Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

pablo_diablo says:

Why not?

Thank you.

sushiguy732 says:

I want you... I want you so bad... I want you so bad it's driving me mad.

guidok says:

Would make a nice upgrade from an original Galaxy (S1) ;-)

UmzSharper says:

Yes please; I'd love to see what they have up their sleeve.

rockgatherer says:

My turn, my turn!!

lairdchris says:

Pleeeeeease take me.
I've never won anything anywhere :)

imhipper says:

I'm N

Dan29466 says:

After I win, I'm going to call everyone who left a comment so I can thank them for letting me win.

-Dante- says:

Awesome, i want that phone

sevensixnyc says:

Sweet SG4 Love
Hook a android Up!

xicoxicao says:

Put me in for one.

Arham95 says:

waiting for my s4 :P

BldyIdt says:

8000+ comments! o.O

Nayland O says:

Never going to refuse a new phone!

jiggyb21 says:

Yes please. Thanks

JIM P1 says:

samsung makes the best phones... the only thing that would make one better is if it was free!

koricua74 says:

Porque No!

pokey805 says:

Octa-core and 1080p and on VZW please!

shon8052293 says:

Galaxy s 4 me please

DefTek says:

I want to win this... I want to win this... I want to win this...

vic_singh says:

This would be a great wedding present for me.

rvvalle says:

Pick me, I promise to use it's powers for only good and a little bit of evil.

shon8052293 says:

Galaxy s 4 me please

One for me, please ;-)

I'd really like to win this!

davela72 says:

I can't wait to see what's in store for the new Galaxy S4!!!!!

ajcp says:


It just happens to launch on the same day as my birthday...coincidence? I think not :)

Ringmaster says:

I want one!

I'm happy enough if The smartphone ~Samsung SIV~ given to those who deserve it :)

Vintage7682 says:

8000+ entries already?! Once I was confident of winning these giveaways, then I got hit in the knee...

patrickbear says:

Sure is nice of you all to give us this chance

diego3336 says:

Worth a try =P

candrewnyc says:

My last 5 devices were Samsung... let's keep the trend going! Count me in!

Ever since I rooted and flashed my 1st custom ROM on my Captivate over 2 years ago, I fell in love with the Galaxy line. This would just keep the love flowing. I have to finally win something from Android Central. (:^D

I hope I win

willyp87 says:

Give it here! lol

Akkaash Goel says:

I really need it. Please pick me.

Domokun86 says:

I want it :D Mine mine mine!! :D

zoggybottom says:

Cannot wait to see this phone!

Thadrow says:

Chuck Norris told me to post.

Tsirhcitna says:

Thanks for this opportunity, androidcentral ;)

moonie42 says:

Languishing on a HTC Thunderbolt....NEEEEEED the Galaxy S IV!!!!!

Nipun Goel says:

it wuold be awesome to win a SG4 for my first mobile phone EVER!!!.....
(all fingers crossed)

Akheru says:

Thanks for the contest

yacoby54 says:

Lets get this device in my pocket!

cvallet2 says:

I don't even know what it will be like but I know I want one!

Let's do this!

Let's do this!

oxygeneman says:

Looks pretty cool to me!

Speriamo bene!!!

EvilMushy says:

Having trouble picking a winner? I'll make it easy for you, just pick me :D

Yes!!!! I wanna Samsung Galaxy S IV !!!!!!

Hope I get this monster from Sammy :) fingers crossed.

P5138 says:

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

GalaxyLatino says:

Thanks for the contest!!!

PSUGradAtl says:

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

ttyrell says:

yes sir

DevMan#AC says:

I'll take it!

eddie377#AC says:

This would be great

DeeJ1 says:

Galaxy S4 Every Cool Human...Get It!!


MIKEFD345 says:


Gimik says:

I'm bound to win one of these contests eventually, right? RIGHT?!

Can't wait to hold that baby in my hands.

Bonics says:

Haven't had any chance to win any prices yet.. Just trying my luck again.. :D

Faraz Baig says:

Yea.... I'm in. Want a samsung galaxy s4...

Maybe I win

TroyBoy30 says:

ill take it

I use a HTC Desire S. It's time for a new phone. And a GS4 will be the best upgrade.

please give me the s4.have been stuck with HTC desire four the past 2 years.

hawklet00 says:

i could use a new phone. feel free to send it to me!

luisomarf says:

Here's my chance

redik007 says:

I'm also IN.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter into this great competition!!

adavisme says:

Pick me please!

percistratus says:

Wow! That's pretty awesome.

Chadlip says:

I have been waiting for this phone! The S3 was a good phone but a little under powered. This would be so saweet!!!!!
I want I want I want!!

Marc Mielke says:

I really need an upgrade!

mosignose says:

Complete Awesomeness! Give me one of those.

ssrbo says:

I never had galaxy phone, so...

LuigiN says:

I Win! ;-)

Stormin2day says:

Seeing how there's over 8200 entries so far i'm not very optimistic, but having a verizon galaxy nexus & being afraid to root i figured i'd give it a shot.

Ogabriel says:

pick me, pick me....

mhpspeed says:

Nobody ever pays me in Samsung Galaxy S4's :(

would love to be a proud owner of S4, as these mobiles arrive very late in Asian countries.. especially INDIA !! :( i want to gloat about winning an S4 through "Android Central:... :)

diskostu1 says:

finger crossed!!!!

hmehran says:

Please put me in the drawing!

I'm in too

dmedesha says:

How come you can't get a margarita in Barcelona before noon, but you can get a mojito?

Oh yeah, and I'd love to have a Samsung Galaxy S4 to occupy my self with until noon.

austxdan says:

If I win this I'll give to my wife to get her off her old iPhone. Come on Lloyd, let's convert another one!

SlappyMcgee says:

Count me in Please ;) Winning an S4 would be epic. I would then donate my S3 to a friend who cracked her screen, but forgot to get insurance on her phone.

rfcunnin says:

Well that was easy!

rmunn says:

I'd love to get a Galaxy S4. Put my name in the hat, please. :-)

terrycanfly says:

i like turtles

Dhamp2g says:

Oh how the office would hate me if I win :-)

Julio Jover says:


Artem Saa says:

I wanna win this WOW gadget!!! Thnx!

Gastrodoc says:

lots of comments!
i hope to win
Samsung makes great products.

MisterEich says:

I'm in. (*fingers crossed)

jonnyships says:


ttriplett1 says:

My GS3 needs a companion, help it out!

hornet38 says:

I want to replace my Galaxy Nexus with this bad boy! You guys rock with these awesome give aways!

PJ33 says:

Single Comment :) I'd love one...

i've just won!

I'm in!!!

awursta says:

I need an upgrade to my S3!

gyroboy says:

S4 will boom
S4 fera un boom
S4 붐됩니다
S4 hakkab buum
S4 จะบูม

Donmeister85 says:

I'd love to win!

Gastrodoc says:

I hope to win !
Samsung makes great products indeed.

rhenford says:

This recent convert is in.

tyronewilson says:


Shalzarr says:

Would love to have a Galaxy S4

alambertus says:

Pick me! Not those other 8276 people, just me!!!

brosnanm11 says:

My Galaxy nexus is getting old :)

hispeedworm says:


Hoverbot says:

I'm down for it.

Kal3idosc0pe says:

One for me please and thank you.

wrightmd93 says:

I'll take one! Pick me!

bridic says:

I will take the phone, the S3 is looking a little rough.

Count me in!

prodaytrade says:

Nice contest.

mfloan says:

Good timing! Almost due for a new phone.

Wow thank you android central!

alexberyn says:

Pick me! SGS4 will be the best again...

dEe_eNd says:

That's a few days before my birthday, would make a great Birthday present from AndroidCentral! ;)

dEe_eNd says:

That's a few days before my birthday, would make a great Birthday present from AndroidCentral! ;)

muiriddin says:

The Galaxy S IV will be the bees knees of all bees knees! Wheres the honey, get me the baseball bat, time to break some bees knees!*

*No bees were harmed in the making of this comment and the management does not condone the breaking of anyones knees much less yellow and black insectoid knees.

markyoung04 says:

A Post

Deezy1020 says:

Yay :)

Vyrlokar says:

The phone is not out yet and you're giving it already. Kudos Android Central!

I m gonna buy Samsung SIV......flexible screen...amazing

miten2107 says:

Yo samsung, said yo coz it could be your last name the last few years samsung has grown strong n big n hard n is fucking up the competition.keep screwing them samsung.

pick me!

chin36 says:

I need one....would be great to upgrade.

spyder5501 says:

please pick me ive had just about every att and tmobile galaxy out except the s3 and would love a s4 right now im currently using a att galaxy s captivate and a tmobile galaxy s2 pleaseeeee pick me

genciso says:

I'm happy with my S3 and I don't have any doubt that the S4 will be my next phone.

mistamassiah says:

Somehow I believe I'm gonna not only win, but have the first S4 in Barbados as well

miten2107 says:

Android Central is a mighty cool chap n if u gimme an s4 it might be like fap fap.

VSG28 says:

I would love to win this!

I would love you guys forever! Oh. And look at my username. ♡

Ara98 says:

I would love to win the S4 :D
Pick me! Thanks :D

I have the Infuse still loving it but I'm up for a new phone in Dec, my wife & I love the Android phones! Would be great to win a Galaxy 4 wow!

Jamie Mason1 says:

Me plz.

metri91 says:

Sure I'll take an S4!

wwkipper says:

Samsung Galaxy S IV< give me some of that action!

lbali says:

Thank you. Please.

10001110101 says:

I'm in. The missus got the upgrade last year. I'm overdue.

My refurbished Droid Charge is driving me nuts. I need something new.

kembry says:

I'll bite.

adamsmiley says:

I want to win this. But good luck to everyone else too.

Hi JAMES FALCONER . What's yup !!!

Bruhaha1234 says:

Boom goes the comment-ite!

iceandfire says:

Damn @androidcentral!!! You guys are awesome. Can't wait for the device.

JimBob976 says:

S4! :)

Anuj d says:

If I win then it's my first phone

FabiettoP says:

Wow, super! :)

Nanaacho says:

I want the la Galaxy s4!!

S4 the world's best phone

kaotik_187 says:

I need to win this! I deserve to win this. Nothing else left to say besides: Give me MY Galaxy 4 when it becomes available.

I really need a smartphone ( I'm still using a Nokia 2350 ) and what else could be better than a Samsung Galaxy! The chances are very low but the hope dies last. Goodluck to everyone !

jiggyb21 says:

Yes please

SunilJamboor says:

As a tech enthusiast, i would love to check the octa-core S4. Let's see how the luck plays!

88 FLUX says:

Heeeeeeey youuuuuuuu guuuuuuuuuuuys.....

danbutter says:

Hello, I'm the needle you have been looking for in this virtual haystack.
Pick Me!

Hoping to see a flexible display and a metal casing, and maybe a 3000mah+ battery

ksantofil says:

I'll buy it anyway but it would be so pretty to get one free :)

I hope I get picked! Thanks AC!


I have bad luck but I will enter anyway.

graposo says:

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

groovekids5 says:

I don't deserve it more than anybody else, but I still want it!

grandam3400 says:

I would gladly take the burden of holding on to this phone off of you. Its the least I could do for such a great asset to the Android community ;)

gtoatley says:

Would love to have one.


Luis Vargas2 says:

Im the #1 samsung/fan in México. I have the galaxy ace, galaxy nexus, galaxy y, galaxy SIII and the best of all, galaxy tab( the first tabletphone, by the way). Please pick me!!!!!

nboatr says:

big fan, need a G4 UPGRADE, Please Pick Me.

Floyd Scott says:

I'd love the chance to win a new phone.

AnneO says:

I would love to win, but since my Note is giving me trouble right now with outgoing calls or texts.

defector says:

NOW hear this!!!this galaxy S 3 is the baddest phone on the planet!! that being said/typed (LOL ) the S4 better come with some bad ass bells and whistle to make me give up my baddest phone on the planet!! LETS see what you got S4! ,I might stay true to my profile name ! ( L o L )

cert15z says:

S IV Please

blobx says:

OMG Thanks very much Androidcentral, I'd really love to win :D

jaysonpal says:

Ugh. Me have Iphone. Me want to be part of new millenium. Me like S4. Me go hunt for mastadon now (raising club furiously up and down).:)

saskchauch says:

Can't wait for the new S4.

A Nguyen says:

I'd like to win an S4

guizzobari says:

here I am! :)

Dave Tyler1 says:

Oh sure. I'd love to have one.

gb1311 says:

Hoping this s4 is mine

Ali Asgar1 says:

I want one too!!

ntav24 says:

Ohh ohh over here, pick me, pick me teacher, I know the answer over here. My arm is getting tired, please acknowledge me.

Mattias N says:

I want it! Its time to retire my S2!

pontiacgagt says:


Xinye says:

Me me me, pretty please!

Ross Kaplan says:

One of my last comments on the internet before I head over to Afghanistan! I hope I get a Galaxy S4 to help pass the time :)

pstomike says:

Thanks so much for the chance.

radh1989 says:

I own the S2 n it rocks... in fact i didn even feel the s3 or one x were worthy successors ... hope s4 is as revolutionary as the s2

Here is my insightful comment.

Dont post any new comments... I just received a mail that I have already won.... :-P

Hook me up Lloyd!

Washer, Dryer, Dish Washer, Refrigerator, Printer and TV are Samsung. Why not a phone also?

Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck everyone!

wcthatruth2 says:

I'd love to win

monkeypimp says:


ScottyB#WN says:

Please, Please a new S4!

Slats-Or says:

I would use it.

emceesquared says:

this is the winning comment!!!!!

Wow, I'm eight thousand three hundred seventy-nine comments behind. Here goes nothing...Can't wait to win.

zzoinks says:

I'm bound to win something eventually. Might as well make it this!

i want it!!

brokenchains says:

Time to leave HTC. The Incredible 2 is great - durable, good battery, nice design. But it still doesn't have ICS, and Samsung's Galaxy devices are long-lived in terms of both development AND specs. The S4 is going to be about as future-proof as a phone can get, and I'm pretty psyched to trade up to it.

C'mon AC :)

bloodred1992 says:

I'd like one! I trust Samsung to bring their best to the table when it comes to the Galaxy S series!

johnjaycee says:

S3 to it!

chendriks27 says:

Even if I haven't seen it yet, I'm sure it will be a very nice phone.
So I'm up to win one, and I hope I'll win.
Tks for the opportunity!

i am in for the win uhuuu!

jian9007 says:

Yes I want to win. Also, entering this contest is easy like Sunday morning.

I'll take one, please and thank you!

Jaisham says:

Would be damn lucky if i got this one :)

Valiti Kiab says:

I want it !!!! Choose me )))) Please

tony404 says:

I love new technology :)

st_7 says:

Another give away another attempt of me to win a contest!, as usual I hope I win this contesst

OWybPPgO says:

Me, please!

pascal0liu5 says:

great idea!

MissingMoJo says:

Not gonna beg but.....please please please please please!!!!!!!!!

In it, to win it! Looking forward to see the new Galaxy S4!

hynden says:

Hello there!

Pallab Gupta says:

Would love to win one

edkafes says:

I use A Galaxy Nexus- Looking forward to the S 4

elament says:

i need to get rid of this samsung droid charge and ABSOLUTELY need a galaxy S IV!

new phone please!

linas_ltu says:

It's pretty simple - just send me a Galaxy S IV to me. Seriously, can't wait to see what Sammy has to offer after so many romours. Solux screen is the most interesting part for me if it's gonna become a reality.

burger30 says:

WOW that would be an awesome win, you guys rock

27lua says:

Yes please! I'm so excited for this phone, it would be great to not actually have to pay for it ;)

Thanks, you guys.

Mohammad K says:

I wish I could win S4! :X

rsix says:

I'd take one of these bad boys.

palmcrash says:

Nice contest!

shefsteve says:

Takin' pictures of a hurricane
With my S Four
Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes
Pics with no blur
Might solve a mystery
Or google 'history'

Galaxy S 4 (a-whoo-hoo)
Not HTC Four or iPhone 4
Galaxy S4 (a-whoo-hoo)

(Samsung execs dive into their Money Bin full of gel cases)

PSpider says:

Yup! Put me in for a world's first! ;)

jellie123 says:

I need one so I can finally upgrade from my old, old phone.

mesprime says:


pakmansi says:

What are my chances?

95maxxx says:

Put me in the game coach!

mv-clear says:

Pick me.. I would love a new phone.

Whatadroid says:

fingers crossed

Cruz3r2 says:

This could be a nice upgrade from the i777 Galaxy S2

thewatrb0y says:

Still 'using' a Thunderbolt....... but at least 4G just kicked in. please help!!!!

i want it i want it i want it , it is gonna be like my new oxygen to live and a super upgrade to my life!!!!!!!!!!

Bmic22 says:

Of course I want one!

maug618 says:

It's time for me to upgrade, would love to have a galaxy 4.

TripSixes says:

yep, definitely want one..

Losingit says:

I am planning on buying one, sure would be nice to save some money! I'll take it :)!

musician1976 says:

Raising my hand (like a little kid that has to go to the bathroom), while pushing the other people out of the


azwegie says:


I had a S1 and S2 now i have a S3. I need a SIV to complete the team.

phenom965 says:

I'd love to win it!!

WhyNotIndeed says:

Wow what a great prize

tswigs says:

any comment... i like chocolate, and a new phone

yeongsheng says:

Oh boy, do I want to win one Samsung Galaxy S4! :-)

nikhilrathi says:

Was waiting to upgrade my S2..what better than winning the first S4 giveaway :)

dacorpz says:

Are you still there?

Rafael Loj says:

S4 to Brazil!!!

Partyman says:

I would use this phone big time.

Collin86 says:

Still using the old Samsung Galaxy S.
Please pick me!!

m_almuhaya says:

We expect a lot from the S4

Noob#AC says:

Commented. Thanks AC.

here"s my chance.........

Ronny Dahl says:

Mine, it is! You hear? Mine!!!! Mohahahahahahahaha

lordfairy says:

Let's win the Contest :)

Nikko87 says:

8500 comments on day 1, it's gonna be tough =/

Kayl_Galaxy says:

S4!! Come here pleaase :)

rus1094 says:

A single comment!!!

jagbearkc says:

Oh yes, would love a Galaxy S4

Jake Crystal says:


asorokin1981 says:

Have my fingers crossed. hope I win :)

djphrost1 says:

I have been stranded with the EPIC Fail of a samsung stratosphere from a droid 2... help a brother out with a S4, pretty please :)

shadie452 says:

Me me me! Pick me!

maussie95 says:

I've got a Windows Phone and want to get rid of it, but I'm out of money. Pick me!

jiff2koo says:

May the power of a thousand sun gods bless me with this

Anna T1 says:

PICK ME! And free me from this wretched iPhone! D;

xavier28 says:

Thanks! I'll take it!

rinkesh621 says:

I wish I can win one of these!

klufinator says:

That would be soooooo cool!

ill love a s4 ! :)
pick me ! :]

this is awesome, i am a Galaxy Note 11 user so this would be great for my wife to join are team.

Oh yeah! hand me a sweet new S4, please!

AHHHHHHHHHHH!! I hope I win.

willginn#AC says:

My son has the SIII and he loves it. I have used it, when he lets me, and like the "fit and finish". I love the have the SIV, and then he can ask ME for a test drive ;-}

leftyman says:

howdy S4.

Nin424 says:

Great contest! Can't wait to see the S4.

shadowmasta says:


If I should win this, I would give my wife my current S3 so she could finally throw away her crappy diePhone.

Yucandroide says:

Gorgeous chance to hold a vibrante legendario in my hands..., a BradnNew Galaxia S IV. Yesssssssss.

Bilz346 says:

I'm in.

jgsdantas says:

Me me me me!!

grazieeee mi serve prorio

testingapril says:

I want to win!

BuzzConroy says:

I can't think of anything clever to write. See how badly I need this phone!

icu says:

I want this phone even if it has horse meat in it.

jzamorski says:

Winning this would be awesome, been holding out with this dreadful battery life on the thunderbolt to get this phone.

DaveJand says:

I'd like a galaxy S4 (Screen on my S3 cracked within a couple weeks of me getting it.)