Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

I'm in!

Rodawg71 says:

Galaxy S4 you say??? Yep....I'm in!

cl2087 says:

S4 has my name on it!

JackUzi says:

I can't wait to get my hands on this phone ;o)

guzzardo says:

Samsung galaxy s4

sahar1125 says:

I need this phone in my life!

Ron Podovich says:

I'd really like to win this.

sixdust says:

There a lot of comments.

bengalt9 says:

Awesome...I'm in!!!

readingcat says:

I like porcupines, do you like porcupines? I like penguins, do you like penguins?

MrRichTea says:

I know I haven't got a chance in hell of getting on [9000+ comments & counting!] but I WANT ONE!!! :)

Dfects says:


Vinci31 says:

This one is a lucky post! :D

brianotte says:

What's better than the S4? A free S4!

kan84 says:

One for me

Bane_RS says:

Gimme gimme gimme :)

W Samsung!!!!!!!!!:)

Lawbreaker says:

I have it on good authority that should you give me the phone, peace and prosperity will spread across the globe.

Would you really want to risk missing out on that?

Ruben91 says:

If I would win, I can give it to my girlfriend as a birthday gift!

sbudaj says:

I'm in. Thanks.

Tried to get an S3, it was lost in transit (got refund, thankfully)
Might just skip over it if I can go straight to an S4

camiller says:

What an excellent idea. I could let my daughter have my GS3 and a GS4 would fit the bill nicely.

Is it available on Sprint?

Hannah Irish says:

Great prize :)

momentai says:

First! Wait no... 9900th!

I certainly would not say no to a Samsung Galaxy S IV, in fact I think I would scream (with joy)

John Vo says:

Good luck to all.

phanorm says:

S4 please

NdoYank says:

I want one!

NdoYank says:

I want one!

Abney Cooper says:

Whoo! Count me in!!

PeterPap1980 says:

Switched from iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S3 and want convert my fiance' to android. She won't make the switch so winning the S4 would be great because I can give her my S3 and i'm sure once she uses it for a couple days she won't go back to apple.

gatortuba says:

Can't wait for the S4. Love my nexus, but time for something new

Azema says:

I never win this contests :(

ScottC12 says:

Yes please!

zackmack7 says:

I want an shiny new S4

Slandy says:

love one

It would be the best gift eveeeeeeeeeeer...!!!

Greg C says:

Please! PLEASE!! Please?

Love my Galaxy S3 but would love a new S4 even more!!!

nb94 says:

Me PLEASE :) Thank You :)

Quikstep says:


t3sh says:

The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest Winner!

PJUK says:

Yes. I would like to win a Samsung S4. Good luck everyone :)

Zambot says:

One shot, one kill - Zambot owns an S4!!

nb94 says:

Its my Birthday on the 14th March it would be the BEST birthday EVER if i win this!!! :):):) Please and Thank You!

Worth a try

hajabooja says:

Might as well give it a shot!

Randroid88 says:

1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

baggies666 says:

Yes Yes Yes, I would love the new S4

baggies666 says:

Yes Yes Yes, I would love the new S4

ashtamon says:

Love to win this brand new spanking phone. Need a new phone a.s.a.p! Hope I finally win one competition, fingers crossed!

mwbtown003 says:

No soup for you guys!!!

Dklas says:

S4 will dominate this year :-)

ssbbarret8 says:

I want it!!!

clairebybear says:

yes please, i've broken my galaxy s2 and would love a replacement

I wanna win :3

One way or another... I'm down for an upgrade..

Nicki Hirons says:

Great prize !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

market58 says:

When you can snatch the S4 from my is time for you to leave

clombardi says:

I would LOVE to have a SAMSUNG GALAXY S4! I've endured terrible ordeal with Blackberry 9700 for several years! I hope I would win this new device, the Galaxy S4! This would be a badass device to take pictures/videos for my wedding this Fall! Yeah!

Sammy and me, we go way back! but at last it advanced too quickly and now i can't afford to run along with Sammy anymore. But you gave me hope! make my day please!

Devans3232 says:

Well sorry, i just won the Samsung galaxy s4.contest over

Bruce Melvin says:

This is one sic phone, got my scope out searching the sky waiting for my Galaxy S4 to fly by..happy daze maybe comin my way!!

Love to win one never had a laptop never mind a tablet

lalinap says:

Can't wait to see the new s4!!

yanuarsia says:

This would be my 4th Galaxy phone starting from the first galaxy phone.

d.raw24 says:

GS3, Note2, GS4 will complete the family. thats what i want!!

Hugh Bryant says: of luck for me

This Samsung mobile with stunning design
would be immense celebrations if one were mine!

TechW says:

It's mine.

AMPed126 says:

Sure no problem :)

padre1357 says:

Would love to win this for my wife. She deserves a high quality phone. She's still using a Samsung Transform.

Kennyb123 says:

Great contest! My odds here are way better than the lottery...but they still suck! lol

asussex says:

Yes, please!

Fabian Hcko says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 me

This would be perfect and I think I would never sleep again just play on the phone! Then my friends would finally have to agree android is better!

vickysmum123 says:

Great prize, probably dont have a hope of winning, but sometimes nice things happen :)

J_Skates says:

It's morphin time!

What an awesome competition. Keeping everything crossed...

Chris Duenas says:

Hurry and send mine so I can make fun of everyone who still has an ancient Galaxy S III.

OrbzPhone says:

Hi Mom

jrodell says:

Can't wait for my new phone!

darklocke says:

Great prize

Love 2 win

metall8cat says:

This would make a great birthday present. Tired of rockin' my old Bionic

Amy 83 says:

Great prize

gutierreze says:

Too ban I'm going to win.... Suckas! Thanks for the contest and opportunity to win.

drewcampbell says:

Pick me... puhlease. Ha.
Thanks for everything y'all do! We all greatly appreciate it! Keep up the great work!


New Galaxy S4 + Winning it for free = Mind blowing awesomeness followed frantic pacing waiting for it to get here.

lume70 says:

the galaxy of the galaxys :)

Pick me! I have Sprint and their wack a** flagship phone! Feel
sorry for me Please!

LV23 says:

First S4 owner :)

becky0306 says:

what a prize! Samsung are going to outdo themselves, can't wait to see what new Galaxy is going to look like...please enter me in this awesome giveaway...x

ZookeyFree says:

Theres no phone in the world that would make me change from the ALMIGHTY iOS to the insignificant Android. POINT BLANK. POLKA DOT.PERIOD.

pablokedz says:

My missus has a Galaxy Note ,it would make her well jealous plus I would love it to,cheers

ub40alal says:

Awesome, I hope I win

archheretic says:

Would be an awesome upgrade from my s2... thanks guys, these competitions are awesome, especially how they are international :-)

droidchopz says:

Sign me up!

Kayant says:

Me want some octa-core or Exynos 5450 goodness ^_^

Thanks for the competition Androidcentral

spl2181 says:

That was easy.

stlarenas says:

Lucky comment #9195. Thanks!

Im in

big_time2 says:

Count me in!

lestat832 says:

Samsung FTW

Is it wrong to instagram a pick of your phone or 20?

Bass10 says:

Would love to win!

Andrew Yulo says:

Want it!!!!

Andrew Yulo says:

Want it!!!!

bluengold says:

Pick me!!

joerivera17 says:

Win A Samsung Galaxy S4 , Nice!

I would definitely be appreciative if I could get my hands on it!

Cobolt Punch says:

What does the S stand for?

Marc Teles says:

Fell in love with the S3. Cant wait to win the new S4!

Rizy7 says:

As there is a first time for everything, I hope this is the first time I actually win something :P

gokuone says:

Free is usually always a good thing :)

Ponic says:

Well now, that would be awfully nice!

pwnightcrew says:

New Samsung S4 would be great

redhdgirl417 says:

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

lancsman says:

wouldn't that be swell to win..

cohere says:

i won!

S4 ftw!!!

Paul Sibley says:

My wife would love me even more than she already does - if I gave it to her. ;-)

nighthawk700 says:

Wow, over 9000 entries so far. Still, if you don't post, you definitely don't win...

Pick me I would tell the world about my new phone!!!!

DrScrubs says:

Couldn't be easier to win!

Andrei Davis says:

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Probably won't win but glad I made an account to show how much I enjoy the content android central provides! Good luck everyone!

sweet that would be awesome android kiss a$$

I hope it isn't a phablet

dewhite04 says:

Yes, please.

Ricky Lulla says:

Yes Please!

thanks guys! hope i win!

Paula Reid says:

great prize.

aligiraffe says:

I loved my old Samsung so it would be brilliant to win an S4!

adlopez210 says:

This is great Thanks!!!

kkowalsk says:

Hope for some good luck!

addict55 says:

Love my gs3...and a gs4 would be amazing!!!

David Adcock says:

well kool would love defo

Simon Innins says:

I would love a galaxy s4 as my phone is pretty old now mine is the galaxy ace and would love to see the differance in speed and power

nicolee314 says:

I'd be so pumped to say goodbye to my Droid X!! :)

Hotwheels83 says:

I sure hope I win! Thanks!

W_R_R says:

One phone to rule them all...

Lee Bond says:

Come on Samsung, together we can beat the iPhone into submission :)

Aznmrtaxes says:

Mind sending one of those S3 my way? Much appreciated!!!!

llarryweaver says:

iwant it i need it

supernice44 says:

Good times ahead!

thetony2313 says:

I hereby imbue this post with the luck of 1 million lucky things.

Cant wait to receive the new S4 :)

I would love to win :-)

scabbard says:

Excellent prize and at 1:10000 better odds than the Lottery!

gskiner says:

i'm down

hobnobble says:

yay free stuff!

DatFonty says:

I don't want to win this... I need to win this!

dendroid says:

This is for an s4 for us!

coxley24 says:

Ohhh please me!!

It would be nice to win. #most likely i wont # good to try

Very excited for this phone, cant wait to see what its got inside officially

rob_ashsu says:

If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. Here's my hat in the ring

rankar7 says:

This is great! Thanks for the chance!

dgwilliams says:

AC Folks: Thanks for the opportunity to enter another epic giveaway. Please count me in. Peace.

jetrated says:

Since my S3 bricked I am in dire need of an S4 ;-)

dramcio says:

i'm THERE !

weasel123 says:

hell yes, I would love one.

znc62511 says:

Galaxy for me...!

NilsonF says:

Would love a new Galaxy phone

erwaso says:

Pease send the S4 my way. Kthxbye

WillSmirf says:

Me pretty please

thebrianiac says:

Hit me.

Hello SAMSUNG....Goodbye nokia YES PLEASE!!!!!

jrv331 says:

I'll Take One

cesarhrz1 says:

March 14 can't come fast enough!!!!

YBCold says:

Would love to get an S4 for the wife!

Gonna be hard to rip this note 2 out of my hands to play with it should I win!


lan4 says:

Gotta get a Galaxy 4.

dantefarrar says:

I have the GN II (T-889) and my wife is hassling me about the GS3. To win a GS4 would be extra awesome!

Wicell says:

I let my girlfriend borrow my S3 for a week and she ends up cracking the screen, would be a great sign of things to come if I won an S4!

Ryan Allen says:

I wonder what my chances are... 1 in 50,000?

Fingers crossed!

satyagom says:

yeay im the first galaxy SIV owner

John Yu says:

I'd love to win. Android Central is the best!

I'm going to win this one! Can't wait for my new S4 :D

ElePet says:

Well, here is my entry :)

I dont even know what it's going to look like, but I'll take my chances! I WANT ONE!

pwinters says:

why, Why, WHY did I just upgrade to the S3!?!?!?

tokuzumi says:

Gosh, there sure are a lot of comments. I hope the GSIV lives up to expectations :hehehe:

RWFarley says:

I am ready ....

ughh says:

prizes from the future. can the S4 call the past?

shaymojack says:

Definitely would not mind winning one of those.

kiriath says:

Super!!!!! Galaxy S4 FTW!

makaroni says:

I can feel it in my bones. I feel like a winner!! S4 come to poppa

JorgeA_23 says:

Still a bit of a wait for the s4 but still if i win that would be awesome

I had the original galaxy s19000 and i'm now using the galaxy s3. I would love to win the galaxy s4!!!!

It would b awesome to win I'm still using the galaxy s2 rooted and moded to the latest android jelly bean. Would be nice to have a NEW ANDROID out of the box NEW NEW LOL

UrbanAssault says:

did i win!?...

v_coriander says:

Why am I ever win something? How depressed is that ?!

Well after a long time just reading you made me join the site :P

Hand it over ;•》

gator_rick says:

Samsung rules in my household.... Please hook me up with the newest member.

Chex313 says:

and yes don't get me wrong...I GET THAT! (Phil's Favorite comment)

Put stock Android or any ROM other then Touch Wiz , before you send it. Thanks...

ShieldForge says:

An upgrade to my i9300 would be sweet.

In it to win it! :D

Johan Garcia says:

lol i just wanna know how can u give away so many phones :P
anyway i want a S4 too

Crieff says:


Well this is exciting :) I'm in!

lembowski says:

Can't wait for this! My Droid Charge is long overdue being replaced :(

nits0202 says:

what do I need to say about soon to be world
's smartest phone. .

SloppyK24 says:

Hope the S4 is better than the S3. S4 for you? No... S4 for ME!

vinal says:


Iatemyshorts says:

So many comments! Chances are slim but I hope I win! :D

nansah says:

Samsung GS4 is going to be one of a kind :-)....#can'twait

Why not? Take a chance :)

bryceh7 says:

oui oui, s4 je t'aime!

DataHawg says:

Me wants.

mij9895 says:

I want to win one. Pick me!

zelendel says:

Crazy odds? Slim chance of success? Im in

mbzeitz says:

Much better than my current phone!

xuz0 says:

I'd be soooo happy if i could win it :))))) I've been waiting for the s4 since November

djnk954 says:


PieSkizzle says:


Djblue says:

Thank you guys for doing this!

I wish i could win this one.. I have Galaxy Y which was a very low range smartphone.. I want this Galaxy S4 please!!!

jadewolf3 says:

Samsung is the bomb baby!

the1joe says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

vineet ahuja says:

I want one :)

Renu Ahuja says:

S4..I am waiting

nnhs says:

I definitely want to win.

Excited to see the Samsung Galaxy S4...


klmtiger says:

I love Samsung!

dashib says:

Definitely wanting to switch from HTC to Samsung!!

powerup93 says:

Come on lucky 3!

Clavs1 says:


PaulD1 says:

Great prize.

area52 says:

Whoa! I need to replace my device it's on its last legs to win this would be awesome

Official Entry Status : ENTERED
Official Winner Status : PENDING

Mathusalen says:

Ok I'm in.

universeand says:

That S4 is mine!

Frosty21 says:

Pick me pick me

jrocks84 says:

Looking forward to the S4!

shriniarole says:

I'm in! Hit me with an S4!

MMcCraryNJ says:

I'd like to win :)

Victor Guo says:

I'd love to win an S4!

spyjournal says:

me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me pleeeeeease

juniorr7710 says:

"I'm Ready 4 the Big Show"

Manx27 says:

Please rescue me from my G2X!

DoubleP90 says:

I would love to have one :D

I would love to win that fantastic phone. Good Luck Everyone.

mrjam3s says:

I likey!!!

Almost 10K comments so far and I'm pretty confident that I'll win this device!!!


pauldhami_2 says:

Thanks for the opportunity, it's my birthday today hopefully that brings me luck!

mooserman says:

Hey look, a shiny new galaxy device that can beat my s3!

scotty707 says:

A Galaxy S4 will look pretty good next to my Galaxy Note 10.1. :)

John Gooden says:


I have never used a samsung phone, it would be nice to win but I seriously doubt that will happen. Good luck to everyone else.

I have the 3 please give me the 4!

Ace Anthony says:

Oh that Samsung Galaxy S4 eye candy.....yummy.

cegc135 says:

Galaxy S IV contest already? There hasn't even been a leaked photo... But oh well.

rkcmd says:

More power to you guys!

Jordan2348 says:

in for the win, can't hate on the early contest!

DoctorEvil says:

Would love to get a new phone.

gary1penn says:

I would love to have an s4....please,,

JeromeJ says:


aidogz says:

yeah man

Winner winner chicken dinner!

drew051 says:

I'll enter!

dmolinaj24 says:

Really trying not to die because of boredom.

I'm Gonna be Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................................

Markjcc says:

Oh man I hope I win

zuker88 says:

Galaxy S4 you say? Yes please!

I definitely want this phone. Pick me!

the_EDJ says:

If I say something witty, will it improve my chances of winning? No? Ok.

ttsupra95 says:

Well I hope that the Galaxy S4 is the proton torpedo fired from the xwing fighter at the deathstar that is the iphone(Apple). With some luck Android Central can make me the lucky pilot (Luke "Galaxy' Skywalker). I already own the Verizon GS3, this would be my next step in defending the GALAXY, get it wink, wink....

currybaker says:

yessss, i'm counting down the days....

nick0810 says:

Yes, please!

iceblade997 says:

I'd like to enter please, and thank you :)

arogony says:

I just got my s3!

felixmc says:

I'm a big Samsung fan so I would be so happy if I won one!

Galaxy S4, please be mine.

airica032484 says:

I really lovee samsung gadgets.But i think i'm not going to win,but still hoping hehehe...thanks...good luck samsung.....

CougsRoll says:

I would love to win a new S4. Can't wait to see it.

jman7678 says: S4... sure, why not?


Can an S4 give me sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads?! HAHA

dspcap says:

Fingers crossed.... Thanks

sjshowal says:

I sure hope to win...

jeremiahEJ54 says:

Did you see the Samsung infographic...they need all the users they can get out here in South Dakota!

andreadedea says:

After SIII I'm really looking forward for SIV

ravensong03 says:

I have the S3 now and love it, so I bet the S4 will be great.

owiidi says:

Galaxy S4 u must be amazing? serve me coffee plz

iambc1 says:

Post a single comment? OK, I am not single and I would love to have a GS4!

JOBBLY says:

Gotta in for an S4.. Sis had S1 Loved it... I got the S2 then upgraded to the S3. Awesome phones. Just hope the new versions dont come too soon as I cant afford to keep getting the latest version... ;o) I will either way.

In love with samsung androids..
Fingers crossed..

My mom wants my GS3, so I need a GS4 to replace it!!!!!!

rcarlossgs says:

Waiting for an upgrade from Galaxy S to S4.Would love it if it is free

rekoji says:

May the odds be in your favor.

Hazardis says:

I would love a Galaxy S4.

I was completely blown away when I discovered this post!! I'm a true Android at heart, always will be. Would LOVE to own a new Samsung Galaxy S4!!! Peace to all my fellow "droids" out there ;)

selectiveins says:

S IV, that would be nice.

vermatech says:

I dream! I dream! Got to be super lucky. Sai.

Nibs says:

Let's get it!

kinz7865 says:

I want one!!