Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Antonio_85 says:


shannonkish says:

Yeah, I so want to win! AndroidCentral is my favorite website for this reason!

adunaphel13 says:

I'd take a chance on this one! And can you send me an Andy too! The CyanogenMod version! Weeeee - first timer

DethLocke says:

Sound like fun!

dr_lei says:

Last time I won any contest was like, 7 years ago. If the saying is right, my luck should come back around.

Galazy S4 will definitely change the mobile world! I also want to say thanks to Android Central, for having such amazing contests and giveaways! good luck to all :D

Resonancex says:

I want a new smartphone with more innovation.

SeizeA7X says:

I would love an S4!

mysterygirl says:

Me please!

Pat Kenney says:

me please

polar135 says:

Would love to win. Thanks for the contest.

ksb63 says:


ubigred says:


lol it would be funny if i win...

amil hasbala says:

haha.. im gonna win this..

New tech will make S4 the strongest smart phone.

JiffyG426 says:

I never win, but hey, what the heck, why not? lol

mahasmb says:

*does the Harlem Shake in anticipation of winning a brand new phone*

texasjmd says:

I still have the original EVO that I got in June 2010. I could really use an S4.

Blackhawk4 says:

Hope I win!

gdubs2013 says:

Would quite enjoy flaunting the new S4 around in front of all those ifanboys!

tybym says:

This one's mine! True story! :)))

Abhishek GM says:

its beautiful.. i need it

I hope its me! :)

I would love one...<3

I am up for this miracle!!! Thank you for this oportunity!Cheers

RandomSF says:

Follow my eyes.

Cool Giveaway! Androids Rules! Hope I win and I also love the New LLoyd T shirt!

Azri Shukor says:

i want to have a great phone as everyone have.. i hope s4 will be the one.. tq for the contest.. :)

DrBit2011 says:

Please pick me!!

naveen2091 says:

If I won this contest, then am the luckiest person...
I need S4rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

pkcable says:


dmmarck says:

What up.

Ny Osborne says:

wish I one of these!

sbavanis says:

March 14th is my birthday! You've got to give it to me, can't wait for the surprise! Thank you in advance! :D

would love to win this.

Iqbal Amer says:

They say heaven is so beautiful and so it should be, after all it is a creation of God. But what a creation of a creation(human) of God. I have no doubt in saying Galaxy S4 is heavenly. Tech at its best, in fact a true beauty and the beast :)

RMathis77 says:

Thanks for the contests! Hope I am your winner!

asmathews says:

Count me in.

chigobigoo says:

yes please let it be me

Mustiem says:

S4 Please :D

nestafaria says:

Winner winner!

Blessings to you :)
Pick me for the phone. ;)

ekangaroo says:

Crossing my fingers for this!

thetinachen says:

AHHHH! I can't wait for this phone. It'll be amazing!! Countdown to Mar 14!!

imwaqar says:

I will be waiting!
For Samsung Galaxy S4

janusdc says:

There are already almost 11000 comments... and I never win this kind of things... but well, it doesn't hurt to try...

woofta says:

In a galaxy far far away there was a winner.................
If only, never won a bloody thing in my 45 years on this planet
so I might, just might be in with a chance.

Iwntit2 says:

Please pick me

lonwolf00 says:

thank you for chance

Suraj Gupta1 says:

Am still having Nokia Torch, so i want a new phone. choose me :)

derooessam says:

i come here by accident looking for some reviews about the galaxy S4 as i'm havin' a blackberry and want to change it to an Android Samsung , but i found this felt so excited as i'm from Egypt and i don't know when such an amazing device would be released in the Egyptians markets i believe that By 2014 the Smartphone will complete its morph into a SINGLE computing device, replacing all desktops and laptops.

numero7w says:

Another placed in the cue.

a single comment

can only wish i had it,. ha, but its better to be satisfied in what u have, isn't it?
so just give a slight smile guys....

Samsung for life <3 i would love to win galaxy s4 <3

Nick Cheung says:

Good luck everyone!

Nahaho says:

I should be the one to win new Galaxy S4.
I simply deserve it!

I want to win :D

mlmeloy says:

Yes, please.

fasteddie says:

Would love to replace my phone with this...

MrThori says:

I need to win, had S2, now Nexus 4, this would be perfect ;)

Android rocks, the Galaxy S4 rocks even more ...

itarrishi says:

I need one - samsung is the leader on android phones.

iceman_hrg says:


Becky Craven says:

down to win a samsung galaxy s4 so hope i win it :)

lbonvi says:

i hope to win :D

haist says:

I'd love to have a galaxy s4! Please :)

Sign me up.

I'm not sure if I want a Galaxy S4. Let me think about that for a minute.

*scratches head*

Heck, who am *I* kidding? Of COURSE I'll take one!

Damel Saric says:

Thank u anyway, and congrats to whoever got it :)

Bardic says:

A 1 in 10,703 chance? I like those odds.

Pat Kenney says:

S4 for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would be very funny if i go two for two in phone contests.

sacz says:

Comment no.10708 aka this comment, is gonna win a s4. Yay

lolalolita_ says:

i would love one... since my s2 got damaged when ma house got flooded :(

Quinn Kromis says:

Yes please :)

My wife loves galaxy.

Dicer says:

I could really use the galaxy s 4! :-)

Pat Kenney says:

i have no phone thanks to my dog taken a leak on it please pick me

Vatsal Sethi says:

great features, lovely looks, amazing performance.
the best hand down.

outlooker says:

Thanks for being so generous! I've always wanted an Android device but I couldn't afford to buy one. I hope I win.

AfroNinja313 says:

I would love to get my hands on a android phone. Not sure if i'll win but it's worth a shot.

PirateKingZA says:

To the world of people fighting about apple and android to see who is more superior give the Samsung S4 to me a die hard fan of android devices

omairangel says:

Hopefully, I can win one for my daughter, you know what they say, gotta be in it to win it.......Hooray!!!!

I would love to win this phone.

I want S4 very much.

pmc8853 says:

I am excited for the S4 regardless, but winning one would still be fantastic!

Viraj Puri says:


Viraj Puri says:


i've been an iOS user for three years now, but seeing my friends and family using Android phones, i'm very impress with Samsung! i want to try the new Samsung S4 because i read alot a good review compare to iphone...

Mngatu says:

There's Something about a Samsung that Sums Up My cell phone needs...I've got to get me the new Samsung S4

Nehali Garg says:

I want one for my husband as a surprise gift....want to gift him as he needs to go off Blackberry and come onto its a better place to be!!!

OMG... i need a new phone uegently.. please....

I would love to have one

judasmachine says:

Full of want!

Eliza Lyeez says:

i would like to win the white one it just would be the best thing one would give me

shiSHARK says:


Archanas says:

hopefully expecting a chance to win this phone

Crucible21 says:

Hit my up with the S4 Android Central!

pushkar12 says:

I also wanna WIN :)
Here i entered... Yupppieee

This will change the WORLD OF Android forever! I will definitely WIN this one! Give me one Samsung S4!

malikshuman says:

I hope i win!

I want galaxy S4

CeeGii says:

Who wouldnt want to win the LATEST AND GREATEST from SAMSUNG

xuled says:

Galaxy S4 will surely fit my needs. :)

PalmPat58 says:

Just got a GS3 but would be happy to pass on to the wife if I won the GS4.

midmofan says:

About time I win something!

Nice Website/Blog Post..More Blessing and More power to android central

ar_garza says:

What are the odds that this thing will be made of something other then water bottle plastic? I'd still use it if it were free.

Raven Dador says:

that Samsung S4 Will be mine!!!

karens1039 says:

I hear this is a good phone I would love to win one.

Kiroshe10 says:

Proud owner of Samsung Galaxy from I to III!!! Pick me..woohoo!!!

nteeman says:

I'd love to win this too!

Ashish Nain says:

Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.

Amber David says:

Yea! New phone time!

perithimus says:

I would love a new s4. I am still using a skyrocket

Alex Cook says:

Honestly I would love too win the phone cause it means I can get rid of this samsung intercept. Oh hi everybody I'm new here if anybody has any info on the best root and rom too use let me know. Have a good day god bless

Pwitty please:)i would love to at least own my first android phone for once.

Majax4 says:

I'm stuck with the HTC Vivid. I need a new phone lol.

ekangaroo says:

I hope I win it!~

I'd love to win this!

Ahmed Kotha says:

Anroid take 50% sale of smartphone predict by world mobile congress and mobile industry

Sum Pye says:

I never win anything, but wth? It would be amazing if this was the first. In fact, so amazing I would write an epic ballad to tell the tale of the Time of Great Getting!

El Gambetas says:

I want the best cell phone in the world Samsung Galaxy S IV... Thanks!

Nicole Rojas says:


KASTL65674 says:

Winner, Winner...Chicken Dinner

Pick me :D

kenpbuck says:

I would love a new galaxy!

Saryec says:

I would like to win one :D

ryannarong says:


ryannarong says:


jrbernas says:

S4! S4! S4! S4!
Please be mine.

Lopez_am says:

I need a S4... Why? Becoz all in my licencia is Samsung:S1,S2,S3,TAB,TAB 2,TV,DVD,BR,Car,Freezer, Washer, photo cam, Notebook, PC Monitor, Air Conditioner... I'm a Samy user for 23 years... And now I haven't money becoz I'm invalid.

PGJones3 says:

Would be nice to be the first to have it or the second! Nice!

Tyler555 says:

Upgrade to Galaxy S4 from Optimus S would be very nice please :)

dmd123 says:

It will be mine! LOL

Delmondar says:

I loved my old Samsung Galaxy Epic and would LOVE a new Samsung Galaxy S4... all other droids fail in comparison.

Samsung dominating the market!

Alvin Tran says:

I hope i win. This would be an AMAZING birthday present for my mom.!

Novie Cacho says:

Gotta look for a buyer of my S3 to win this one..pretty pls

jromjerome says:

Give me that baby!!

Adam Tommasi says:

I'd love to own a galaxy s4!

MAXXTX says:

__ __
/ / / / |
( __ (___ ( ( |
| ) )| \ )
|__/ __/ | \/

iojc says:

Wow, up from 3 to 4 already? I must keep up!

Katie Grealy says:

I would love this wonderful phone to replace the S2 that I got that I have had to fix multiple times

What a phone, i want one please.. :)

Tito Matibag says:

S4, is 4 All!!! :)

Derek Reeves says:

This phone is going to be the phone to put all other phones to shame! I must have it :)

dieter_e says:

oh I Luke it.

Finnius Finn says:

Good luck to everyone that is posting a comment here! (myself included!) Gratz to whoever wins it!

jimtravis says:

Great addition to the Note 2 which is currently my favorite.

michaelhe#AC says:

I would love to have a Galaxy S4!

lexofleso says:

Whats a Samsung Galaxy S4??

Manu Abraham says:

i'm on

Thanks for the contest.

I would love to win and own a Samsung Galaxy S4 simply because I can't afford to buy one

i thing Galaxy s4 is same or 70% design for galaxy grand... i can't 100% sure i m a winner... But i can sure i m not a loser

endrix84 says:

I desired S
I pined for SII
I longed for SIII

Mark Jordan says:

Wow a Galaxy S4 for me.

Sam Reed says:

As a poor uni student, I need one.

robbie06 says:

when i get the s4, i know all my friends are gonna want one too.

Bikal Basnet says:

march 14 and its mine..... :D

Feeling exited about the coming release and frankly:
I feel quit lucky too!
So fingers crossed i'll be replacing my samsung galaxy s pretty soon for a new and improved model...

I Wish to win and i hope to win :]

the most anticipated gadget of the year..its a monster..i love it..awesome design n standout feature<3<3<3<3

Bill Wild says:

I have had the same old phone for 12 years.I really need a new one . the S4 sounds awesome!!!!!!

bdfull3r says:

Good luck everyone

bakeri666 says:

Not that I have a hope, I've won nothing so far, but you have to dream... and there is more chance if I enter

Spaniard85 says:

W00T W00T!

I will love too .,.,.,

Please Let me Win this Galaxy S4 !!!

girish bhari says:

desperately need this phone.please but i am gonna surely win it ,am i right.if not iam happy that iam part of this awesome competition.lovinggg it

I would love to win this phone because i love chatting and have never had a privilege of owning an internet phone

Hammondeye says:

11 thousand to one hey hoo better odds than the lottery though eh :)

ayub says:

Really Love 2 Win This Amazing Master Piece But No Luck Hope My Luck Changes And Reward Me With Something Extraordinary

jway320 says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Please please please please...

Panther353 says:

It would go well with the wife's S3 and or new Samsung plasma!

PatDawn says:

Very stylish and looks like, it wants me as I am adorable. Plz Plz pick me Galaxy S4 as I need one like YOU as you look adorable too. Yes, I just need that Galaxy S4.

sufyan1234 says:

Cool, I am in!

TheLegoman says:

Cool giveaway. Well, here goes my entry!

Bill Cole says:

I'm due for an upgrade via AT&T. Considering the GNote2, but would love to have the s4. Send it my way!

PDT816 says:


Will it work on Ting?

Morjesta says:


xhadowdfaith says:

Well, it doesn't hurt to try. Here's my single comment :)

fy87898 says:

I want one too :)

why not, I want a new phone!

Jay2pt0 says:

I haven't had a Galaxy S anything since the 2nd one. Please update me and help me get rid of the iPhone that's literally boring me to death. Don't let me die bro. PLEASE!

Horatio1 says:

Wow awesome contest! Please count me in!

sgolbitz says:

I would love to have the gold standard of smartphones, the Galaxy S4. Whoo!

jperotka says:

Me ME me mE!

Paul Jarosy says:

This is great

Nice phone samsung galaxy. I just want it.

This 1 is 9c

dontpa says:

Please please, Pretty please can I win this!?

Kellyneon says:

yes please *flutters eyelashes*

Jazzybean9 says:

I really want the Galaxy S 4. When everyone was stuck on i Phones I was like screw those and their little screens, Galaxies are where it's at! But sadly my Galaxy S 2 is not really working like how it used to...and I'm really looking for an upgrade. I don't usually do these things but for this phone HECK YEAH. I would REALLY like to win the Galaxy S 4!!!!

Would love to win Samsung sadly my old phone has just gone to the great phones in the sky feeling lost and lonely only a Galaxy would put me back on the milky way good luck to everyone :)

just_jjuk says:

my son did really well is his GCSE exams he sat for in January. I promised to buy him a smartphone. He really deserves one for the work he put in and for achieving straight A's for his sciences. I would love to be able to present him with this NEW Samsung Galaxy S4; he did not ask me for the top of the range one, never has; still uses a Nokia X3 which is over 3 years old. So if I could just win this one for him, it would really make his day! thank you


Fresh prince.

pseudorandom says:

Thank you for the chance to win.

willy.morgan says:

Good luck everyone but better luck to myself

Love these websites, have followed CrackBerry when I was a BB user, WPCentral when WP7 user, and now following Android Central...Never won one of these contests though, no time like the present to make up for it! Thanks :)

codyahiggins says:


xhcason says:

S4 For me

jgn1000 says:

Nexus 4 -> S4!

doomstang says:

Zomg there's already about 11k odds are shrinking by the second!

I have the samsang S508 E498 phone. I want a smart phone, hoping I can get it.

inRub says:

SIV I came to win

I hope this applies to international readers as well?!

jmacster says:

And it should be ME

cadence06 says:

Pick me, pick me!

CrazyMars says:

Its my EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY in a month. :D
If I get the Galaxy S IV, it'll be the bestestestest gift ever. :D :D
*fingers crossed*

I need it! ICS killed my Thunderbolt!

mykey38 says:

Missed out on the S3 after loving the S2 so this would be awesome

I'd love one

Yash Gupta2 says:


Oh a new phone is MUCHHH needed. :)

samsung rocks !!!

YamiPrem says:

The odds were against me but I've done it, I've won!!!

Need a new phone then the new and impressive Samsung S4 is the one to have.,

Need a new phone then the new and impressive Samsung S4 is the one to have.,

RodneyHamp says:

pick me!!

hillgendorf7 says:

So, yeah. I want the S4 please so I can give my S3 to my apple buddy and convert him. He's right on the edge, but won't front any money for an android phone. Thank you!

ekangaroo says:

hope i winnn!

leo8296 says:

Please pick me, I'm still stuck with a HTC Thunderbolt

do the right thing here and award this Galaxy S4 to me!

john2sheds says:

Sam Sung Blue, everybody needs,la,la,lala, specially me!

mcolesjr says:

S4 baby!

Let's eat the rest of the Apple =)
Samsung \m/

usman kcroad says:

samsung galaxy S4 ......... please let me be the winner

Singh_15 says:

Send me S4 before I tell Chuck Norris to go and get it for me!...

Thank you...
Cheers from Thailand.

phydeaux47 says:

Ahead of the pack as always, way to go guys......really want one!!

would love to win the new galaxy s4 then i could give my s3 to my niece so she dont waste her money on a crappy iphone ;)

cat2323 says:

Samsung galaxy s4 I need you :(

rrencomienda says:

here's for my one in a million chance!

DMRoller says:

Count me in on this giveaway!!

Yes please. I have the Galaxy s2 and S3 with Android Central in my top 3 tiles on Flipboard. I have loved the use of custom Roms. Would love the S4 to ad to my collection and see what goodies Samsung have packed this baby with. We are embracing technology here in Africa. It is exciting.

Lavly Reyes says:

i'm down with it!!!

10k plus comments, add me in!

luke31 says:

I tried to enter this contest a while back, but something was wrong with my account, which has since been fixed... so yea, attempt #2 here I come! Who wouldn't want the next big thing? SO EXCITED AND THANKS ANDROID CENTRAL FOR BEING THE MOST BOSS WEBSITE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!

joshtrader says:

Please enter me! This is an amazing opportunity and contest! Good luck to everyone especially me lol.

ncapp11 says:

Perfect complement to my Droid DNA.

xjcar says:

I love my family and love being able to work 2 jobs to give them what they need... That being said, I also love Android and would be overjoyed to finally have the chance to be on the cutting edge of what I'm sure will be the latest and greatest of what Android has to offer. Wish me luck. Thank you Androidcentral for the shot.

iconeo says:

An S4 would be a sweet mid march gift.

speed907 says:

well, I'm in, let's do this!

Comment :D

yes, why not, id also like to win the phone

jamdroid says:

Help me! I need to win please! I have been stuck with a HTC ReZound for the last year and a half. I would like to get a phone with jellybean and finally have some Google Now action! Please allow the phone gods to shine upon me and grant me this one wish!!! :)

mystiphi says:

I would love to have this!

I am already happy with, if they give S4 to me i het will get more Happy.......

jvm1982 says:

I could use a new phone. Would love to win and be able to run one of the best phones ever on VZW!!!

zuperbri says:

Would people from Australia be eligible to win or is it only people located within the USA?

I want it!!!!!!!

faceless_el says:


Logical_guy says:

Yes Please!!!!!

lsufronier says:

Pick me!

Vilas Joshi says:

I will win S4....

lphr0z3nl says:

Good luck

fufuli says:

I'm willing to leave behind 5 years of faithfulness to the Apple logo for you Android, so please hook me up with a free GALAXY S4!!! XD

papadog says:

This is going to be one great phone.

Laxidasical says:

My Galaxy Nexus sends me random notifications about how lonely it is. I think you guys should give the Galaxy S IV to me so that my GNexus will have a mate!

akshi mathur says:

Design for humans- The phone of the year- SAMSUNG S4 :)

Please may I have a Samsung galaxy phone from you,guys? Thanks.

E4GTUser94 says:

I would love to win this! I'm stuck with an S2 until next year in June! Please help me!

Lee Murfitt says:

who wouldn't want to win one of these:

The display of the Galaxy S3 was a 4.7in, that of the Galaxy Note, 5.29in and that of the Galaxy Note 2, 5.55in. Rumours point to a 4.99in display for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as a full HD display. While we fully agree that the S4 will have a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution to match the rest of the competition, we’re not sure about a 5in display. If Samsung wants to play the “best of breed” game, that’s one feature it could bet on. Rather than going for bigger, Samsung could well go the other way round, and equip the S4 with a 4.4in display, surpassing the mythical 500ppi barrier. As usual, we expect the smartphone to come with a Super AMOLED HD display but shy away from the controversial PenTile technology (and hence get the “Plus” suffix back). And as expected, the display will be covered by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass.

We expect the S4 to have almost the same storage specification as the S3 with the notable exception of the RAM (to be boosted to 2GB). The rest will still be the same 16GB of onboard storage plus a microSD card slot and cloud-based storage (possibly 50GB). We suspect Samsung may use the launch of the S4 to debut an integrated cloud-based offering in a bid to catch up with the competition (HTC, Apple, Asus).
Connectivity options
NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth 4.0, GLONASS, MHL and DLNA. That’s what the competition (and the S3 used). We don’t expect any surprise here and yes, it is very likely that Samsung will come with a “S Beam 2”.

Other features
A 13-megapixel rear camera with a bigger aperture (f2.0) plus a front facing 1.9-megapixel camera is the least I’d expect from Samsung, just to stay on par with the competition. I suspect Samsung will also try to add spin some marketing features out of the two cameras. An update to Smart Alert maybe or something along the lines of HTC’s VideoPIC or Zoe. The S3 used a 2,100mAh battery and we suspect that the battery capacity of the S4 will be similar. Design wise, based on rumours and other reports, we suspect that it will have a “cheap plastic construction” rather than posh aluminium or glass. Plastic has three advantages. Firstly, it is cheaper than both aluminium and glass, secondly it doesn’t interfere with the wireless connectivity and thirdly, it can be easily moulded.

I would!

Siddhi Walke says:

lol get to know that i can win samsung galaxy s4

Xitij_22 says:

i have an iPhone 4. would love to have the s4 now. :D

ScottyDog says:

Cool, I love my galaxy s3 so bring on number 4!!!

giovy57 says:

I'd like to enter the contest, thanks :)

bossgio29 says:

Count me in! ;)

menamena21 says:

I want to win! LOL

Bikal Basnet says:

5 days to go really xcited.... win win win win win... :D

Bikal Basnet says:

14 march launch 17 march may birthday... i would b really really happy if i could win it... the month of march says so... :D giv it to me a gift really really would appreciate it... :D

chance to win a GS4 sweet!!!!


cpaixao says:

Me win! hahaha

Hify says:

Just looking at pictures of Samsung galaxy S4 is really awesome, how much more touching it? If this is my 'dream come true' of owning a galaxy S, I PROMISE to dedicate my next artwork to this website.

EdJG says:

Never won a contest in my life - let's see if my luck has changed!

fnegri says:


SumthinNew says:

Nice contest...I'm in for sure!

arstar says:

Lets see if the trend for improvement continues.

blackbyrd says:

A galaxy s4 would be nice. Thanks

spepi says:

Better late than never....Id like an S4

Abhijeet1191 says:

Hey Samsung, you have to give me this brilliant, auspicious, precious smartphone. I have been using all the Samsung appliances since very long. Right now I am having Galaxy S2 and its fabulous.

Ifefalaye says:

Already, there are over 10 000 comments on this, but Reader pls pay more attention to this one. 'They' say good things come to those who wait and I have been a lover of samsung since the made galaxy S. I have tried saving up for s3, but I really can't afford it. I used to browse on pictures of galaxy S3 until I discovered S4. I know and I am sure that I will get one of this one day, I just pray that the day is here. Pls Reader, make my dream come true.
These are the things I will use samsung galaxy S4 to do when I have it:
-Snap drawings and paintings to upload for competitions
-Record songs and song videos
-Upload song videos to youtube, myspace
-Use all other features
My current phone can't do much. Thanks for ur patience.

Ifefalaye says:

Already, there are over 10 000 comments on this, but Reader pls pay more attention to this one. 'They' say good things come to those who wait and I have been a lover of samsung since the made galaxy S. I have tried saving up for s3, but I really can't afford it. I used to browse on pictures of galaxy S3 until I discovered S4. I know and I am sure that I will get one of this one day, I just pray that the day is here. Pls Reader, make my dream come true.
These are the things I will use samsung galaxy S4 to do when I have it:
-Snap drawings and paintings to upload for competitions
-Record songs and song videos
-Upload song videos to youtube, myspace
-Use all other features
My current phone can't do much. Thanks for ur patience.

PatronHeel says:

Would love to get picked for this, thanks for running the contest!

Lisa Huffman says:

My S3 mic is cutting in & out. I would love the opportunity to check out the S4.

K_Daddy says:

I would love one

A little tardy to the party, but I am here now

Elliot Glynn says:

Looks like a nice phone, thanks for the opportunity to win one.

B43G says:


I can't wait to see what the S4 is capable of. Will it have the key lime pie os?

Yes please.

Yes please.

bigstormgirl says:

Sweet! Count me in.

njgsregal says:

Pick me fir this. I would live the update to my verizon without loosing my unlimited data plan.