Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16800 comments

khan_aqib says:

i have always use a samsung flagship phone after a 1 or more than that bcoz of money..but this time i may use it first in the world..thanks androidcentral.

could this be my lucky day? I bloody well hope so!!!!

medo ibrahim says:

I wish i win it verry much

Amazive says:

Oooohh... Pick me! Pick me! :D

hamad3914 says:

I would love to replace my S2 with the S4 <3

Lets Give it a try...

I got a Note 2, would love an S IV.

reklama_rrr says:

Next comment without hope

Divegeek says:

I'm in. Never had a Samsung phone, but would like to try one.

Marvelite says:

Don't even know all that much about the S4, but I'll take it! Thanks for the heads up on the contest, Twitter.

I prefer Xperia Z, but if you have only Galaxy S4... :D

RaiedRoid says:

Thanks in advance ;)

Shyne Santos says:

yey! i'm the winner! pls let me know where and when to claim 0_o

droid_love says:

hello world

robbieirl says:

Count me in please!

That's a comment from me, and a comment from him!

Would love one!

Samsung! Sing my song!

dantetitan says:

I think it is the time for me to post a comment for this. Samsung did provide us a new world of Android phone. Recently I owned a Galaxy SIII. It is my first touch screen phone. I use about one week to know about how to use the phone. It is the smartest phone ever, with the S Voice, I could control the phone to do some simple tasks without sliding my finger tips on the phone. Surprisingly, it help me to do my daily work quickly with SMemo, I can now jot down some note on it to remind me the work. Anyway, I really want the S IV to upgrade my life into a new level!

Hi.i want 1

ajsexton83 says:

I'd love to win, so hard to decide on a new phone so winning the S4 would take the decision out of my hands, from rumours is seeming to come up a very nice device!!!!!!!!!!!!

JSKershaw says:

Sounds pretty straight forward! I would love to own one of the first GS4s!

Sign me up!

me, pick me, pick me

Leonidas88 says:

I haven't changed my phone for years now, I believe know is the time :)

troppo bello !!!!!

ether83#AC says:


mohitn says:

My precious!!!

hc_1540 says:

Yes please!

mohitn says:

My precious!!!

sumittheleo says:

asndjnljn ksiahduibl lajSBDIHBKJN.............********##########,,,,

Rosewell says:

I love Samsung!!

MNofsinger says:

I would love to win!

kobastal says:

sure would be nice of you

Clyde_Frog says:

Good luck everyone (but pick me!)

cgardnervt says:

Here I am! I'd love me some S4 love!

amanmani456 says:

Hey pls give me galaxy s4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDROIDS GODS HAVE PITY ON ME AND GRANT ME THIS WIN!!! :)

legoise says:

Wow..I need a new Galaxy.

Piquedram says:

let's give this another go :p

trnitz says:


aj05hi says:

In for a penny, in for a pound. Would love to win.

Amit Bindra says:

Never won anything in these kind of draws but I won't give up trying. Good luck to everyone who entered and thanks Android Central for this great giveaway.

Kind Regards

Oscar-Mark says:

Could need one of those.

I hereby commit to win a S4 :)

xx_blam_xx says:

Thanks for the contest!

Voliam says:

Can you imagine the difficulty in using a feature phone to make this post? I want to participate in all the good Android discussions!

ndewing says:

I need to get off of this Thunderbolt so please pick me!!

tmrasdf says:

thank you very much for being kind


Thank you in advance.

jazzbarton says:

S4, you're my density!

mikeinpa says:

ready to win

Samsung rocks!!!

Please pick me.!!!

Real666 says:

Hello Galaxy S4

Ziyang Zhou says:

That's maybe a good motivation to switch to Android :)

pipotobe says:

This I want. This I need:)

Hans Thulin says:

New gadget coming my way?

exhibit says:

One S4 Please !!!

Sean-Troy says:

I need that S4 because I can't afford to buy the HTC One and the S4 last year I went through the Evo 4g lte S3 and note 2 so I paid my dues time for a freebie

jymbrittain says:

AWESOME contest idea!

ediaz1995 says:

Just ignore all comments all comments above and pick me I'm android to the the core I could really use a new phone because I'm stuck on a contract until 2014

StefanoX says:


Yes please :)

jonhan says:

Gotta be better than my old Fascinate!
I'll give it a try.

Chuckles 135 says:

Count me in.

Paul Barnard says:

Hope I win!!

tim242 says:

OMG@7,920 comments! Make that 7,921 : )

techmanrod says:

I'm ready to win something, and a new s4 would be awesome!

khoonhwa says:

Thanks Android Central!

BrownThunder says:

Greatest give away yet! Win a phone before its released?? Seriously awesome..

sepffuzzball says:

I'd rock it! =3~

Samsung 4ever!!! :P

Andrea Pini says:

Pick up my name, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeeee :)

Samsung I love you <3 !!

FaTaL_Err0r says:

GoodBye Sweet Nexus ;D

Wow, I Hope! Force samsung!

ajkam says:

Comment here

Fai che sia io, fai che sia io, fai che sia io. TI PREGO :)

Ahhhhh!!!! S4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444!!!! Gimmeee.

Xavier Laine says:

I'm ok to win a Galaxy S IV ;)

nero_x says:

I want one!!!but i wonder if its going to use the new processor samsung is developing or qualcomm or the new nvidia tegra 4?

I want the new Galaxy S4 to have more new innovation.....

Exup570 says:

Without see it... it will be the best phone! Thanks a lot Samsung!

mdavis0396 says:

woow ;]

Please, pick me! I want a S4!

<3 Galaxy S Series.

goathorn says:

Would be nice to get one, so I can put my Galaxy Nexus to rest.

Beautiful device!

gpf2ez says:

This would have to be the best way to win a S4.

I'm down to wina Galaxy S IV :)

EvOddGuy says:

All things Samsung! An S4 would be nice!! :D

the top

gunjanlab says:

dying to have hand on S4 after using S3.. must be Father of all Phone..

sasa_gm says:

I want it!

DKlavo says:

I'm hanging for an S IV.

appena preso un samsung galaxy se vinco il 4 non lo butto eh!

djg1701 says:

Thanks Android Central!

Bibin Manu says:

waiting to get S4

I want it! :-)

Andr3wSp says:

It will be min3!!!!

Ionut Danet says:

It is an international contest ?

nks2170 says:

I didn't had money to buy S3. God help me to get S4 plzzzzzzzzzz.

Gwanatu says:

Here's a no brainer! I'd love to win one!

Count me in!

ericzigus says:

Hope I win.

jtcarnes says:

Maybe I'll win!

deckem says:


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بجرب حظي و اشترك

ان الله اراد افوز بغالاكسي اس فور

morrijr says:

Wouldn't say no! :)

Jonesy1366 says:

This would be an amazing win! Sign me up!!!

GreenBerry84 says:

Yes please! :D

degiovab says:

I'd love winning.
Hopefully you would ship tp Italy.

I'd love to win a Samsung Galaxy S4. :^)

lhowe2005 says:

If the S4 is anywhere near as good as my S3, I want one!

Here I wasn't sure whether to go for the HTC One or the yet unannounced GSIV.. I think I'll just have a new Samsung then :)

Gust30 says:

OMG!!!! Just post in here and you can win!!!! This is the best contest ever!!!! My wife would die if I got an S IV and she still has the S III!!!!!

roisin01 says:

Wow - Super prize! Worth a shot :)

brad0014 says:

Samsung!!!!! <3


t-b says:

Definitely want one :)

dbtsang says:

yes please!!

vasilisiou says:

I hope i win my new smartphone...:-)!!! Thank you!!!

i love it samsung s3

citycrazed25 says:

I'm so in to win...=]

sublimaze says:

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Galaxy S4 today

the best samsung

Galaxy S4肯定是我的。我相信它属于我的手里,
이GALAXY S4는분명히네거야. 제가그를피료해요,

Howard Cole says:

Yes please!

malysc18 says:

That's will be mine..

vjss says:

i am still with my lovely galaxy s2

I want my S4..droool!

wumaja says:

I hope i get a ticket for Barcelona- Real tonight

prantzos says:

I love my S2 but it's time for an S4!!!

I would like to win it :)

indiracaos says:

Hi! I'm italian! I'd like to win because i have a very old phone and i really love tech and smartphone. Pleaseeee choose meeeee!

montana-uk says:

Can't wait to get my own, even if it will be at the end of the year :-(
Still rocking my S2 for now...

djchru says:

Goodbye Optimus, Hello S4!!!

I am curious how the S4 will fit into my hands. Give me the chance to have it :)

d_anzwer says:

I've been a long time lurker here at android central; I guess it’s time for me to register now. Good luck everyone! This is awesome! Thanks AC!

?snoitseuq yna !4SG gnusmaS

Sabbe says:

Whooooooohoooo!!! This year xmas is coming soon!!! :D
I hope i'll have a "SantaSung" ;)

aparsonsuk says:

Pick me i need a new phone and if i win i'll get the note 8.0 as well and use it as my main phone and submit pictures of me looking like a tit lol

A Samsung Galaxy S 3 for me...

jamescoggan says:

Choose me!

Ryan Klein says:

I don't even have a smartphone!

_alal_ says:

Great! You rock Android Central! B-)

It is awesome that you guys get to do this for us. Thanks! Good luck to everyone. I still hope I win so I can give an IOU to my wife for her upcoming birthday.

krzy brzy says:

.....< / WoW \ >......

Bored of iPhones...

daft says:

This is awesome. I still have an S1, i would love to go three tiers up :-D

Yep want one. Hope you ship to Australia?

MystroBiggz says:

Just pull my name already.

Bobix86 says:

In the revolution of android powered devices i'd love to be one of the first to get a taste. :-)
Hope Serbia is on the shipping list, it's getting ignored on a large portion of the web (hope that will change).

prskillz says:

That sounds good, I'll have that

Luca de Leo says:


Opdocdad says:

Want one just to prove to the teenage girl that an IClone is not the best phone there is.

Ecoteric says:

Wow. What a great chance to get a great new phone.

promi says:

Next contest that i don't win. :(

bassamatto74 says:

The anticipation is killing me. just bring the good Samsung

bernatns says:

samsung me!

TimGoodwin says:

The world needs ditch diggers too!!

t0ked says:

I'm planning on proposing to my gf around this time. She has a Sammy Infuse, still stuck on Froyo... I can sense a very cruel prank coming...

theag3nt says:

Of course I'm in. Would be great to have one of those in my pocket. :)

projektorboy says:

Requesting one (1) SGS4, pretty please?

aledelcastle says:

I can put a Samsung Galaxy S IV to good use!

In a linear conception of time, the future is the portion of time that has not yet taken place; relativistic concept in the field of space in which there are all the events that have not yet occurred as a specific reference system. In this sense, the future is the opposite of the past (the time, times and events that have already occurred) and the present (the part of the events that are happening right now).

Samsung Galaxy SIV is the future, the rest is the opposite. I HAVE TO WIN.

Ranu Octoro says:

one comment for one S4
Thanks for the chance Android Central

I really want samsung sIV really because i can finally tro away my old nokia c1 I use these c1 for a year and would really like smartphone.

BetiZerbait says:

Go on then look forward to having this !

here I am :)

Diogo Sena says:

Hope you ship to brazil!

eking3030 says:

i really need a new phone

TheHonkey#AC says:

Galaxy S 4 couldn't ask for anything more! Best birthday present ever!

cajames1 says:

Time to retire the Evo 3D. S4 is going to be great.

ChriZ#AC says:

I'm in...


bram80 says:

Share a comment and win a SGS-4

deiceman32 says:

Would love to win the Galaxy S4.

Turiya says:

\/\/00+!! \/\/00+!! Awesome new SGSIV is Awesome!!

maj71303 says:

What a compliment an S4 would be to my Galaxy Note II.

KKURTZ78 says:

I wouldn't mind winning a awesome phone made by one of the best manufactures in the world. :)

This is for my daughter who i cant afford a new phone for.

sajmons says:

I'll try my luck ;)

zipgunjny says:

Wow, just wow.

innova521 says:

Hook me up!

jefmoody says:

I may not need it but that doesn't stop me from wanting it!!! I currently have the S3 and will change phones soon; either way.

MSNardi84 says:

Totally love my S3 can't wait to see what Samsung does next!

I never win anything :D good luck to you all!

For sure I would really want to have this one, as everyone that comment and submited, want.
Good luck to each and one !

valepec says:

fatemi vincere!

pick me,please

Tim Box says:

There were 8050 posts before me as I started writing this, Lets hope 8051 is a lucky number.

Badalmic says:

Never entered a contest for something I have no idea of it looks

jayjam99 says:

Here's my post.

2l8 says:

My lovely Galaxy s2 need to be replaced by the Galaxy s4:-) as a daily android central reader please make my wishes come true :-)

afwriter says:


Habiib says:

Major Bison grabbed my butt

Don't forget me

terpdog says:

Time for an Upgrade!! Maybe this time it will be me :-)

obi5683 says:

Count me in!

Damian Stan says:

And another one bites the dust!

zapanda says:

pick me, pick me, pick me! Did I mention you can pick me? Bring that SIV my way!

truface says:

give it to me.

Valter.VX says:

Pick Me! :) hopping to have the new flagship!

stsullivan says:

Please pick me!!

Ratheesh Kv says:

Hey I'm a big fan of Samsung Galaxy series...

All the best to S4

I'm down here to win.. all the best to everyone :)

TravieD says:

I want a new s4!!

Neflhiem says:

S4 Goodness? Yes please!

harpspl#CB says:

I know there is a such thing as wants and needs, but I need this Galaxy S4......

I can't wait to see what Samsung has cooked up for this bad boy

Mark Sampson says:

Well I've had the 1, the 2 and currently using the 3 so it seems a natural progression to get the 4. Really appreciate you sending it to me. Sorry to all the guys that are going to miss out. :D

Concho Pete says:

I need a replacement for my rotary dial cell phone....and the S4 would be perfect.

ebanks89 says:

This is nice of you thanks !

Ziga Radsel says:

I'd rather you gave away a HTC One! :)

szparaj says:

Pick me please and thank you! S4 would be awesome

atulbatra1 says:

S4 I dream of you day in day out...please come to me as a gift...

I'm using a Galaxy y pro... I need to change my phone...
This contest is valid also for italian users?

mtwaldman says:

The galaxy s3 has been the best phone I have had to date. Would love to own the S4 to see the next level of awesome.

wanderguzman says:

Im going to win :DDDD

Hayatte88 says:

Thank you in advance for my Galaxy S4.

john dempsey says:

love to have it

Do want.

raedchen says:

Count me in!

matob1 says:

I'll take it

shaunf33 says:

Yes please!

dalikas says:

I need it. I need it so bad:))

garyzone says:

Pick me please. This will be my first Samsung phone.

hey,i want s4,because i just love it

johndude333 says:

I would love a Galaxy SIV. I'm still rocking my SII Skyrocket and still love it.

baller88 says:

I would love to win an S4!

fkschuetze says:

i`d love to win this. would be an awesome upgrade from my galaxy nexus!!!

i want to win s4 ,so can u

pjrmax403 says:

Bought my SIII 7 months ago, now my son wants one, can you blame him?

Android Central Rocks!!

Getting ready for the best phone in the world! GSIV

sheenaham5 says:

I would really like to win a Galaxy S IV!

mljh says:

S4!!! Give me one!

flip-it3 says:

I want!

redlaber says:

I want it!

technofan says:

Don't choose me.... I'd be far too grateful!!

I want one to gift to my amazing wife :-)

DMFC0929 says:

Another great contest! Thanks!

Sarà il miglior cellulare di tutti i tempi!

noseph says:

Yes please.

pkinneavy says:

Yay I'd like a free phone!

chrisjdroidx says:

Awesome.. I Hope I Win!

Nikita Lylyk says:

I want the new s4
So pick me

utupelo says:

Please pick me

JJUKJJ says:

Waahay! Let's be havin' it then!!

KrisB37 says:

Pick me, pick me!

Ritzy11 says:

I'll take one

CBS_toca says:

bored with my iPhone 5, i want samsung s4 please =D

Thank you Android Central

I wanna win!

looking forward to it

andreimp says:

Wow ! A lot of people want it. I guess this is going to be yet another Samsung successful product :-)

il_tabac says:

Mandatemi pure l'S4,va bene pure l'S3 al limite...

You are awesome... this is legendary!!!

AspirinaG says:


utupelo says:

Pick me please

08BlackWRX says:

I dont need this phone but i do want it! :-)

auduffer says:

Sweet--no better way to go from an iPhone to Android than this!!

Sebacho05 says:

Galaxy s4 what's not to love!!!! I would definitely want one

TrueDrooid says:

daddie I want this phone :)

pawn0r says:


phillymade says:

I'm throwing my hat in the ring for this sweet device that I won't win. My Dad was right I am a looser! Good luck everyone!

troutbumtodd says:


Roses are red, violets are blue,
Lovin my S3 is not a chore,
but I'd love a S4 much, much more!

liquidplasma says:


srkDesign says:


I'm in....!

Nilius says:

Zomg S4!

francey says:

I wouldn't mind an galaxy s4 if u have any spare thanks

Che cos'e' il controllo... Oggi puoi, controllare qualsiasi cosa, basta un touch!
What is' control ... Now you can, check anything, just a touch!

thenenea says:

Hi AndroidCentral,

May the fortune favor as all. Thank you and keep up the great reviews.


typhon62_1 says:

I'll take it off your hands!

autox3c says:

I want one ;)

unglued94ta says:

I've been a Samsung fan since the captivate. Please pick me. Thanks.

mmaximo says:

Let me see if I get lucky this time

Yosephh says:

Well, It is my phone, every one, i am the first person who will have the Samsung Galaxy s4 in my Country.


Adib Kozlow says:



Mine. All mine. (hopefully)

Irramar says:

I'll take 1!

Want one!!!!!!!

m_skil says:

My wife just got a GS3. Got to out do her with a GS4!

Kim Tommy says:

Double up, from S2 to S4

Yosephh says:

I will win it. It is my phone

demonmz says:

I wanna win!

This will make a great birthday present for my wife! Tossing my name in the hat!!!

heridfel says:

Get me out of this iOS hell. Please!

darkborne says:


i want one.

pablo_diablo says:

Why not?

Seems to be a great device but probably too big... Let me win and I'll check!! : )

Mortified says:

Count me in!!

dwohlfeil says:

I want one!

redwolftn says:

Sign me up for it!

Sounds Great

NCchrisSU says:

My wife's S3 was just asking for a new baby brother.... I think the S4 would be the perfect fit!

clayginn says:

I'm getting one but would be awesome if it were free!!!