Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Hypeo says:

In for the win....

abwchris says:

This makes my galaxy nexus look like a pile.

whosit says:

Contest Entry!!

The awesome S4 Is Out...Samsung's Best Hot Innovation till date....Nice goodies in the beautiful beast......Kicking out all other smartphones in the market

raffitou says:

Hope I win the S4

cmaag says:

I would really enjoy having a new phone Im using a Gnex with a broken usb port i have to charge via external charger :(

boricua1213 says:

I'll be glad to take a S$ off your hands

Borrie69 says:

Hope I get it. Good luck to everyone

91_z28_4me says:

I want to enter so I can convert the iPhone loving wife over to the Android light.

miller7796 says:

I'm in!

I would love an S4.

DSaif says:

Pick me!

I would love an S4.

rjwriter78 says:

To the ones that win, Congrats!!!! ... To the ones that don't win, don't fret, at the end of the day, its only a phone. Best of luck to all, even me!

bnamba says:

Please is all that I can say!

John Troulis says:

Count me in too..! I want that galaxy..:)

Drew Oswalt says:

Here's my comment to enter the contest.

kaiser10123 says:

Would love to win a s4 and put this droid 4 to rest

mxmarcus says:

By the time they pick the winner, I will have less than 1/20000 chance to win.
May the chance to win be with me!


g2design says:

Pick me!

JK1516 says:

Dat 'S'!

I'll take one in Verizon flavor, please.

mlr_90 says:

Dang!! Awesome phone!! Would love to own one ;-) Sprint please!

Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to have some great software features. Would love to have this one. Please count me in.

murof says:

Please help wean me off Verizon! With this i could switch to no contact T-Mobile

Android Central, please pick me. Thanks a bunch.

dplcj says:

Please save me from the Evo3D!

billfan says:

Yes please!

Samsmalls says:

Galaxy S4 For the Win!

Gimme a phone!

kpageisgreat says:

Sure, why not.

xKrNMBoYx says:

Just in the two and a half months of 2013 I have signed up for more giveaways then the first two years I have been in college. This would be a refreshing Spring Break gift to know that I won a Galaxy S IV. I could give my dad my S3 because the One S's Screen is too small for him now.

accidental double post

dsManning says:

Thanks for the opportunity

jsanjose says:

Me, please!

zepekit says:

I would love to win this phone

TheWenger says:


Robi-K says:

I'd sure like to change my wifes Blackberry 9700. Although it still works. Thanks for the chance guys.

magickalmike says:

Eh, I'm not sold on the SGS4, but if I got one for free, I suppose I would be willing to use it. ;-)

Brandoshus says:

I always wondered what it would be like to hold an entire Galaxy in my pocket.

Terry1996 says:

I'll take one! Count me in as well!

Siya10 says:

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Filosophic1 says:

Everyone can stop posting....the winner is me! :)

Rodrigo Rosa says:

I want one S4! Plz!

abhi2nahi4 says:

Galaxy S4 will be mine!

eyeramid says:

I'm still using a droid incredible, I need a new phone

PreJamison says:

Went to iPhone 5 last upgrade. Surprisingly very happy with it. But, do miss a lot of that Android goodness. I'd love to rock them both!!!

wan2run says:

Hook a brother up please!

shaiwon says:

I'd pick the S4 over the One any day!

I will take one please.

martisneyce says:

I'm stuck with the HTC my touch 3g :-(

Bennel12 says:

Galaxy S4, please!!!

Yes please.

franky311 says:

Love these giveaways. Good luck to all.

rand807 says:

i have a s2, and would want a s4 as it is a even numbered galaxy s phone. please.

RaVageMF says:

Give it to me and I will be gentle with it ;)

misterjay88 says:

save one for me

jmbburg26 says:

I'm down for a new phone. Please please please

I want the s4 so i can give my mom the s3 i have because she wants a smartphone (she always asks for mine)

rprit001 says:

This is my comment in the comment section for which I am commenting to try and win the S IV, so um... yeah. Fingers crossed. :D

Coerche says:


SedonaLee says:

Very cool phone would be great to win and show off to all my friends!!!

nsnsmj says:

Thanks for the giveaway! This would make a nice birthday gift for myself if I were to win.

petrpuck says:

Would love to win me a Galaxy S 4.Then I would give my S 3 to my wife. Actually I would probably have to give her the S 4 :(

franko515 says:

S4 4 me please

Mychaiel says:

Would really love to get this device, I watched the Livestream Event and this phone is Amazing!!!

eck303 says:

I need new phone to get rid of an iphone.

Jocacor says:

GS4 for me !!!

dandinnj says:

how could it get better than to win a S4 from AC

dsg29 says:

The best phone on the planet will look outstanding in my hand after I win this contest....

A phone worthy of the title, the new king of the ever-so-crowded Android phone world. People say it is not so much of a great news? I really doubt so.
Lets see.
Dimensions - One 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 || S4 - 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 = S4 is slimmer with bigger screen
Weight - One 143G || S4 - 130G = S4 is lighter in weight
Memory Slot - One - NO || S4 - YES = S4 has expandable memory
Internal Memory - One -32/64GB || S4 - 16/32/64GB = S4 has more options
Screen Size - One - Full HD 4.7"(469 PPi) || S4 - Full HD 5.0"(441 PPi) = One is better but smaller screen
Camera - One - 4 mp, known as ultra pixel || S4 - 13 mp = S4 has bigger sensor atleast
Chipset - One - Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, clocked at 1.7 GHZ Quad-Core || S4 - Exonys 5 Octa, clocked at Quad 1.6 GHz and Quad 1.2 GHz = S4 is faster
OS - One - Jelly Bean 4.1.2(Upgradable in future) || S4 - Jelly Bean 4.2.2 out of the box - S4 comes with the latest and the greatest from El Goog
Browser - One - HTML5 only || S4 - HTML5, Flash = Flash fans would love the support on S4
I am all in to get this phone as soon as it is launched.

drduerden says:

Waiting and watching for the official S4 vs HTC One...

fishdfish says:

I'll take one!

illdini says:

I'd like the 64 GB model on Sprint please :)

richardodn says:

Mommy! Daddy! I want a new phone.

omdaddi says:

S4dly I broke my old desire hd falling off a ladder. This would be a great replacement.

Pick Me PLEASE!!!!

jkaterenchuk says:

I would like to win.

cckgz4 says:

Hit me baby one mo time!! My mom was drooling when she saw this phone.

comraderudy says:

I'll take mine in black please! Hehe

phinfanne says:

So a new S4? For me? Yes please. :-)

Titanius says:

Would love to see how it compares to my Z10.

husseinshuja says:

S4 is The best phone till date,apple will be.jealous

comraderudy says:

I'll take mine in black please! Hehe

Medic97 says:

I just got the Note 2 but I would love the S4.

vdharmavaram says:

Coolest site to win Coolest Phone!!!

Sean Luke says:

I got the note 2 on release day, but this S4 is really tempting. would like to have it side by side with my Note 2.

I heard the S5 is way better.

count me in...

Merschz says:

Yes, please

seanlongoria says:

I promise to learn how to root and install custom ROMS if I win, and I'll provide proof of doing so - so please pick me

aitmanga says:

¿Can I still make it?

eazyweazy3 says:

Would love to have the next Galaxy!!

Giddy up!

zeromaru says:

lets see if my "never win anything" streak ends with this :P

Wer Jamalgin says:

Surprisingly no more iPhone fans seen around

corydunbar says:

I want a galaxy S4

mooseo21 says:

single comment

estockda says:

I'd love to win!

fanrat10 says:

Wow...1 in c. 12.5K. I guess my chances are still better than the lotto.

MartynHaigh says:

Yes please. really. I'd like this handset. I'll give you my cat for this handset - he's a bit wet, but he's kinda cute.

coff3_Blak says:

Sign me up

squigey says:

count me in

Caww67 says:

Can't wait to get my SGS4!

Cl3ms says:

Would love to get this amazing gs3. Thanks Android Central !

rebretz000 says:

Would love to have the GS4 on VZW. Sold my GNEX and GS3 to get the RAZR HD Developer Edition but not enough ROMs to satisfy my crack flashing addiction. And no kernels. Thinking of buying a used GNEX just to play with.

cowboys2000 says:

Free stuff is always good !!!

cowboys2000 says:

Free stuff is always good !!!

William Ho says:

Let's go, new phone!!!

cowboys2000 says:

Free stuff is always good !!!

cheeseman75 says:

I Love Android Central!

jasoner says:

Awesome Device!!! :D you'd have to be crazy to not want a phone like this!!

InsiderOK says:

Pick Me... Pick Me... Pick Me... (bouncing up and down from the back of the room)

hanchung says:


Android Central is the best, would love a GS4!

Joe Bowden says:

Would love the upgrade to the latest and greatest, courtesy of AC!


ddominator says:

I want to win one!

taingster says:

I won!

jidjadi says:

12280th comment obviously means that I won the contest... right?

Me thinks this would be an sweet upgrade from my OG Evo 4G.

Please. Pick. Me?

loscacas says:

Please please please let me win! My GS3 just took a dive... literally... into a pool.

sectional says:

Can't wait to hold one of these

Upgrade from a Galaxy S to an S4 would a great thing. I don't like contracts and going prepaid on this phone would be awesome.

alainlafond says:

Hehe, crazy to know how many participants will have this tread...
For sure I want one.
Why not... Looks fantastic...
This phone will push other manufacturers to do more...

gorgalis says:

Is it my turn to win yet?

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

sixdust says:

It'd be nice to have a better phone than my wife.

Blauman says:

I would gladly take it off your hands!

I want one GS4!!!!

JJUKJJ says:

It could be me!!!

mjondle says:

Pick Me, Pick Me!

daver317 says:

Halley’s Comet!!!...wait you said comment. DOH!

paulswift36 says:

Glad the S4 is smaller than the leaks said, might be worth a go. Let me have one pleeeeease

EggTarts says:

Love to try the new S4!!!!!

eszklar says:

In for a penny, in for a S4.

I want it!

Riot12 says:

I am up for putting the S4 to the test

trouthunter says:

I am all in. Can't wait.

hopefulfarm says:

I'm in. I would love an S4!

pimfram says:


sLipKn0t says:

I'll have one with some tea and crumpets, please! Tank ya!

ROM_Ulan says:

Here's to a 1 in 12k chance! :D

kayjay#AC says:

I'd like to win 1

sinjo says:

I need a new device. Pick me for the Galaxy S IV!!!

highstream says:

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

stewartsoda says:

1 in 12k isn't great odds, but it's better than the lottery.

MsKate says:

I would LOVE a Samsung GSIV! The GSIII is pretty great, and I'm sure this will be even better!

BKBayemi says:

Please choose me. I am a poor college chemistry undergrad and my S2 needs an upgrade!

m0scs says:

I need the new Galaxy S4,my S3 is Soooo last year! :-)

bleong says:

wiz wit please...

SeeAreEff says:

Oh please let me win!

dbtsang says:

wouldn't mind an S4!

BMIC50 says:

Do I have to Tapdance?

dasu88 says:

i'll take it

schmogo says:


sdreelin says:


fgoyti says:

Please - pick me!!

bnddycl says:


kalelzone says:

I'm in... Awesome Contest... Definetly beats waiting for my contract next year... Thanks...

eastcoastowl says:

My first ever smart phone

bbfan250 says:

Time to dump my blackberry 9850. Pick me, pick me.

DrewJaeger says:

I'd love to win one of these!

tkane11 says:

I'm in!

jman1323 says:

I wouldnt mind a GS4 to go with my N4!

Ready to be the worlds first person to win a gs4 then :)

I would love to have this since it would help me stay healthy plus allow me to chat with ladies from different countries

Moloch says:

I'd love to win a galaxy s4.

sconrad308 says:

In For The WIN!!!!

Valebukk says:

I would love a new Galaxy S4

kyesb says:

Ooh Ooh Pick Me! :)

nihilmike says:

Leave comment here.

I deserve this Galaxy S4. Thanks for this contest!

nick.york says:

"THERE ARE 12331 COMMENTS" I like my chances.

paspals says:

I preffer htc one, but s4 aint bad at all... I dont know what many dissapointed folks were expected, maybe rocket device! Sammy showed that hot water icant be invented but can be put always to a better use!

mclardass says:

Wear a cow costume, they said. You'll definitely win, they said. Stupid random Valentine's Day contest.. Oh, hey, let's try for a GS4. At least I won't smell like sweaty cattle.

One Galaxy S4, please.

ogdenous says:

I want one please

DijahP says:

I can't wait to experience the Galaxy S4!

hammy2332 says:

I really need a new phone! Please let me win!

markcame says:


blckz28 says:

Adding Mine

Hmmmm,...very very interesting!

Best contest ever, thx android central. Samsung rocks

jjrodsol says:

Great contest, let's do it.

satoribomb says:

Woot! Would love a new slab of polycarbonate computational excellence!

Jon24Jon says:


cowkong says:


kkdog3 says:

This would make the decision between Nexus 4 and GS4 easy!

jnannuri says:

I want to win this!!

Ravi Shah says:

please let me win!

Rodin98 says:

Good luck to everyone

And the lucky one win :)

And pick me btw :D

comphynum says:

In it to win it!

i need a new phone this is a good contest good luck to all...!!!!

Sure would be sweet to win a S4!

akornfan says:

Pray for me ;____;

jas397 says:

GS4 1 in 100M

garyldavis says:

Just once, please, in my lifetime would I like to be a winner!!! Thank you.

wnflyer says:

I would love to add the S4 to my S3 and Note2 Samsung family.


dotB says:

It would be amazing to upgrade to an S4!

Rbernabel says:

college student who needs a new phone

extremenet says:

Count me in!

ajoerivera says:

I'll take one pretty pretty please with an s4 on top

Is anyone else disappointed with the S4?

Anthonym85 says:

I believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the way of the future! So please pick me to try it out for my self.

My body is ready.

antipunk says:

I win.

LdotAdot13 says:

lovee how you guys always take care of your android family! I'm actually debating on going full price for this one. No way I can give up my unlimited data. You guys can save me a few hundred clams!

Thank you for this great gesture!!!! Would love to get a high end phone like this....

Anonamoose says:

One in 13000? I'm feeling lucky :)

jakeschweinz says:

I love you

comadr3am says:

I will only do good with it.

Cruz3r2 says:

Free Galaxy S4? None better than AC! Too cool!

Volkrik says:

Currently without a phone, and headed to Basic training this summer with our without one. AC, help me call my family, please.
--A1C Callahan

I need to replace my DINC. Help me help me.

garsim says:

I'm here!

I'd love to upgrade!

dwerneck says:

I am in!!

amico_pl says:

I really, really, really want the brand new SG4 !
Any color will do ;-)

swest47 says:

Looks good, hope to see one up close and personal.

daniel_svt says:

I never I'm a real loser when it comes to lottery or any kind of prize that is given. But let's give this one a shot... :)

asx168 says:

watched the live streaming of the broadway-esq event on youtube.. kinda odd. but anyway, cool new features on deck, would like to get a chance to win one. Thanks!

kiranway says:

Wow...Androidcentral came up with wonderful contest. Lets hope for the best... :)

howarmat says:

i want one!

JMSpeed says:

Looking for a new phone!

Tryptykon says:

I could use a SIV to take over my aging Droid 3

galaxy S4 is the king.

nymchamp says:

I will be waiting for my S4 in the mail, Thanks.

Tim Ray1 says:

If you pick me I'll be your best friend. Thanks.

I love you.

PaulN64007 says:

Winning the Galaxy S4 would be awesome because my Dad really needs a new phone. He's still using the LG Ally. So a new phone would be really nice.

VRayC says:

Count me in!

HuskerDad3 says:

Pick me please!

Liam111 says:

Amazing phone. It has raw power(1.9quad core processor/1.8 octa core processor with 2gb ram), cool software(dual camera, S Translator, S Health, eye/hand gesture recognition,etc I could go on but it has to many amazing features), and a awesome but simple design. And unlike HTC One and iphone 5 has a removable battery and expandable memory. It's the best phone ever thanks Samsung for creating such a cool phone

macEVOlution says:

Time to jump ship from the EVO line of phones. Count me in!

dpzbatman79 says:

I would love a s4. Even though I have only had my s3 for 3 months.

jsparky says:

same here. i love my s3 but an s4 would be the cherry on top. =)

maverick2787 says:

I want 1 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................

Caifan09 says:

Lets do this!! I want a Samsung Galaxy S 4.

DaEXfactoR says:

Ok, I already won. Everyone keep it moving,,,nothing to see here...

VFreitas says:

I want one!

richs10 says:

I would love an SIV!

ZigmunD says:

I'm in!

GothamKnight says:

The Force is strong with me, pick me. :)

I'll take two please...

rahu1613 says:

Who won't like to get this awesome gadget ....Android devices are evolving like anything and each new device creates a new challenge to the vendors out there for the next big thing.

mop26921 says:

Pick me

alila2 says:

if you guys insist ,i'll take the 32 GB white one .

bbrown13 says:

A new GS4 would make me very happy.

S4 will take Samsung to the height of being No. 1. I want to be part of that history through winning this smartphone.

BillJude56 says:

Going from a dumbphone to the S4 may damn well kill me. But I'm willing to risk it.

strra says:

i'm hungry so i want some pizza.. i'd also like an S4, though.

hargoth#AC says:

winner winner chicken dinner

icemanhcj says:

May I have one please

evo-drum says:

Commented. Left. #TeamAndroid

irishgino says:

love to win a new s4, but wont trade in my Gnote2

TonyC says:



TheCube says:

This is not a comment. #Magritte

geekymcfly says:

Time to win a s4.

yaotl says:

It'll be a great upgrade to my SG3.

GodfatherUr says:

I think a Glaxy S4 would be the perfect replacement for my DroidX :)

Kevin1ee says:

Yes!! Did I win?

n25philly says:


RadiantDuck says:

My motorola atrix is so old and slow, a new phone would be greatly appreciated!

imdebbas says:

At first I was afraid, I was petrified. And then you gave me a galaxy S4 and I had you by my side!

Brainerd says:

Although it's not twice the phone of my S2, the S4 would be a very nice upgrade

Rafael Loj says:

please be me... :)

fm.aken says:

I'll win!

palmor says:

Count me in :)

jnb5531 says:

Me please

I want this sooooooo baaaad.... Picke me please!!!

kojitsu says:

Just dropped my galaxy s3 typing this comment! Noe the screen is cracked! Help me get over it with a galaxy s 4!

badboysidh says:

Thanx James n Android Central for such a opportunity. Saw the new S4 n by god its a beast n wid features that would even make girls look not so hot. Jus love the new phone.. camera n it's features, gesture based features, new 1080p screen.. refined look of S3. the phone is screamin to be the top dog of 2013. n i wanna have this beauty in my hands. hope i win this contest n best of luck to u all. cheers.

rafaed13 says:

I really want that phone,,, it'll be awesome!!!

kojitsu says:

Just dropped my galaxy s3 typing this comment! Noe the screen is cracked! Help me get over it with a galaxy s 4!

lyrisist35 says:

Wow, doin' the do. I will take my S4 with side of excitement and joy, uh thank you.

jmk32 says:

Need the S4

rporterfield says:

I could use a new phone.

saphrimangel says:

Count me in. Not like I'll actually win anything anyway... haha.

nyydynasty says:

#SittingAtTheMailboxAlready #IsItAprilYet?

nirogu325 says:

I don't mind having one!

StephenAaron says:


Haluser5 says:

Pick me!!!

bonblade says:

Sssss! 4

I had to give my wife my S3 :(, so i could def use the S4! :)

stormbine says:

There sure are a lot of comments on this post.

jamesc760 says:

All GS3 Are Belong To Me!!!

shahidw says:

Pick me. pick me. pick me.

oneiroz says:

Give it to me!

KingGrimlock says:

i hope i win!

roskopi says:

I never win anything but what the heck right? Would love an S4!

I have never had an android device....i only help code them...please give me an S4

Android Central you're my hero! *crosses fingers* to win S4!

spartanguy81 says:

pick me

redstar427 says:

I want one :)

sstephen17 says:

Unless the next Motorola phone is better than the SG4, this will be my next phone.

Thermalx says:

1 in 12,000+ chance to win, I like my odds! :-) Thanks AC!

shamis01 says:

So bored with my S3 now, I need some renewed enlightenment from a nice shiny S4! Winner winner chicken dinner..