Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Mark Tuck says:

Would love to have one of these to replace my old Samsung brick...


asderxsdxcv says:

Hell yeah I want one

mcs says:

Eight thousand seven hundred and fifty-fifth! :-)

bcumings says:

Pick me please!

Great Phone

Ron Roberts says:

I want a Galaxy S4. I am tired of my iPhone.

drich says:

well I got in before the total count was 8800, since this phone was one of my choices i would love to own one

tjdalton says:

Do we get to choose which carrier's version we would like if we win? Just curious

Sweet looking phone, wouldn't mind that to replace my old one

Abby Bookham says:

I would love to be one of the first people to use this - thanks

BlueBull00 says:

do want!

derekstandby says:

pick /me

Karl00 says:

If you've got an extra Galaxy S4 hanging around, I'd gladly take it off your hands for... Free!

kymoon says:

You are kidding! All contest should be like this!!!!

seraphtcme says:

android thug life

Yes please

joshballz says:

Pretty pretty please

bs286 says:

not a big fan of samsung but everyone loves a free upgrade :)

Cucuwashere says:

I'm waiting for it, I love Samsung!

ananthkum says:

Pick me as winner

mynameisLOS says:

I will post of a video of me crying if I win. Also, good luck everyone.

amacnutt says:

Pick me please!!

ArmerKool says:

I'd like to be the first person ever to win a Galaxy S IV :P

fndpena says:

Close the comments section! This Phone is already mine.

bakerbert says:

Pick me,

One in a your telling me, there is a chance.

ananthkum says:

Pick me as winner

fndpena says:

Close the comments section! This Phone is already mine.

Lukas Barina says:

Sweet! Would be nice to have new S4 and I could give my S3 to my girlfriend, because she loves it.

Kaylajoy21 says:

I would LOVE to win this! Good luck to all! :)

agehiwe says:

I've never won anything in a contest before. This would be amazing and I could continue my streak with samsung devices. S.. S2.. S3... S4??

shalimalli says:

I want to win this!!!

i_arpit says:

I would be so happy & overwhelmed to have a smartphone !!

kobunni says:

Let's do this!!!

nDroid3 says:

Give it to me!!

okromansah says:

Oh you picked me. You like me you really like me. :-D

paneendra095 says:

Going to be the best device for android central app

PsychoDad says:

Pick me, Pick me ...

buddha112572 says:

Me me pick me oooo me me pick me.

EmperorX says:

Leaving a comment :)

bpirockin says:

Ooh, what a lovely prize - thanks Android!

onoroff says:

Android Central! You guys are fantastic. I love the podcast and the site. And now you're giving away a Galaxy S4!!! Keep up the good work.

Adam Goodall says:

I still have a samsung tocco lite lol so would really love a new samsung phone!

Hopefully it's gonna be mine.

David Haig says:

Hey all, I wouldn't bother to comment-it was made for me, and has my name on it already! lol

Dan Schmidt says:

Love the new S4

ojasp says:

Been a Bad Luck Brian all my life.. hope i win!

franksa81 says:

I hope i win it. I love samsung phones. i started with a samsung captivate. then i got the international galaxy s2. then got then got the galaxy s3 then im currently using a galaxy note 2:)

chalkee44 says:

ooooh yes please! Thanks for the fab giveaway :-)

smithmanny says:

Galaxy S4!

Jake Jacoby says:

Fingers crossed

Chetan Jain2 says:

i want this mobile..
Samsung rocks... \m/

campbell1416 says:

Samsungs are great I have had at least 3

hoping i win

kantak says:

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!! sexy little thing is a must have for me! :)))))))

Wow only 8837 comments! I like those odds!

tjones17 says:

I hope I'm a weiner!!!!

EMTMike says:

I'd love to have the Galaxy S4! Gotta love Samsung products!

Mattless says:

In for a shot, thanks

Ann Robinson says:

I'm interested to see how they have improved on the s£

Clave567 says:

I'm in.

TinaM1969 says:


rmiranda111 says:

Yes, please. My S3 is tired.

hopefulfarm says:

Want! I love my Sammy phone, definitely can't WAIT to see the latest!

MichaelBR says:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm an eager Android user, usually ahead of my peers in usage of technology. But while my buddies have their Samsung Galaxy S2s and S3s, here I am still with my Galaxy Ace, and as usual thinking of the long-desired upgrade.

I've been looking in to the next Galaxy models:

Galaxy S2? Nah. Outdated already.
Galaxy S3? Maybe, but... it'll soon be overtaken.

So I decided why not just skip straight to the Galaxy S4? Why not be the first one to win a Galaxy S4? First on in Brazil also! That will be a great feeling!

Please contact me for posting details.

Thanks in advance,

Android User/Fan/Bit-Squeezer

PlayerR says:

I'd love to win a S4

jyoungjr says:

a contest before its announced? awesome@

Arty1302 says:

so ready to get my hands on this new GS4!!!

Wemakeitloud says:

I would like to have and S4 please. This Samsung Charge has seen better days. Thanks for taking a look at my comment.

LoSes says:

One here please.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best.

would love to win this :)

Looks fine and dandy

WindRunner says:

There are too many comments on this thread. I declare all those except this one, number 8857, to be null and void. Ta da!

Josh Brown2 says:

Thanks Android Central!!!!

Wendy Gould says:

I'd love a Galaxy S4 to make my Great Nephew jealous (but I bet I'll end up swapping it with him for his Galaxy S3 as he'll say it would be a waste of a brilliant bit of kit).

Susie22 says:

Please, please, please enter me into your wonderful competition

RRCh says:

Would be great to be able to replace my three year old SGS1..

Ivo Hop says:

Awesome! Very much looking forward to upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S II to an S IV. Samsung rocks! :)

omgnoname says:


basslevel says:

This will be my first contest win. Fingers crossed.

surajqw says:

Everybody wants Samsung Galaxy S4



GALAXY 4, I am here, hopefully I will win

shock2ya says:

My Bionic is on it's last legs so an S4 would be great!

Jane Goodoe says:

Never been lucky enough to own a mobile phone,aloan this beauty!

Like everyone else posting I would love to win this, who wouldn't? If I do win though will be off to buy a lottery ticket as the odds are that big, lol. Good luck everyone.

janukss says:

You guys are the best and i would love to win a Galaxy S IV

Alantc says:

Galaxy S4, Yes Please !!

wildside84 says:

thanks ahead of time!

w0rryw0rt says:

Is it me you're looking S4??

chuckz28 says:

Excellent. I'd love a Galaxy S4. Planned on upgrading to one in July anyway.

robbinsgj says:

Awesome! Can't wait for it to come out!

rlhammon says:

Since I don't really have a Nexus device with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (on Verizon), I'd love to have a better phone. Since I'm grandfathered in to my unlimited plan, I don't want to purchase one from Verizon. You can solve all of my first world problems by picking me as the winner!

I would love a Galaxy S4.

I could do with a new phone ;-)

nimizd says:

Good luck everyone! Hello from Croatia. And me 2 want s4 :)

mp455 says:

Ode to the s4 (a poem by mp455):
Roses are red,
The s4, I think, black,
Send me the phone,
And I'll get back to you whether it comes in black or not because it's not announced yet.

Thank you.

Hell guys I love all Samsung products! So please don't forget about me and enter me in!

Argh says:

I'm looking forward to winning this one, thanks in advance ;)

whatever666 says:

I don't care if I win.

bevmill says:

I wanted the S3 but had gotten before it came out. Maybe I'll win the upgrade.

shyamnat says:

I can make a good use of this phone. Pick me.

soulglo says:

moar GS4 pleez

Katie White says:

Great! Thanks for an opportunity to win.

nate1dawgg says:

Single comment, Pick me! :)

I would really love to win this :-)

Susan Carson says:

I would deffo be the best mum in the world winning this for my gorgeous 24 year old son

Bryan Javier says:


jump of galaxy s2 to galaxy s4! :DDD

This phone will enable me to convince my wife to ditch the iPhone and join me in the ANDROID REVOLUTION!

telmealing says:

just what the phone doctor ordered

romel0721 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4! Yes please! I love my S3 and would love an S4! Awesome contest.

bmpcs says:

Yes Please !!

andradupree says:

It would be the perfect Birthday gift-St.Paddy's day. Wishing for the best present ever.

Jed Harper says:

Would love to win this!

Love my Galaxy Ace but this phone is a step up!

gjutras says:

It would be great to win.

spudcam says:

Android = Yes

A piece of fruit = No

gaitacalin says:

Hope to win it so i could sell it and buy an s3 (i hate the 4.99" display) :D

wazzupworld says:

Pick me :D

mrholzapfel says:

free android smartphone? yes, please!

Chris Gordon says:

Is the S4 the brightest star in the Samsung Galaxy?!

I would love this as my current phone is a Nokia 8800 so doesn't have any apps

Ricardo_C says:

1 Please!

HMBangash says:

I am in the running as well

naqzar says:

Would totally love to get the new s4!

always want one

mdjohnso says:

I'm in.

john_van says:

Who would not want to win one?

tjubb says:

S4 baby, hook me up!

wvdavid says:

I really want a new phone and this one would be the best!

S Edwards says:

Yes please :)

agbrickey4 says:

Guess I could give it to one of my kids.

I wonder weather I'd be a happy browser on one of these!!

RudyRay3325 says:

Its getting embarrassing holding this old S3. Its fair game that I win the S4... Please.

cssplat says:

It's about time I ditch my EVO 3D! Come on, AC, give me some love!

acroswel says:

pick me

i have samsung corby xD

i would love this! id be able to put all of those iphone lovers to shame with it! bound to be fantastic!

JK1516 says:

What an awesome giveaway...Go S4!

ant says:

Winner over here!

fillossofer says:

I'd love to win this, even not having seen the prize.

yes please

Jtmorris says:

Hopefully open to Canada! Here's my comment! Thanks AC!

jmadrigal says:

Waiting to hear the reviews on this baby!

Dubg says:


meb730 says:


cheetahIT says:

I'd love it!

galactic23 says:

Gimme Please. Broke college student here.

bls1980 says:

I'm in!


Would be a nice upgrade from my old i9000 on CM10.1 nightly.

Iambeast says:

:O NO WAY! A contest already? Oh man, I hope I win :D

bullmoonpie says:

it belongs to me

Seryozha says:


Dubg says:

I want an S4.

Tim Tabor says:

It wasn't until after Christmas I had to give my new Samsung Galaxy S3 to my wife. It was a deal she made with her mom. She (my wife) gave her S3 to her mom, and I gave my S3 to my wife and I got stuck with the Motorola Razr that my mother in-law didn't want. The Razr sucks! I would like another Samsung Galaxy phone!! please.

My wife and I have the S2 and its been a awesome phone. Both are coming to the end of their lives (especially my wife's phone). This upgrade would be great

mligendza says:

yes please

Kolli63 says:

Man I want this device.

Alvinkah says:

I would love to ditch my WP7.8 for the best Android phone! I'll be making the switch either way.

FatherOfNoah says:

I'd love to switch out my S3 for a shiny new S4!

I would gladly upgrade

OgreMHDW says:

Apple hacker looking to switch to Android... Please help.

mjmiller1990 says:

Who wouldn't want a Samsung Galaxy S4! As long as it's Android, I'll rock it.

I'm afraid that I'm about to get onto the upgrade cycle with the S4, it'd be so much easier on me if you just gave me one.

Cant wait to get my hands on my new Samsung SIV

kayleigh39 says:

Comment 8954 - that's me! I'm a winner surely?!

mobilewill says:

Sweet this would really help with a wedding coming up and all.

dennis.c95 says:

Yes, please :)

richs10 says:

Galaxy SIV. Yeah baby!

YUSSRI says:

to buy or not to buy...but free is always cool. :)

Slickam says:

I could always use a new phone.

Bill Wheeler says:

I'll take it!

marksr says:

Already have an S3, but put it up to 4...
4.Exactly. One Louder.

(with apologies to Nigel Tufnel)

jackwf1 says:

ME ME ME!!!!!!!!

RaMsTeIn_ says:

best contest ever!!!!

paulb58 says:

see how it shines, we wantssss it

wampdog29 says:

Galaxy S-fooooooouuuuuuurrrrrrr!!!!!

a single comment

yelped says:


rafaels14 says:

Here's hoping (yn). Thanks!

pjj1805 says:

Wow I want this!

Would like to win this bad boy!

mancillo says:

I have been waiting for this phone to come out...I am going to get one would be nice if I won it.

texan_pre2 says:

Would love an S4 !

Gautam Kumar says:

Life could not be any better with S4... :-)

danhartman26 says:

I jumped from the fascinate to the HTC Rezound. I would love to come back to Samsung!!! What better way than with an S4?!?

henryfool3 says:


ady2k2000 says:

I hope to win this precious device. :-)

josh89867 says:

That would be awesome!

Nimocone says:

Would love to continue my line of Samsung phones that started with the Galaxy S.

I will be the winner of this fantastic device.

krcozens says:

wow, surely I can't be THAT lucky?!!!!!!!!!!! :)

mcolesjr says:

count me in!

Lakers247 says:


a-d says:

Oh yeah!!! Count me in please!!!

smooth4lyfe says:

I have NEVER won anything from here! Please let me win! With a Cherry on top...and whip cream..or whatever ur favorite flavor is!

I want this phone so bad!

I love Samsung S3, Note and Note II, and i looooooooooove Samsung S4!!!!!!!!!!!

varunr says:

I'd love to win a SGS4...but im in India :( Good luck everybody

TINAT1 says:

Would love to win this, so I can stop fighting my 11 year old for the Nexus!

nawadley says:

Yes, please!!

nojok3 says:

Pick me! I would loveeee this phone!

i would really hate to have to take this phone so please dont pick me :)

Omar Khalid says:


ChillFactorz says:

So many contests, so little chances, of winning.

Gotta believe to achieve!

GSIV for AT&T, with flip cover, yes I see it.

airchecknews says:

I'm in!

Hitendra70 says:

top prize to win!

Awsome525 says:

I'm due for an update!

ifellasleep says:

Pick me so i can finally destroy my w810i

I have the GS3. If 3 is good, 4 is better, right? ;-)

Peterforgo says:

You need me, Galaxy S4!

fishman04 says:

Pick me because physics is controlled by magic

peelersx says:

Maybe wife can finally take my Note 2 cause I want the S4 - yes please!!!!!

DJLevy7 says:

I'm in! Thank you guys for having these give aways...

tayari says:

I hope this contest is still active. I would love to win!

I want it

Pick me please!

Scot Srat says:

Well here's my one single comment!

SKI_K2 says:

^^^^^^Pick Me!

shaggie04 says:

Oh sure.

Crussader says:

Yeah, why not? :)

The new Galaxy is sure to sell 50 million send me the first one!
Powered by Samsung!!!

Nudge Friend says:


calboogi says:

A nice way to bring in the Spring!!

j4ck86 says:

I'd like to enter the contest, thanks :D

Steve A says:

Me me me me me me me

val5nt1na says:

Please select me to win the new s4.He is the number 1

Please pick meeeee!

Yes Please

ContestIT says:

I'm here! :)

Norbert Liki says:

Awsome!!! I am totally in need of a new phone.

Doubt that I will win, but winning will hopefully give me an opportunity to explore the depths of the android OS.

sacmann says:

Most def

i desperately need a new phone,as i cant get to grips with the one ive got. I would be delighted if i won this

Isaac Silami says:

One comment to win the Galaxy S4 huh?

roninld says:

Galaxy S4 FTW!

flboy85 says:

I see you reading my post and wanting to pick me. Go ahead. It's ok, I don't bite (unless ur cute then I may nibble). So lets make this official and just pick me!!!!!!

JetskiMark says:

Thank you for another generous and fun contest. Best of luck to everyone.

teearghh says:

I don't want to have to go another year with my blackberry.

xyzsmc says:

I'll take 2 x Galaxy S IIIs if that helps?

davidlt4 says:

The galaxy is in Orions belt, but i would prefer it in my hand.

I really hope I win.

ThisGuyAz says:

I'll love a S4... dont mind the colour! Thanks in advance...

jguzman1408 says:

Beam one up for me please!

namlot says:

1;10,000 but still a chance
Great prize

cosmo497 says:

Please accept this post as my entry for the most awesome prize in the world... ever!

kannor says:

Still using a mytouch 3g, I could definitely use this.

moedin says:

This is the best contest ever!!

moedin says:

This is the best contest ever!!

PedroJuuu says:

SGS4me :D

TechZOnline says:

Never owned a Galaxy S device, so looking forward to winning this one!

ctrain1 says:

I'll take one!!!

mjwedan says:

count me in. ready to get Samsunged! actually u should probly disqualify me for saying that

clearnano says:

Mother of Jesus! The S4 is here! Count me in! Literally just wet my pants.

emilybeanz says:

This needs to be the winning comment :D

S4 release day is my birthday! I would love to win!

fluffy73 says:

Today I shall mostly be wearing armadillo slippers!!

Hugo Simpson says:

Me me me me me me me........please

Branoic says:

I think I'll survive with one :)

gregfortune says:

I'm in.

Sounds interesting.

Gramps50 says:

I would love to have a new S4

dantheman says:

Android Central,Samsung, the bomb I'd say!

tr4np says:

I'll take one!

kennonk says:

I love me some Android Central :-)

Steve Butler says:

Yes please

Ron Shilton says:

All round good egg and snappy dresser

siege630 says:

I've been wanting to replace my old Nokia 6101 for a while now

tomgx says:

I love my S3; I'll be interested to see how envious this one makes me.

ITManning says:

Can't wait for the S4

Euan Purves says:

Yes please. Very much yes please.

Euan Purves says:

Yes please. Very much yes please.

I am so winning this.

Hello World!
Add me in for the Galasy S IV!

dvillerider says:

Hey pick me, this phone will be a great addition to my Smartphone family. Like Clint Eastwood "Make my Day!"

Incitatus says:

I like this!

krlbrd says:

Go on then. I'll see if it's better than the note 2.

awesome, I'm in

ferddy says:

SAMSUNG is the best at EVERYTHING....count me in!

What a lovely phone. Although I'd really like it to be me that is chosen, the likelihood it won't be.
Although I am tempted to contact Samsung to see if they will sponsor me. I love everything about the brand.
So good luck to you all and may the best person win.
Enjoy your phone :-)

Jackson517 says:


estranger says:

My turn to lower the odds of everyone else winning :)

Matthew Lau says:

yes pretty plz

Joost Lobe says:

A dingo ate my baby :( please gif fone.

mortenfl says:

I really hope that I win! :)

rucker424 says:

Please and Thank You.

bitseeker says:

I'm in. Would be a great upgrade from my Gen 1 Galaxy S.

prook2001 says:

Me Me Me pick me. Please.

Susan Leach says:



t_scott says:

Fingers crossed...

zapfrog says:

Oooooh yeeah! I'd like to win me one of those! Nice little upgrade!

walkah21 says:

Please please pick me! Is it the international version?

rgentry23 says:

Yes...holding off on upgrading my Epic 4g...waiting for galaxy s4...

Audiobear says:

I have two HTC mobile phones: I would love to own a Samsung Galaxy S4

JudgeDredd83 says:

Good competition

No bendy unbreakable screens yet?

jlaroche says:

Please let it be me