Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.


Reader comments

Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 in 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest'


i have always use a samsung flagship phone after a 1 or more than that bcoz of money..but this time i may use it first in the world..thanks androidcentral.

Don't even know all that much about the S4, but I'll take it! Thanks for the heads up on the contest, Twitter.

I think it is the time for me to post a comment for this. Samsung did provide us a new world of Android phone. Recently I owned a Galaxy SIII. It is my first touch screen phone. I use about one week to know about how to use the phone. It is the smartest phone ever, with the S Voice, I could control the phone to do some simple tasks without sliding my finger tips on the phone. Surprisingly, it help me to do my daily work quickly with SMemo, I can now jot down some note on it to remind me the work. Anyway, I really want the S IV to upgrade my life into a new level!

I'd love to win, so hard to decide on a new phone so winning the S4 would take the decision out of my hands, from rumours is seeming to come up a very nice device!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never won anything in these kind of draws but I won't give up trying. Good luck to everyone who entered and thanks Android Central for this great giveaway.

Kind Regards

Can you imagine the difficulty in using a feature phone to make this post? I want to participate in all the good Android discussions!

I need that S4 because I can't afford to buy the HTC One and the S4 last year I went through the Evo 4g lte S3 and note 2 so I paid my dues time for a freebie

Just ignore all comments all comments above and pick me I'm android to the the core I could really use a new phone because I'm stuck on a contract until 2014

I want one!!!but i wonder if its going to use the new processor samsung is developing or qualcomm or the new nvidia tegra 4?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بجرب حظي و اشترك

ان الله اراد افوز بغالاكسي اس فور

OMG!!!! Just post in here and you can win!!!! This is the best contest ever!!!! My wife would die if I got an S IV and she still has the S III!!!!!

Galaxy S4肯定是我的。我相信它属于我的手里,
이GALAXY S4는분명히네거야. 제가그를피료해요,

Hi! I'm italian! I'd like to win because i have a very old phone and i really love tech and smartphone. Pleaseeee choose meeeee!

I've been a long time lurker here at android central; I guess it’s time for me to register now. Good luck everyone! This is awesome! Thanks AC!

Pick me i need a new phone and if i win i'll get the note 8.0 as well and use it as my main phone and submit pictures of me looking like a tit lol

It is awesome that you guys get to do this for us. Thanks! Good luck to everyone. I still hope I win so I can give an IOU to my wife for her upcoming birthday.

In the revolution of android powered devices i'd love to be one of the first to get a taste. :-)
Hope Serbia is on the shipping list, it's getting ignored on a large portion of the web (hope that will change).

I'm planning on proposing to my gf around this time. She has a Sammy Infuse, still stuck on Froyo... I can sense a very cruel prank coming...

In a linear conception of time, the future is the portion of time that has not yet taken place; relativistic concept in the field of space in which there are all the events that have not yet occurred as a specific reference system. In this sense, the future is the opposite of the past (the time, times and events that have already occurred) and the present (the part of the events that are happening right now).

Samsung Galaxy SIV is the future, the rest is the opposite. I HAVE TO WIN.

I may not need it but that doesn't stop me from wanting it!!! I currently have the S3 and will change phones soon; either way.

My lovely Galaxy s2 need to be replaced by the Galaxy s4:-) as a daily android central reader please make my wishes come true :-)

Well I've had the 1, the 2 and currently using the 3 so it seems a natural progression to get the 4. Really appreciate you sending it to me. Sorry to all the guys that are going to miss out. :D

The galaxy s3 has been the best phone I have had to date. Would love to own the S4 to see the next level of awesome.

I'm throwing my hat in the ring for this sweet device that I won't win. My Dad was right I am a looser! Good luck everyone!

Che cos'e' il controllo... Oggi puoi, controllare qualsiasi cosa, basta un touch!
What is' control ... Now you can, check anything, just a touch!

Well, It is my phone, every one, i am the first person who will have the Samsung Galaxy s4 in my Country.