Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

ale1926iaco says:

I like s4

ale1926iaco says:

I like s4

ale1926iaco says:

Bell bell bell

ale1926iaco says:

Bell bell bell

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


AdeleBC says:

I've been searching for a new mobile phone as my current one is on its last legs and I have an overseas trip this year I'd love to take my new phone on. I have been eyeing off the Galaxy Note II due to it's speed and artist editing abilities. The Galaxy S III is close behind. I imagine the Galaxy S IV is even better than either of these.
Having said that, I'd love to win any Samsung mobile device as I believe, after all my research, that they are the best out there at the moment. I doubt any competitors will come close for quite some time.
Way to go setting the bar Samsung!

10 more hours.

KaterinaM says:

I wanna get this gadget! )))

I want it!

eric3316 says:

AC Rules, win or lose!

MRW1215 says:

I suppose I could enter. Why not, right? Maybe I'll finally get lucky and win one of these things! (lol yeah right)

trido#AC says:


isisblue says:

Please pick me, I'd love to get this for my husband.
thank you!!

njtDROID2013 says:

Last one in, first one be picked for this amazing phone.
I've had my Epic SII for a while now and I been enjoying and bragging about it every since I got it. I even got a friend with an iPhone to switch to Samsung, he's a happy camper now. I'm ready for SGS4 and will be the No. 1 spokes person to make more converts. Samsung RULES!!!

papamarg says:

I hope it's charming enough to persuade me to ditch Nexus 4.

grumpy31700 says:

I need a new cell phone, SIV will rock

Irvgotti says:

Be nice to have this after i graduate basic training in may :P be nice of you A.C to pick me :)

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me me me please

nikitac says:

Would love to win the s4

nikitac says:

Pick me please it would make my bday

dwhbny201 says:

Ive been a Samsung customer for years Loyalty thats all im sayin

I love these giveaways :)

sharonwallis says:

Exciting exciting - can't wait!!

afv011 says:

Thanks for the contest!

Kodjo Junior says:

( I'm Fresh so my English is not really good )
I am loyal to Samsung and nothing can change that. I let her exchange with Bada with Wave, Wave 2 & currently Wave 3. Seeing happen Tizen I was happy to have one of its terminals to be updated in the next OS but unfortunately it will not be..
So now I try to redirect THE TERMINAL Android.

lajosmol says:

Ha nyerek csak Samsung-ot veszek!

progranade says:


Robin Simon says:

Yeah i hope i win!

Allison Sung says:

I am so excited about their release. Can't wait to be amazed by the newest Samsung technology again. I really like all the Samsung devices. Although I must admit I am an iphone/ipod/ipad/mac user as well. But my recent favorite is my galaxy note 2, absolutely in love with it! Wish myself good luck also everyone else! Hooray~

pbean2000 says:

not sure if its too late or not but i would love to have a new s4.

oddlou says:


wfdavis87 says:

This is my next phone for sure. But I can't upgrade until late June. I'll have to wait unless I WIN!

tigher says:

I am a diehard Android fan, no other OS for me! Would LOVE to be able to win this phone, it's going to be great!

Magari lo vincerei....

I really need this.

pegs520 says:

Hey what's up I want an s4 please and thank you.

pegs520 says:

Hey what's up I want an s4 please and thank you.


Jo Evans says:

Pick me please, my husband constantly whinges that his phone is rubbish and he doesn't get to upgrade until December!! I would be a very loving wife if I won this because I would give him mine (haha) and I would have this amazing prize!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Me. pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Galaxy S IV to go, please ;)

Radu Catalin says:

S4 will be AWESOME !!!!!!

jonaust14 says:

Please i need this!!!

Bexyboo_88 says:

I have never even owned a smartphone, Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! :)

Great Competition Thanks !
Looking forward to seeing what the S4 will look like and the new features.
My old Nokia is on it's last legs to the S4 would be a great upgrade.

Spero di essere io il vincitore... E' stramegagalattico questo teaser! In bocca al Lupo a tutti gli altri!

Come on, samsung galaxy S IV, hoping it will give me the new experience.

warp64 says:

S3 WHO :o

I want to win this so badly! Poor people can't afford it :(

CZonin says:

Good luck everyone!

ste20man says:

I do not want this prize and do not believe in reverse psychology or fate; i think; do i? Who the hell is typing this. Call the doctor! There's no better word than free. Except for maybe sex. They're both pretty rare in my opinion. I'll go for free. Sweet Lord I am bored.

There was a Samsung Galaxy S4 but now i commented aaaaand... it's gone!

There was a Samsung Galaxy S4 but now i commented aaaaand... it's gone!

eldricho says:

Wish i could win this. Been wanting an Samsung Galaxy since the S1 came out :)

coreymcl says:

Hoping my entry is selected!

Dude, yes.

Dude, yes.

Dude, yes.

Muzzas says:

Love the S4!!! I have an S3 but the headphone jack is broken...!! I would LOVE to own this!

Xxtopher says:

Caught what i could of the show, what i saw was enough...I want it...please

Blekfisen says:

With this phone I will no longer need a computer at home!

dragone7e says:

My jean pocket just happened to fit the phone, just saying~

ffastffrank says:

I am ready for a win as my Gingerbread EVO 4G is not only stale, it has mold growing on it. Hope the brain can absorb all the new neat features.

irock1985 says:

Because a nice guy should win!

07GD SFD says:

I'd love to win it!

hope I ll win

danmerezeanu says:

Pick me and my daughter will thank you. She is eagerly waiting for me to upgrade my current phone to get it. S4 is hot, hot, hot and I want it!

jwjlaane says:

woohoo I entering the competition..

scrumpyknux says:

The Samsung what? When did this get released? Last I heard the Nokia 3330 was making waves. Does it have a colour screen then?

i like the look and feel of you
you look and feel like something new
my current phone is made of poo
id be happy with an old s2

Steve A says:


Scarpinex says:

Pick me, i REALLY need a new phone :) and how cool is this? I only have to leave a comment here :D

Deenah12 says:

I have been wishing to be owning a samsung galaxy and to be able to use its awsome aplications since samsung galaxy3 came out!,each and every of my friend is owning but unfortunately i cant afford any,but i know the samsung team is full of bright heads n actually they are planning something great with samsung galaxy 4 therefore since last year december i've imagine to win one of this samsungs hopefully the time as arrived....*praying*

Deenah12 says:

Samsung Team,i know this is one amongst my many comments,i realy badly wanna win the samsung 4 and get an opportunity to be in tge samsung worl,i hear you have inteligen applications!,i hope my dreams come true:)X

Deenah12 says:

Samsung Team,i know this is one amongst my many comments,i realy badly wanna win the samsung 4 and get an opportunity to be in tge samsung worl,i hear you have inteligen applications!,i hope my dreams come true:)X

nethathe says:

Samsung s4 is the best

nethathe says:

Surely it is


I need me one of these. Hope I win!

Luis Santos1 says:

After religiously using the S2, I can only imagine how awesome the S4 will be, I really want it! thanks

Marco Izzo says:

I love Samsung Galaxy S4 more than you all... more than Samsung... I'll win, because the love win ever <3

Jared5599 says:

I'd love the S4! Thanks for the great work.

Ed Buisan says:

im also down for a great upgrade from my 5yr old phone, it would the greatest leap of faith from conventional keypad to a complete please-teach-me-not-to-be-ignorant when i see that kind of phone (Samsung Galaxy S4).. i always find myself drooling and wishing to have one. anyway - thanks to androidcentral. much love. from Philippines.

MHBlink8 says:

Galaxy S4, heck yeah!

DAS says:

Thank you Android Central for this opportunity. I would be honored to win the Galaxy S4.

cherbs019 says:

Want one!

Hope I win.... My EVO 3d is broke. There is no sound anymore, the screen is cracked, the touch screen doe not respond at times. I can't live like this anymore!! LOL send me some love in the form of an S4!!!

06cbrf4i says:

In to win.


geoff5093 says:

Pick me please!! I would love to upgrade.

ccogan says:


sunnyson says:

Definitely would like a gs4.

gwaki says:

You play to win the game

486sx33 says:

This would be my first win from AC!

My Wife could use a new BlackBerry, so I'll have to "suffer" and take the GS4

i want it!! (for free hahaha)

I would love to win this to give to my wife. I'm a fresh convert from the iPhone and after showing my S3 to my wife, she's adamant about switching as well and complains that her iPhone is so slow and inefficient!

enemyisyou says:

I'll take one.

Sean Klinger says:

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 looks so awsome

mattyb1085 says:

So you're saying there's a chance.

The Galaxy S IIIS! Please please!

kitster says:

Don't pick me - my Sprint HTC EVO LTE is just fine.

JUST KIDDING!! Please please please! :)

butta269 says:

My wife would be very happy if I won this!

tata123 says:

This is so cool.

Roy Burger says:

Love a give away

Jeff Siegel says:

I'll add my name / being a verizon guy / i'll guess it will be late 2013 :( if i win... still put me in the lot :)

Furiouso says:

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

kalerohn says:

I never win anything. :( Please pick me

radar320 says:

If I win, I win, if I don't no biggie... I am happy with my S3.

Milan188 says:

I would love to win this phone would make my year

FragU says:

Have to replace my wife's Galaxy SII... this would be perfect.

Milan188 says:

I would love to win this phone would make my year

ctimsims says:

yay! for a chance win ^_^

notion9 says:

In for a new phone.

ddtrujillo says:

I have the s3 would love the s4 it looks like a great phone

anicholas7 says:

I feel the need, the need for speed. Ready to rock the GS4.

dustinfrank says:

Please and thank you!

Please sir, may I have S4? (Oliver Twist reference)


Jeff Chaney says:

I'm going to buy one no matter what. But having two S4s is better than having one!

jeffdroid says:

Count me in for a Galaxy S4!

iVikD says:

Do want <3

Chase_128 says:

Woo hoo! Excited for the S4!

en7gm4 says:

galaxy s 4 don't mind if I do. will the eye tracking work with people with crazy eyes?

cggeek911 says:

I'm finally going to win something after all of this time...

arbearce says:

Would be nice to win.

Can I have one? :D

cabjmb says:

I would love to win this!

raymoore says:

There's better odds here than being "struck by a lottery ticket." Here's hopin' I win!

Moncitou says:

I would LOVE to be a World's First at something, and this would be excellent! :) Love Galaxy, WANT the Galaxy 4! Good luck to ME!

profman87 says:

I'm pretty stoked to get my new Galaxy S4! Wouldn't it be cool to win one?

erny5796 says:


nasero says:

Me, me me me me. I need to get rid of this Bionic.

slicetwo says:

oh lord oh lord please lord let me win this fine fine fine fancy fancy phone. oh lord please lord please.

Went to the event last night would be awesome to win a S4

dairatars says:

The Power of galaxy`s.

jimjr03 says:

Whoo! Awesome.

Superb phone.

Espinel Lucy says:


jurekam says:

I'll take one!

Joel Lewis says:

It's way past time to upgrade my Google Samsung Nexus s 4G

davin1023 says:

I would love to try an S4.

ialeem says:

Pick me!

brainedead says:

It would be great if I win one :)

Naruvam says:

I'll take One:)

Danny R says:

Please pick me I deserve it so much!!!

Cactacae says:

Can't decide... S4, One, X Phone... Make it easy for me

Lennyuk says:

Winning anything is awesome, but winning an s4 is legen...wait for it....dary..legendary

Howard Wong1 says:

I wanna win a galaxy s4! :)

kmart1574 says:

Would be a great phone to win!! It will be interesting to see what is brought over to the S3.

terslak says:

Pick me!

elijahbuck says:

In it to win it

vg7702 says:

I really hope it is me to replace my NS4G

Joachim S says:

Lottery ticket :)

Espinel Lucy says:

Yo quiero unoooooooo!

evilkefz says:

Lets see what this phone can do , and then make a report on it for you all

guyseltzer says:

Did I already post a comment here?

cje138 says:

Fingers crossed. I wanna win.

Stevester says:

11,000 comments?!? Still better odds than the lottery I guess...

damian27 says:


Sanosuke says:

Don't think I entered this contest yet! Good luck everyone.

apriores says:

Will be just a small step to S4 from my Galaxy Mini 2 if I win this contest. :P

palp1138 says:

Love the S3 and would love to replace my evo lte

Sniper1087 says:

Winning is cool

priestsyrinx says:

Come on, give it to me. I'm a Bionic owner. I've suffered enough.

presence06 says:

Braaaaaaaaaaaap, pick me. My new GS3 needs a bigger friend..

tdesai4 says:

Pick Me!!!

ChBtT says:

Octa-core processor? Wow how far we've come.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus. How about a little LOVE back?

mmarquez661 says:

I NEED to win one !!!!

Greigyboii says:

After watching the announcement, I really, really want to use this phone. Drama shots all round :D

qshio says:


PiotrekDG says:

Hi there!

rmead001 says:

Would love a new S4

nitedmn says:

I could use a new phone although I'm pretty sure my wife would take it from me.

Roy Harrigan says:

I'll take one Samsung Galaxy S3S please!

Would be great to win this for my wifey, she needs an upgrade. Crossing fingers..

Hope i win ittttt

I hope to win! Anything would be an upgrade from my Cappy, it's done me well but it's time to upgrade to a new galaxy.

JRreeos says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

JRreeos says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Who wants to win a Verizon galaxy S4? *slowly raises hand thinking they can't be serious?*

Me Me Me

If I win I promise to buy a Lloyd case & put it on the phone!

jslackhouse says:

would smash

Lin Jones says:

Looks like another winner from Samsung.

daydesign says:

I like the Galaxy S4 over the S3. It's one better.

I'd love to own a s4

lkbig says:

I'm a Nexus guy but I would never turn down a free GS4. I'll take it.

jprins68 says:

It would be hard to leave my Nexus 4, but cannot pass up a chance at a free device.

tmrony says:

count me in

Wendy Tanner says:

Just got an s3, should I have waited? Kind of missing my HTC my touch...

goknights says:

S44TW. OOO OOO Pick me.

SEJ says:

What's a Galaxy S4?

jacksjack says:

give me now

lolphone says:

I'd love to make my Galaxy Nexus jealous. :-D

azuno says:

Count me in!

CeluGeek says:

I'd love to win! The uber-snappy performance is what impressed me the most about the GS 4.

brandun999 says:

I would love to win this amazing piece of hardware.

david279 says:

Am I too late

mikedaub says:

I am feeling lucky with this one..

Jason Low says:

Me Me Me Me Me!!!

Viewman says:

S-Quatro for moi?!

No whammys no whammys. Just looking for the new sammy.

Pick me!!

the_r says:

11417 comments... that is 1:11418 = 0.08758‰. Not a huge chance, but a chance nevertheless.

amc06003 says:

After watching the Samsung Unpacked event.... I have decided to blow my vacation fund on a phone. Please don't let me do that!

poleman25 says:

Give to me the Please? Fine, be that way!

Ravi Dee says:

Android Central Please Pick ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleasee! :)

brettmc79 says:

I would love to win one of these. Would be an really nice upgrade.

jakeaverden says:

longtime reader here. thanks!

adipabeta says:

Already considering to upgrade my current iPhone :-D

Frost Forged says:

I'd like a GSIV.

gamerpaul says:

I think the HTC One is a better phone but I'd still love to have one.

nachop34 says:

That's it.

tracdoor says:

Let me win

Kenneth Pang says:

How good is the Samsung Galaxy SIV? Who knows.. you gotta have it to know it..

maistro says:

My wife STILL has a an EVO 4g, I'll take one!

loudaccord says:

I'm going to will myself to win!!

shahid99 says:

Pick me pleaseee .pretty pweeeeeeez

SaltySnack says:

WOWzers already over 11000 comments, here goes nothin

OhioCalling says:

Hopefully I win this to replace my HTC and learn why Samsung is the leader now.

Don't remember if I entered already? Posting just in case I didn't.

dianimator says:

I would love to get it!

natenomm says:

I must say, I like my odds.

ajac09 says:

pick me on a 2 year old phone!

This is the 11,447 comment.
I deserve that SG4 as much as any other. Thank you!

draven760 says:

I'd love to win a Galaxy S4. Thanks for the opportunity!

shriac says:

Loved the new features of S4. Put me down for the S4

It will look great next to my GS3

jonmall says:

Might as well try my luck :)

sfringer says:

If there's still time - I'd be happy to take one off your hands.

YuSH412 says:


chestont says:

So you're saying there's a chance?

manuvdbrule says:

What a cool contest !

CliveCleaves says:

1/11500 chance

Yay me!

sethier says:

Wow, I would love to win one of these phones. I love the floating touch feature... Incredible work Samsung! I hope I win ;-)

Saldomontoya says:

Oh please let me win.

enhuman says:

What happened to the bendy glass stuff. Fail. (Kidding)

Horaland H says:

yay me

bowrycrue says:

I'm down... would love to give it a try...

alacrify says:

I can't remember if I posted yet!

But now I have :-)

heresy_fnord says:

I could use one for my wife.

I have Sony Xperia X8. This's too old model at this time. But it still functional. I use it to texting,call, browse the web and access Google Service. But since last month, this device got RAM issue, app always forced closed when im too much access the app.
I home i can upgrade my phone to a better model, but im cant afford the better model because its too expensive.

eo19 says:

Pretty sure I'll win.

rcapolino says:

I am the winner.. ! Sorry... :)

I'll gladly take a new phone too.

j wiesel says:

pick me!!!

Guess what says:

So, what version it is gonna be for -- international or North Am one?

mikaeldalc says:

C'mon man, I gots these cheeseburgers!

ctansil24 says:

Pick Me! Please!

2deadpool2 says:

why not , pourquoi pas

jakemyster84 says:

Oh how I would love to get a new phone. I love my galaxy nexus but it is getting time to upgrade it.

SnyperX says:

Like all other 11+thousand people, I'd love to win one of these! Most of the stuff I really enjoyed seeing was the camera/software updates. I personally don't mind touchwiz but would absolutely use the camera features. The 1080p screen is also quite attractive.

bsinc1962 says:

Me want :-)

calvinnbs says:

Would be nice!

kbollant says:

A Galaxy S4 would be neat

enianen says:

I would be a fool not to enter.

rebamb says:

I would love to win a new S4!

sbatwater says:

I want to win this so bad I can taste it.

Lucky 11513!!!


Love you long time!!

Jezz_X says:

Late to the game but I'm up for one

Mad_Halfling says:

Only 11.5k comments - I'm a dead cert to win, hahaha

jmcotto says:

Yes......Me.... Want..... One.......

japhule says:

In for the win!

jmartin says:

I'll take one.

I'd love to have this phone!

tkruijer says:

Awesum! I've had the S1, S2 and now the S3. Would be great to win the S4! :D

rvannos says:

Pick me please!

Not sure why the left out the S Pen

droidman0922 says:

Dreaming in California....or is it the other way around?

Kiek18 says:

pick me.

trobbl says:

S4 would be GR8!

Coming back to android!

Its not so much that I need this phone.. this phone needs me! :)