Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Yucandroide says:

Thanks to Samsung's wizards...

tripper2108 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner

ivan4eg says:

This would be a nice replacement for my SGS2

pilothaz says:

I'll toss my hat in. Good luck to all!

JRansomed says:

Awesome! Crossing my fingers!

hiiientruong says:

Never had great luck with winning online contests, but there's a first time for everything right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mohd Ajmal says:

S4 FTW... =D

gariichees says:

single comment ? yeah. i want it so muchhhhh. s4 here i am

justcracked says:

Well just twist my arm.

gariichees says:

single comment ? yeah. i want it so muchhhhh. s4 here i am

pinch55 says:

I like shiny new things. I like free stuff even more!

dragoita says:

I'm in!

S4 OoOOoOoOOhhHhHhHhHhh!!!!!!!!

doublin says:

It would be a great birthday present for me,even if it's few days later.

I've been using a Sammy Tmobile vibrant for about a year with Android 4.03 custom rom and it would be great to have the chance to win this new phone. I will promote android as well. Hopefully I will win.

Digiflame says:


IAmSixNine says:

After having Sprint for 10+ years and not getting the cool toys when they come out i hope my switch to T-Mobile will put me in the running for one of these bad boys.
That and having owned a GS1, GS2 and GS3 im sure id love to get a GS4. Thank you Android Central and Phil.

Finally, another great phone is about to release.

manicmarvin says:

Go on then, put me down for one :)

jramone says:

I would love to win an S4, heck, I just need a new phone. Pick me :)

nicsyd says:

i´d love to be picked as the winner! that would make the samsung Galaxy SIV my 4th samsung galaxy device...i started out with the galaxy s, than the galaxy s2 followed by my current favorite the Samsung Galaxy Note :-)

Ye Zarni says:

Can't wait to see u S4.

cyksig97 says:

Worth a try. I mean who doesn't want this phone?

aquariex24 says:

Me win? Yes.

xpose2000 says:

I would love one!

If you choose me, you will get riches beyond your wildest dreams! Or, at least one happy customer. I'll also stop going to competing Android sites ;)

kuajtt says:

How great would it be to win the S4? Mind blowingly Great.

Jp1138 says:

Well, I´ll have to take one :)

dawoonj says:

Please pick me so I can replace my S2!!

javierlp says:

Gimme Gimme Gimme!!! ;-)

forestall says:

Cannot wait for this phone to become available!

richardpandy says:

Definitely want to get in on this!

Capt Sigmar says:

I'm a current owner of an HTC Evo and the battery life really sucks. I am eligible for an upgrade in April and have been drooling over the prospect of getting a Samsung Note 2, but an S4 would be a fantastic upgrade as well, especially for free! :)

Andre Chow says:

Awesome contest hope you pick me for the S4

edisepic says:

That was easy jk. good luck everyone

AFR_NY says:

GS IV sounds good to me! Thanks AC!!!!

Oh god please if I ever win something from this site, let it be this! :)

UberWhomp says:

S4 Pls D: Ermahgawsh

masonsparty says:

I want to win a new S4 so I dont have to stand in line to buy one!

xnio333x says:

Please pick me. I'm a nice person.

Lv 2 b slctd in s4 cntst

VaDroid9 says:

An S4 to go along with my Note 2... sounds good to me!!!

I'm not number one, i'm the only ONE who will own the new GALAXY!!!

grigolla says:

Me, me, me.... Ahem...

ostran40 says:

Its time for my Verizon SGN to GO!

eltico40 says:

I'm 8521, SG4 para mi

Chuckl says:

I need a new phone

Stretchie says:

I'd love an S4.

This will be a sweet phone

kevenboo says:

The SIV is for me :)

teacherhax says:

I'd love it, though I'm probably going to buy it when it comes out anyway....

my74034 says:

Would be blessed to win the S4. God Bless all of you.

adsharits says:

I have a Galaxy S3 on Verizon. Overall it's a good phone, but the reception is not good at my home. I'm hoping that the S4 has quality reception similar to the Note 2.

Thanks for the great contest.

TemporalBeef says:

Not to sound pathetic or anything, but...


Thanks and have a great day!

carlosjfc says:

I have Samsung Galaxy S3 and I'm looking forward to have the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

jzp.unltd says:

si porfavor

Whoa! Winning would be amazing! xD But not probably at all.. ç_ç

Rikkizumi says:

eheh I think the same xD But I hope to win anyway ù.ù

curley says:

I like some free!

56K says:

Yes please!

lowfussa says:

I would do anything for an S4.

lowfussa says:

I would do anything for an S4.

sytech55 says:

Totally pumped about the new Galaxy S4. Please send one my way.

mygain says:

This is insane!! The chance of winning is so tiny!

martain says:

Would love this. My Bionic has become as slow as molasses lately.

zzion says:

Looking forward to the battle HTC One vs Galaxy S4 vs X-Phone!

Rikkizumi says:

Why don't try?

I'm in it to win it.

dario amico says:

I'm sure i'll win !

Hi! I'm Francesco from italy and i would like to participate in the contest.
Thanks ;D

ferus134 says:

I hope I win!! I want this phone so much!!!

tutorbest says:

I absolutey deserve to win. XP

TLacy1914 says:

Let's get this party started!

isdaako says:

Another huge contest. In!

clinbu says:

Why not give it a shot?

Scherzone says:

Let's try to win!! #DANCE

TypeONeg07 says:

Who wouldn't want a free Galaxy S IV? Of course I'll leave a comment.

Please don't pick me.

I'd like to express myself in my people's native tongue. *ahem* *pause* "GIMME GIMME GIMME!"

Simple comment that might get me a galaxy s4!

Ziich47 says:

Sony Xperia Z ftw!!!
wont it be ironic if this is the winning comment?

twill713 says:


Kighy says:

S4,S4, S4 EVERYWHERE *^* But I want one too! Ahahah

kaysola378 says:

I want one...badly

bebchou says:

have you ever been in such a situation? like you dream about a thing so much that it's like you already own it. you do everything with it,call,palay games,surf on the net ... but at the end you realise that it was only a dream. hope i get this phone,the sumsung galaxy S4 and my dream comes true!

bebchou says:

have you ever been in such a situation? like you dream about a thing so much that it's like you already own it. you do everything with it,call,palay games,surf on the net ... but at the end you realise that it was only a dream. hope i get this phone,the sumsung galaxy S4 and my dream comes true!

StregaS says:

I'll marry a monkey if I really win XD

MayhemMaybe says:

Oooh S4. Love these easy to enter contests and loved the SIII so, the S4 has gotta be more betta, right? Means I more wanna win it!

hlxanthus says:

I am in like Flynn. Dying to learn more about this phone

Deckard_9732 says:

WOW!!!! I want one of these :-)

Benny Singh says:

"Awsmness personified"

PAPO869 says:

I want one .. sizn me up !!!

qz0xr3 says:

Looking forward to the release of this phone.

Glebson says:

I am waiting for this ASS KICKER!

wbonnefond says:

I'll take it... I guess. But really, GIMME ONE!!!

ljyd says:

Would love an S4!

Elio Napoli says:


No wonder.Its meeeeeeeeeee

Giboldo says:

Oh, I've always wanted a SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 and now I can have an S4 *-* #die

Mark_Venture says:

A galaxy S4 would be a great replacement for my aging HTC Thunderbolt

lovince says:

we still don't know what the S4 is right?

Joel Sparza says:


Tom De Smet says:

Feeling lucky!

housetube says:

my comment added ;)

I hate my Windows Phone 7.

Demodocus says:

In for it.

Tyler Reid says:

broke samsung fan boy! help me out.

patruns says:

I don't actually need a Galaxy S4 (My Galaxy Nexus is working just fine.), but I really, really want one!

kingtks says:

Thanks Phil

Samsung rules...keep up the great work.

thoriii says:

What a deal!

samirs786 says:

Pick me, Would love a new Phone

ashraff_tech says:

Count me in for S4 :)

Ajay Kumar4 says:

waiting for its release ...

mthornto114 says:

What a great idea. Thanks. This is why you guys are the go to guys for Android info.

abhi2691 says:

i have the samsung galaxy S, S2, S3 and now S4
These are not the smartphones. THESE ARE THE SAMPHONES.
Wooh pretty good line up from samsung.
Wish i could get the S4.
I could proudly say that i am the all new SAMSUNG 4 :-)

U_CaTech says:

Here's My Chance At Probably Winning A Great Phone.

Wharfrat71 says:


m13kyf says:

pretty please!

Glib1 says:

Why, yes, in fact I WOULD like a free Galaxy S4. Thanks for asking.

rickz#AC says:

I've owned every single Galaxy S device. Let's not break the tradition. I believe I need the S4! :)

Korama12 says:

I would really, really appreciate a Samsung Galaxy S4 from you guys. Thanks.

schwars1 says:

I'm in! Here's my comment.

BIGG13 says:

Let me get my hands on some S4 goodness.

deeler says:

Cross my fingers

jteesy says:

Yes, please!

Let's give it a try..:D

AshishRaj says:

May this power of 4 come to my hand!! :P

mrfish says:

entering to win!

barnabyh says:

I'm down to be the first winner of a S IV!

Paul Neumann says:

yes, please.

alex-v says:

Never won anything online

challs442 says:

Can i have this plz

06klr650 says:

It would take more than the s4 to make me cool, but at least i would be COOLER!!

tcmax1 says:

I'll take one.

tad1993 says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4!! Samsung is the way to go in life!

Shyuan says:

Thanks for holding this contest :)

MattyIce2013 says:

Get me outta this Blackberry!

I still have a LG OPTIMUS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, pleeeeeaaaasssseeee pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tazman13 says:

I'll take 2! :-)

DE52 says:

Well in that case I hope the galaxy s4 comes out as soon as possible :P so whoever wins (hopefully me) will enjoy the phone soon after march 14th

jzintsma says:

time to win a GS4...

JayGoat says:

I wouldn't mind retiring my S3 for an S4.

Susi Garcia says:

This is amazing ! I need to have it! I have a lame phone right now

stas333 says:

I am in!

black.rhino says:

I'm in, THANKS!

kmart1574 says:

Can't wait until March 14th!!!

wijg says:

I've love the chance to get a new Samsung Galaxy S IV! Thanks!

motolich says:

Pick me!

Please Give Me A Reason To Get Rid Of My Iphone 5....

nickolitis says:

Let's see if Samsung can make me leave Windows Phone

Jeremy8000 says:

Every dog has his day, right? This dog's staring up into the night sky at the Galaxy, hoping his long night will end and let him come up a winner!

Devlyn16 says:

My wife was just complaining about her Moto Droid 2 being on its last legs, this would be a nice surprise for her.

mrhac says:

Thanks for all these great giveaways!!

Jken89 says:

A pirate poem: Roses arg red, Violets arg blue, Give me a GSIV, And a new pair of boots

Al Dobler says:

I'd love to win it. Pick me please!

imac74 says:

Pick me

Julien Marie says:

Damnitol... Everyone's pushing !!!


phenotype says:

I'm in!

hdfegely says:

this comment is single. It is not dating, attached, or married. it is not a widow or widower, friend with benefits, or BFF with anyone. But it really deserves the new Galaxy S4 to try and correct this deficiency and make friends so it isn't single anymore...

Entry added!

phillygoat says:

This is the winningest comment.

mikeavs says:

Galaxy for life !!!

sross71 says:

Bring it on!

dannylimag says:

I would luuuve to win it!!

Joao Pinto says:

Really, it's for me!! ;) Thanks Android Central for the Gift!! :P

Ken Xia says:

Lucky draw.

Jay Henson says:

My cat says I need a new Samsung Galaxy S4. He is hoping to get my S3 as a hand-me-down so he can enjoy some quality kitty-chat time and skyping with a white Persian cat he met on

osckar0 says:

Looking forward to bringing it to Peru!

Orkchop says:

Yay Android Central! :D

nathans77 says:


bbuck002 says:

Have an S3,
Why not S4!!!

chiefandrews says:

Can't wait to hold this baby in my hands!

I read Android Central in my PULSE everyday, love the reviews

John Savage2 says:

I'd love to have this my galaxy tab is gettin very slow and this would mean I could retire my tab to use for reading my books and have a more upto date samsung device to rub in my iphone toting friends faces please pick me!!!

chiby says:

i know my odds are great but i really hope im selected :) thanks android central!

Lauro Romero says:

I a over iphone I want to get with the android nation

shanedroid1 says:

This is totally awesome and I hope I win. Even if I don't you guys are amazing.

I reaaallllly need a new S4. I'm still using an HTC Thunderbolt, case closed!

kodybrannon says:

I'd like one, can pass my S3 onto the wife :)

lriggins2 says:

awesome contest! pick me!

Shutr says:

I love free stuff too

Ryandroid86 says:

here here my good man!

Hope for the best!!

imphonecrazy says:

I plan to use this phone for my would allow me to manage daily operations from the sIV.

I'm so excited, I have to use the restroom!

chatboysam says:

I always wanted to gift my sister a phone and Galaxy S IV will be perfect for her. If I win, you'll see a smiling pic of a sister getting the best ever present from her brother. Hope she wins this!

abiaka says:

weeee.. My first android phone! Thank you Android Central!

Y2KHOG says:


cephasbo says:

I would love to be the recipient of such goodness

darryl1970 says:

I waited to switch from my flakey Sprint service until Verizon had a phone that could live up to my S2. The S3 is great, although I feel I missed out on the quad core. I hope the S4 can be everything the S2 & S3 are and more. The S2 did seem a little more stable in some areas (which I later found were caused by "Swype").

aizen85201 says:

P R E C I O U S!

tilley11 says:


Youkno says:

Please be me. S4 for the win!!

OceanView says:

Would love to win this S4 for my wife. She needs a new phone like yesterday.

asiancricket says:

Samsung is the best

Would it help if I said please?



KallistiMan says:

memememememememe :) pleeease

robayala says:

Verizon is trying desperatly to get me off of my unlimited plan and i will not give in by paying full price for a phone. Please hook me up....

skiskilo says:

This is a comment, I want a S4.

Absolutely want a Samsung Galaxy S IV!

hellafoxy says:

at least they're honest about the winners being picked at random this time

BillJude56 says:

I'd love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4!

Sky Peterson says:

You guys are always on your game.... thank you and i'd love to own a S4!

BoredSysAdm says:

Pick me

mkcollins says:

Hopeful :)

pommes says:

Would love to get this !

coasterking says:


I so wanna have this phone!!!!!!!!!
Please pick me :-)
Beggin' you

Marco Wu says:

I want one! Please!

k2corc says:

Hope I win!

tward1955 says:


gordster93 says:

If the s4 offers enough new features over the s3 I will probably upgrade. Otherwise I probably wont

HH76 says:

Drink!! Woman!

genoist says:

There's always room for a new phone!

fury2g says:

Better odds than winning the lottery. :)

vendo says:

I won!I won!!!
That's what I'll be saying!

marba01 says:

this would be more than cool

laurel25 says:

I want to win this so bad!!!!

eff1gy says:

cool. cool, cool, cool.

ALEXANDRU113 says:

Come to papa!

mihirolo says:

Do I stand a chance to win? YeS4!

cltflyguy says:


hazenagent says:

A sweep for me. Galaxy, S2, S3, S4.

A Samsung Galaxy IV would be a great Birthday Present :)

nuprotocol says:

I am ready to give Samsung a chance over HTC. #AndroidCentral

Stan Logan says:

Count me in.

vexzt says:


timber says:

Wow! 8k posts already. Well, I'll have to win one of these sometime!

Corey.Dick says:

I'll taking one please.

buckwheatdx says:

I need to dump my iPhone 5...

How sweet this would be!! Thank you for the opportunity.

coolness77 says:

This phone will be badass!

jbot81 says:

Because I love my S3, and the S4 must be better, I am entering to win!

Aldiggi says:

This would be a dream come true!!!!!

hankwatt says:

I've been using Samsung on Sprint since the A900 BLADE! Thanks for the contest Samsung and AC!

Lars F says:

Me me!

Another one?
But i want it!!!

Another one?
But i want it!!!

orbitman0 says:

There are soooo many comments for this thread. Good luck to all y'all android fans yo!!!!!!

djbutchiec says:

I am down like Julie Brown to win a Samsung Galaxy S IV

keep doing it android central...

Pick me pick me ... :P

mrjaymillz says:

a comment

HTC Thunderbolt to S4 would be quite the upgrade. Have not dipped into Samsung products yet, but could easily be made a believer with a free product, heh.

mhaberlie says:

Winning this would be amazing

jesterpb says:


Ali729 says:

I want to win it also, please............

rdahl578 says:

I would love to win!

rfuchs97 says:

I could use an S4

Seegar says:

My SGSII has just about reached retirement age so winning this would be perfect!

ktan23 says:

In it to win it!

ManuelTodde says:

I won't win SIV,
but i like this idea.

Good job, Androidcentral. Well done.

Eamon Wild says:

Please oh please oh please let me win...

This looks like an amazing device!

Thank you,


johnlee72 says:

Here's my post!

balagiwithak says:

Please pick me!?!?!?

mobiusred says:

The Weekend at Barney's!

I would love to win and replace my US Cellular Galaxy S2 with an S4..

banzaiwolfe says:

I'd love to have one!

gheizt says:

why not? :)

Pick me I have an iPhone but I'm switching to android if I get this phone

Oh man a galaxy s4 would make my life complete!

omgomgya says:

I've needed a upgrade for a while; hopefully I can win this and enjoy the Jellybeans.

jaden7201 says:


Dave Byrd says:

I have the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I would love to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4! I hope I win!! Good luck to everyone!!

madkoda12 says:

I've got a Nexus one that I'm still lugging around! A new GS4 would be AMAZING!

alexige says:

I'd love an S4! Love Samsung phones!

dacaplan says:

I'll throw my name into the hat. Would love to replace my GNEX.

Csaba Toro says:

against all odds...

flipphones says:

i want the s iv!

Alan Shaw1 says:

Ive always has Samsung, Best gadgets in the world, from the first Galaxy S i was hooked.

jephanie says:

It's certainly a great time to be a consumer! Bring on the Galaxy goodness!

ALLSTL says:

I can't wait for the S4.

Sagar Wadhwa says:

if ( Phone.equals("S4"))
Winner = this;
Winner = this;

gimme gimme!

Promar93 says:

Alright Android Central! First in my hearts for all things android. I'd love a galaxy S4.

cptrainbow says:

I don't even know what it is yet and I want it.

Please pick me

Pick Me!!!!!

descendency says:

It would be nice to replace my Galaxy Nexus with a free Samsung Galaxy S4

jdraket says:

Me, please!

RyuSeal says:

Can't wait to see how the Samsung Galaxy S IV do against all the other flagships!!

lmandl says:

Would be awesome!

James Jordan says:

I want to be the first in belgium to use this device!!!! wow wow wow wow

James Jordan says:

I want to be the first in belgium to use this device!!!! wow wow wow wow

jmehrabi says:

This is an awesome contest you guys are running!

jmehrabi says:

This is an awesome contest you guys are running!

hello S4 :)

ssnsmudge says:

Count me in! Good luck everyone.............xxxxxxx

Yes please!


That would be cool.

Roger Bufton says:

LOVE to have an S4, This is a GREAT PRIZE.

3rdjones says:

Would love to win this. I picked up the S3 after iphone and love it, but the nerd in me wants more goodness. Wish I could have waited out for the note.

Would love to win this :)

Elliott6920 says:

Thanks, Android Central!

baig_asif65 says:

I love the Samsung Galaxy S4.

A new Samsung Galaxy S IV would be the business!!!! I want it! I want it! I want it!

gramamoose says:

Here goes nothin...

Metro1088 says:

One contestant more :)

Simao Lucio says:

Here !