Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

pgmb says:

aaaaallll riiiight! pleeease let it be meee. :D
it's time to lay my OG evo to rest. you will be missed my friend!

ghettosurfn says:

Right now my odds are 1 in 12,448! Sounds like a slam dunk, certainly better than the lottery and didn't cost me $1

1 in 12000 chance still isn't that bad of a chance, of course I'll try and enter =P

Nuno Pinto says:

can't wait to have this cell phone in my hand!

cjfoster says:

Cool I want 1!

Nuno Pinto says:

can't wait to have this cell phone in my hand!

Id love to win a s4

mawilson82 says:

Leap of Faith. :-)

iamkraz says:

Yes please!

zachhanding says:

A comment.

I love my s2 but I'm ready for a new one!

ajmillinger says:

My son has an iphone and wants s4. When he got iphone I told him "you can't make chicken salad out of chicken s&^t" but he still got that phone. Buyers remorse.

Crooke356 says:

I love playing with the features but always seem to tire of them or just plain have no use for them. But I'm still giddy as a school girl!

RevJar says:

Android is an OS that I'm not familiar with. I've done BlackBerry and iOS. Android could be a nice change of pace.

gold55 says:

I can't wait to replace my Galaxy S3.

Stylz31 says:

Let's do this!

afranci703 says:

Very cool. Hardware seems solid, and I'm hoping that the software delivers on its promises. All in all, would love to get my hands on this phone!

ElizRhoads says:

As an avid social media user, and a web girl (employed in higher ed) - this phone would give me a world of opportunities and lots to talk about :)

I'll wait for the Note 3 to replace my Note 2, but I would love to give my wife this phone!

Slimerang says:

Gimme 1 please!

4mooo says:

Please, I deserve a new S4!

Andre Sierra says:

Yes please!

keisham320 says:

Here's my post in hopes of winning that Galaxy S IV. I will patiently await by email confirming my win.

Thanks :-)

I wouldn't mind winning this.

jozh720 says:

I want it.

pharmdy says:

Hope to win! Thanks for the contest!

Joems300 says:

I'd love to get my hands on that sexy s4!

Step aside losers. Winner coming through.

Step aside losers. Winner coming through.

jfdenson says:

Sign me up

smiff_beats says:

Count me in! Always liked Samsung electronics!

Slalom325 says:

Really want it. But i'll never win

brianmasonmn says:

S4 looks cool. I wonder what the Note 2 version of it will be like.

I'd Love to read Android Central on my new Galaxy S4...

dacp283 says:

Fingers crossed. I need a T- mobile version so I can afford to abandon Verizon only paying the etf. :)

Guikun82 says:

I have the feeling that this baby will be mine!! Keep the good work!

Love the Galaxy S3, But want the newest and hottest every year. Give me My Samsung Galaxy S4.

Yes please!

winner winner chicken dinner!

xTweaKy says:

I'd love me a GS4! Still rocking my Droid Charge :/

I'm in. Hope for the best.

BuckTheWorld says:

Would most certainly like to win.

achan68 says:

one time!

rsan88224 says:

please please please please please please please please man i got pretty fast writing please. PICK ME!!!

sdhakko says:

Post left.

Thanks for the chance to win!
I'm curious to find out how the eye scrolling works after the software is fully baked.

jsmith5238 says:


Uwdude5 says:

I want it. I want it. I want it! :)

oper8or says:

Love my s3 and am sure that I will love my s4 even more.

Mattless says:

Probably buying one, but a free one would let me keep my unlimited data :)

deercreek says:

I'd definitely like a free S4.

djk6789 says:

win it

LucasLumia says:

I loved S4, it has som great solidespecs and the screen seems beautiful.

divadnodrog says:


zrex says:

Figs and nuts!

Still having love affair with my Galaxy Nexus, if I win it could mean trouble ;-)

kelg3000 says:

To go from a One X to a Galaxy S4 sounds great. Pick me please and thank you..

I want a S4. Would be great to get my 1st samsung android phone. Ya know, see what the next big thing is about.

jtwebfusion says:

Hook me up!!!

Andy_in_Indy says:

I like a lot of what I see about the Galaxy S4. I hope the US Versions get the Octo-core processors.

jg274105 says:

Commented. :D

Buckeyes says:

Game on! Love the S4!

J Rivera says:


lollililly says:

i love smartphones and I feel bad for my mom she still doesn't have a cell she deserves one and i hope i can surprise the h jkeck out of her with this. (=

ketchup says:

Who wouldn't want it!

clownstrike says:

Pick me please!!!

dovlek says:

Count me in I want an S4

Byronlandon says:

I will be the lucky winner!!!

badmonkey68 says:

I'm not one to turn down free stuff, but I have to say that the HTC One is still looking like the device to beat.

Ralph Rao says:


BWBlackett says:

Pick me, pick me, hand right up to the ceiling.

srcnin says:

Please help me update from the OG Evo...

erinpac says:

*post* Need to replace this Photon soon!

mark Perkins says:

OOOO I want one so bad if I win I'd be one happy androidcentral reader!

lraed74 says:

In a sea of comments, I hope that mine is picked!! Good luck all!

Michfan4837 says:

S4 Please?

Brett Allen says:

This sounds to good to be true. Poat a comment and have a shot @ the GS4. Even so I will shoot my shot. Im in from what I see its a great device

jza95 says:

Send one my way!!! :)

lollililly says:

i have a lil Samsung phone now always a fan nd always will be love you guys :*

JuniorWWT says:

I want a One! I need a One!

crackedshel says:

Sign me up. I would love to win one.

marc300ib says:

this phone is amazing, i would love to have this bad boy in my pocket

unklsckness says:

I will take one from Android Central all day everyday!

kiranway says:

I love to have this wonderful creation(Samsung Galaxy S4) in my galaxy collection.... :)

asuddon says:

How original must a comment be in order to be eligible? Would this be considered original?

scond says:

I'd love to try out an S4!

Mark Cooper2 says:

pick me

crumble79 says:

Looking forward to my new S4...

davloomis says:

Please, pretty please! My Moto Electrify needs updating, bad....

kanai says:

I want one!!!

pyro852 says:

Wicked cool. Can't wait to get an S4!

aznmode says:

I would love a new s4. That phone looks so awesome.

Seb Maier says:

A S IV would be nice to replace my Note 2

I would love to win a Galaxy S4

JaySlim85 says:

I never win anything. :-(


hgoldner#CB says:

Finally, the first phone I can lust after since my Rezound came out in November of 2011.

Icipher says:

Don't need one. I just want one.

eundonesia says:

my phone just died the other day and i had to revert to using my iphone 3g. PLEASE SAVE ME AND GIVE ME THIS PHONE!!!

I'll take one.

aapold says:

There was another thread that someone said it wasn't this one so if I posted in this one already disregard this post (and don't disqual me for double post).

Is there an easy way to verify if you already posted in a thread?

Thanks AC for this great reward...

nighthawk700 says:

The odds are 1 out of 12573 (and counting...) I like those chances!!! :-) Thanks for the contest.

techymarkbo says:

Me please. Can't miss on a chance to win this puppy!

colinmastin says:


ramy68 says:

Always the best contests on android central!

strikelight says:

In it to win it like yzerman

zen0s says:

Lady luck is on my side with a Galaxy S4!

norbilaz says:

Just bought the S3... how dumb can I be ?

scotty707 says:

I want to win one! Getting tired of my iPhone!

krc_droid says:

S4 would be a great replacement for my EPIC 4g Touch!


This is me posting a comment.

lounovak says:

Get me off my iPhone, please!

dtg755 says:

How about me?

BIG_OW says:

Sure a GS4 would be nice.

roland1 says:

You know you want to pick me, right?

ThreeofNine says:

It would be a very nice Birthday present!

Eric Olson1 says:

I would like a Samsung galaxy 4

dkotoric says:

Oleo leo leo le Android central is giving me a GS4 :)

S4 please

colonelswizz says:

GS4 Please

Please give it to me, I do not have a smartphone (or any phone for that matter), and I cannot afford to buy one.

Eric Olson1 says:

I would like a Samsung galaxy 4

I am a fan of Samsung Galaxy smart phones. From the GSI up to GSIII. This is indeed the smartest smart phone invented.

DJLevy7 says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Or even better an S4!

feedDunk says:

Would love one of the Sprint variety.
Thanks AC!

cradrock77 says:

Come on...I could love me some S4!

XaviaD says:

I paid the unsubsidized price for my Galaxy S3 and said I'd use it until it died. But then Sammy had to go and come out with the S4. I'm just not sure I can resist that new gadget smell. Pick me!

phippsy84 says:

I want a S4 very much so

Amore514 says:

All lies and jest, still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

Oleg Lovky says:

I never win anything :\

Thanks for another great giveaway. Here's hoping.

Saif Sujon says:


oesjmr says:

I could use a new OG EVO is getting a little long in the tooth!

enri69#WN says:

here I am!

kojobaafi says:

I'm so winning this

Ready to upgrade my S2

keithjjo says:

S4 looks good.

GdgtMD says:

I'm down for a GS4.

Pick Me please!

Sean Hill1 says:

"And the winner of the new Galaxy S4 is", Me. :-)

I wouldn't mind one...

Curls96 says:

I want to win!!!!!!!!

harpo989 says:

Galaxy s4 would make a fantastic replacement for my old aging Optimus... awesome!

ajystenes says:

I would love the S4 to replace my RAZR.

youcha says:

Me! Me! Me!

BKVic says:

My son wants a new phone, give the S4 to me so he can have my S3!! :)


fduhart says:

Finally making the change from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S4.... If I win!

RboogieRics8 says:

I ready to upgrade my s3 for the next big thing, again S4
yeahhhhhhh :)

stormy777 says:

would love this new phone from Samsung!

You're crazy if you don't want one. Until the X phone comes out at least.

Hope I get lucky!

jmreed97 says:

Why Thank-you! I'd love a GS4!

customerg14 says:

What are my odds? 1.9 in 1080 :-)

I would love to win this awesome device as my phone is relatively old now and severly underpowered.

tastymonkey says:

I certainly would enjoy a Galaxy S4 in my phone related endeavors.


bkleman says:

A new GS4 would be a fantastic thing! Oh so ready to upgrade from the OG Droid X!

klufinator says:


dtroutman says:

Ready for my Galaxy S4

mouseglider says:

Pick me, I need an upgrade!

drm5 says:

let's roll!

dcosta43 says:

pick me especially since coffee just owned my evo lte :(

peruboy63 says:


Caspian#IM says:

There are only 12 THOUSAND comments. But, hey, this is my chance to dump Verizon.

pascalbod says:

Winning an S4? Not possible, I'm so unlucky :-)

Dogs OfWar says:

I'd gladly take one.

EvHzll says:

Me Gusta S4

gawdfather says:

I am using a crappy Samsung B2100,so please Android Central give me a new phone.

Thank you

tim_s75 says:

Sign me up!

bcumings says:

This would be awesome. My Electrify is no longer electrifying.

sgreenwall says:

Too much tech is just right...

traveler95 says:

Loving my Galaxy S3! I would gladly pass it on to my wife, if I won an S4... Dare I say, "When I win an S4?"

traveler95 says:

Loving my Galaxy S3! I would gladly pass it on to my wife, if I won an S4... Dare I say, "When I win an S4?"

caxio#AC says:

wina Galaxy S IV :)

Rob Kennedy says:

I would be eternally grateful if I won an S4 :D.

jawoods1295 says:

Me pretty please

grcameron says:

Ooh! Oooh! Ooh! Mr. Kotter!

let's have a look at it :)

BlueGoldAce says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4, but I never win anything haha.

Chris Piazza says:

i want to win just to put another nail in the iOS coffin...

Ooooo I want it, hook me up Lloyd!

Memesis says:

Okay, now I am excited. The S4 looks amazing.

PHER1234 says:

I would love one! Thanks!

Android central Rocks ....I love u ....

Oskay says:

A-yo i'm tryin' to win a S IV yo!

escott63 says:

I'm all in . It's the phone to beat for sure this year!!!

I would love to win the s4, love the website btw. Thanks

corance says:

I don't know if you guys read all of these or just select one randomly, but if you do read them all and happen to see this one, just know it would mean a lot to me to be picked. I have never won anything despite always entering. This would truly mean the world to me to be selected. Thanks guys and good luck everyone!

bold1193 says:

It would be a world first if I won this contest! lol

ChickenCoke says:

immma win this!

Kurt85 says:

Pick me so I don't need to wait for a Note 3!

Ralph43 says:

I really need a new phone and I would love to have this one.

Memesis says:

Okay, now I am excited. The S4 looks amazing.

Joker22joe says:

I want this sg4 I have the sg3 I need this phone,I watched the unpacking and was a good show.

Opolis says:

mmmmmmm...Android giveaway! I'm in!

Kickass technology!! Looking forward to seeing it out soon!!

martian29 says:

I want I want... let me have it

I want to win

wolff1010 says:

I would love to win!!

I want it!

amitmandal says:

Myyy PRECIOUSSS....We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious...!!!!

Single comment.

amitmandal says:

Myyy PRECIOUSSS....We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious...!!!!

mittcb says:

Me please! Thanks AC for an awesome giveaway!

fritzo81 says:

I'm down. GS4 baby!! (crossing fingers)

renesdone says:

i want

ArtForm says:

Definitely worth a shot any time! Pick me...please?

paulie1184 says:

Looks awesome, I want one!

Single comment.

Yeah I'd take a freebie

dmiller1969 says:

The GS4 looks very exciting. I know I love my GS3 and look forward to seeing the GS4, perhaps this will be the way I get my hands on one? :-)

ljyd says:

Time for a new phone, would love to get an S4!

bengalt9 says:

Looking forward to winning this AWESOMEST gadget....

Would be so awesome to win!

alchemitt says:

1/~12,700... Good odds, I'll take it!

palmcrash says:


hc_1540 says:

Go on then, I'll take it off your hands!

slave says:

This needs to be mine

bangishotyou says:

I can haz Galaxy S4?

zhyrul says:

Me, me! :)

zhyrul says:

Me, me! :)

Dean Alger says:

It would be GREAT to win.

Tom Kennedy1 says:

I'm in it to win it!

Galaxy s4 plz kthxbye

SigEpFlipper says:

This phone is pretty damn well awesome!

bengalt9 says:

Looking forward to winning this AWESOMEST gadget....

renesdone says:

i want

Pick me so the other nerds well stop laughing at me and bullying me for using an older phone! :)

lexflo says:

I want I want I want gimmie gimmie gimmie mine mine mine must have must have must have precious precious precious yummy yummy yummy c'mon lucky 4 ! ! ! =)

lrb610 says:

I have a two year old phone would love to update to a newer phone and the S4 would be great :)

Would be so awesome to win!

Noodlez says:

yabba dabba do I wanna S4

kzlife says:

Lemme win!! :D

srg_2004 says:

nice complement for my Galaxy note 10

Sounds like a great phone from what I've seen. Can't wait to see what Jellybean has to offer! Fingers crossed for the competition.

dcar96 says:


Break me off a piece of that GS4. :-)

I will be happy to have one , I like some of its features especailly these concerning the travel and camera , will see if am lucky enough to be pick up

tacvs says:

Pick ME! I need a new phone, desperately!

ChrisB56 says:

I can haz one plz!

wolffoto says:

I'd like this phone!

Schokofrosch says:

I wants it :)

xman350 says:


upnorthii says:

Love my S3 but a new S4, whoo hoo!

I wonder what the actual odds are with this considering the gazillion posts? hmm...

bgapfire says:

You have to be in it to win it! Can't go wrong with the phones of 2013 thus far. I love it. GS4 FTW...

ddaniel87 says:

I would love this. Perfect timing. Just dropped my old phone in water this morning.

herbz says:

all i wanna do is zoom zoom

ddaniel87 says:

I would love this. Perfect timing. Just dropped my old phone in water this morning.

DrunkFux says:

I waanntttt...

Unicorn56 says:

I love my Galaxy Note 2 but this would be a great birthday present for my husband!

degorat04 says:

I hope I win. It would be awesome to have my nexus 4 and a Galaxy SIV

drt777 says:

If you'll kindly "pick me" as a winner of a SGS4, I'll gladly give my present phone away to whomever would like it!

muscle682 says:

Phil Schiller VP of Apple said the Galaxy S4, would not come out with Android 4.2,well guess what Mr. Schiller, you and Apple loose again. I Love my Galaxy Note 2, and I will LOVE my Galaxy S4.Yeah!

muscle682 says:

Phil Schiller VP of Apple said the Galaxy S4, would not come out with Android 4.2,well guess what Mr. Schiller, you and Apple loose again. I Love my Galaxy Note 2, and I will LOVE my Galaxy S4.Yeah!

muscle682 says:

Phil Schiller VP of Apple said the Galaxy S4, would not come out with Android 4.2,well guess what Mr. Schiller, you and Apple loose again. I Love my Galaxy Note 2, and I will LOVE my Galaxy S4.Yeah!

Hadders95 says:

I could use one of these....

aeppacher says:

Figured with all the people posting that this is similar to winning the lottery. Ironically enough, I wanna win this more! Thanks android central, even if I don't win, I always read your articles and tweets everyday!

klc11vb says:

I would love the upgrade.... you know considering my 9 month old Galaxy S3 is now out dated. :-)

GMC MaXx says:

12,711 entries so far. Maybe I should stick with Powerball.

ericth says:

Good luck to however wins if it's not me. Well, good luck to myself as well :-)

altonova1 says:

I'd love to win an S4! My mom can use my current phone and the whole family will then be an android family!

Ricki916 says:

I love where Samsung and Android are going with smartphones and platforms. Android rocks and Samsung's Galaxy S3 has set the standard.

Gspot82 says:

Yes please!

Palaryel says:

Time to be lucky :-)

nexusma says:

AndroidCentral does it again! First to do it all and first to bring the news. I love it.

Thanks for being my choice for Android news.

mage_slayer2 says:

i will be buying one if i done win one

gjrscribe says:

This phone would make my night terrors vanish! I still have a Rezound.

nickjyc says:

I would love the opportunity to win one of these.

MiSieeQ says:

Include me, please :) a galaxy s4, niceee ;)

DesertVelo says:

Good luck everyone!

sytech55 says:

Bring it on! Loving the opportunity to upgrade.

matus201 says:

One galaxy here, please. Thank you very much :)

ajnevares says:

Pick me because I would really appreciate it and it will impress chicks :)

Would be great to win, Pick me Pick me!

Wolfsv says:

Id love to ditch my OLD S3 for an S4!

BMTMartin says:

I want a new S4

azn_boi says:

i want one plzzz.... looking forward to it when it finalyl launches on my carrier! :(

tron77 says:

hope to win, best of luck to all! :)

keeblerkhan says:

I have the S3, but that doesn't mean that I can't find a place in my pocket for the S4.

Danvf says:

Considering I've never won a contest like this before, I don't have very high hopes... not that it wouldn't be awesome to win!

xRodo says:

I'd be crazy not to enter.

lungsaver says:

IPhone users are very quiet...I wonder why?

techdan1989 says:

Ooooh ooooh!! Pick me! Pick me!!

slduffer says:

Please pick me.

I'm a big fan since Android come out. I REALLLY want the Galaxy S4. Thanks for Pick Me.

mjm777mil says:

iphone 5 sucks

I'm in it to win it.

overdriven says:

Looks huge, I want it!

jared1202 says:

Hopefully I'm fortunate enough to win the Galaxy S4!

con5150 says:

I would like to win one , thank you

radiohawk says:

Please pick me to, momma got a new pair of shoes, papa needs a new phone :-)

bhough7 says:

I want to win!!!!!!!!

LonestarROB says:

I never win anything :( but sure could use a new phone.

jacob030 says:

This would be a good replacement for my evo 3d.

Does the samsung Glaxy S4 Have The Same Rgb Matrix Screen as the note 2?

bstone2345 says:

I want to win one!

bblande says:

Pie is quite enjoyable to me. And a Galaxy S4.

PapiManCT says:


rafsi says:

Count me in.. i want S4 too...