Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Docavelli says:

I would love to win an S4. If I won I would donate my S3 to a person in need of a still high end phone.

Trainer_1 says:

I will buy it if I must, but I'd rather win it!

Winner winner chicken dinner

eljedo says:

I stuck with my GNex and I held off on the GS3 and the N4 just for this very moment. Let it be me!

jdroeck says:

They call me Mr. Boombastic, love the shiny plastic
Touchwiz gives me slack, gotta love the Galaxy S 4, 4...

n-strike says:

Thank you for the opportunity!

kalel3038 says:

Hi lol superman wants one!!!

ryank007 says:

Interesting. Please choose wisely. As in me.

NGagen says:

Sounds easy enough...

themuffinman says:

Pick me please, pretty pretty please!!!!!!!!

jujurko says:

one for me !

wabyrd says:

My phone is about due for a replacement...this would do nicely...Thanks AC!

S4!!! S4!!! S4!!!

jaswolf says:

Sweet, this would make easy to make the jump after 4 years of HTC phones.

smokeymokey says:

1 in a 778 chance (so far)... might as well see what happens!

bwood2016 says:

Pick me! Pick me!Lol

naikvishald says:

Me win, me happy..

TheDave says:

Count me in

Ventus221 says:

I want an s 4 it would be the best phone ever

David Suarez says:

I will gladly take that phone. Don't have a smartphone and this would make a great first!

zaeman2569 says:

HEY Lloyd!!!!!!

im ready to win some Sammy GS4 goodness! please pick me!!!! thank you!

Calicrs says:

What about meee! I want a S4!

jdhas says:

Sure. Why not?

bry79hc says:

so they (samsung) announced the announcement...

good enough for me!

cedpme says:

I'll have that free SGS4. Thank you Android Central! You guys rule!

auronblue says:

Count me in!

queenz521 says:

I needs me this phone!!! :) lol

elvisgp says:

Would like one!

deep210 says:

Next is what..

mrtubz69 says:

Give it to me, and ill give away my brand new RAZR MAXX!

Would love some Samsung goodness! Thank you Android Central!

tcmeiss says:

Count me in!


Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

ogbetua says:

I want one!!

ithinkimjoe says:


bignick07 says:

May I have one!

MrCheesecake says:

I hate Samsung, fact.

el1diablo says:

Now this is a phone I can live with. Hook a brother up android central!

drefgui says:

I'll win!

Droidshack says:

If I could actually win this... *deep breath*
Finally, I'll have a smartphone.
Here goes!

algarblandom says:

I want that SGS 4!

Kageden says:

I was slightly disappointed with last years announcement, but it ended up a fairly decent phone. My wife loves hers, so it'll be nice to see what kind of a bump it gets this year.

bbroecker says:

Yes, please!

jjenson says:

I might as well take a shot would love to get my hands on a S4.

Stonecold says:

About to win this!

vodo34861 says:

The S4 will be amazing!!!

ryancl25 says:


Pillmanuk says:

Well I'm in the UK and looks like I've a snowball in he'll chance of winning.

But if you don't take part you'll never win.

I'd love an S-IV

doc31 says:

Hopefully I'll be able to buy the HTC One by then.

chandraz says:

Eagerly waiting for S4. It is going to rock the world and kick iphone 5 to death.

cyberslug says:

I like to win stuff

Pillmanuk says:

Well I'm in the UK and looks like I've a snowball in he'll chance of winning.

But if you don't take part you'll never win.

I'd love an S-IV

eljoker says:

I have a better shot of winning this than the Lottery.

Rototti says:

I'll have it!

The Next Big Thing is Here-ROUND 2. 'can't stop SAMSUNG...'

hotbbq says:

This comment is also applicable to the Galaxy S5 contest next year.

raicha83 says:

I would like to have the new one!

palmor says:

Count me in!

Now this is a good contest... device that hasn't even released yet. Can't wait to get my hands on that fresh hardware :P

teggy6 says:


mrbanks says:


rafkong says:

I would give an arm and a leg to win this phone.

I have a disease called being poor :-(

Please make my dream of owning a Samsung Galaxy S4 a true one.

javila12 says:

I'd like this

krakus303 says:

Good Luck Everyone!

MarkSeven says:

Good contest!! Hope I get picked! I never win anything this cool! I need to leave Verizon soooo bad!!

Da_Poet says:

That would be a wonderful gift!

coreygator says:

Still using the original Evo 4G. Its about time for a new phone.

Patsfan123 says:

Server is going to crash!

Great replacement for my old HTC phone ! Thanks . . .

Chase Meyer says:

I want one sooo bad

MedicDan348 says:

I'd love an S4..even more than that I'd like Samsung to invite me to the event. But if I have to, I'll settle for the S4..haha.

zrati69 says:

I'm in!!!

burghbaybe says:

Definitely in need of a new phone~! :-)

aaquibk says:

I'm gonna win Samsung S4 and there is no doubt about it

hi jk says:


sracercelica says:

I won!!!!!!!!

is what I will say if I do :)

maxim6194 says:

I want it

Juan Garcia4 says:

Pick me I never win anything.

Alex949 says:

Have a drink on me!


blu8503 says:

YES! Count down to announcement just over 2 weeks!

This comment is full of win. Meaning, I win. :)

mushi_am says:

I would love to see Samsung take the world to a whole new level.
Great eagerly waiting to see the next history making device.

nscott69 says:

I want one!

RacerXJ says:

In. In. In. My Samsung Charge is old and tired.

LostInStereo says:

Pick me!

Me please.

htcuser8740 says:

Winner winner! Chicken dinner!

psmith06vt says:

I would love me a GS4

npco543 says:

I can haz galaksy fore?

DgitalD says:

I'm on an S2 right now. I'd love to win an S4

guyzyl says:

pick me

hotice says:

I'm looking forward to seeing what Samsung does with the Galaxy S4. I'm hoping rumors are true and they will go with a Snapdragon 600 or 800 processor instead of the Exynos 8-core. I think the battery life will be better and performance should be similar or at least awesome with the Snapdragon. I'm also wondering if they're going to go Maxx on it and give it a 3000+ mAh battery. It would be nice to see on a phone that's not 5.5" other than the Razr. I'm really not sure it's wise to put a 1080p display on a 5" or less display just because you don't really get the practical benefit but you take a performance and battery life hit. They should stick with 720p in 5" or less phones I think but I'm sure Marketing will not let them do that.

crjo0101 says:

Oh boy! Drool...

I'm not even sure I can handle the awesomeitude (yup, new word) of the Galaxy S4, but I would try my darndest.

deauxboy123 says:


disciple27 says:

I need to replace this Droid Incredible. Pick me PLEASE!!!!!!

flashsider says:


huangpatan says:

I hope I win! :)

Bahamaboy99 says:

pick me!

chrislay says:

Heck yeS4!

editor619 says:

This guy!

Spectre130 says:

This would make my wife very happy!! I'm in!

irtechneo says:

Im in.

rfalso says:

Please toss my name in the hat. Thanks!

mdye says:

Yes. This is a great idea (though I'd still have a soft spot for my GS3.)

There's going to be half a million comments on this article.

I want it too :)

RicoW says:

Pick Me

rajneesh1315 says:

Time to replace my Skyrocket!!!!!

BigpappaJ says:

Me and my Verizon S3 are still getting along pretty well... but sometimes she just doesn't understand me... an upgrade might be in order.

kdigital71 says:

I bet it tastes good

shelbz says:

Put me down for one

Smitty_82 says:

I'm in

Keewin Ong says:

Easiest contest ever!

PFKMan23 says:

I'm in.

ALN1 says:

I'm pretty excited to see what Samsung has for this one.

dongemus says:

This is awesome! How long until the S V contest?

Sancho Luna says:

Count me in ;-)

LROBLES46 says:

I want one!

Crossing my fingers and toes.

opusinwa says:

Good luck to everyone, including me.

tobiasg says:

I must go down to the sea again, the lonely sea and the sky
And all I ask is for a S4 and good GPS lock.. . .

Full poem here

Thanks for being awesome and giving away an S4.

baz2a says:

Awesome, thank you AndroidCentral!

Luke Hardy says:

Android Central you guys are the best! Samsung is by far one of my top brands for electronics. Keep up the awesome work you guys do.

Crossing my fingers and toes.

Robert Le says:

I'll take a free phone any day

Crossing my fingers and toes.

Crossing my fingers and toes.

Crossing my fingers and toes.

Crossing my fingers and toes.

Big_d79 says:

I want one please.

ariashugo1 says:


josva311 says:

I want that S4 :D

PadyLoki says:

sweet put my name in the hat for one

Stadifer says:

As someone just getting into app development on Android a new Galaxy S4 would rock!

lefear says:

I'll enter too

cmbrese1 says:

Hope I win this!

I would love to have a snazzier phone than my husband!

Ssj237 says:

March 14 is my birthday so it will make my birthday even better to win lol. Still though i do know like 4 different people with the same birthday. Any-who LET ME Win!!

Sanrick says:

I want one, hope I'm the lucky winner :-)

tattedboss says:

This could make my week by winning.

aberod777 says:

i never win, but i am going to win this.

Bumboid says:

Pretty, pretty please! :)

senote says:

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Pleeeeeeeeeaaassseee.

blipp says:

ummmm comment?

FragU says:

Galaxy S4... is that the new name for the HTC M7? Just about anything has to work better than my Evo 4G LTE (remember when google navigation worked on the original Evo? Good times...).

Thanks for the contest!

ViganJashari says:

I`ve sold my s2, two months later I bought s3, before one week I`ve sold s3, and now i want to be first to have the s4. I love Android & Samsung, i love this kind of giveaways too. I hope to win one that deserves more.

christpunk01 says:

Yes please.

I'll take the phone off your hands.

Special price, today only. For free!

AC for the win.

kindaskimpy says:

Wow, you guys are on the ball! Samsung hasn't even announced the second... erm... fourth coming yet! Well, count me in!

scaryhumor says:

Could it be, yes it could, something's coming, something good. IT'S MY S4!!!!!

Please me! I'm tired of HTC! :)

netposer says:

Best SG so far!

bbillstein says:

I'll take it!

still1 says:

Pick me. and all the best to the rest

Olografix says:

My S3 needs a big little brother!!

JStyles1 says:

An S4 would be a BIG upgrade from my current GNEX!

I like new toys. Would love to get my hands on this.

jademan38 says:

Galaxy FanBoy here :)...Had the S, S2, and S3. Please pick me.

kupco says:

Holy moly!

vianar says:

Yes please!

unicorn125 says:


Sure why not ... in it to win it.

antoine0321 says:

I love Samsung Galaxy Line Put Me Down For A Samsung Galaxy S IV I Pray That I Win

Nitin Gaba says:


marcf31 says:

I´d take one ;-)

jonmall says:

Does this comment constitute an entry?

niko_orsini says:

Pick me, I want to change my iPhone!

svoxm says:

A Comment.

blackgs3 says:

I just switched over to the Android OS from iOS recently. Would love to get the "Next Big Thing" in my hands (sorry if that came out wrong lol)! Hope I win and good luck to everyone in this great community!

I hope that Galaxy S4 will fulfill all of our expectations and hopes!!!

shaneispic says:

Winning rocks

paral3ellum says:

i'll take one

digitalcynic says:

4 > 3 ...It's gotta' be way better right? :)

dragonhuntur says:

Long time reader, seldom poster. Pick me!

alacrify says:

This would be AWESOME.

dj90sz says:


chgoflip10 says:

Did I win yet to join the Galaxy World? :-)

dschoenike says:

The galaxy S4 would be a worthy replacement to my PPC 6700 Apache :)


mickeyab3 says:

Pick me!

IcRedEye says:

Winning an S4 would put me in neckbeard nirvana!

frylock87 says:

It's about time I upgraded my bionic, I think.

myriad46 says:

Here's crossing my fingers....

New galaxy to best the next five iPhones!

junglejunkie says:

It would be so awesome to win this!

abtxpress says:

I love AC!!! Good luck everyone.

ajkerr77 says:

I'm sure it will be awesome and I'll be glad to take it off your hands! Thanks!

dcon87 says:

It's good to be here, long time no see my dear
I took the run out to the road to find a way
But the loneliness broke into tears..

Song i'm listening to right now :)

lucfig says:

I want it!I want it!I want it!I want it!

wintwh says:

I would love my pawz on that new phones. Burn Apple Burn!

gpal89 says:

Now this is a reason for a first post. LOVE Android Central!

KPCallahan says:

Ummmm YES

chuuuu says:

good luck to everyone!

teej51685 says:

Pardon me, do you have a spare Galaxy S IV?

bobs6762 says:

Please, my Droid X2 is about to go belly up!

SLEEP3R says:

Count me in!

Lurchh says:


fooznugget says:

Always love a new gadget

phatboy-p says:

Wait... Samsung makes phones?

ejraney says:

I want one please!

David Edel says:

became a member just to comment. (now you must pick me:))

FlipperJ says:

Count me in.

Babus100 says:

Can I have an S IV please? Thanks!

Ollie798 says: I need this phone.

Oh yes please! Give me one :)

msjazzy92 says:

If you never try, you’ll never know...though chances are slim i still want to give it a try :-)

gitb1029 says:

Choose me!!

Would be great to win. What a cool opportunity!

fasdf78 says:


Papadakis says:

My GS3 needs to be updated

I'll take one!

simp_10 says:

Please draw my name!

nismo35 says:

count me IN!!!!

sainomis says:

I hope this is not like the PS4 announcement and there is actually a GS4 to show. Still want it, heck I'll take any new phone. The skyrocket I'm using is falling apart tiny specks of paint at a time.

A single comment

stnguyen09 says:

I want!

I LOVE my S3, but I bet I would love an S4 even more!!! Maybe this could be the chance to get out from under Verizon???

radiohawk says:

Have to complete the set, so please pick me :-)

curtis206 says:

count me in!

ibecker says:

The S3 is a fantastic phone, and I fully expect Samsung to deliver even more for the S4!


novahob says:

Won't say no to an S4 :-):-)

wildkarrde21 says:

Sure, why not?

Fisack23 says:

Single comment? What if I'm married?

I Just love where Android is going in General. Just Imagine the sweet possibilities of the S4 coupled with Ubuntu for Android, ... Epic Sauce :-).

nelsencd says:

This would be awesome.

will_solo says:

It's worth a shot. Hope I win!

Mohannad_7 says:

I've never won anything and sure won't :(
but it's worth a shot I really really really really need this.
fingers crossed :)

I don't want this one... I hate Samsung and Android Central... So,please don't select me as a winner...
don't hate me, b'coz i am a very big liar...D:-)

itony says:

the galaxy will be mine!!

sawedust says:

"I'm lonely and sad... let me eat this tub of ice cream." Signed, a single comment.

Westfire says:

Thanks AC!

jayezgoing says:

It will be great to win this phone!

Chad Frew says:

Count me in!

Tylor Lehman says:

Pick me :-)

Luv ya all!

uofmike says:

My birthday is March 14th, just sayin

Antob125 says:


CrimsonMaher says:

Sign me up for an S4!

jrnlytn says:

I am ready to win!!! Thanks!

Towelette says:


davedev says:

I really hope it lives up to my expectations and has a bigger battery than the SIII

cmgodwin says:

Thanks for this awesome contest!

Rick Lozano says:

So please, please, please
Let me, let me, let me
Let me get what I want this time
A Galaxy S4

i smell a winner!!!!!!!!

russlowe73 says:

I would love to win a Samsung GS4! Courtesy of one of the best android sites in the businesses.

stevetrooper says:

Sign me up, please!

marcel_26 says:

Give it to me! Give it to meeeee!!!

ttrevorr says:

This would be pretty sweet to win!
This or a nexus 4... I really like the idea of the samsung galaxy phones but i really want onscreen keys (please no physical keys) and an unlocked bootloader so i can flash whatever rom I want.

S4...? Yes please!

bobmay says:

I am in!

azkerosene says:

And here would be my post.

I would love the new unknown phone

mph122074#IM says:

Definitely want this phone...

tuanster1119 says:

Good luck everybody!

David Piotto says:

Yes, please!

r1fo says:

Good luck to all! Still hoping you pick me though :)

Pilon88 says:

May as well leave a comment hoping to win an s4! <3

caddy197 says:

Pick me! pick me!!!!

Wade Emerson says:

Hell yeah!

vaio1 says:

Me me me :)

durhamite says:

I never win anything, hopefully with this contest my luck will change. Thanks AC in advance :)

albertek says:

Pick me please.

NavyVet420 says:


thechemE#CB says:

yes please

samsung galaxy S4 - This needs to be in my galaxy!!!

jivy75#AC says:

Awesome, good luck to me!

rub2008 says:

Pick me! I love the S3 I imagine the S4 is just going to be AWESOME!!!

turdbogls says:

i want to win bad.

db3peat1 says:

Still rockin the original Galaxy S, bring on the 4!

Give it to me

specialk2980 says:

Yes please

artxenoc says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 unlock? I think yes. Oh but it only comes in pink? Wifey takes it :/

DaGiff7 says:

I want one...I don't really know what it is yet, but I want one.

I love Samsung! Definitely my brand of choice! I'd love to win this!

7590steve says:

Comment. I want this device very much. Pick my face!

StorminDT says:

Wife needs a new phone!

kevin_wsy says:

Me want! Thanks AC! ~

kenny8504#AC says:

ahhh lets see if i get the chance to win a phone for once? haha sgs4

NoBrainer says:

Wouldn't mind being the one to make my fellow Techies jealous - in fact, I'd rather enjoy it.

mandujar1 says:

a new galaxy s iv would be greatly appreciated.

Saiyaman156 says:

I like winning.

Don't pick me, I don't want one! ;)

mistoffelees says:

Count me in!

Brian-PDX says:

I wanna win!

KrisC123 says:

S GS4TheWin. Let me have eeeettt

Talechaser99 says:

Have an S2, but skipped the S3. Need an S4!

Mace#AC says:

If I win, I would like to gift my SG2 to my son.

MWH811 says:

Awesome. I'm in!

vanroygm says:

I need another .2 inches of screen to complete my life...until the next shiny object.

craZDude says:

The chances are low, but I'd love to win!

Wolfroid says:

It is going to be one sweet summer if I get it...

flyguydip says:

Pick Me!

rj_989 says:


Count me in!!
Try try try and keep trying till one day you win something :D

eljoaquin says:


Ironman212 says:

Phil is one cool cat. Almost as cool as the S4 will be.

aegisys says:

I would like to win this telephone. I would like that very much.

DOOG9517 says:

I'll take mine in Verizon flavor please!

Murph says:

Yes please. Sprint variant, if possible.