says:

Yes please!

I'm up to win a Galaxy S4!

jose aguila says:

Love the s4!

need new toy

fdesa12 says:

Adding my comment.

hgtf says:

Me please

Jamest2000 says:

Time for my first Android phone!

Yondh says:

I am ready for the S4!!

Darqmystic says:

I was very impressed with the Galaxy S4, but mostly for its awesome new features and capabilities. As far as physical appearance frankly I thought it was a bit lacking. This is where the HTC One clearly trumps the Galaxy S4. With the mind boggling R&D budget that Samsung has at its disposal I am a bit disappointed that they couldn’t design their new flagship phone with a more premium look and feel.

rojanr says:

Beginner's luck! :)

texan_pre2 says:

I'd love to win one - Thanks !

Da_Poet says:

My wife could certainly use a new Android phone!

fayziyev565 says:

Samsung put in some freakin awesome features in the s4. Hope I win this phone!

On2Vegas says:

I'll take one, please.

i didnt win anything for long time so i not gonna win this either

Sp3Ktr3 says:

Probably about time to upgrade from my Infuse eh?

s3lambert says:

I am entered.

bizhar says:

I'm all in for a new S4!

kupco says:


hypnotiqphil says:

I would like to recieve a galaxy s4 :)

jsvor says:

Me! Me! Me!

r8trfan says:

Trying to break the losing streak

HeatherDawn says:

Totally getting this!

jk says:

Pick me!!!

pakmanpaul says:

Would be such an epic upgrade....

pakmanpaul says:


Hadi Chokeir says:

Samsung galaxy S4. Brilliant and smart.

burz83 says:

Yes Please

Hyraclyon says:


I've been watching this for a while... After very careful consideration and weighing all the facts, and my needs etc, I believe it is time to retire my faithful Blackberry 9810, and move on up to the Galaxy S4! What a powerhouse, and finally some real security too, for using for both work and personal, that is what I've been wanting for a long time! No more carrying two phones! This is what I really want... Please?!

kylek144 says:

Pick me!!

Cjohnson1073 says:

Please pick me, I'd love to win the new S4!!! I am in need of a new phone in the worst way!!!

kylek144 says:

Pick me!!

kylek144 says:

Pick me!!

JanyoNation says:

Pleaaaaseeee i want that Samsung Galaxy S4!!! :((

alambertus says:

I wanna win!!! Pick me!!!

thefutureman says:

Yes, please!

mr.wizard says:

I present my comment for entry into this contest

evanscnce says:

This would be amazing!

MadPatcher says:

Awesome phone...hope I win! Good luck, everybody!

losvaldez says:

S4 S4 S4

Jeff Morie says:

Wow. Would i really like to win one of these phones

I want to win one. please give it to me :)

sacollins says:

Would love one!!

i'd love an S4.

kylek144 says:

Yes! You can give me one! :D

It'd be nice, would it not?

Rehan Khan1 says:


It would be lovely if I get a S4 from Androidcentral

toddharr says:

I would very much like to win this!

TekWarren says:

Hook me up! The 'ol S3 needs to be retired lol

marinovedder says:

Lets try some luck here

Avery Lopez says:

It's always a good time to eat upgrade

igorb81 says:

Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone ever made to date. I have used original Galaxy S and now still using my old Galaxy S2. It would be nice to get a new phone.

joelsgotmail says:

Unlock me my Samsung!

PrinceMike says:

I'll take it.

DaveInFL says:

I once had an S4, but that was an Audi S4. Would love to get me another type of S4, so please pick me :)

chevin#IM says:

I WANT!!!!

cpatel112 says:

I would like to win this for the wife.

cpatel112 says:

Ended up posting twice. Only was going for a single entry.

GoGetemB says:

I'm putting in my bid for this awesome phone

New GS4? Yes please!!!!

Lexus Larry says:

a single comment to this blog post.

Blueghost24 says:

Been holding out for this one... Please pick me

jaybrohn says:

Samsung Galaxy S4!!

GoGetemB says:

The features of this phone is why I love Samsung and the Android Platform so much...the processor and the increased battery size peak my interest me the most.
Like I'm curious to see the overall battery life of the phone.

FitzAusTex says:

Well, I'm a Nexus freak, but I sure wouldn't mind finding out if I could become a Galaxy freak.

seventhwhite says:

I'd love to have an S4! That'd be awesome!

sremai says:

C'mon guys pick me, I'm a nice guy lol

Embluss says:

I suppose I could tolerate Touchwiz...

txhockeyman says:

Couldn't ask for an easier contest to enter! Brilliant idea guys!

DB12088 says:

I would definitely like an S4, count me in

Sweet baby Jesus I would love to win this. I haven't taken very good care of my GS3 and thus have cracked the screen in several places. This would make a great replacement

Riverriz says:

Time to test my luck!

erchtl99 says:

Pick me

I need/want one please. Thanks!

snoopgoat says:

Gimme this!

piaband says:

Gimme. I've been waiting 2 years with my HTC rezound for a real device to come to verizon. It has arrived.

SahiL Nanda says:

Winning the Galaxy SIV would be the best thing that's happened to me in a while.

utupelo says:

Pick me please

kavi0824 says:

Hello there ;)

jlamb30 says:

In like Flynn.

treno says:

Love Samsung phones and this one looks like a screamer! Apple - you guys better stand back cause this one's gonna pass you by like the Roadrunner. Meep, meep!!

Yes please.

Post and win? Don't post, don't win? I think I'll post

kotsi1 says:

My current phone is dying. A new Galaxy S4 would be a perfect replacement.

jmehta22 says:

would love to get a new 4S..i mean S4!! dont sue me now apple :P haha

cs0096 says:

I would like to win one !

t35rk says:

I would love to win it!

tyronewilson says:

I'm in.

stere0xide says:

I'd love a shot, I'm genuinely excited about this device. I'm not sure what unrealistic expectations everyone else had..

cile1977 says:

Is the contest international? If it is, I'm in :)

forenuser says:


Wining a S4 would take the decision from me of choosing between the HTC One, the Nexus 4 and the S4.

Just lovely :)

I could use a win here :-)

Broheemster says:

Pork chop sandwiches!!

S4 S4 S4 S4 S4 S4 S4!

tired of my galaxy nexus... worth a shot. #yolo

Boomer says:

I had to put my dog down yesterday. An S4 would help distract me from my depression, seriously ...

Three6ty says:

Oooohh yes please. Then my son can stop pestering me for my S3

murcielago says:

congratulating myself now...

EzraF says:

Hook me up! <3

atlas9171 says:

Winning this wouldn't suck.

impulse101 says:


TBRoadkill says:

I'd like to win one.

jimmers says:

Ooooo.... I would LOVE to own a Samsung Galaxy S4!!!! The 3 is great - I can only imagine that the 4 has to be AWESOME!!! <3

Posting a single comment

studog712 says:

Got to get your phone on!!

free2b says:

Woo Hoo! Me want new phone...

realitydigg says:

Please replace my thunderbolt with an S IV so I can keep my unlimited data :)

BinLung86 says:

thank you very much for the new phone.

Chriseckeard says:

I would love to win a GS4 rather then paying for one. Please select me to win one of your give away Galaxy S4.

jteply13 says:

Ohhhh Pick Me. I reallyyyyy want one!!!!

I'd appreciate winning a samsung galaxy s4, I'd sell my note and donate the proceeds to charity.

VyprNoch says:

whatever the guy above me says

dubdrop says:

My coworker josh has the worst phone on the planet. No seriously it is. Let me win this but not for me. For him. No joke it's the worst.

JaguarMx says:

i have galaxy 2 and 3 and now i want the 4 it´s mine :P

I want one!!

datboijon says:

wish i could think of something witty to say but nothing comes to mind :(

mikestuff says:

Come to me precious!!

chonghak says:

Only 13639 disappointed commenters ahead of me.

Jusfro says:

ill take one to compare it to my Z10

jppowers says:

Do. Want.

sanchpa says:

yes and yes


8luedevil says:

I am still using a dying HTC Evo Shift. It was a great phone years ago but pretty please may I have a new Galaxy?

Ricardo_C says:

Sign me up!!

Looks good!

Osaladin says:

Gimmie please.

It's ALL MINE!!!!

I'm ready to win a Galaxy S IV.

mimochal says:

Nobody from Morocco has ever won in here! So, I'd loooooove to be the first to get hands on a Galaxy S4!!!

merleau79 says:

The Samsung GS4 is looking pretty awesome!

JoeLemaire says:

Quite a few comments already. Here's to being lucky!

blazarus says:

a comment.

keschris says:

Mine could be the first in England:-)

Wolfroid says:

I thought that I have left a comment earlier, but checking my posting history tells me different.

Amazing bit of kit, would die to get my hands on this little beauty !!!!

Osijelu says:

I could use the S4 in my life

god i want this phone.. please let this comment win!

jomcty says:

Winning a Samsung GS4 would be amazing! I love this phone!

mjc1970 says:

Pick me!! Pick me!! Would LOVE to win this phone.

Harshal 212 says:

I have S3 ,,, but now i Want S4 ,, the best android smartphone !! :):)

TNHokie says:

Want the GS4.

tryfe says:

Comment. ;)

Quite fancy a new phone and this one would be perfect :-)

johncblandii says:


calrayray says:


popezaphod says:

Sooooo want one!

datastar says:

I want that bad phone!

law2010 says:

All your base are belong to us.

I would like to type that from the GS4.

dovshap says:

I need a new phone to replace my Samsung Fascinate

surebob says:

brand new SGS4? yes please! =)

keroger2k says:

I'm the luck one!

jes714 says:

Let me be the needle in the hay stack :)

Sammy beat the rest as usual but this time in software!! S4 is here.. yoohoo!!!

blade86 says:

I definitely want to win this one!

psnyder says:

I know I'm not going to win, but worth a shot I guess.

mindyroth says:

This could help me decide between a Galaxy SIV and HTC One :)

djuge1 says:


geumatee says:

Hope I get galaxy s4 :)

DarthPope says:

Here goes my 1 in 14k entry. Fingers crossed.

swiedom says:

Yes, please!

Kratos says:

Me wanta win!!!

jerfel says:


epps720 says:

Add me to the list!

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