Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Can't wait

TwilitSky says:

I would really like a Galaxy S IV. :)

DHblue says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 too replace my htc please

DHblue says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 too replace my htc please

maynardwv says:

Been thinking about swapping my vzw galaxy nexus for an S3, as I'm on my 3rd or 4th replacement and it still is a pain in my rear, but I guess I will just have to win this S4 instead.

AntiOneAC says:

Here is my chance to be the first, yippie.... Come on SGS4

EPM449#AC says:

"The Zenn~Coach"......
Will Take The New Galaxy S4 To New Heights in The World of Sports Medicine.....

E. Patrick Miller M.A., M.A.C.
Health & Wellness Coach & Coordinator
Clinical Sports Psychologist For Ur
Back to Back, NBA Champions~The LA Lakers &
The LA Clippers....
Corporate Coach & Consultant & Clinical Associate, with Dr. Andrea Barthwell,
Former Drug Czar of the United States of America

Saima Sarwar says:

Hoping to see S4 being more seductive than S3..!!..

xxmxx says:

I'd like to try out a Samsung phone. The S4 is really exciting.

Rain#CB says:

Galaxy S4!!!!
(gatorade) NOOOO H2O!!!

sageleeone says:

I am just selfish...I want an S-4

MacTaylor says:

(Scream and shout by and Britney Spears)

You are now now rocking with, me and my new S4 snitch!!!!

Knyte says:

I would like a Galaxy S4

SAMSUNG GALAXY...Nothing better than this phone...m addictive to it and wish to have my S4 soon in my hands...

monkeyracer says:

International π day will be a great day! Can't wait for the S4. Thanks for the chance to win!

danielquasar says:

I could really use a new phone and I'm really excited to see what the S4 will have packed inside. So excited!

xLiljohnCx says:

I want that Samsung Galaxy SIV!! if chosen thanks! =]

Bryan Payad says:

Odds of winning this one are becoming larger by the minute...
Just as bad as trying to hit he CA Lottery...
...fingers crossed...

gagdude says:

i have like no chance of winnign but sign me up!!!1

daso says:

Samsung Samsung Samsung Samsung X 4

Mark Hogben says:

my present phone runs on steam, contracts nearly ended though :-)

roblee37 says:

yes please. choose me.

tjams4him says:

S4 = 4 times the mobile goodness! :-)

Winning a SGS4 would be a dream come true! I can't wait to see what Samsung brings to us on March 14, 2013......>;0)

schaidshaw02 says:

Need to replace my outdated S3 haha :)

Axius45 says:

I'm game for winning an amazing(hopefully) Galaxy S IV!

betafan7 says:

I'm not sure what it's gonna be spec-wise and all, but I'm sure I'll dig it.

Well here is my comment.... So a new s4 eh.... That would be awesome!

jamboy5590 says:

Give my life meaning plz.

eramos31 says:

I neeeeed to win!! lol

im down.

ghetta says:

thanks for another great giveaway

Wow! Thanks Android-Central for such a dream-come-true opportunity! I am hereby officially - wait for it - *fanfare and bugles blowing loudly* - entering myself to win this awesome phone!


ejb1013 says:

Win a Galaxy S4?? By just posting here?? Yeeeeeaaahhh go ahead and sign me up!!!!

Brian Meyers says:

Sure, I'll take one!

dgwood12 says:


Wow its a lot posts here!!!!

akhonesavanh says:

Pick me!

ynchris says:

Time to change y iphone4!

garykhan says:

Android Central '4' the WIN!

alwasih says:

Uhm yeah duh...I want one!

dking9101 says:

Back off! this one's mine!!!

PsydePhuk says:

I can has SGS4? Woohoo!

vocaltreat says:

Would love to win!

Dony Sukardi says:

Oh Em Geeee! I want one! :D

rajgug says:

get me one please!!! pick me!

iggkp says:

That would be great

qarnain says:

would s4 be good updated mobile so give me a try i wanna see it

samydroid says:

S4 FTW! :D

nvesterlund says:


Duane Howard says:

This would be just brill!

I am hungry for a Samsung S4. Come on android central feed with a S4... plz plz

Benjamin Lee says:

GSIV me.

PaulG1488 says:

Bring on the S4

Benafide says:

Yeah buddy!

Alex Yag says:

If I win this, I'll end my 4+ years of journey with iOS.

I'm in!

Vishnu Nair1 says:

samsung galaxy s4 is phenomenal phone..its just unbeatable.....hope i get one.....

Throwback28 says:

This is a comment. So tada. Galaxy S4

j_jaguar says:

Galaxy S4 ftw!!!!

the coolest competition on the web!!!!!!!

juustin56 says:

Pretty please pick me:)

Shadowmomb says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 hell yeah!!

mkeezym says:

I need this in my life!!!!

Shadster says:

Thanks for the amazing contest!! Samsung Galaxy S4

GalaxyJason says:


Now this sounds a real winner-lets hope I can win one ---thanks folks...

Vishnu Nair1 says:

samsung galaxy s4 is the god of all phones....its the BENCHMARK FOR future smart phone.i want this awesome piece of technology

Alexzzar says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with a cherry on top! Pick me :)

Huartxz says:

Looking forward to March 14 official announcement of Samsung Galaxy S4 and hope to win one here!!

k4zn4 says:

This would finally break it for me to go to Samsung. Pick me please!

Dregur says:

I am curious what it could or could not do....

Would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 !!

KwietStorm says:

I'd be a fool not to get in on this.

Ph03n1x_SA says:

"We have found all life forms in the 'Galaxy' are capable of Superior Development."

Capt. James T Kirk

Its one of the best phone ever in the market... user friendly an awesome aesthetics and designs...

paul9415 says:

brilliant prize

Will Collie says:

I'll gladly take one!

Jabeen Mirza says:

Eagerly awating s4 ,lovely,pretty gadet....

pls give it to me.Thanks a lot....

rich121tech says:

An s4, really? Thank You, thank you, thankyou. Oh, I did I mention I really love Android Central?

I would love to have the S IV in my pocket. Cheers!!

prpavi says:

Gief S4 pleeeezeee XDDDD

I'd love this, pick me :)

lloydster01 says:

I definitely want one!

Denise Lyons says:


Yo, I want an s4.....just sayin....:p

twe says:

Goodbye S3 hello S4!

Drew Dibble says:


hq5 says:

yippie kay yay !!!

Ice Phrozen says:

Me please

I don't even know what this phone is going to look or be like other than some vague rumors, but I still really want one and I don't know why.

I want this because of reasons!

glss says:

a must win!

xcm07zfu says:

great competiton, great prize

qwick says:

This thing is going to be a beast, can't wait to see what Samsung have done with this thing. Thanks for the contest AC you guys rock!

l33dan says:

S4 is gonna be killer

dangmx says:

hope i win

tez1982 says:

Galaxy S2 & S3 are both amazing phones! Can't wait for the S4!!!!

szymcio2001 says:

One for me please!

Eleanor Hall says:

Thanks in advance for picking me as the winner.

Damien Ang says:


Damien Ang says:


Mehak Beotra says:

This 1 is mne

Johnny Tang says:

to win a Galaxy S4??? yes please, me me me me me.....

Thanh Vu says:

Good luck to me.

p4r4n01d says:

And I thought the S3 looked good although I have never used one. Would really like to win an S4 though!

BetimShabani says:

I'm praying god for this phone everyday. But you can help with this i guess.

BetimShabani says:

I'm praying god for this phone everyday. But you can help with this i guess.


I have seen the specs to this phone and it has the largest size battery (mAh) by miles, which better battery life.

tico2k13 says:

I'll never win but I'll give it a go.. Samsung phones are the best........

Taz. says:

Please pick me :)

I have always been a fan of Samsung and I have the S3 now, but I wood would sure like to be on of the first on the block to have the S4. Pick me pick me. ;)

philb100 says:

Yes please then I can finally retire my old dumb phone !

mrad_man says:

Ain't no question if I want it, I need it...

aw_osborne says:

I'd love a smart phone - only have a cheapo mobile at the moment.

Holy contests, Batman!!!

Deb122345 says:

would love to win a new phone as i think my present phone would actually be classed as an antique now!

ath007 says:

I shall jump through hoops to get this one! A big improvement on my Samsung Chat335

jshinn1 says:

I gotta feeling out of the 10,000 people you guys can pick.......I'm gonna win lol (sarcasm)...(or maybe not????) hmmmmmmm.

razgriz1412 says:

S IV? not bad... :v

statgig says:

Can I have it?

Andy Sutton says:

Gimme! Please.

Marco D says:

FATEME VInCE ve ne prego!!! Da Roma, stamo senza papa e senza governo!!!!
Più disperati de cosi "nun" se può!?!?!?!
Please let me winner, please!!! From Rome, we haven't, no more, The Pope and a Governament!!! We are hopeless?!?!?!?

nd the winner is..... "me" :p

Teresa Hill says:

So excited!!!!!!!!

MaverickJedi says:

Can't wait for the release, and can't think of a better way to get in right from the start!

FabioHD says:

Give it to me!! The Galaxy S4, I mean...

I do have all the series of SAMSUNG GALAXY's..i wish also to have in my collection the successor of my last GALAXY SIII!!

Lee Tate says:

Enter me pls!

vbctv says:

Me Me Me Me Me, pick me!!!!

Small chances but wouldn't it be awesome... Waiting for the launch of SGS IV :)

Stu C says:

Desparately need a new phone... fingers crossed for a win!

ashrid says:


Knighttax says:

i want it! :D

HDoowop says:

I don't own one yet, this would be a good place to start though ...

rex0422 says:

I am going to win!!! Yea!

Prodigy4299 says:

Count me in, please!

big06envoy says:


bodoo says:

Fingers crossed.

Rafi Sharik says:

Pick Me Please!

Dipak Saraf says:

Wow !! cool ....looks like it worth entering this contest.....and grabbing the latest gadget.....!!!

gimme, gimme, gimme...

stevenlongs says:

Oh boy! pick meee!

urimland says:

I hope I get it! I hope I get it!

jhill110 says:

If you hook me up with this S4 I won't tell anyone what you did last summer.

fox3170 says:

Hockey rocks!

I'll take it!

Samsung innovate in Smart way

Marute says:

I would love to be the lucky winner of a Galaxy S4! :D

Shezbo says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 FTW in my pocket!!!!

Cashboy14 says:

I own the Samsung galaxy stratosphere (original). The first 4g lte with a keyboard. Its time for a change so sign me up.

Hey i'm in!

The best android site has the best contests. You guys are just doing this to get a count of how many people are reading this right? :)

Kayl_Galaxy says:

Hoping to win a New Galaxy S4. Pick me! Hopefully :)

Toni Maura says:

Come to spain galaxi S4

Hope i will be gifted with a Samsung galaxy s4 :)

RGM79 says:


darianv says:

s4 s4 s4

Please, let it be mine:)

BKHAWK3 says:

I'd love an S4

wanna win this phone :) if is my first ever smartphone from my ordinary ones....gonna take a first pic with my grandmom and grandpa :) i miss them :)i wanna share the technology to them because i know at their age they don't experience the modern technology <3 ilovemygrandparents hope i'll win this :)


crespen says:

I can't wait to show off my S4. That it's free is a bonus!

my S4ever <3 <3 <3

StefanGA says:

Please send me one!!!

thirdface says:

Me!Me! Me! Give it to meeeeeee!

Is it real, or just kidding..... Anyways i am in the show now....... ha ha

bjstevensen says:

This would compliment my s3 and note 10.1 great. Love my galaxy family

Will Fowler says:


PaulLFC says:

An S4 would be brilliant :)

kopikats says:

I really really need this
Best regards - E.T.

I'm from Italy and I really like to receive an s4!!!! I'ma fan of apple but like very much samsung!
Thank you

Mark Seymour says:

What a simple competition. hhhmmm maybe too simple..... What's the catch? :)

jaymck says:

set me up!

fragment137 says:

Im down to win a galaxy s4 :D

I wish I can get lucky With s4, before others can !! :P

Keith Comper says:

What a brill prize can't wait

Jakub Vitek says:

Dream come true! Gimme one! Pretty please!

bpeterson12 says:

That would be nice.

Roose00 says:

im in for the world first s4 giveaway!!

Adam McEntee says:

That would be killer to win one of these!

Anweir88 says:

I 'd love to win one!

Anweir88 says:

I 'd love to win one!

mugurelu says:

Really hope to win a GS4 with the new Snapdragon 800.
Need another futureproof phone after my Nokia 95.
Ty for the chance!

galsi says:

Thanks for the hope to win a dream phone.

PPOOZ says:

your the one that i want... SiV SiV SiV SiV

Really want it!! Pick me!

Bobbys74 says:

hope i win its a long shot but worth a try ...........

zachig says:

WOOHOO!!! I'm in!

GOOD LUCK everybody!

DanXo says:

Would be nice to get a S IV. :D

sw33tooth says:

count me in! I love free

Simply Amazing!! :D

I love the Samsung Galaxy line up!!! I cant wait to get my hands on the IV!!!!!

Awesomesaur says:

It's Over Nine Thousand! I had to do that xD I'd love to get my hands on an S4 =3

aaviles79 says:

I would love an S4 in time for summer fun ! Thanks for the contest.

new phone!!

Jordan Buck says:

Worth a shot, my phones broke so why not :)

ericcjr says:

Hoping to win this! Thank you, Android Central.

fel says:

Here's to hoping I can make all the ignorant iPhan-boys in my office envious when I come strutting in with this device that I WON from Android Central... a girl can never have too many Sammy devices!

ejpartner says:

I have never been a Samsung user, more or less an Android fan. I was never impressed on Samsung and its releases, even up to their latest Galaxy Note 2. But, this is the first time that I ever said wow to a Samsung. Based on the specs, I can say that this is a masterpiece. Hats off to Samsung for this wonderful creation. They have turned me to a believer.

I gotta have it:D

sipcho says:

Woohoo SG4 is finally there. So looking forward to it.

I want the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

specops2k3 says:

would love to have a brand new galaxy S4

m.s.b. says:

Wow... already almost 10k in posts... I remember back in the day when my favorite website would have like 100 posts for a contest like this and I still never won anything... Welp here's to another try, thousandth times a charm right?

runer112 says:

I would love one :)!

I'm about to buy a new phone... Need this!!!

herges says:

So would love a Samsung mobile!

Sean Hoggard says:

I'd love a Samsung!

Art Tuazon says:

WOW! Android officially takes "Mobile AWESOMENESS" at the 4th power! Here comes Samsung Galaxy S4, now ready to battle!

justbb10x says:

Please pick me

donfranko says:

I want it.... That is all.

medetron says:

Here's my entry for the g5 in 3 months.....

I would love to have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks.

tddangelo says:

As impressed as I have been with the S3 I am sure the S4 is gonna be THE class device once available. Nice job Samsung!

To determine all my thinks about S IV is correct, i should try on using it.
Welcome to Vietnam.

I need one.

yeoldgreat1 says:

I'd love to win!

epiphone_74 says:

Ok count me In...

ANDROID CENTRAL Rocks the Giveaways!!!

rajachib says:

Luck counts...


mmtowns says:

My wife would love a new phone!

s4 s4 s4 s4 s4 s4 s4 s4!!!!!

But what if it sucks?
Oh well, still playing.

aplittle says:

My GS3 would love a new play mate!

MikeLip says:

Well, one way or another I'm most likely going to end up with one. But free - free is good! :)

BigBenO says:

I'd love to have it.

Jillxz says:

I would so love to own the Galaxy S4

tcharette24 says:

GS4.....Winner,Winner Chicken Dinner! C'mon!

bluedevil880 says:

I'd love a Galaxy S IV!

capnfatpants says:

Don't mind if I do. Can I get this in Verizon flavor when I win?

mclarengurl says:

Samsung every time - even with stand the 'dropped down the toilet' test :D

birdman_38 says:

Thanks for the excellent contest Mobile Nations.

Noz5 says:

Thanks in advance.

darrylcobb says:

First Galaxy SIV, LET ME IN!

Terry Wilson says:

1st- Samsung infuse
2nd- sgs 2
3rd- sgs3
4th- sgsnote2
5th- SGS 4 ???
6th- will be sgs note 3 LOL

crimsontde88 says:

Fiddle Faddle Show Me the Paddle

Garrettt says:

I hope I get picked :)

Uncle Louie says:

Yes, please!

I wanna win this one. Would be the coolest thing to own a S4 before anyone else on the planet!

mojaxson says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4. a New Galaxy S4 to take pics of my new baby girl who will be here in 5 weeks.

would love to win this phone :)

Sal Perez says:

ric flair and myself really want the S4. woooooooooohhhh


Callindril says:

Time to move on from Moto....The S4 would be an awesome move...

mwiron says:

Hope I'll win! :-)


Fantastic! Count me in.

McIrish says:

I'm hoping I get picked.... just like all the thousands of people do.

Vivek Likhi says:

Hope I win. Fingers crossed....

Emmae87 says:

I would love 1 please :-).

Wow.. Samsung Galaxy S4! It is officially MINE! (~_~メ)

jimnjas says:

Oooh!! Pick me!! I can't wait for this new phone to come out!

ElectroWiz says:

Did I win? I hope I do.


My girlfriend has left for singapore.....only a smartphone with the caliber of GALAXY S4 can help me bridge the gap within us.....let GALAXY 4 be my first SMARTPHONE!!

Jrid32 says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

badal_t says:

I would like to have if..It would be a nice gift for my wife.

Mzblkbeauty says:

So ready for this phone, can't wait!!

I need a new smartphone , lool thx for this , samsung is amazing

Irwright says:

Please replace my Droid Charge! Please!

lostnd80s says:

Dag, yo.

Gabriall says:

would love one

andremporto says:

Since someone stoled my phone, and I got no money at all to buy a new one, that contest came from heaven.

Dave Ternent says:

S2 could do with an upgrade thanks

Love my S-III, looking forward to the S-IV

TBoogie10x says:

Thanks samsung, u guys rock. ps pick me

tilana2 says:

YES! I really want this phone.

kmaddock says:

Wow! I would love to win the new Samsung Galaxy S4!!!

Shreyas13 says:

I want it!! Please?

jena4yt says:

Would love to have a new phone!!

And the winner is... me!!

Well since you're just giving one away...might as well make it me.

Gimme Gimme Gimme!!

Koolthug says:

Yeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Bring it oooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!!!

Koolthug says:

Yeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Bring it oooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!!!

Ryp11 says:

Free phone?! Count me in!! Thanks

Raul Letona says:

I want a new phone!!!!!!!

Easy-G says:

Me please :)

zerkerchief says:

Run Get into the chopa!

soulad says:

I solemnly swear I'm up to no good

m_leflore says:

Can I get one? Please?

wow. Can't wait

enaille says:

Would love to see my S3 become a S4 ;)

webnoi says:

I want it!!!

ShaneRay says:

Pick me or, I swear to God, I'll buy one with my own money. Nobody wants that to happen.

learning2 says:

Thanks for offering this contest. :-)

okanter says:

definitive want one, it be mine. hahaha

guitarist92 says:

Hi, I would love one of samsungs newest :)

artkin says:

As a current iPhone 5 user, I think I might be ready for a change.

If I win the S4, I'll gladly sell my iPhone 5 and donate 100% of the profit to a local charity.

i always have a bad luck, i just keep trying! some day, some day!

maniadj08 says:

I want to meet the next Galaxy!!! 4 I'm Ready for You...

rtnapl says:

S4, let's go!


hignewton1 says:

I just bought a new GS3 so help me make it the best in house music player ever and pick me!

This is exactly what I need to retire my GNex.

Eight Bit says:

Well, I'll try anyways...

EMmanuelCFC says:

please be mine?

AndroidDiva says:


Sadia Nadeem says:

i want this special phone and i win it inshallah

Sadia Nadeem says:

i want this special phone and i win it inshallah

I want the S4!!! Please pick me!!!