Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Lucki says:

Please I want to win!!

ISiddiqui says:


pcdebb says:

I'm looking to get a divorce from my 4s. Can you help? :-P

dchawk82 says:

Yes please!

I love Miller lite. It's delicious..

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me):me(: me(:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Kenney says:

Pick me please (:

Pat Kenney says:

Come on pick me I never win

Pat Kenney says:

Come on pick me I never win

Pat Kenney says:

Come on pick me I never win

Pat Kenney says:

Come on pick me I never win

Dave Cimino says:

I would love to win the new Galaxy s4 :D

cliff bonny says:

Gotta win this

shaleem says:

I'd sure love to win the GS4!

mitchd14 says:

Yes please.

lewanuva30 says:

I wanna win! Gotta get my wife away from Sprint and could really use the new phone!

Capt.Cha says:

ill probably have to switch to a gsm carrier...totally worth it though

can do anything for S4

orieyan says:

This would be my first ever win, IF I DID WIN

i love android only with samsung........n s4 wI'll b a masterpiece of samsung.......

i ♥ samsung....

Dou says:

Woah woah woah. I wanna win a free S4 D:

kevinshum says:

Galaxy S4 please :)

Kiki Cooper says:

Totally down to win an s4!

KI WONG says:

winner winner chicken dinner!

Ki Yan Wong says:

pick me pick me!

Wongy123 says:

would love one!

The new tech eye control page up, and the Floating Touch funcion. I am looking forward to it.

lets see...what hapeen...may b its a fake...

Reh_007 says:

Thanks for this competion! So awesome android users! Please put me in :).

Bestjson says:

I need an S4, had a old cheap phone for too long and I've had enough. Thanks.

Undreamer says:

The only way they gonna pick me is If jupiter himself were to rip open the heavens, and dangle his c*ck from the skies.

Pat Kenney says:

Let me be the Lucky winner(:?

Pat Kenney says:

Let me be the Lucky winner(:?

Pat Kenney says:

Let me be the Lucky winner(:?

Pat Kenney says:

Let me be the Lucky winner(:?

Shadi Hisham says:


xderiwx says:

I told myself I would bypass the S4 and wait to see what the Note3 will be like, but you can't go wrong winning a free one, right? :)

mdp8184 says:

Post new comment

Please give me this beautiful and amazing device. I am using the first galaxy for AT&T and I like it, it's just a little slow for all of the apps and games I want to be using and I would love the extra ram and space on the Galaxy S4! Thanks for listening! -John

EnviroTech says:

I would like to try an S4.

s b says:

Screwed up my s2 so this would be great!

hey ! i am very like SAMSUNG SMART PHONES..!!! but unfortunately i haven't any smartphone... so i like to have one of these.... i hope i will be one lucky man to win a SAMSUNG GALAXY S4!!!!!!!

li2327 says:

I've never upgraded my phone with a new phone. Ive always bought used ones. I would love to win a new Galaxy S4! That would brown wonderful.

would love one!

Hamza 1996 says:

I have 17 years and I'm still without a phone,and I really want a s4

LGRD says:

Ooooh this would be sweet to replace my Desire HD that keeps rebooting every hour. Good luck to all!

Well knowing how good the Galaxy 3 already is this seems like a fantasic prize draw :-)

I really hope to win this phone!!

mihalis1983 says:

I wish this galaxy s4 to be mine!

Yacer Mirza says:

i need it

Kyle Che says:

so exciteeddddd!!!!!

sarebbe un sogno vincere questo cellulare...

broup714 says:

Why should I win? I have no clue. I am just like everyone else that is looking for a new device...and it being free is a big plus. I will also be your very best friend.

abdool3002 says:

Pick Me! Please :)

jayhwx3003 says:

cant wait

I had to use my fingers to scroll down to post a comment. Thus why I need a Galaxy S4 - what's up EYE SCROLLLLLLLL what!

S4 is mine.

ille87 says:

S4 here i come!

Trickettmn says:

I like trains! I also like new phones though.

You're such a dink...

lesir says:

i'm going to be the lucky winner!

I hope this comment isn't worthless and actually helps me to get something

helloyo53 says:

Well, seeing how I can never afford the latest technology until it's not so new anymore, a shiny new S4 right when it's released would be absolutely fantastic. Count me in!

Samtheman7 says:

Galaxy S IV time, muchacho!

Only one going to win and other win their sad faces.
Good luck to all.

banichow says:


Raylo24 says:

I'm using my mom's old phone, hope I win!

I would love to have this phone and I believe I will win.

Canuckfan says:

S4!?!? Yes, please :)

Maya says:

Count me in! Good luck to everyone!

I just starting to Love the GALAXY S4. Can i have the device

I just starting to Love the GALAXY S4. Can i have the device

Piny12 says:

Still better than the lottery.

Radeeah says:

my right hand itches .. that makes more sense now .. can't wait for 14th !! :D

someone8 says:

I need this phone strongly

Im a recent Samsung convert! Help me finally get rid of my iphone!

galatians51 says:

me wantsss you, my precioussssssss4......

priya_n_ca says:

need an S4 to show off to DH who owns a nexus 4 ;-)

rong21 says:

over 11,000 comments........not great odds to win but what the heck

Oh please oh please give it to me. I hate this motorola razr!

Bikal Basnet says:

3 days to go galaxy S4 win win win.... :D

Hell Yeah!

Ooohh yeah galaxy s4!

Pelide says:

It's time to retire for the good old GS2

ekangaroo says:

crossin' mah fingers!

dgoode01 says:

I want an S4..I want to come back from my Iphone 4S

I'd quite like to win one please.

ndira says:

Believe it or not, Samsung Galaxy S IV is the most popular phone at It's not even out but it has over hundred thousand hits per day. I hope Samsung will provide the phone that we have been waiting and all those features mentioned in the leaks and rumors. Give it to me on Thursday, I would be the first recipient of it in South Africa and I hope it is not network locked.

DreamSTi says:

Please please please get me out of this iPhone and back into Android, I want a Galaxy S4!!!!! :)

Just want to win this awesome phone :) #Muahhh!!!

WasBikeBloke says:

Oh yes please :-)

celpas10 says:

I want it!!!

DrRazr says:

I won't win!

bella0518 says:

Plz I'm a stay at home mom and my hubby doesn't make a lot of money plz plz let me win the samsung galaxy S4

jmlowes says:

I really need to update my old phone and this puppy would fit the bill nicely.

Operations8 says:

Would really like to win this phone.

Mikeypizzle says:

Welp it doesn't hurt to try!

kitchenninja says:

Honestly, I would love to have one. And I think that I would be pretty vocal about where I got it. Although I am sure this whole thing is randomized. ^_^ Thanks for the entry.

And the winner is...

Pat Kenney says:

Come on pick me I never win please(: ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$¢$$$$$$$$$$$¢$$$$$$$$$$

yuanyi says:

CONGRATS on being the first Samsung S4 contest in the world! Posting this in hopes of winning one!!!
Thanks guys & keep up the good work!!!

I can't wait for the S4!

zxcv106106 says:

I'm in too. Tha ks a lot =]

I like pie.

erikivy says:

Mine mine mine! :-)

MrBilly says:

I could use an S4

Death_Prayer says:

I want it

sclRanger says:

Help me come back to android! I had a GS1 and then went to an iphone. Give it to me!

I would like a Galaxy S4.

It shall be mine :D

aarish2 says:

I really need this monster :))))))

lordsservant says:

Love the galaxy s phones,s4 me please...

lordsservant says:

Please i need a s4

Hoping I will change my HTC Desire (G7) phone, it always reboot unexceptely. The CPU are Unsoldering。Hoping I can have a S4. Bless me.

My s3 got stolen. I would like to win a s4 for free. thank you. God bless everybody.

S3 like so last year

This might be the best way to join the Android club!

mrcanham says:

Is this open world wide?

Bharat Arora says:

Meet our expectation Samsung. Its time to kick Apple's Ass. Lets rock and roll...

Joey Lopez1 says:

Samsung over Apple any day!

Bikal Basnet says:

2 days to go for the launch of GS4 huuuuuuuuuuuu..... win win win......... :D thank you for this oppurtunity ..... :D

XXandroidXX says:

Somewhere in a Samsung Galaxy far far away ... lives the keeper of the SIV

Vatsal Sethi says:

i need this phone :D

Vatsal Sethi says:

i want this phone :D

Vatsal Sethi says:

im crazy after this phone :D

Vatsal Sethi says:

the cutting edge technology.
the most brilliant screen ever.
and a sleek design.
nothing could be better than this.

Vatsal Sethi says:

easily beats apple, gives sony a run for their money.

Vatsal Sethi says:

and i want that. no other phone.

Vatsal Sethi says:

in a galaxy far far away..
there was a device.
with colors so vibrant,
computer so powerful,
a camera so high end,
that every resident, each being sought it.
craved it.
just like i crave it.
and i shall have it (pleeeeeeeease :3 )
and i shall be the ruler of the mobile world B)

Vatsal Sethi says:

just 2 more days. oh my god im so excited.

Vatsal Sethi says:

i'll die from happiness if i win this :D

touchpadtom says:

I bet you, a Nokia 6822, that I don't win this....

jcoffeeman says:

Even with Karma on your side, the 'Galaxy is far far away'!

Onemoa says:

This would be amazing. It would be the first time I've ever won anything. I hope it's me but good luck to everyone.

I've never had much luck, though I don't believe, I leave my comment.byeeeeeee

EvilMonkey says:

I wish I was a winner. I'm ever so deserving!

s4 looks good

Excellent Features

pthall says:

Please, my Evo 3d is suffering from old age and wear.

deanodrums says:

I am in for the Win :D

tony477g says:

I would like to win!

johnwins says:

It would be outstanding to win this phone,neither my wife nor I have a smart phone, my nexus 7 only has wifi so I am somewhat limited with my devices,Thanks for your time JW!!!!!

Guru Raj says:

the all new galaxy S4, I may be part to win it. If I won it will be unexpected happiness. I hope for unexpected happiness.

gabraham says:

Almost time to upgrade from the Optimus V. :P

comix2013 says:

Love Samsung products!!! Could always use one of these since i am using a windows phone currently....yuck.

Jim Bird says:

Yes Please :)

What an amazing birthday present this would be!!!! I would love to have an SIV in my hands.

Calvin Nefdt says:

Winning this would be awesome. That is all.

archifishal says:


Eeeeekkk I want!!!! I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want....wait........ I need I need I need I need I need I need I need I need I need.......

Right now, I'm poised at the edge of the galaxy waiting for the new Galaxy S4

Vanira says:

OMG I cant wait!!!
Come to Daddy my little sgs4

megsacoug says:

Love my S3...but I'm drooling over the S4!!!

harre98 says:

One for me, please :)

rendle says:

Yes, please.

I prefer HTC but beggars can not be choosers

BobDaNob says:

Count me in.

Ciege says:

Yes please!

Ryandroid86 says:

Im sure I wont win. But its always worth the shot with a single comment. Thanks AC

sunmellie says:

This would be awesome!

Can i win? Thx! - Angelo! :D

Devaklon says:


scott0121 says:

Every word of this comment is true. Please let me win this competition for the S4, as my fiance got burgled on mothers day morning at 4 in the morning, they took my partners disability car, and our sons BlackBerry 9360, but they tool the phone he loved more than anything, his Samsung galaxy S1, our son is really gutted. That's why I would really live to win this competition ( for my son)X every word u have spoken is the gods honest truth. Good luck to everybody who's entered anyway.

dndnd says:

This would be sweet.

jerseykirby says:

Oh man, I hope I win. Wouldn't that be a pretty sweet deal?

polesworth says:

Very interested in seeing one of these in the flesh.

wish my comment gets picked by god's grace :)

Sebby491 says:

Hi, I really need to update from my old samsung galaxy s. Please pick me to win the new samsung galaxy s4, down with the Iphone :)

spensergig says:

I'd love to win.
I'm so tired of waiting for the manufacturer to actually distribute new software updates. I don;t really think it counts as a release if no one is receiving it.

I'd really enjoy starting over with a new up-to-date toy.

Well one can only hope.

brandas says:

Did I enter this yet? If not I would love one of these.

Greg C says:

Pick me! Pick me! Please.... pretty please!

Victor Botev says:

I love Emanuela.

garwynn says:

What does someone have to do (or who do we have do something to) in order to score this? I'm game!

maxud says:

Hope it has AGP slot :-) My AT&T Galaxy 2 has Sleep of Death,
would be nice to have a working phone again

I've heard a announcement from space!! I'm sure you all heard it. The ultimate of the ultimate is here after waiting for generations! Yes it is the S4. It has a fantastic 5-inch HD SCREEN. I promise this is the truth!! Yes and the screen is bigger. You know the song, THE BIGGER, THE BETTER..... ' and wait there's more!! Have you hear of the Code Name JELLY BEAN? No silly, you can't eat it but you will be able to experience a new camera revolution! Naturally this new born gadget will come with an 8 core processor which you need to take over the world! Taking over the world from every angle you will happily make use of your 13 mega pixels camera. To operate to your fullest you will be able to count on your network beast!! To find your path you can activate your eye tracking device which will bring you back on path on your mission. I have to go now to find this powerful piece before someone bad takes over the world!!

Nixa22 says:

I'm still using SAMSUNG OMNIA. I'm ready for the S IV!!!

Go go go :)

JessieWK says:

Heck yes.

Evan Markman says:



I usually never win such things...

I never even won a buck w/ lotto...

But I keep trying anyways..

It'd be awesome...if I win.. damm.. that'd be really nice...

Cherese19 says:

LOl this contest is definitely going to have a record number of entrants for mobile nations.

ADroid1 says:

My first post, I want to win!

Tisha722 says:

I would like a shot at an awesome phone...... Anyone else?

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Pat Kenney says:

Pick meeeeeeee. {:< ††††††††††††††

Wow hope I win this win never won a contest before

I just bought my wife the S3, so wouldn't it be great to add to the family's Galaxy love?

BostonMaxx says:

Please pick me!

IanMedina7 says:

I want to win this one like a hail mary shot. =)

Please pick me need new phone mine broke and shattered# iphone4s :(

pepe68 says:

Nice contest! Thanks for the opportunity AC!! :-)

Bikal Basnet says:

1 day to go win win win galaxy s4 yay........ :D

pirate416 says:

I would love to win the new Samsung Galaxy 4! I am a huge fan of Samsung products :)

klziegler says:

I would love to get this phone!

FBueller says:

While I love my GS3, an upgrade is always a great thing! So this is the model that has Holographic Voicemail, right? ;-)

sammy1412 says:

why not...!

Tony Tan1 says:

Smartphone Wars going to begin.

Tony Tan1 says:

Hope to win this S4.

I can't wait for it!! Good luck to me!!!

I can't wait for it!! Good luck to me!!!

judasmachine says:

Yes please.

Ichwardort says:

One on a million, that's me :-)

bobbybadzat says:


stalemate1 says:

pick me if you want a good review on the device and device preserved by no rooting...every thing 100% original.

S4 is going to be awesome! hope 2 win :)

ale1926iaco says:

I'm happy to have it!!

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

Like it

ale1926iaco says:

Mi piace mi piace mi piace!!

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

I'll win

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

Naples forever

ale1926iaco says:

My twin

ale1926iaco says:

It's strong

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

Log out

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

Post new comment

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

Uff nn so k scrvr

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

I'm having brakfast

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


sidey says:

Can't wait fir the NY release info.

Greg Blythe says:

Phone having issues.... need new gsIV...thanks

Philippe 75 says:

It looks nice !!!

Gimme gimme gimme!

noisemaker says:

One more in the bucket.

BBSeattle says:

As Monty Burns would say, "Excellent".

borisr14 says:

pick me !!

saintforlife says:

Galaxy S4 FTW! Geaux Samsung!

Romi Goldner says:

I would LOVE to get the new Galaxy S4... I'm sure everybody want it as bad as me but doesn't hurt to try.. ;)

mtrautma says:

Please let me win!!!!!

Andr3i says:

So many losers :D

My first Samsung product was a VCR back in the early 90's. Who would have thought back then that the company known for affordable quality home electronics would (25 years later) rule the world of electronics? Happy I've stuck with them all these years. I would love to have the new Samsung Phone....I figure I'm due to win something from Samsung after sticking with them through the Samsung T-Mobile "Behold 2" catastophy and then buying the T-Mobile Vibrant only to have that one fall in a lake. I was very satisfied with the AT&T Skyrocket (My wife owns the Captivate Glide) and can't wait to see the next generation from Samsung. Very excited!!!

better than the ONE?

Greg C says:

Make me a winner... just one time... please!

Bahrutile says:

i would love one to save me from my Sony Ion...

Gabriel Mata says:

!Eligeme, amigo!

nxbatis says:

I am sure specs would blow everything out of the water but would be enough to pick this one instead of htc one amazing build and feel with its beautiful screen or sony xperia z classy and clean lined amazing camera and bravia engine 2?? I could only tell you if I win....

fillossofer says:

I'd like one of these fancy new phones.

wolf! says:

please pic me, i really can't wait to wait 6 months at a time for updates!

Teh_Gaberz says:

I'm in.

Tomriley says:

YAY s4 yes please!

I want to win!

kchinz says:

I'd love to win the SGs4! Hope its me!! Thinking positive :D

speedspasm says:

This is certainly a comment.

Leio Rush says:

I registered just to win this must have phone.. pls give it to me ... thanks Android Central. ..

DarkSorrow says:

I could use a nice shinny S4!

trusigma says:

Right here please

trusigma says:

Right here please

oceanbeat says:

Cest moi le winner

Indyrobb says:

I'm needing a new phone to replace my ever rebooting EVO3D. Please pick me!

mkyle says:

Even without knowing what it is, I know that I want it! Thanks AC for all your good works.

harrison17 says:

This would be great! Then I could keep my old Verizon plan!

I'm ready to own a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4!!

Tira K says:

Galaxy S4 seems like a good happy summer gift to me ;)

I am 10+ years programmer for living in Singapore. Looking at Apple, Android and Windows. End up Android sounds, having great architecture. Who care how suitable is your finger can reach the whole screen? Who care putting tiles into the phone? Samsung knows what the users really want, simply just that - do not need to explain much la. Samsung Galaxy S4 please send it to me at Singapore.

jayenzo says:

Everyone around me has a Samsung and I'm stuck with a slow crappy htc :(

I'm in

TofuTwit says:

Must. Win. This.

doctorgvs says:

Would love to get the new Galaxy S IV! ;-)

anish67 says:

gr8 giveaway send this 1 2 me ASAP

Bikal Basnet says:

today is d day... finally i ll b able to witness my future phone samsung galaxy s4 cant wait.... win win win.. :D

Come on S4, it is designed for me.

Hoping I am the final winner!!!

I am a chinese, so far, my cell phone and tablet PC are all android, and I think the samsung's AMOLED screen are the best of all. So I want be the first chinese user of S4, please send it to me in China.

mpowerm says:

I hope it's much better then my S3.

Lio iordano says:

I realy want to have it

trish02 says:

I hope I'll win the SGS4! Really want to own a Samsung/Android Phone. This will be my first Samsung phone if ever I'll be picked.

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

I want it

ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:


ale1926iaco says:

I like s4