Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

tneuman21 says:

Want it!

mathiasjk says:

Cool making a contest for a phone that haven't been released

MohakRastogi says:

A poor guy from India who badly needs a new phone as someone stole my Nexus S. :'(

p0rkguy says:


ajfink says:

In it to win it! An SGS4 would be nice.



krauseke says:

Me me!! My Droid Razr is dying!

I like to win one.

Sambo41 says:

I want one,too!

kiwi_in_kc says:

the first person to win a Samsung Galaxy S4!

I've always wanted a galaxy phone. Please make my dream come true.

Kevin2314 says:

Come on lemme win this one I need a new phone!

el_capitan10 says:

This is gonna be the first time I win anything.

jygsaw says:


rmhess33 says:

I would be delighted!

evilkefz says:

Let's how they change the game this time around

1014 says:

in it to win it.

I waNT ITTTT!!!!

505thzajcev says:

Thanks for this amazing offering andoidcentral!

studcookie says:

I'm in!

Quartz87 says:

I'm down to upgrade to the latest and greatest! Sign me up!

Dirty-Bird says:


FreeSamsung says:

Throwing my hat into the ring!

irock1985 says:


cerebral1 says:

Yes, I need this phone...

falcor87 says:

I sure like to win things.

slicetwo says:

woooo yes please!

perrochingon says:

If I won this Galaxy S4, I would give it to my wife as a gift and throw her iphone in the trash compactor pronto!

krauseke says:

My kids have better phones than I do!

JulieGNH says:

Got to have this!

chiron09 says:


I want one too

dwd3885 says:

Me me me

Enrico Horn says:

I'd like to have one.

NeoHoneyTea says:

really really really really want!!!

russell5 says:

I wonder what they have in store for the S4. Love to get my hands on one.

A comment

Lepennenere says:

I have my fingers and toes crossed. Hurts to walk; I'll suffer the pain for an S4

blyfinn says:

I want in on that!

WestHej says:

ZzOMG!! Pick ME! Kthxbai

Great. I am in :-)

tcm1969 says:


munkyhead86 says:

Wow, I never win anything, so S4 would be the perfect exception!

Looking forward to snatch my first prize from AndroidCentral

metartur says:

I'll take 2 any day :)

N3tT3chMan says:


cmaag says:

I would love to get this .... thank you for the opportunity

I think I can, i thing i can, i think i!

chrisjcks says:


Entered :-P

narcnarc says:

I would very much like one please! :-D

E4GTUser94 says:

I would love to win this sure to be amazing device!

I would love to have a Samsung S4 and give my mom my iPhone 5

Joey_elite says:

*Well I love the gs3 and have made all my family and friends see how great these Samsung products are. And I'm all up for getting the gs4 been already telling ppl how crazy this phone is going to be.... Give me the phone please.

Galaxy S4 and my Nexus 4... Now THAT would be a nice wedding. :)

narcnarc says:

I would very much like one please! :-D

Gunner says:

Yes, please, thank you.

chayes995 says:

Daddy needs a new phone... Been the rocking the Galaxy Nexus since day one. S4 seems like the next choice!

chayes995 says:

Daddy needs a new phone... Been the rocking the Galaxy Nexus since day one. S4 seems like the next choice!

johncblandii says:

IV FTW! ;-)

cmcdowell26 says:

I could use a new phone...especially a Galaxy S4!!!

commonplace says:

Pick me, pick me, yeah!

kenguy79 says:

Hook me up

Ramsy says:

Pick me please.

Ian B says:

Count me in.

Thanks guys,

Ian b

iroq321 says:


jjdavola says:

Here's my single comment. I'd love a new S4 almost as much as I love Android Central. :)

Master Ramy says:

Gimme gimme gimme!

Ameshican says:

An S4 would be awesome!

SevenPure says:

Looking forward to seeing what Samsung unveils. (John 14:6)

dethduck says:

I need something to replace my sisters stubborn insistence on holding onto her old myTouch 4G. This would be the perfect replacement.

Joey_elite says:

*Well I love the gs3 and have made all my family and friends see how great these Samsung products are. And I'm all up for getting the gs4 been already telling ppl how crazy this phone is going to be.... Give me the phone please.

mlett says:

4 the win! :)

mike365 says:

Yes, I'll take one!!

LisTorres25 says:

Excited to see the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4 on March 14th!

Realist86 says:

Would be a nice upgrade to my SII. :)

Joey_elite says:

*Well I love the gs3 and have made all my family and friends see how great these Samsung products are. And I'm all up for getting the gs4 been already telling ppl how crazy this phone is going to be.... Give me the phone please.

DroidRican69 says:

I just wanted to say .... shaboopy. SAMSUNG GALAXY S4!

rudmanalida says:

The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest......... I can win.....I want to win!!!!!

Love Divine says:

Toasting in Bread

naash89 says:

Do want!

n-j-s says:

Gimme gimme

Bendroid55 says:

Sweet! I could use that.

litz2010 says:

Worth a shot. I never win anything :(

poc1997 says:

Please pick me

LeeBeeLA says:

I would adore a new S4. Love your podcast too.

Dr_virus says:

Would love to have a S4

oskr_lpz89 says:

I want the GS4 please!!!

Adrian0E says:

If this is international, count me in please.

jddavis11 says:

Patiently waiting your announcement that I won.

James Palmer says:

All want in this world is Samsung products!

DroidBoy22 says:

Looking to upgrade my phone. Hope I win!

PMurfs says:

One of the easiest contest entries ever. Thanks!

Please please send me one!

mawalker1988 says:

I'd love to win an S4. I need a change from boring iOS!

Danrarbc says:

Please pick me.
Please pick me.
Please pick me.
Please pick me.
Please pick me.

hossiam says:

This is going to be a long list. Give me it!

jamierob says:

I'd love to win this!

Thanks for the chance.

Melinton7 says:

Wow. There is a lot of competition. Good luck you all ^-^!

bpfsox23 says:

Shedding my Thunderbolt for this phone would be awesome

jnhelman says:

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

I need one

RobUM2011 says:

Yes, please.

bjb1959 says:

S4 all the way baby....

popartist says:

Here I am. :)

Free S4? Yes please!

sarafas says:

One for me please!!!

kpeste99 says:

not first but definitely the winner!

dajunya says:

I need a new phone!, planning on getting a galaxy S4 no matter what in may! hopefully its out by then!!

GrapeApe says:

This is the one. The one time I win that is.

DooMMasteR says:

Nice nice… gratz to the one winning :)

peconicgp says:

Yes Please!

Hosehead says:

Talk about an easy way to enter!


Strider91 says:

I'm in love with Lloyd and the AC team. Thank you guys for your awesome work!

CLYE65 says:

I am still using the first generation Galaxy! Help me!

Ken_P says:

I guess my GSIII is getting a little lonely...

dlhowell2 says:

Please count me in!

David Nash says:

Feeling soooo lucky...

hmmm says:

yea please

bratt23 says:

Who wouldn't want a Samsung Galaxy S4.

tectas says:

Let's see if I'm not already way to late, anyway, will take it in the Olympic sense ^^


sfmccallie says:

S4 Please, and thanks for the chance.

I want!

JBKania says:

S4?... Yes please! And thank you!

ktklein says:

PLEASE PICK ME!!! Have pity, I'm stuck on a Droid X2 running GB!!

Whoszatguy says:

Me Please :)

l0v3mon3y08 says:

I need this phone in my life..Lol

Duke of BB says:

Sweeeet count me in!

jerkyxiii says:

could use an s4 in the 305

Hatshepsut says:

I'd love to get one of these.

Stevez48 says:

I am soo in. Maybe one of these times I will actually win something... lol

hypershark says:


jldad says:

Just bought a iPhone!!! Help me come back!!!!

romsrini says:

I would looooove one.

pokeygr says:

Common, WIN! SIV SIV SIV Yes.

milesreach says:

I need it in my life,

komeilkarimi says:

Here here

chiroho says:

Samsung Galaxy S4? Definitely count me in!

bend32 says:

What an awesome opportunity, thanks AndroidCentral! You know the S4 is going to be sick.

Bobby Henris says:

gimme gimme gimme please! really need a galaxy s4! b day ismar 15th so this would be a happy b day to me!

tanson1011 says:

Contest before the phone is announced! AC has the hook up. Count me in. World wide contest? Hope so.

glock813 says:

I want one! Pick me, pick me!!!

Seiha says:

Me wants precious!!! Good luck all.

tripsbacks says:


just curious.

clmill79 says:

Mmm, I'd love to get my hands on a GSIV. =O

Bjspina1101 says:


Sign me up!

hellrod87 says:

Can't win if you don't play!

hasier says:

You are amazing guys, always ahead of everything ^^

mdspeaks says:

I want one please...

wpavlik2 says:

Good Afternoon!
IT would be amazing to win this contest!

tripsbacks says:


pdubcramp says:

Shoot the J.

Pablo Choi says:

I want one

Nexuslover27 says:

I wanna win the world's first Galaxy S IV contest!

migs#AC says:

nice phone giveaway

Slippers says:

Thanks for the contest!

danimal62 says:

I wannnt one


bryan platt says:

I could use it I need a good phone give me a shot at it thanks for the chance

rcheung135 says:

Yes please! Galaxy S4 all the way.

tripsbacks says:


Sean Lyons says:

I could use one, time for a new phone anyway.

demirtas says:

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really WANT ONE PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Razor8Tie says:

I will take one to sell and continue to use my Z10.

InloveBB says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be mine! :D

badbradd2 says:

Ooooooh, me pick me, pleaaassseee!

badbradd2 says:

Ooooooh, me pick me, pleaaassseee!

I would love a Sprint GS4 Please and thank you!!

Love you long time!!

icebluelily says:

Yes Please!!!

sweetcentral says:

I'd like a Galaxy S4! :)

jakewp11 says:

Please and thank you.

s7726 says:

Me Want!

StevReeves says:

This would be a nice upgrade from an S3...

shaiwon says:

I'd love to have a new SIV! Thanks AC, this site rocks!

ericandjan says:

S3 has been good to me. S4 I hope for even more!

Yes please.

yoderk999 says:

ooooooh! Yes please!

ronmisfeldt says:

I'm in.

mxmarcus says:

I am in!
Please send it my way!!

dapoktan says:

lets see if i like LTE :)

Burak Yener says:

Help me to get rid of my old iPhone 3G, end my agony

fleetfoot says:

I really want a Samsung S4.

iririr says:

let me win!

Considering I just ordered a Note 2 this would be great.

clrdust says:

All in for that woohooooooooooooooooooooo

AaronSimmons says:

I was going to hold out for a Galaxy VIII, but the IV looks like it might do the trick!

praytorain says:

Another great givaway from the best Android website. Would be proud to be the owner of the S4.

79463 says:

Yippy Skippy

thephatness says:

Good MWC coverage so far!

Sploinkin says:

Why do you make it so easy to win?!? There will be too much competition and I'll have a lower chance!

owe2003 says:


CrimsonXIII says:

Sure, why not. ^^

UndeadNexus says:

What's that, Lloyd? You want to give me that Galaxy S4? Really? Are you sure? Well, if that's what you want....... You heard him, guys. That S4 is mine!!!!

bsinc1962 says:

A new S IV would look great in my hands !!

rayddv says:

Can I have it? I promise I'll take good care of it :)

jrod986 says:

Would be sweet to be the first on the block with an SGS4.

OddGirlName says:

Would probably be better than me trying to steal the mother in laws Note 2.

emulation says:

I want a new cellphone because my s2 is broken a few weeks ago :(

danadanda says:

Would love to win. :)

MrH0811 says:

Count me in!

Berk213 says:


loser420 says:

I really need a new phone! S4 would be the perfect upgrade! I hope I win!

ralphwiggum1 says:

Nice. Count me in!

zachavm says: you're telling me there's a chance.

lanemeyer says:

An S4 would be a nice upgrade over my current phone!

Samsung s4 would be revolutionary

akronevan2 says:

Lucky number 726!!!


gimme one now please

rivera2387 says:

Me! Me! Me!

Samsung s4 would be revolutionary

seblun1 says:

Please I need one Galaxy S4 :D

kssporty says:

This would be nice to win as I am sure this phone will be replacing my GNexus.

SuperSHO says:

Sure, I'd take one.

Tman21901 says:

Please please please please

Guantanamo86 says:

S4 for the win!

ScottSGS2 says:

Been waiting for this to replace my SGS II

Matt OLeary says:

A single comment, hooray for giving away prizes that don't exist yet! :)

EvoMCS says:

To the future!

Ethan Grimes says:

Excited for the S4, thanks guys!

dwells16 says:

I sooooo would love to win. This would be my 1st time winning anything online especially from Android Central.

ICEman_c81 says:

Won't mind upgrading my Note II

mandroider says:

Super! :)

bad2oad says:

Great contest!

Zepius says:

let me win plz? kthxbai

BlkWolf03 says:

A new GS4 would be awesome!

alantsay says:

Thank you AndroidCentral, you're the best!

joe767 says:

Want a free SG4 tooo.........

I have the S2. Wouldn't mind jumping right to the s4!

I want these Beast,I'm so excited for the launch date.

Subliminal says:

I can haz s4?

agoalchow says:

Samsung > Apple
Samsung FTW!!!

StuartV says:

May the gods of random luck smile upon me.

Derek_B says:

Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

jeantalo says:


kb2755 says:

Great contest, hope I win!

zero3187 says:

Galaxy S4 PLZ

Skyy217 says:


alxmrt says:

Need one! I have no idea of the specs but i NEED it! lol

nate642 says:

I want!

Bothell says:

Pick me!

HNYK says:


ajac09 says:

Need a new phone must win!

professorx says:

comment inserted

bsinc1962 says:

A new S IV would look great in my hands !!

cgjja says:


Why not, worth a shot.

jpnestel says:

This would be awesome!

Dylan Ramer says:


vdlow says:


dr_gibberish says:

Not giving up my Galaxy Note II but I'm sure my wife would take it!

Ok, this one is for thw wiin

lojanguyen says:

I love to get one!

u9x4505 says:

No matter what type of phone it is, Apple will find some way to sue Samsung for it! The only way Apple can stay in the game...

I'd be happy to take it off your hands!

sconrad308 says:

In for the win!!!!

SkinsFan1987 says:

I need to replace my Inspire 4G because it keeps rebooting; a GS4 would definitely do the trick!

graffixnyc says:

Enter me please

sancho8484 says:

o YA! i can only wish ;)

talbenmoshe says:

Yes Please :)

deadpenguins says:

Wooo another giveaway! Pick me!

kicko says:


KzooPackFan says:

Still rocking an Epic 4G! I need an upgrade!

Pick me!

BoraHorzul says:

Would love to trade in this 'old' GS3 for the new model!

PRTaz says:

GS IV sounds great. Hope I'm picked.

demonbarf says:

Signs me up please!

jsieplinga says:

Wow, this would be AWESOME! And I promise I wouldn't sell it on eBay just to make some $$.

franzax says:

Im ready!

Vanillalite says:

Need to win this for my GF who recently broke her phone and needs a new one badly!

cdmta says:

Thanks for this opportunity guys!!

paparaji says:

I want one. Android central is so addictive and they take over an hour of my life every single day. AC, you owe me :)

ExtremeNerd says:

1/774 chance right now. I love those odds!

cp06 says:

Would love an S4, it would be a nice improvement over my galaxy nexus :)
Would love something with a nicer camera

mattym320 says:

Android (SAMSUNG) > Apple!!!!!

Vrrrooommmm says:

I guess I would like to win a Galaxy S4... right? Stay cool guys.

vchiriloiu says:

Awesome contest, I did not win anything over the Internet, but I can always try :)

wvpv says:

The Galaxy S4 is on Orion's Belt.

Mark_Henson says:

Add me in.

brex says:

sign me up, Im still running a fascinate....

jlebendig says:

pleeeeease pick me!

gabegom says:

YYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!! I love everything from Samsung!!!! Winning this phone would be a dream come true!!!! Thanks ANDROID CENTRAL!!!

ChrisNee1988 says:

desperately want the GS4

Lexord says:

I am pretty sure the s4 will be the best 2013 smartphone and i want it!
Good luck to all :)

TattedLady75 says:

this would be a great slightly late birthday present

masc69 says:

I want an S4!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

I want one!!

pocassidy says:

I want it!

SlntAgent says:

Oh id love to win this OG droid has had it

Emilson G says:

Can't wait for the GS4....

Sweet hardware! That display will be nice at full hd 1080x1920 @ 5" / 441ppi. That and some Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A15 goodness makes for a capable replacement for my current Galaxy Note (first generation)...

andycandroid says:

I needs it!

smittygam says:

I'm always done to win a contest, especially when it is for a free phone! Help me replace my Evo 3D...

TShakaJ says:

I need one of these!

killa2dahead says:

Omgosh gimme gimme

denniskma says:

WOOO this phone is gonna be sweet!

dfslioch says:

I'd love to win a Galaxy S4 - cos my S3 is awesome, but, soooo last year!