Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

I want Galaxy S4 very badly

Jumpman227 says:

Please pick me...I dont want to have to steal my girlfriends upgrade. (She still has the GSII I have the GSIII).

androidrus says:

Must have Galaxy S4, muuust hhhhaaaavvvveee Gaaaallllaaaaxxxxxyyyy SSSSS444444!

greg#CB says:

JIMMY! I need a new phone :)

Yes please! Posted via my sgs3 :-P

I'll win this S4, thank you.

mommys girl says:

I never have any luck winning but gotta take a chance on this

schooner says:

I'm in too!

Stephen_FS says:

I love the Samsung phones. I'm in.

Jomix24 says:

10025 Comments??? Those are horrible odds :(

BjarteR says:

Better to have tried and lost, than never have tried at all ;)

I'm currently using Iphone 3GS, but as soon as I can, I'll be switching to a samsung galaxy s3 note 2, or s4

dmaischolar says:

I don't always use a phone, but when I do, I prefer Galaxy SIV.

jimkohler says:


BjarteR says:


GabeF says:

I Love android and am very fond of Samsung. Please pick me.

I'm calling it like Babe Ruth, I just won this Galaxy 4, now I gotta figure out how flash the Virgin Mobile radio...

evoANDY says:

Pick. Me. :)

Early Cuyler says:

Throwing my hat in the ring.

Never one a contest before, but hey, can't hurt to keep trying.

jrgmillan says:

Love my Samsung galaxy S3. But I can't wait to see the new Android phone that will crush the Iphone...

chormi says:

It'd be great to win :)

alexmihai12 says:

Useless try is useless. But still..

I'm calling it like Babe Ruth, I just won this Galaxy 4, now I gotta figure out how flash the Virgin Mobile radio...

bigguh says:

I thought my S3 would keep me satisfied for 2 years, but the S4 is like that new pair of retro kicks you have to have.

Udit123 says:

JINGILA PINGILA BOOOOO PICK ME for this contest too !!

i want one por favor android central!!

Chauncey S says:

Ive been patiently waiting for the s4.

GSDer says:

Not that it'll do me much good, since Big Red hasn't announced support for this, but I'll take one if you just have to give it away.

johnny8410 says:

You guys are awesome!!! This is why this is the best android blog on the planet. Sign me up for this contest.

djnorcal says:

No, pick me!

mayanks_098 says:

I am gonna win. Rest of you, thank you for your participation. :p

samirlakhani says:

Pick me!!!

Kasozi Jamil says:

What a great chance for a new generation of devices lover.
I have been using a Samsung Pocket, but all in all your offer to me will keep me staged in the Samsung World like before.
Waiting for the reply.

Solsetur says:

Yes, I would like a S4 :D


I've had a string of bad luck since september. maybe I'll get lucky here winning a phone. Put a smile on my face please

jvernwald says:

Don't mind if I do!

yash512 says:

The Indian finance minister is announcing the new budget today. It includes a 6% surcharge on phones that cost more than INR 2000 (~40 USD)!

Help an Indian brother out!

Swoln says:

In it 2 win it... TNBT SG S4 OF COURSE

roelsamson20 says:

I Hope i Win, Thats all i want this Valentine Month, I hope Wishes do come True on ANDROID CENTRAL! Thank you!!! God BLESS!!!

Gedf says:

Thanks :)

rockerjockey says:

Win me a new phone!!

vancitybc says:

I want the S4.

stdowa says:

Damn, 10k+ already!

Ahmad Sultan says:


11tomes says:

Who doesn't want a GS4?

kimasters07 says:

Never had a Samsung Galaxy phone before.. they've always seemed like great phones though!

I have used SAMSUNG Phones in about 5 years now and are reading about all other brands, but SAMSUNG is No. 1 for me, I am using Samsung Galaxy S III, befor it was S II and they are just the best.

Maybe I'll be lucky this time & actually win something. Anyways thnx to both Android Central and Samsung for this opportunity.

Mr P0 says:

Yay for Samsung!!!

NickLippert says:

Nice looking phone, a free one would be great.

clickong says:

i just lost my samsung galaxy s2, i want to have a galaxy s4 because this phone will be an icon for crushing the iphone.

melan26 says:

That's it? That's an easy task.

Misfate says:


Naeem Khan1 says:

Id like to win for once...

technacity says:

PLEASE, have a multiple body instead of icky plastic

llarryweaver says:

im gonna win

My dream phone.

Please give me the World's First Samsung Galaxy S4.

chriskelk says:

a single comment

Jeremiah Hii says:

Time for a new phone xD

Ammar Naeem says:

only me..

hrga12 says:


tkruijer says:

It's very exciting knowing that I could possibly win the best Smartphone of 2013 :DD I'm in!!

n8sense says:

I'd love to win!

mstrace says:

true <3

subwayray says:


Frogstar1 says:

Yes please! :)

Help me escape my dying Sensation

arvj says:

Sounds good to me!

Kayl_Galaxy says:

I want one! S4 come to me! :D

enel says:

Hahahaha I've never won a mobile device so I doubt I'm going to win this, but it's fun so I'm going to leave a comment =)

Pick me and get a free cookie!

i_robot says:

I'm in :)

clankfu says:

My S3 is the best device I've ever owned and I would love to get an S4.

Winning the S4 from Android Central? Priceless...Now the only 2 problems are breaking the news to the boyfriend that I won, oh, and the wait... :(

Winning the S4 from Android Central? Priceless...Now the only 2 problems are breaking the news to the boyfriend that I won, oh, and the wait... :(

Verbs says:


lemminghead says:

Pick me!

Pick me! Pick me!

recumbentbob says:

Like to get my hands on one.


kk0813 says:

Yes please, S4 please.

Shiraz Ahmed says:

I want it. I love galaxy

complexx says:

Im in!

Trying my luck :-)

ryleruth says:

Please pick me. I am in need of a new phone.

I wish to become the first winner of an S4 :)

Not in for luck... Just looking for a place where SAMSUNG R&D would look for end-user's feedback. I would like the new Samsung Galaxy (S-IV) to have FM transmitter in it, a separate option of having a regular (one-sim) or dual-sim phone. Moreover, it would be great if the round corners are not forgotten (as I have seen a sample concept picture of s4). The round corners are quite handy in different kinds of pockets. And it would be great, if the Samsung would include a regular USB connection port to its new phone to increase compatibility like if I want to attach my USB-Wireless mouse to my Android, I could do it to work easily on AutoCAD WS for example or even type long emails by attaching my regular (pc's) wireless keyboard to my Samsung android device. And as an even greater option, let the main skins be easily replaceable like old phones used to have it, blue, red, black, matt-black, etc.

Aldazher Ang says:

I know I could win this War 3? Hahaha

Aldazher Ang says:

I know I could win this War 3? Hahaha

Pick me! Pick me!

AHH I wanna win! It wouls be ro mt great pleasure if the gs4 was given to me for free.

I want one too!! :)

IMRRK says:

Hope, I will be that lucky, randomly chosen guy :)

Looks like I am about comment 10115. Give or take. Would love to win this bad boy. Even willing to give my S3 to the runner up.

CZullo says:

Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!

okehat says:

New phones are coming out to quick! The minute I buy a phone I want the next

cbinsa says:

Never won anything before. Probably won't win now. Still have to try! Thanks guys!

Hmmm, a new GS4 so I can finally retire my S2.Very interesting indeed.

kofte says:

Android Central till my casket drops. :)

All day!!

ashtonn says:

S-IV The new era! Yeah

wagonis says:

Ooh, ooh, ooh...pick me!!!! :-p

hamowen says:

I live in the first country to see the sun.... so completely would love to add first to get the S4 !! (ps first to climb everest; first to split the atom. .. we are middle earth. ..)

gchehade says:

It would be a reasonable reason to leave my Galaxy Nexus behind...

ratcav says:

I never won a contest online :(

Purgatory says:

Good deal. Need to get away from Verizon and this is a good excuse to drop them.

johnnyfr03 says:

What? This is all I have to do? No way? Yee haw!! Good luck to all!!!!!

ocyrus99 says:

I would love to win this thing! Please pick me!!

Its time to upgrade from a Galaxy S1. I'm all for it!!

I am a big fan of samsung smart phones. I love its features and functionality. I 'll surely win this galaxy s4...:-D

keversole says:

Samsung has The best phones and I cannot wait to get my hands on the Galaxy S4!

sp0tted says:

Count me in!

ivanchin99 says:

Thank you for the S4

I'de really like to win a samsung galaxy S4! Thank You!

Murrow says:

I'd like to win an S4.

imrewind says:

I'm in. Let me find out which phone is better. Nexus 4 or, Galaxy S4.

Doc Marten says:

Good luck everyone!

Wim Noben says:

I hope this is a worldwide competition and I very much hope I win this.

ShawnMeds23 says:


Sholih Rmd says:

let it be me :D

krhtnc1 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 news looks interesting.

jk175d says:

count me in!

karatdiamond says:

It would be excellent to win a smartphone like that!!!

geekjimmy says:

Free stuff is the best stuff. This is a worthy upgrade to my SGS2.

PsTJsT says:

My Galaxy Nexus is looking old...

Seiji2040 says:

Oh my God :) Thank you so much Android Central. Here's my entry.

I broke the screen of my s2..

I would love to win this device...especially if it is an unlocked international one...

Please, please, please, please, please pick me. I could so use an S4, or any new phone for that matter. My S3 just died and I am currently phone-less.

kliscinsky says:

It would be great to win. Thanks for the chance!


Eli Erenburg says:

yeah why not right? go go s4

St3ib says:

Pick me!!!!!!!

smalljacks says:

I love easy contests to enter!

Carol Smith says:

I would love to win one!!

Here is my comment. Hope I win.

sglenn21 says:

Have the S2 would love to upgrade to the S4 Samsung is awesome!

Kyle Botefur says:

Should have made this more like Hunger Games.

greatg67 says:

This would be an awesome win. I'm switching from BB and would love a new Android phone!

I want this Galaxy S4 :)

YS_SONE says:

Elegance, Speed, Clarity, Brilliance, Leading-Edge, I'm all for it; I'm ready 4 the show.

omniphil says:

Honestly, I wouldn't even use the Galaxy S4 if I won it, But it would make an awesome gift :)

yarnsrj says:

Holla! I love everything Samsung! :-$

Brick21 says:

Wow. I sure do want one. galaxy s4!!!!! Pick Me please

t-marco says:

Travling in South American but soon back to USA, .. hope get home and see a nice package on the front door !! thanks!

faulky01 says:

Fantastic giveaway Fingers crossed :-)

caasheew says:

I'd love to be the winner of the first Galaxy S4 contest!

ksjones66 says:

Awesome contest, and congrats on getting it out so fast!

dvdee says:

Good luck everyone.

To you as well.

whereslawly says:

Would be awesome to win a second phone :D

cybersud says:

For the love of God, I am stuck with a Droid 3. Please help me!!!

evilspinach says:

Thanks for the opportunity... here's hoping :)

I am very thankful for the gift,thanks Android!

jesomer says:

Ooh, i'll take one please!

DarknesSx says:

[Contest detected!]

This is an automated response to a phone contest.

Nah i'm just kidding. It's ME, didn't you recognize me?

Oh you don't know me..

I'm wasting my time, I really have to study instead of writing this thing in between 10000 other comments.. Imagine if I won.. Woah, that'd be so amazing xD

Oh well, "fingers crossed".. < What does that even mean? Whatever

TinyRadish says:

Yes plz! :)

hiperglyde says:

Would love to be in the running for THE NEXT BIG THING!!

Julie Harmon says:

Very excited about this phone...can't wait! Would LOVE to win it!!!

rcook55 says:

Me please, I just dropped my S3 so a new phone would be great.

Burnt Toast says:

Single comment, go!!!

MrShmuck says:

Me wants it very very much!

Wildside says:

Very nice. Loving my GS3, but would have waited for the GS4 if I hadn't dropped my Tbolt.

viperpiper says:

I want to to ditch my blackberry...and go Android...I'm finally ready to make the leap..please pick me.

I want the new GS4!!!!!

soccer3564 says:

I would love it!

greg5524 says:

I like free stuff

rseim says:

Thanking you in advance for selecting me. The phone (I hope) is awesome.

fradster says:

Well that's easy! Thanks!

Asim khan1 says:

mmmmmm donuts!

sendvic says:


Wajih Zaman says:

Really? Really? OK, I'm in!!!

docdfour says:

I'm in, I'm in, and I really want to win! I'll do a dance and crap my pants! I'm in, I'm in I'm in I'm in!

seanxdoom says:

Would be a huge blessing to my wife if I won this phone for her.

RobJBR says:

I would love one so I can ditch my crappy HSPA+ T-Mobile one that I have to call customer support on monthly. <3

Dame95 says:

Due for an upgrade this year - would love to get on the S4 bandwagon, and give my GNex to someone that could use a decent smartphone!

Ruimondo says:

pick me you must. wise choice it is

Tim Martin3 says:

I would really like a new S4
To play and show and do more

I really hope that I can win
The new S4 from the prize bin

This droid X has done no wrong
But a new S4 is for what I long

Pick me Pick me oh great AC
A new S4 for me, for ME!

My son was just born yesterday, barely cooler than winning a new S4!

Nscali says:

So my current phone is a Sony Xperia X10a (one of the worst phones I've ever purchased). This thing takes 15 seconds just to look at my contacts while the battery lasts a paltry four hours with all wireless options turned off. Meanwhile, I've been a good samaritan and bought my family new phones using up all my upgrades until later this year. I really think that Samsung makes great smartphones and it shows in the fact that the Galaxy brand is now outshining the Android brand. If I were to win this S-IV it would be a life changer for me because I will finally be able to make a phone call in less than the time it takes me to open my phone app on the xperia. If AndroidCentral could hook it up it would be well appreciated. Thanks for reading through my schpeel guys n gals!

bigguy_132 says:

Would love to be one of the first that owns the S4 :).

bocker says:

Lets do this!

Kevin Adams says:

I love samsung!!!!!

droid_AS says:

Lol even before the phone is launched xD I'm in :D :P

triffe says:

My daughter has the Samsung Galaxy S2 and she loves it. Can't wait to see the S4!

Ryan Paul1 says:

I've been waiting a long time for the Samsung Galaxy S IV. This is definitely going to be the smartphone of the year!

joaquim rola says:

I, Me, Mine.

xeroslash says:

Let's do this!

iops says:

Can I has galaxy?

2kchevy says:

I have a s3 and I want a s4 please

badabing4 says:

I switched from Android to iOS when the iPhone 5 came out last year and I regret it every single day. My iPhone 5 sucks, I need this phone!

ssgmun5000 says:

Winning an S4 will be completely awesome.

delly999 says:

I would love this. Please pick me

novuscaine says:

I'm in.

shafer5 says:

Could always use another device!!! Pick me!!

dbcmaster says:

Yes please.

a single comment

sbgv says:

I'd love to win the galaxy s4!

luunit says:

I need this to convert an iSheep to Android.

melrose24 says:

I want to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy SII to IV..

Anderain says:

It's a race! I hope I win.

melrose24 says:

Would be a nice early birthday present

melomaania says:

This is all that took to get me to finally register. Good luck to all!

Jose Islas says:

Ill take 10!

great i like to have one ...

Bobby RH says:

My Atrix piece of junk just went out of contract. I am waiting for the 14th to see if I get this phone. This will solidify my decision of course, otherwise I will get the Note 2 or wait for Sony's new beast. Oh yeah, never buy Motorola again unless it is a vanilla Android OS.


I've been patiently awaiting the S4 release. Would make a nice addition to my Samsung Tab's 7 & 10. Been debating about the Nexus 4 but, hand over an S4 and my mind is made up....Cheers!

RonCrowder says:

That would be the best prize ever!

mcherinka says:

Ohh, Ohh, Pick me please!!!!!!!!!!!!

ucrazy51 says:

I need this one bad. My bionic needs replacing.

Gozza3 says:

Good prize, got to be a great phone.

ashykat says:

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

greatjoy59 says:

I wanna own the Galaxy! S IV that is :)

TomD says:

Uga Uga

So when do you send me my brand new S4 ? :)

wehnertb says:

I like the SIII, I can only imagine how good the SIV will be.

simonrope says:

Love Samsung, LOVE Android!!

This would be such an amazing gift :-)


Joshua O says:

Congrats to Yatogo for being the first one to post! Good luck to everyone!

buenos says:

Samsung Rocks!

jtodd234 says:

Lets hope I win something finally :)

sam_asia says:

This Galaxy S4 is coming straight ti me here in Ghana.i just feel it.

acWoodcarver says:

Please count me in. Thanks!

sharanbngr says:

Plzz let it be me

enigma350 says:

Count me in

Mrtax says:

I'd love to win!Pick me! :-)

Jake Bogdon says:

Not allowing customers to download apps from non-google play sites is bad business.

jgordils says:

I can't wait for the S4....I would love one (as everyone else on here) but hey...worth a try to try and win one. I never win the lottery but yet I still keep playing...ha ha

Thistle03 says:


krazy_456 says:

What galaxy s4 for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......
Plz selclect me .. All android phone specialy galaxy S4 will be desiring to live with me as i spend more time wid android more than any other thing .. Plz Change My Luck .. Make me win in this lakhs of comment ..
Eagerly eagerly waiting for ur + reply...
my email id

adamcress says:

In here the comment lies.

Nigel Gibb says:

Hell Yeah, Soooo ready for an S4, PLEASE :)

jam4775 says:

I would love an upgrade!

vongen says:

Wonder if anyone notices my message ?

Me. Please?

Peter Fabri says:

Am I too late, am I too late????

slither2145 says:

Pitty you have all lost

AxlMyk says:

Looks like my odds are going down by the hour, but I'll give it the good ole try anyway.
Great prize. Thanks AC.

middleground says:

This is a fantastic contest, and I would love to win this phone. Thanks Android Central.

sjsebayacct says:

HI Baby and the dog! :)

Juby Jubs says:

I need one! My phone's screen looks more cracked out than Lindsay.

PbBurn says:

Would love to get a Galaxy SIV to then share tips and tricks with the world!

Niensie says:

I love my S2 but I will love a S4 even better!!! :)

A Galaxy S4 would change my life!!!

sj2699 says:

I'd love to win a Galaxy S4

lared says:

I would like to know if the Galaxy phones are really as great as everybody says.

flatwave says:

Hope I win so I can give my S3 to my wife...

mark.m.moran says:

What a sweet sweet prize!!

roadrun says:

Would love a new phone!

orquidead says:

wow i want that samsung galaxy s4!!! love it!!

I want oneeee

dkeven says:

went from an s3 to the note 2 would go back for the s4

PeppePellino says:

My i9003 gave's time to change it!! An S4 wouldn't hurt!!!

mikegoogle says:

me,too, me,too, me,too

jacobj86 says:

Pick me and I will love you forever Android Central!

moarcomments says:


clbkkw says:

I hope I win!

Codemonkey83 says:

Help me Obi-wan!

paul361 says:

I'm in for the win!

Sassyone says:

I would love a Samsung Galaxy S4!

JorgeA_23 says:

hope i win

Galaticwill says:

I Like the intro music in the beginning of Android central videos its unrelated to this but it had to be said in other news i hope i win!!!!!!!! >:)

Rock Jock says:

Would love to win and use it to run Ubuntu for Android . . .

karqren says:

Count me in on the S4 contest. Thanks.

e2ackbar says:

Q: What stinks?
A: A skunk

Q: What doesn't stink?
A: Winning a new Galaxy S4!

I've been using nothing but galaxy phones and I want to keep using them... pick me as a winner!

DrHunter says:

Galaxy S4. Yes, please.

netsyseng says:

Okie.....count me in

tr-1 says:

Sign me up please

Im happy with my custom galazy nexus but I wud definately luv to have the s4. Not that I ever win contests. But its worth a shot. Im a mason so illuminati pick me. Just kidding.

whip it good says:

Thanks for the opportunity to win a sweet phone.

KaskaA says:

I would love to win one

echavez85 says:


godnikeboy says:

Boom goes the dynamite.

Tanya54 says:

Wow, would really love to win this phone! Pick me and I'll be a loyal Androidcentral fan forever!

franko515 says:

I NEVER win any contest, but hey why stop entering.

I loved the S3. Bring on the S4. Select me PLEASE.

Djho57 says:

I like new things. Like technology. Like electronics. Like phones. Like new phones. Like the S4. The S4 is a new thing. Therefore, I like the S4.

Trying to get my girlfriend away from iphone, this could be the game changer

joefixit says:

I hope it's not too late. I wanted a GS3 LTE, but winning a GS4 would be the best birthday present.

dombosc says:


Crystalyne says:


ndm22 says:


This is a comment to try to win a contest!

Terp04 says:

Thanks guys!

hewey_mx5 says:

A new GS4 for free? Count me in!

MijailReyes says:

Samsung Galaxy S4!!!!

zirkwander says:

Thanks for this opportunity and reaching out to your community of Android users. Best of luck to everyone! ^_^

Gaabo says:

I love Android Central and I cannot wait to use that Samsung Galaxy S4 *w*

ruger141 says:

It would send my iPhone to paperweight duty.

Q says:

A locked or unlocked S4? (in a Monty Pythonesque British accent and tone)

superrama says:

yes please. an S4 would be a sweet upgrade

Kayl_Galaxy says:


hybridbanana says:

Entering! Good Luck!

Marun says:

AC contests are the best :)

Chris6647 says:

Holy Smokes! Unbelievably awesome! Wish this would replace my old Nexus One! :)

Preveen says:

Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! :)

Winning is Option.. But Samsung S4 is a Must have!!!!!

S1LENT says:

Please I need a new phone. I can't upgrade to a new phone until December.

Phljjs says:

I'd love to win an S4. Can't wait to see how they can make perfection (S3) better!