Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

justinesalva says:


Sholih Rmd says:

Will it be mine? :)

Christoph300 says:

I`d love to retire my s 2. PICK ME

Mooem says:

I don't remember leaving a comment or not...better safe than sorry I suppose!

silvilas says:

pick me, pick me...

zombiepete says:

One night, many years ago in the pale light of a full moon, I found myself in an empty dirt field with no notion of how I had gotten there. I was naked, disoriented, and a dull pain caused my muscles to groan in protest with even the slightest motion. I forced myself past it and sat up slowly, rubbing my eyes heavily trying to get them to focus. Where was I?
How had I gotten there?
Why was I naked?
All these questions made their way slowly through my mind as I tried to reconcile my current situation with the last memories I could conjure up.
Sitting in a bar, watching a man. [Why? Who was he?]
A tall glass sits on the bar in front of me, half full of a dark beer. I reach out and take hold of it; the coolness of the glass is a refreshing sensation compared the hot, humid air around me. [It's summer.]
The man I'm watching half-turns and seems to smirk at me without making eye contact. I realize that I've been seen and know it's time to leave, but as I do a heavy hand drops onto my shoulder and when I twist around to face the man standing over me I see only a sillhouette against the dim light of the run-down establishment.
"Who...?" I start to ask, but the sillhouette shakes its head and I fall silent, knowing that it's too late.
The other patrons seem oblivious to what's happening, and I realize that they almost seem to fade away as the sillhouette hauls me to my feet with impressive strength and my memory begins to fall apart...
Suddenly, the sound of footsteps on dirt behind me roused me from my stupor and I turned defensively, prepared for anything. The man I had been watching in the bar was there, and behind him was the hulking figure of the sillhouette. The man was an older fellow, dressed in an old-fashioned gray suit and matching fedora. He was clean-shaven and wearing dark sunglasses ill-suited to the darkness of the night. The man behind him stopped just out of sight; a tense shadow ready to spring at any sign of trouble from me. I forgot my nudity and held my hands up in a half-shrug as a show of resignation. The man in the suit smiled darkly.
"You've been a busy man," he said, his voice deep with just the hint of an accent that I can't place.
"I just want what's mine," I replied, still a hint of defiance despite my situation. The sillhouette stirred but the man in the suit held up his hand casually and the larger man settled back.
"And you shall have it," the man said after a moment, and I tensed as he reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a small box wrapped in parchment paper.
"All these years, all this effort," he said, his smile unwavering. "I hope it was worth the trouble."
"We'll see," I replied, taking the box from him. I carefully unwrapped the box and saw the image of what I had been seeking all those years, finally in my hands.
"We apologize that it took so long to get it to you," the man said, his sunglasses continuing to hide half of his features. "Hopefully, it's everything you thought it would be."
I looked down at the image again, and smiled. "We'll see."
And that's the story of how Android Central will deliver my Galaxy S4 to me after I win this contest but have to go through some kind of weird film noir reality to get it. The end.

Matt Weers says:

Gotta have one!

nashi#CB says:

Fingers Crossed (and toes too)

Good luck all!

Hutchomega says:

Pretty simple,
Hutchomega + Galaxy S4=pure tech magic.
Please make it happen android central.

LCG_DUDE says:

I want the GS4!!!!

draken says:

The wife is still using an unbranded import, I'd love to upgrade her to a S4!

lbaa says:

Yes please

Number 6 says:

I can haz s4?

Ajkimmins says:

This would be nice. My S3 seems old and outdated now!

Ajkimmins says:

This would be nice. My S3 seems old and outdated now!

I badly need a new phone.

Yousif Sobhi says:

soooooo.... when you guys gonna send my S4?? :p

aaronmcd1214 says:

Who doesn't love free phones?

jdfaulkner says:

I need that Galaxy S IV


I have GS3 and its the best phone I have ever owned. I have owned ALOT of phones over the years its Samsung finally got it right with this one. Of coarse the GS4 would be similar. They improved the things they needed to and left what everyone linked alone. I would absolutely love to get a new GS4 and since I'm grandfathered in to Verizon's unlimited plan, I am unable to purchase an Verizon subsidized phone or I will lose that unlimited data plan. So its either I win one here or I fork out the $600 or so dollars for an unsubsidized phone. Pick me please!

eain says:


TechAd says:


I want to replace my old Galaxy S II with S4.

FARCrow says:

More screen real estate, battery and hopefully better performance? Sign me up please and thanks for doing this AC :)

Steve Scott1 says:

Count me in.

bsbllfn38 says:

This is an awesome phone!

Would love to give my wife a nice new phone :)

Win or buy, ether way I'm getting one, love the S3, good luck to all.

Bob Stewart says:

I want to win one!!!

AllGood says:

Happy St Patty's day to me?

Arjun Amin says:

This would be epic!

sdsanfilippo says:

Looks like a GREAT phone. Friends of mine who have the S3 LOVE it and this one is even better! Winning it would be WONDERFUL!!

sooby77 says:

Good luck everyone!

Jay Soto says:

Have I added mine? No? Here it is.

jdfaulkner says:

I need that Galaxy S IV

inthepit says:

I so want one of these!!!

taadow1030 says:

Some of these comments are hilarious. I'd root for you if you weren't my competition. ;-)

LazyEvul says:

I've always been a BlackBerry man, but I wouldn't mind having a crack at Android with the Galaxy S4!

gameson says:

would love to win S4. My last Android was Galaxy S/Captivate. If I do, probably give iPhone 5 to my sister. She would love it.

Thanks for the chance.

latashaw says:

It's time for a new phone, please pick me.

citycrazed25 says:

Woot!!! S IV here I come.

nelson_k says:

I want galaxy S4.. S4 is the besttttt

bergeronjc says:

I want one!

I think that the galaxy s4 is an evolutionary update to the s3 and not a revolutionary because android as an OS didn't evolve much last year so touchwiz is just a skin and Samsung tried to evolve it as much as they can. Everyone loved the galaxy s3 because it was a major OS update from ginger bread to ice cream sandwich but jelly bean is not a major update. I think key lime pie on Note 3 will be revolutionary because its a major update. I also think that I should win the phone

anthonycr says:

I'd love to win one

mviglesias57 says:

I'd like one

Ezhik says:

One day I'll win!

FooFighter7 says:

I'm not sure if I already commented, but I'd still love an S4!

johnm323 says:

need a dinc replacement...badly.

luckyn8 says:

Long time listener, first time caller... Thanks, I'll hang up and listen

gasponia says:

Sign me up!

Would love to win

guts311 says:

Please pick me! I cannot afford a new phone but need one because mine is broken!
Thank you Android Central :)

adholguin says:

Please Pick ME i want to get rid of my iPhone and i want to Android back!

Luis Aguiar says:

I would really, appreciate a GSIV!!! May the odds be in my favor :D

Sunny28sept says:

Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I regularly follow androidcentral's tweets. I really want to win the s iv

karatdiamond says:

Thx for giving us this opportunity, you always do cool stuff like this and have excellent information on the latest mobile technology! Would love to win this great phone. Have a blessed weekend!

ddaydev says:

WOW! 11900 comments, goodluck everybody. :)

Mastaking says:

Good luck me

Ali Hannan says:

My Galaxy Note got stolen! Avenge me o Android Central!

Mastaking says:

Good luck me

Dirk Duane says:

Would like one of those!

skicheer12 says:

So Gotta get an S4. need to switch from razr.

duffman14 says:

Ya I want the cheesy poof!

duffman14 says:

Ya I want the cheesy poof!

Jon_Rivera says:

Must...have it

andypoi says:

Yes, please.

Dknyc says:

Please pick me.

tybym says:

Mine! :)))

Blackberry z10 and now a gs4 yeah

I've owned a lot of android tablets but I've never owned a smartphone. But as of latley I've been looking into it... and now that the s4 is coming out I think this will be my first regardless whether I win or not. Thanks for the opportunity!

joevaracalli says:

Give me one please I need to give it to my gf to get rid of her iPhone

Hatshepsut says:

I would love to win one of these!

dantheman135 says:

Gotta have some kind of luck to win this. But hey worth the try

Gazellen says:

Is it possible to participate if I am from Denmark?

mth785 says:

If it's free I guess I'll take one.

Gazellen says:

Is it possible to participate if I am from Denmark?

Rocking my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X. S4 would be a great technological pick me up!

JediJesus95 says:

If I was upgrading sometime next month the S4 would be my phone of choice.

rishiam says:

In for one. Android anytime anyday.

rajneesh1315 says:

I want one...

amplwp says:

I would love to win an S4 from the coolest Android site on the net!

rchartier says:

Pick me!! Thx guys

mdholgate says:

Loved the S3, looking forward to the S4!!!

fredo840 says:

I would love to have the galaxy S4, the best phone ever.

rsvr60 says:


BBLGH says:

I really want to win that phone

iRS73 says:

I would love 2 win!

spoofer09 says:

Think positive!!! ATT Please!

jrock1979 says:

What has two thumbs and should win the first galaxy s 4? This guy!

ABmoney09 says:

I wanna win! Please pick me!

malli011026 says:

I Want S4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PodMonkeys says:

SIV would be a nice upgrade from the one I got now. Then I can use trickle down to get my wife off the iPhone!

Dr.Deebs says:

Count me in!

aeoveu says:

I'm a comment!

fling168 says:

Are you sure it is that easy to enter a contest? Sure you don't need a silly picture of myself, my dog, my kid, or wife?

GrungyNA says:

Hook me up, please

lorddrgn says:

Android Central rocks!

sulare says:


Kevin Dailey says:


Keith Allen says:

I want to be in a Galaxy, far, far away! With my life companion of course.

abstrak says:


Word up.

Timelessblur says:

I would love a chance to get one. So yes pleasse

it is pretty cool, but it'll be tough to win me away from the note 2.

pcandido says:

I want one!

mugenazul says:

I'm ready 4 it.

seanq47 says:

Up to 12,000 entries so far? Loving those odds...

Santi Abbate says:

Yey! I want it. Thanks for this contest!

CL Redeye says:

I'm here for the S4, hand it over :)

tony1469 says:

Mine all mine! Give it too me now!

Thank You

Calvin1342 says:

Hope I win!

mordyf says:

I like the new S4 it looks neat and is skinnier than the S3.

naash89 says:

I would love a Samsung Galaxy S4

royalwarren says:

Here is my raffle ticket.

gnice18 says:

can't win if you don't play

SMEJIA says:

I was drooling when i saw the video of the S4. May the CyberGods make a winner!

Jayblodg says:

This looks awesome! Now do I wait for the next Nexus or pick up one of these...tough decision for me!

gsainath4u says:

Please pick me... had skipped upgrading to S3, so that I can have this beautiful beast :)

dropkickpa says:

Sweet, getting a new phone in the next month.

sri745 says:

Would be totally awesome to get one of these phones :)!

johnney5 says:

the s4 makes me feel funny.

Tamis sama says:

Woooowww!!! Galaxy S4 is really cool.
I want to win it!!!!!

smotrs says:

I wouldn't pass it up if I was picked.

liteon163 says:

Yes, please.
Thank you.

MazoMark says:

Pick me!

I hope to meet my new compagnon soon!

Do want!

dtaylo75 says:

I'm pretty happy with my N4, but the IR feature is really tempting. I'm betting it could replace all my remote controls...


A new phone would be lovely.

MindRecon says:

What a great phone to have!

maxbeloat says:

I'm so excited about the galaxy s4!! Especially the chance to win one!

maxbeloat says:

I'm so excited about the galaxy s4!! Especially the chance to win one!

JJones1210 says:

Please choose me so I can replace my Galaxy Nexus!!

HYNK says:


you guys rock..!!

11,000 posts so far....I hope to be the lucky one!!!!

Actually I was number 11,999....

eatonjb says:

going to be honest, its not a huge bump, but its a new toy and i love new toys.. Hit me with the 4!

cbosenbark says:

I'd love to win this phone. Yes, please!

snqk says:

pick me!

Love Android Central -- Thanks for offering this contest!!!

mattmanne says:

Would love to win one and upgrade from my S3

I'm all in!

interhawk1 says:

i would love a new s4!!!!!

carhappykid says:

Gimmie, please Thanks

clone2148 says:

Please pick me! I'm a big fan of Samsung smartphone and tablets and Nexus devices!

NexusKoolaid says:

Over 11000 entries so far
Should I make my post slightly bizarre?
So I got busy quick
I thought maybe a limerick
Might help raise my post above par

So Samsung just made a new phone
Android Central has then made it known
A free phone for a post
So here's my rhyming riposte
Android Central please throw me a bone

...In the shape of a phone

...A Samsung S4, not a clone

...for me to own

Nathan_SG says:

I would like to win this.

MowDownJoe says:

I forget if I posted here before...

dyastrab says:

Movin' on up. Too a GS4!

oldmanflair says:


Koubiczech says:

I want :-)

talhamid says:

I need it bad

jmcsantos says:


Stooby61 says:

This would make a great replacement to my ageing S2

Woosh says:

Sign me up!

What up android central!! I gotta win that samsung galaxy 4 pick me =]

dabron says:


sodapopper says:

Don't bother entering because I'm going to win!

shiehk1206 says:


Gotta have the newest, and the best. Samsung rules!

redliner340 says:

Here's hoping I win!

ashahidi says:

I want one!

Lakers247 says:

habemus papam

jctennis says:

Pretty please!

I hope to be lucky

ryclark85 says:

I want a Galaxy S4!

MSGM says:

Count me in!

Matt Barton says:

Could do with some good fortune

Merk42 says:

Phone is in desperate need of an upgrade, and my bills mean I can't pay for one soon.

mck82 says:

I would love to have one!

It would be pretty awesome to win this!

The incremental improves of Samsung Galaxy S4 make it really appetizing!

Mikey D_PhD says:

I'd like to have one of these for my wife.

I like. I want!

reidanthony says:

Comment! Galaxy! Samsung! S4! Boo Yaa!

campanth says:

Could really use an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus. An S4 would definitely work...

teevirus says:

Dibs on that S4

rlfisher says:

Yes, please!

Kamal Bisht says:

lovd this phone
hope to win!!!

afazel says:

Good luck, everyone.

swmrbkrrnr says:

I'm still rocking my SII so I am excited to upgrade would be great if I could do it for free! Come on baby daddy wants a new phone!

SoHo says:

Pick Me!!!

Mick Wolfman says:

Hope i win & then i can find out for myself what all the fuss was about & see if it is as good as they say.

J James says:

I want it for troll purposes

DDS0728 says:


I'm not overwhelm by this phone but I'll take it, cuz I always want the latest and greatest

I've got no shot. So why not? I would do this if I won: /('. ' )\ /( ' .')\ /('. ' )\ /( ' .')\ /( ' •')\ \( • .•)/ (v '.) /(__)\ (.' v) /('. ' )\ (• :) \( , ',)/ (: •) /( '.' )\ <(^o^)/ /('. ' )\ /( ' .')\ /('. ' )\ /( ' .')\ /( ' •')\ \( • .•)/ (v '.) /(__)\ (.' v) /('. ' )\ (• :) \( , ',)/ (: •) /( '.' )\ <(^o^)/

DaGODFather says:

Could really use a new phone and this would def work!

droid5000dw says:

Would love this new g4. Look out iPhone, here comes Samsung.

bhefty says:

Please help me! I'm stuck with an ancient Samsung Reclaim! I need this phone, my lack of Android is killing me!

markese10 says:

Me please.

freshnerd729 says:

Galaxy to the end I want this

driver5614 says:

Win or lose thank you for the contests and yes win or lose this will be my next phone

I want that galaxy s4

robbies7897 says:

Wow. I don't know how you guys afford all of these giveaways, but they sure are awesome!

bstarfish says:

Chicken dinner?

Here's hoping!

nuchdog says:

Come on AC Gods!! Pick me!

bradbar says:

Yes, please! Hook me up.

Peter McCain says:

Yes, one for me.

blaque37 says:

I never win any of these contest; Maybe here's my shot.

I want that galaxy s4

jigsawhc says:

Winning 1 would be great!

scag21 says:

Apple is in a lot of trouble now. Why would anybody pick an Iphone over this phone or any other top notch Android phone?

luuts says:


APharmacist says:

By the power of GREYSKULL!!

LS14EVR says:

This would totally make my year perfect! Lucky 13! Come on!

DZolty85 says:

Let's do it!!!

mkern555 says:

give me one!!

ericandjan says:

I actually LOVE the S3, and the S4 looks like a great improvement over the S3. Hoping that some of the S4 goodness trickles down to the S3 someday. Until then, here's hoping I win an S4!!

m1chala7 says:

I'm rocking the Motorola Droid... The original- I'd love a new phone! :D Thanks!

RastaDroid says:

Soooo will the AndroidCentral Moderators be reading all these pages of comments to choose one winner, or will they just pick one random page and choose the best comment on that page? Either way I never owned a Galaxy phone but I have owned Samsung devices and wouldn't mind if the S4 be my first Galaxy phone, can kinda say it would pop my Galaxy cheery lol, but good luck to all and hopefully I win... Thanks for the opportunity AndroidCentral!!!

hotbbq says:

I'll move to a new country if I win this phone! =P

KidCuda says:

Even though people hate, Samsung still makes good stuff

guenth says:

yep yep

UndeadBob says:

Still looking for just the phone to replace my sadly aging Atrix...

tiwaryak says:

Sam sung
HTC one is mere pun
S-IV is more fun

Pretty neat that they managed to fit a bigger battery/screen in a smaller frame...

Minnzy says:

It looks pretty sweet, I gave up the GS2 for the Gnex, could this bring me back....... With AC's help it will!

work4crown says:

I want to win!!! Please please please and thank you! 0:-) (That is me with my halo)

Merje Adams says:

Do i actually have a change to win a phone that will work? That would be amazing :)

Groof says:

I am entering this contest with a post! Whoo.

sprof says:

Hmm...this or a One?

Premium1 says:

Would love to win one so I can get rid of this iPhone and get back into team lloyd

Premium1 says:

Would love to win one so I can get rid of this iPhone and get back into team lloyd

tine says:

Yes, please!

Do we^H^H I get to pick a carrier? Or will it be GSM?

epic1 says:

In to win!

tonylinde says:

I'd sure like to win that.

Galaxy S4? Yes, please.

dennygreen says:

gimme my s4.

this s3 is too old.

DaRyMu says:

Great competition. Hope I can win 1. Is there a country restriction for eligibility tho?

Incitatus says:

If I win, it will be the greatest day of my life.

evilmarty says:

I appreciate these contests, and this one in particular. I'm in.

Mofus says:


kbslakeshow says:

Pick me


dmlangdon says:

I want to win. I need a new phone

Strijder says:

Sign me up!

The phone sounds like a winner. Not sure what HTC's problem is with it. They are getting way too defensive. Samsung > HTC > Apple.

kmospan says:

Free phone, please.

kaufmansm says:

I love my gs3, but will get gs4 when available. Hopefully from you!

I just got a Note 2. Should have waited.

texmexican07 says:

Forget the One, GS4 for me!

You guys haven't given your number one fan anything yet. It's time you gave me something, so I'll settle for this phone.

SpenceJonas says:

Interesting looking phone, maybe it's time to give Sammy another go.

thomaschila says:


AZbear says:

I would love to win the phone.

Nice contest, this is.

imagoX86 says:

I'm in...I'm bored with my GS3...screen is full of scratches.

Who doesn't want the new galaxy s4? I'll be very happy with a free one. Thanks for the chance.

othercents says:

Don't remember if I posted before, so please excuse me if I post twice.

nene150 says:

got to be in it to win it

I'd love one !

TourATL says:


Jose Gomez4 says:

I want want!!! Please pick me!!

vi001101106 says:

I may not always enter contests to win phones, but when I do...

knarfabul says:

It's not me but my daughter that could use the new S4! Here's hoping.

Behzad Bayat says:

Could I win this? It would be an amazing upgrade from my existing Galaxy Nexus. I might even give it as a gift to my wife.

arjen82 says:

Would like to try it to see if it is better than my Nexus 4

baballard says:

Pick me!

Bmic22 says:

Plan on getting one. Not paying for it would be sweet!

prophecyny7 says:

Count me in. Would be an awesome upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus.

Win win win for me me me

Cyxodus says:

The Galaxy S IV looks nice.

I'd love an S4.... Send it my way please!

rbnmndz says:

I'd like one. It's time to change my phone.

eyet says:

Pick me!

Caveman419 says:

I would gladly had over my soul to get a new Galaxy S4. Please send one my way!

sds144 says:

I could certainly make good use of this.

I would love a S4!

shahuln says:

Samsung galaxy s4

Please pick me?

kenkrause says:

Can't wait to get my hands on one. We are all getting Samsung phones at our house.

Thanks Android Central.

Nice! Let's get it on!

bismark says:

Christo needs a new S4.

tattedboss says:

Yes definitely could use this. also put something in the win column

I want one! thank you :)

Khoo says:

I'll take it!

tpags says:

Sign me up!!

Almeuit says:

I am keeping my fingers crossed! :)

dansherman says:

Do want the s4, I need the s4

mtmjr90 says:

Never owned a Galaxy S device, wouldn't mind giving one for a spin ;)

gympygirl says:

Wow! So many comments already. So little chance of winning. I would love the new S-IV, it sounds awesome!! The S-III is a terrific phone!!!

rlccgc says:

yes please.

yuchieh says:

Samsung supporter here - have tablet, S3, TV, even fridge and stove. come on S4!!!

erylflynn says:

Could use an upgrade to my S3!

sremick says:

This comment is my entry :)

timhow says:

Me, me, me!!!

tlaswell says:

Does the Samsung UI that much different from a stock Android UI? The high performance (Processor and extra memory) would be a great improvement to warrant a trade off of a different UI.

mojochris says:

Love to replace my S2 with the S4!

Annie411 says:

My Rezound is dying and a Galaxy would make me so so happy.

Curly62 says:

Here's hoping...

Seegar says:

I would be very happy to win this

bloomberry says:

I have never won anything before....I can only hope this would be my first win!! Fingers crossed

Berg1 says:

Oké Sammy, you want to give Cupertino the finger? Replace my crappy iPhone with this beauty!

ttrevorr says:

Sign me up... but are our odds increased if we write something witty here? b/c I cant really come up with a witty comment.

Dear Android Central,

You rock.

Sincerely, Me

jusdis says:

Would love to win!

Sophos says:

Hey, Thx 4 the giveaway!


dankgoat says:

This phone sounds aawwwwweesommmee!