Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Sunny Rattan says:

Samsung Galaxy S4: Nobody needs to eye phone other than GS4

mynameis says:

Never have owned a Galaxy phone but I hear great things about them. I'd love to give the S4 a go.

GilBB says:

I'd be one happy camper with the new Samsung Galaxy S4!!! Make sure you get the Lloyd cover case out too so I can rep AC while I walk around with my new Galaxy S4!!!

says_yolo says:

me please!

johnatthebar says:

"After I laminate my eyelids I will gladly walk your pet artichoke." Here's hoping that gets published somewhere if I win.

bobbyp5 says:

Oh I'm down for a Samsung give away!!! Love my S3 but can't imagine what this would be like. :)

lalo90 says:

for my wife :)

smiff_beats says:

SWEET! count me in!

bigbmartinez says:

I can't wait for the phone to come out!

Satyajit Das says:

its dream phone.i want to have 1.

rxgadget says:

Please offer a version running LTE on Verizon. If it is anything that compares to what the GS3 was this iteration should make me feel cry wishing for one.

gncfamily says:

IM in ....serve it

Jason 8 says:

Wow,I'd be very grateful if I win!

Maxc252 says:

I really want a galaxy s4 and I've never won any contest ever. First time for everything.

Mark Gardner says:

What kind of new stuff will the add over the fabulous Galaxy S III?
Should be interesting.

Good luck to all.


I have no problems taking it off your hands. :-)

Mark Gardner says:

What kind of new stuff will the add over the fabulous Galaxy S III?
Should be interesting.

Good luck to all.


solo24 says:

I Want to win!

Luis Mujica says:

I want like to have a SIV please!!!!

drew0823 says:

I like turtles.

trogdor2012 says:

Oooooh shiny!

gtshouse says:

I will take it. Thank you.

RetroKing23 says:

I would to win this contest!!! Thanks in advance

rvannos says:

I want one!

fadidiab says:

Looking Forward to grab one, I hope it has more features than other rivals.

jqwz says:

Awesome phone!

xfactor520 says:

Oh I would love the new S4...I know it'll be one of the top devices of 2013 no matter what.

I'm down for a brand new S4! :D

richar524 says:

Holy crap...this is Ridiculously sweet....:-)

Andatwa says:

Okay, this time I will win..!

iSlackerz says:

I can't wait to get my hands on it. Thanks.

Iloveimore says:

O'doyle rules!

shamwariango says:

I'm Spartacus.

manaup says:

Win win me me! Yaay Yaay!

wangjaroni says:

me me me!!

tn.guy says:

Why Not?????

#ifihadglass I... would live as a homeless hipster after selling my house, bad idea

#ifihadS4 I would no need to get into giveaways anymore, for some time ;)

djwisely says:

I'd love to win a sgs4 ^-^

RickMG says:

Can't wait to play with the Galaxy S4. Love my wife's S3.

k1philly says:

If this GS4 get more advanced than my Galaxy note 2 Samsung will be shooting itself in the foot imagine your lowest device better than your higher end device and they better note launching galaxy note 3 anytime soon Just got my GS2. let see, know how to create Hi tech gadget, Also know how to make your current customers not happy with their purchase? remember greed = Un-happy consumers .Apple launch syndrome debacle anyone ?

This would be my upgrade from the Original HTC Evo 4G on Sprint.

middleageman says:

Awesome. I'll take one please.

losmercedes says:

AC is the ish......

jaylati says:

I'm kind of a nasty dude....I like it when a girl sucks on my s4

Me please!

wildcat598 says:

I think my wife would like a phone with more memory. I'm still loving my Note II

DC Damien says:

This will be the best phone yet. I'm in.

Geran Rose says:

I dont win much but hey what they heck if all i have to do is leave a comment lol i wish they would leak some specs about the device i love my s3 but i always like having the latest and greatest would love a s4

mrmotorboat says:

Can't get enough of Samsung Galaxy Line!!! S4 would be sweet

Damn where the hell did all these comments come from!

lou_A4L says:

Hello All,

First I'd like to say good luck to all. And secondly, I want to win!!!

I've heard a lot about this phone and I think it will be far better than the SGSIII, I was thinking of the Nexus 4 but can't commit to not having the sd card slot and besides I haven't had an upgrade yet (SGSII).

Its time to upgrade to s4 from s3.

Joel Wong says:

was told to join so I joined

Facundo Raul says:

galaxy number 4!!

crosshair says:

I'm game for an S4!

NJStein35 says:

Own a midrange Galaxy, would love a flagship model! Pick me!

ushneb says:

Gimme, I want.

jerrykel says:

With this, I won't need a Tablet!

heolag says:

I want one!

Nick Hiler says:

Boo ga d, boo ga d,boo ga d, lets start the race.

NJStein35 says:

Own a midrange Galaxy, would love a flagship model! Pick me!

Karanits says:

Let's get going!

I would love an S4

psyclopps says:

No need to post everyone, I declare myself the winner.

sandeep_mjs says:

Htc one os great device introduced and I look forward how galaxy s4 will answer to it. Hope this time they have good design.

mmmike says:

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

rprit001 says:

Throwing my name in the hat. Fingers crossed.

utahpat says:

Love love love my s3 not sure how you could make any better, but I am willing to find out

dafoot2 says:

yes please...I'd love to win!!!!

iArt says:

And It's My Bday! Today Feb. 26th, I hope it brings me luck!

jerbear300 says:

Pick me! Pick me!

Did I win?

ermac says:

Want please

jjcampnr says:

Yes please.

Although i am a windows phone lover, Would love a galaxy s4. It's features are enough to get me to shift.

Nick McLeod says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

jhonjjj says:

Good Luck Everyone

chejj says:

I would love to add the S4 to my galaxy family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Gardner says:

what how could they improve the Galaxy S 4 for the fabulous galaxy s3? Would have more gestures? it will probably be a quad core processor and perhaps a better screen?

Anyhow, there sure to give Apple arrange for their money.


mavsguy842 says:

I'm still rocking a BB Bold 9650. Who could need to win more than me?

docnok says:

Please. As in...pretty please. As in...pretty please with a cherry on top.

Hook me uuuuuuuuuppppp!

cvcalbear says:


mynameis says:

28 pages and counting. I wish, I wish upon a shooting star. The S4 goes to somebody who deserves it. Somebody without a nice phone. We all have great phones but others have less. Give them one.

gunat says:

+1 for this!

dr.w says:

That was easy. Did I win?

almiller1979 says:

I would love a new phone and can't wait to hear the official specs and what carriers will have it. Hopefully Verizon will be one of them.

Kevniv says:

Crossing my fingers and toes!

pyroguysf says:

Would make a nice upgrade

techeretic says:

Wish I got the S4 to replace my Note II

lazarus2297 says:

posting a comment to potentially win the new GS4... Yeah.. I got time fo dat!!

briancook451 says:

Me me me me me me me me me please!!!!

kismet769 says:

I love free stuff!

and me

I just got an S4 would be really nice though!

homunuculus says:

My Gs3 needs to see its successor, up close and personal

Samsung galaxy s4 > HTC one > all phones.
I want.

ironra23 says:

Can I win?

AntBos76 says:

Okay lets do this!!!


Tony Huynh says:


marceln says:

Well, here goes nothing...

megagene says:

Yes pls! :D

acastillo922 says:

S4...I am your father!

rifinest says:

This my kind of contest, count me in.

luvsmobile says:

S4 goodness... Pick me Please

AznGotUpz says:

I wish to win!

rpaape says:

I'm still running with my Epic 4G with CM10. A new phone would make things so much better

svfd757 says:

Here is my hat in this ring. Pick me pick me

dalebert54 says:


Marc Eugenio says:

I will rule the Galaxy with my new Samsung Galaxy S4!

Feroze says:

Thank you.

skyracer53 says:

i can't wait!

maynard55 says:

I'm my galaxy note

clownkiller says:

Would be an awesome step up from my Rezound!

tcboy88 says:

is this contest open internationally? or it is just for United States?
And how do I know if I am selected?
Thanks in advance.

swquan says:

Please count me in.

FrigidNorth says:

So far 1 in 7085 chance of winning. May the odds be ever in your favor.

AndroidTrini says:

I'll take a stab at this. *crosses fingers*

chris7021 says:

i will love to win that S4! =)

qwereknillig says:

Come on !!!!

abdon_junbug says:

I'll take an S4 Thanks!

Cowboy11044 says:

Really like my Galaxy tablet, so would also like to own a Galaxy S4!

fiend2386 says:

Would it be tacky to beg?

chuchave says:

If I win this...I'd spin 17.4% percent faster than Michael Jackson.....and then do a backflip c'mon AC I wanna spin

Catcha on the flipsideee

niwaywood says:

Please pick me! Touchwiz for life!


rtmartinez24 says:

Been holding out for the next, next bigger thing...sure would like to sport it around town!

dhappyman0 says:

Can't wait for the phone to come out! You should pick me! (:

I can feel the power of that shiny new S4 in my hands now. It's such a good feeling lol

CallMe Otter says:

Well it will be interesting to see what the SG4 reaction is. Im close to giving up on Android once and for all and moving toward an iPhone...Even with Android, not sure if a pure Nexus device (if they can get it right and include a super camera) on a cheap prepaid plan is the way to go vs SG4. THe good thing is SG3 will probably get a nice price drop.

altezza03 says:

Oh man..crazy!

Jigar_Mehta says:

So looking forward to see the specs of Galaxy S IV...
Winning an S4 would be too Great !!! :)

Nice Promotion to win Samsung 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh, good luck with that

gozirra3000 says:

I read you guys every day, so pick me! I'll get an ac tattoo!


kilo720 says:

What a better upgrade from galaxy s3 than the galaxy s4

left_Blank says:

LOSERS! ALL OF YOU! Leave your numbers so I can call and gloat!

Hope I win!

pacman 82 says:

really good of you guys at android central with this giveaway,should be a great phone!

Ell_tee_ess says:

I win!

10000-Core processor is the way to go

kgh00007 says:

Lemme win! :-)

I got S1, S2 & S3. Now waiting to get S4. Hope to win from AndroidCentral!!!!!!!!!

Chimacian says:

Please pick me! I want this phone so bad even though I know nothing about it!

Hadar Shamir says:

Good luck!

Warrenisit says:

My first Samsung? A Galaxy S4? That'd be awesome!

poosh2010 says:


Minton says:

my friends all laugh at my galaxy S because they have expensive iPhones, a Galaxy S4 is just the upgrade i'd need to one-up them! :) pleassse send it this way and in return Ill send you a toenail clipping and an eyelash!

xolanir says:

Am I late to the party?

drewC says:

AC is Awesome! :-)

Jon Streaty says:

I really need this phone!

This phone is mine, fellas ;)

mcdanielnc89 says:

It would be super amazing to win a device. I've entered and entered in contests and never win! This would be amazing!

jdhooghe says:

Comment :) Love to have one

cool_strides says:

Sure, why not?

It's either this or a Nexus 4, both are potentially good devices.

Hey, AndroidCentral, how about sending over a Nexus 4 over to me?

ogjaybird says:

I'm the winner. Thank you so much. I'll be waiting for the 2nd email to give you my address to ship my new GS4. Thanx Android Central. You all ROCK!!


Thank you Android Central for always being at the head of the pack!

jwburkhard says:


cold_fire says:

S4 me!

edwardtsou says:

this is it!

Angle1555 says:

Would love to win the S4!

GalloKaze says:

7090:1. The odds are so on my favor, not gonna lie im a bigger htc fan than Samsung but Samsung has been bringing it lately. ROCK ON!

Brainerd says:

If my math is right, the S4 would be twice the phone that is my S2. :-)

nyry says:

Sick! You guys rock!

Baroka says:

I want!!!...Fingers and toes crossed!!!

t0fuz1 says:


Mighty442 says:

I need this!!!

It's mine!

donebrasko says:

I can't wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (IV)

Fenn says:


incog21 says:

This could be my first Samsung. I'll gladly accept!

FifthElement says:

Wow, I have to admit that was easy James! I knew I could do it! :P

Can't wait to win this Galaxy S lV... Unlock it, Hack it!

rvirga says:

I hope to win!

geeky167 says:

s4 on straight talk - great phone on a good service for a great price!

flushd says:


Let's see if Samsung can give HTC One's spec a run for the money! Oh, did I mention the new UltraPixel in the HTC One camera?

djcstyle says:

Pick Me. Galaxy S4.

tommyrigs says:


dannyd86 says:

Sign me up!

moiraine says:

Alrighty then

quamdar says:

In for a GS4!

This is my only shot at it too being a poor college student so here's to hoping I get lucky!

Slhoka says:

Samsung's Latest S4,would be my First Android phone!!!

Slhoka says:

Samsung's Latest S4,would be my First Android phone!!!

Thank YOU!! hahah : )

iwin5982#AC says:

I love your awesome giveaways

robot-boi says:

Oh snap! I'm keen! :)

Gimme 2,
Gimme 3,
Gimme that which I desire

And I burn,
Churning my direction,
Quench my thirst with Mighty S4

darkstarx says:

I would love to love a new S4!

soloxb says:

Count me in!

really hope i win!

makroman says:

Hope you post worldwide :-) I think its going to be an awesome device..

i'll be the one for sgs4 :)

franky311 says:

Love the site and these giveaways. Good luck to all.

Bluecamelguy says:

If you wanted to woo me over from the HTC camp, now would be the time to give me that S4.

Xeonyxorich says:

Make me win my first giveaway

I'm here to do that thing for the phone.

I believe.

JanyoNation says:

Pleaseeeeee!!! Am crying i want win that That Samsung Galaxy S4
I want be part of the Galaxy Team! :D

valkyrie says:

Its mine, mine! Must have the precioussss.

PapaDocta says:

single comment :D

tidu says:

Thanks for picking me. :)

I am the winner :-)

Ricky Babalu says:

1 in 7000 chance, I am all in.

jonvick says:

Just a comment to enter? Yeah. I can do that.

mike31082 says:

I wouldn't mind a new phone. I'd like to get away from HTC, but I'm still under contract.

Jose Zapata says:

I will love it 4 core power

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Jose Zapata says:

I will love it 4 core power

rmreagle says:

So if I comment another 7134 times will that give me a 50% chance to win...? Cause 1/7136 is feeling like pretty slim odds.

who doesn't want one.....

Count me in

jpblondie says:

Yes please! My contract is going to be up so soon.

Eddie Hines says:

Creating a single comment, not a married one!

_iL33t_ says:

i'd love to win the Galaxy S4, especially considering how powerful its going to be!!!

braskey says:

7150 and counting...

Zammo76 says:


jginder says:

I want an S4!

marcch says:

i want a device no one knows anything about :) pick me!

jdk96 says:


samsung makes the best to hoping for the octo core processor

jedediahg says:

I need one as bad as America needs a new government.

I'm ready!

nipcarlover says:

I would love a Galaxy S4, even though I don't like TouchWiz..

s4ms4u says:

The next big and most awaited for in the world of technology about to enter this world get u s4

rlb says:

Would love to win this.


S4 away!

AllGood says:

Would love to have this

Ronchick7 says:

I'd love to win a nice S4.

ntfan says:

Samsung Galaxy S IV powered by Android Central! Thanks for the phone! :-)

andoshitzz says:


Thanks guys!!

Yen Yin says:

Hope I can win this S4! Seems so nice. :) I am a huge fan of samsung! :D


technowiz11 says:

Its my birthday on march 15th hope i win this!!!

slicknj232 says:

I would love to win this phone!

porkhihat says:

I am fittin' to win this phone!

lothaen says:

Do we know it is called the Galaxy S IV yet? 4 is unlucky isn't it?

lothaen says:

Do we know it is called the Galaxy S IV yet? 4 is unlucky isn't it?

adam7425 says:

I just know I'm winning this one!

I'm in, send one my way!

accordngs says:

give me phone!

rapjr1800 says:


laand says:

If I win, I won't have to sell a kidney to buy one!

ayalc76 says:

Going back to the Galaxy line after a long time...

Nickhamm says:

Indeed it would be nice to upgrade from a Galaxy SII to a Galaxy S4.

I've never owned a samsung device.. Wonder how's the 4'th on this lineup like :O

Well, why not throw my hat into the ring. You never know, right? My wife has an old Fascinate that could use a good upgrade......

BenjaSands says:

Lets win this Samsung Galaxy S4!!

Jes0012 says:

well i definitely want one!

Dsrtstorm says:

After the bad taste the Samsung Galaxy Nexus left me while on Sprint, I'm open to giving Samsung another shot!

techfellow says:

I'm tossing my needle into the haystack...

ChrisHilanto says:

Please save me from this iphone 4s

ameadows252 says:

Say whaaaa?! Oh AC, you always know how to get me all hot and bothered! *queue sexy whistle*

misa#WN says:

I been through a lot with phones and the only reason why I got a galaxy S3 so soon is because a person me a galaxy s2 which died within 3 months of its own update. Couldn't even turn it off unless it died on its own. I wanted to hold on to dear life until there was a phone I really saw amazing and wanted. I'm happy with my Galaxy S3 but with S4 so soon I wish the Galaxy S2 held out a little longer so I could have gotten that instead. If only I would have know it would had came out this year.

Even if I did I wouldn't be bale to afford it because I had to pay full price for the GS3. I would really like to win this Galaxy S4. I don't think I ever won anything really. I'm already excited knowing I have a chance. :)

snoopgoat says:

I actually kinda want one

jivs_x says:

Pick me!!

Sachmojo says:

I want this completely unknown device the most!

Eddie Aubrey says:

Love my Google Nexus 4, but would love a Galaxy 4 too!!!

patfactorx says:


thewiz73 says:

Pick me

tanmaypathak says:

Seriously give it to me

the3388 says:

Wow, 7,203 comments. Hope I win :D.

JFetch says:

Please Android Gods, I need this.

Vikman says:

Me please!

invokeregret says:

I would love to win the GS4. I i do win, i know Android Central will have lots of new accessories for me to buy!

Thanks for the consideration!


saleen2002 says:

cant wait to see this phone! hope i win one :)

Hoggles says:

Thanks a bunch!! Luv AC!

I know I will win

juanaconda4 says:

Checking in for my free GS4

Lil21kev says:

I want a S4!

bcorb720 says:


DaGODFather says:

Would love to have my first Samsung phone!!!

pavancs says:

Pick me :)

skeepon says:

oh hai

Nakazul says:

Upgrade me plz.

FooFighter7 says:

It'd be cool to see Samsung's 2013 flagship, I'm interested to see how it will differ from the Galaxy S III

w5cyc says:

Love me some AC!

Robin Tamlin says:

Yes please!

Kamblad says:

I would be so lucky.

TheSapient says:

I never win anything.

amico_pl says:

I haven't seen it but I already want one ! But my contract is still 1+ year to go :-((( so you're my only hope ;-)))))

solmates2001 says:

I'm sprung on Samsung... Gimme some more S4...

I'm always a generation behind. would love to catch up.

Me me me me me me me me!!!!!!

reelon says:

I need a gs4.

alexbr91 says:

best contest ever

patchyfog says:

A Good Year For New Phones. Definitely Time For An Upgrade, Bring On The s4!

Most Awaited Device of the year!!!! Eagerly Waiting..

markeas says:

It will never happen but hey why not.

cm82 says:

Pick me!

Erik Arteaga says:

S4 please :D

darkjuan says:

<----------Winner, winner! Chicken Dinner!! :D

blahbla says:

How about pick me for SIV? :P I'm neither an android fan nor Samsung fan but why would i miss this opportunity :P

jimcapraro says:

What a great contest, but then again, it's android central so no surprise.

zolom says:

S4 is a "Kick S" !