Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

razorbacks says:

GS4 win would be great.

KC_92 says:

Would root it on day one

mjb5432 says:

Sweet, Sign me up!!

Contest seems.. to easy =)

Cap335 says:

Man, I hope I win this!

hPOWDER says:

whoo hoo! gs4 goodness!

Mr. Creeper says:

Epic giveaway, guys. Good luck to everyone!

neverXmiss says:

I'm in

auburngirl says:

Pick me!

Matt Reed says:

Me Me Me!!!

Death Roe says:

Additional generic comment!

morrisx10 says:

ok pick meee

I would love to win this contest. I own the s3 and I know the s4 is going to be sweet!

steenrock01 says:

Cool! can I win the Galaxy S4! Thanks!

chrisfurman says:

Yes please, and thank you!

Reisuke says:

I'm always down for a contest. :)

supr70nova says:

Count me in. It would certainly be an upgrade to my Vibrant!

Galaxy S IV? Sign me up! - D

ab304945 says:

i would love one

TortugaSix says:

I feel like I already won.

Jono Leon says:

Sure a free phone sounds nice

PVGMA says:

Count me in! Thanks!

xraytedjim says:

I'm down for an s4 :)


BrentosFresh says:

The S4 is BrentosFresh

ekleptic says:

Cant live without my GS3 but i would prob LOVE a GS4...gimme one!!

matrix2004 says:

Hooray for Boobies!

JediJesus95 says:

I hope to hit the 45 mile mark for running this month.

noelybarra says:

Death blow to apple??

MrVeda says:

Very cool! Bring it on!

nisxan says:

Well played, AC...well played!

Mr Vault says:

Easiest contest ever! Thanks AC.

Nandagopal R says:

That was quick AC! Love you guys! :)

Ambrose333 says:

to be honest i would be happy with an S3 or and S4. but i think that any of us would be.

SpyderHawke says:


Leke Badejo says:

I would like to thank the nice people at Android Central for my new GS4.

kidjbg says:

Would love this phone to help convert some friends from the dark side of the apple!

cary328is says:

I almost feel bad for HTC - but then again, their HTC ONE has no removable battery and no expandable memory


makukula says:

I would like one GS4!

pwngmike says:

i am trying to start tech reviews and such and having an s4 would boost my stats SO much! I am really trying to get somewhere in the tech world

tayswg20 says:

Love my s3, but i wouldnt turn down a chance to win a s4. Damn AC, you really are the bomb.

Doesn't hurt to try!

asgardjunkie says:

Count me in...

henilp89 says:

and who knew id be saying "i won!" in about a month.. sarangi henil patel! all three are in actually.. NICE! does not make sense or does it?

Is the new S4 made by Samsung?

jondyeart says:

I'd like to be the first winner of the first Galaxy S4 contest.

Wyman881 says:

I'd love a new GS4!

evrtlee says:

i never win anything.

Marky310 says:

Good luck to all! (especially me ;)

cgthomas27 says:

I would love to experience the new s4

yorello23 says:

All the comments in the world...and i wanna be one lucky guy :-)

dont says:

I'm ready, just send it my way.

miamiborn79 says:

May only have a 1 in 10,000 chance at this contest when all is said and done, but worth it would it be! Thanks for these contests guys!

bones10 says:

Count me in for the contest. :-)

soli2005 says:

I would like a shiny new S4 please!!!

Unnamed_Hero says:

Ok. I'll take it. Thank you

matd20012001 says:

i wanna get lucky this time :p

Mikeyz says:

The worlds first S4 contest, and this would be the first time I've ever won a contest. Sounds like a match to me.

wer404 says:

Since I never win, Its just a miracle if I do...

NazgulCool says:

A galaxy S4 would be sweet!

luniboy26 says:

Would love to win this for my wife so she can for once have a newer device than me.

james bull says:

This would be a great upgrade from my Tunderbolt. I feel like a 4G Beta Tester.

fone_fanatic says:

Throwing my name into the hat!

Fingers crossed as I've recently busted the screen on my S2 and now I'm using a Windows Phone device that I can barely stand!

kirkyard says:

This is my comment for the win. And I thank you.

Dylan255 says:

Can someone say SIV

Nilbus says:

I wouldn't mind an S4.

Quis89 says:

I'm in!!

Really hope I win!!!

anuphb says:

A new Galaxy S4 would be sweet!!

elite m09 says:

I'm in :)

TenorioSLP says:

I know a college student that needs a phone.

customerg14 says:

Samsung Me!

I sure hope this in my next phone.

kayakerrh says:

I would love to win.

swiftjustice says:

Thank you but I know I won't win. Good luck to everyone and an advanced congrats to the winner.

sacredprey says:

I want! I want! I waaaaaannnnnttttTTT!!!!

zloglasni says:

Davaj davaj

SmileyIQ says:

I want to win

Jack Butler says:

I might as well go ahead and give you my mailing address. That S4 is mine.

I'd love a new phone. That'd be awesome from the Android Central team!

hilton says:

Nice competition.

Murci3lago says:

There are 6600+ comments. The chances of me being the lucky one....... Very likely hehehe

V_Shock says:

Wowww...most anticipating giveaway. I want one as well.

popologuy says:

I'll take it, although it will probably go to my wife cause I have the fabulous Galaxy Note 2 already!

jpuran says:

Man... my Samsung Galaxy Nexus is really on the fritz and its battery life is extremely poor. I can't run on 4G longer than a couple of min nor do any of my development work without this phone dying or even rebooting on me. A Samsung GSIV would be a tremendous relief!

jkovacs says:

Although I never win anything its still fun to think about it. So here's hoping.

... Joe K.

jteply13 says:

Movin' at the speed of light

No whammy, no whammy, NO WHAMMY! STOP!!!

bakedviper says:

Would love to get this phone.

qmotoogrid says:

Best new phone out there. Would love a new GS4

bespinct says:

So of course, I would like one, but I will also say I have been pleasantly surprised by the Samsung Chromebook. It make seem like a gimmick or underpowered device, but it does what it is intended to do very well!

Packk01 says:

Alot of posts but this is one I'd love to win.

altrntive says:

swag swag swag

dwain77 says:

I'm still using my old Skyrocket and it's always worked great. I could use an updated device though.

imtravis says:

It'd be totally pimpin' to have a Galaxy S IV..

Appogee says:

GS4 me, please? I BEG YOU.

Wolfsv says:

Consider this forum commented...

nathan513 says:

Sweet! I can't wait for the S4 to come out!

I would really love an S4. Come on, Lloyd, make it happen.

It's very likely I won't win, but doesn't hurt to try. #unlucky

pklissas says:

If there is any justice in the universe I have to be the winner. I don't even get the free toy in the breakfast cereal box!

Ucad01 says:

Wouldnt it be great to be one of the first users of the NEXT BIG(SAMSUNG)THING!

mugenazul says:

SGS 4 me up!

Ewtn2000 says:

GS,4. Is the way to go

heyjude says:

Please, and thank you!

smrtrich says:

1 in a 100,000???

qkzoo says:

I love the blog posts, keep up the good work!

heraths says:

Gimme gimme gimme!

Oh, would I love to win a Galaxy SIV!! :)

newboyx says:

Awesome contest!

giang09 says:

I really need to rid myself of this iPhone! Would love to win a SG4!!

yfan says:

I would love one. But the GSM unlocked version, please. :-)

biohazhard says:

My Gnex is dying. Help!

Breweratl says:


xxslaitxx says:

Galaxy s4 + android central community = good stuff.

trevor42088 says:

My birthday is coming up and i could use a new phone!

evilempire says:

I would love the GS 4!!!

spunkin82 says:

SVI would be noice.

apandya says:

Just lost my Galaxy Nexus so a Galaxy S4 would amazing for me right now ;)

credden02 says:

I would love to upgrade from the S3 to the's getting bigger and better

m8cb0y says:

Count me in.

thechosen1ji says:

I want one :D

jpeterman says:

Roses are red, my phone is dead.

jer85008 says:

One please.

^ S kicked 4 |
| s2 kicked 4S |
| S3 kicked 5 |
| s4 gonna kick 5S |
| S5 will RULE iP ~

r_greatlove says:

Ohh yes!! Samsung Galaxy S4 :)

kohner says:

would love to win

LisfredysV says:

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a Galaxy S4 right now. :)

ikeveei says:

I'm down to win! Better odds than megabucks!

BryanOne says:

Galaxy <3

Boomer says:

Hmmmm ... ask for a Galaxy 4 or keep my Blackjack II? What to do, what to do?

Mith1254 says:

Only 6700 entries so far? I'll take my chances!

Gordo1603 says:

S4? Yes please! Thank you!

sprof says:

I've lost so many Nexus contests. Hopefully is easier to win a Galaxy.

cjones says:

GS4 would be AWESOME!

smfoo2 says:

I will win Insha-Allah

archie1968 says:

Sure, thanks!

Dreamlyfe_ says:

My fiance would love this,
Good luck me!

Cr0nus123 says:

GS4!!!!! winning one would be sick!

chase1963 says:

Great contest! I need a new phone bad. Thanks guy's.

I can't believe this phone packs 2ghz processor and 2gb ram. This is going to be a hell of a phone.

jjaavv says:

I will like to get the white one please.....

chronomatic says:

I spend far too much time fiddling with these devices. This would be great to test the capabilities/mod given the crazy hardware! If I were to win, I'd be more than happy to donate my old phone to less fortunate friends.

jvoce says:


wheresmoosh says:

Win win win I'd love to win!!!

droidtime says:

Mucho gracias, AndroidCentral! Wouldn't expect anything less from you guys. :)

Stayce6 says:

I swear I need this S4 like I need air...... Please select me

Alfred Cruz says:

Im planning to win that Samsung Galaxy S4 :)

justflorin says:

Who doesn't want a new device when their current one is still good?? Count me in! just in case you cant get a hold of me, mwahahaha!

dluxx06 says:

FIRST!!!!... to win a galaxy s IV =)...

paipuky says:

New technology is always great!

caps10784 says:

Pick me :)

alejandroid says:

Let the games begin : )

79stanger says:

My BlackBerry 9900 sucks, give me that SIV!

muthreja says:

Mobile Nations !!!!!!
...please please please

Kate Kassem says:

GS4, pretty please :)

rlorenz89 says:

Pick me! I need a new phone!

Gayatri3670 says:

Can i have one.I love mobiles.

macarelli00 says:

Count me in!!!

karmaapples says:

I would hate to leave my Samsung Galaxy S3 for a younger model, but give me a chance and we will see what happens.

dirkdigital says:

Dear sirs:
I am submitting this post in order to win a new Samsung Galaxy S4.
Dirk Digital

carnitas63 says:

Come on pick me I'm still rocking a Nexus 1

BigDroid says:

Another great giveaway. Good luck everybody.

shoefly says:

count me in

joethegoat says:

This will be epic!!!!

mantis99 says:

I need some S4 luv.

Sumcaps says:

winner winner - chicken dinner

rnr-tnt1 says:

I would also like to win

Talib Grant says:

Please pick me.

I hope for once I will have good luck

Can't think of anyone that wouldn't enter this. Awesome guys!!

Good luck to all. ..

B_Oilers says:


AndyHerb says:

Please rescue me from the Thunderbolt hell I'm living in presently and choose me as the winner of the GS4!!!

Thank you for give me the opportunity to enter. I hope you call me.

sportinss says:

I would love to win one. I have a Galaxy S3 (Att) and Lumia 920. Can't wait to get a Galaxy S4.

RobLangdon71 says:

Been rocking a GS2 since it was released! Think I'm due for an upgrade.PLEEEEASE gimme a GS4!

papa1130 says:

I would love this to be my first taste of a Samsung Galaxy phone! Pick me!

pryorm says:

Im feeling lucky!

I need that S IV

Callmejeebus says:

I'd love to get this in the mail. Lol

jean15paul says:

A single comment

... Wait, no. That was lame. Maybe I should just thank AC and be done with it.

Yeah that.

djg1203 says:

Pick me.

pe1 says:

Sounds nice. :)

Pick me

kenlnk says:

No matter how nice is HTC ONE and Xperia Z , I will still stick with you ~~ Samsung galaxy S4 ~~~!!!

Galaxy S IV giveaway before it's even released? Count me in.....but I probably have the same chances of winning as Manchester City winning the EPL titel

Golfdriver97 says:

I guess we are all like puppies at an animal shelter.... Pick me! Pick me! I would like one, why not?

David Kalwar says:

I would love it if the Gal4 could replace my old, old original Desire!

Bikram72 says:

Would love a S IV

Ryan191#AC says:

My body is ready.

cnarchet says:

I can't wait for the Galaxy S4.. It's time to replace my S2 Skyrocket. I think the S4 would be a nice upgrade. Maybe March 14th will be my lucky day!

I feel that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the coolest phone available today. I would love to have one or two!!

mattjensen25 says:

Nexus 4 no LTE vs S4 with LTE. S4 wins!

I'm going to very upset if I don't win this contest.

JayErmitano says:

i win

DarkRyoushii says:

Sure, why not?

fastsnake98 says:

Please pick me, I would love the Galaxy S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A GS4 would be a godsend
Rocking the OG EVO

1981maurice says:

Please choose me. Thanks for the contest.

xKrNMBoYx says:

Pick me, oh pick me

markkelley says:

Holy hell, please let me win this!

prflow#AC says:

and the winner is me

Megat Syah says:

thank you android central for giving me the new Samsung Galaxy SIV..hihihi....

Natedagreat7 says:

I would love a Galaxy S IV

artnoc310 says:

S4? Sounds like a nice upgrade from my original evo.

id cry!

oneillperson says:

This is the droid I am looking for.

corn_chowder says:

corn chowder would accept a GS4.

dp86 says:

I think it's my turn to win.

ferrari187 says:

Oh yes please!!!

jbmcc says:

Time for an upgrade of my S1, guaranteed not to say no to an S4 if offered


Rorufu says:

Time to upgrade my S2!

chand neo says:

Waiting for Galaxy S4..!

kprz24 says:

If I was to ever win something from you guys now list the time.

keopectake says:

is there a way to get into the event on the 14th? Or are these things normally invite only? BTW would love to get a GS4

ongozip says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 4 Me. Wow. How wonderful it is!

mikecref says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4 from the best website Android Central. Please pick me.

I'll give you my 2 little brothers and a dog for it.

xhunter187 says:

Why Lie? I Want An S4!

bpiehel says:

My Evo 4G is old news, I could use an upgrade.

javier2100 says:

I would love a new phone it will no only upgrade my razzed Max's but free me from the tyranny of Verizon wireless

ulnek says:

these are the best contests! i want an S4!

Sarsarlam says:

I'm winning ...

dnrperez says:

It would be sweet to be picked...

blu522 says:

good luck :D


Tracey Huang says:

first one sounds super exciting!!!

norsairius says:

Well, I admittedly used to be a huge Windows Phone fan. Got one the day they came out on ATT to replace my Samsung Captivate. I'm now on Sprint without a WP, but I find myself not missing it. Android has won me back! Really, who wouldn't mind getting the latest and greatest? Count me in for a shot at a GS4!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the COOLEST phone available!!!

akashpats says:

Awesome man !!
galaxy s4.
just checking out my luck :)

i won :D

faris_saati says:


yea! gimme gimme

Natedagreat7 says:

Samsung Galaxy rules!!!

Would totally love to win!

moxwell says:


HK Pete says:

WOuld love to win an S IV indeed.

jjdeveau says:

Does it come with Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse?

RTA1 says:

I've been having some good luck lately, this would be a nice upgrade.

Dvdbones says:

I know there's no way I'm gonna win this but what the heck. I can't wait for the GS IV! :-)

sign me up!

dkoss says:

single comment

Ahhhhh I'll take that

Dashmiel says:

Here goes nothing, let's see how Lady Luck is feeling today.

tiom7 says:

i'll be the first winner from Armenia:)!

davidvoong says:

My phone is 4 years old. Please pick me. Thanks.

Ben Bryzak says:

me please

dmatson1 says:

I'd love a shiny new phone

Jondewey says:

Count me in.

elvietnameno says:

I hope i can win one! :D

Beercow says:

This would be a nice upgrade over my S2.

md0600 says:

Pick me, pick me!

raptordj says:

Me please!

The next big thing!

Saturn1217 says:

I would be willing to write up an extra review if I got one...get a girl's perspective :-)

scallen says:

Please pick me! This would be a great upgrade!

chapy008 says:

I want a GS4!!

rpankoe says:

Here's my comment for the win! :)

Christofan says:

Please pick me! My birthday is Feb.29 leap day! I need this phone love samsung! Thanks guys!

failmatic says:

im here for android news and chance to win stuff

TheDu9du says:

Are you hosting an iPhone 6 contest? If so I'm in!!!

me please!

lafountain says:

GS4 is likely to be one monster device. Time for Samsung to take another step up from their post at the top of the Android Mountain.

censation says:

Ready 4 S4 time!

Volbeat says:

I must have it!

blarghh says:

Woohooo! I'm so gonna win this :D

leteppei says:

I would like it!

afnanbaqai says:

Bring the Galaxy from far far away into my hands!!!!

pseudobbs says:

The Galaxy S4 would look nice next to my Note 2 and S3 ;)

I am not waiting, i am dying for it.......S4......S4.....S4.....

eeshas says:

You guys are awesome, pick me :)

BocaJuniors says:

Would love to win. Thanks

antrocc says:

Thanks for the competition! You guys always offer cool stuff!

meanmrmike says:

I will cherish it and name it George.

xxr2hxx says:

OMG Meee!!

jem286 says:

i would love a s4

devilpoised says:

Will trash my GS3 for a free GS4 :)

Rigs49#AC says:

I have bookmarked on my computer, just need a Galaxy S4 to add a bookmark to.

Another quality Samsung phone will be mine :) I might just give up my Samsung ATIV S for this one!!!

Life34 says:


I would give the S4 a good home.

lions80 says:

I've got to win this one. My fiance is still carrying around her fascinate, and this would make for a great wedding gift for her when we get married in march.

shaytoon21 says:

Wow, I would love to upgrade to this phone from my gnex. Samsung all the way

BoxcarJoe says:

I am in

Enoch Kim says:

I want.

patient zero says:

I would love to own this new phone. Then I could flaunt it around my family as having the best phone. :)

acostapre says:

Please let me win it before they put a ban on it for being of high caliber, high capacity and fast!!!

reik23 says:

I have lost my phone (SGS2) because my retailer was bad with me... he fuck me so bad...

So, I got a bb from my girldfriend and I HATE this fu-*-****- cellphone.

I really need this SGS4. Please. Save me :'(

cressida181 says:

GS4 seems like a natural transition from my N4

enrik67 says:

Would be a nice upgrade for my GS2 which seems to have cancer.

vha2581 says:

Give me reason to move aWay from my iPhone 5

Peter McCain says:


jorj7 says:

Winning this would be very cool. Good luck all, and thanks AC.

Forfaden says:

This would be an awesome upgrade!

gman1984 says:

Just came off contract, would love to rock a GS4

redsandvb says:

Comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment....Wait, that doesn't count 10x? Damn...

joshyth says:

Pick me!

Sunny Rattan says:

Samsung Galaxy S4: Nobody needs to eye phone other than GS4

weddie2812 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner! :)

Fredy N says:

GS4 come to me. Via Android Central Delivery system.