Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Almost that time again for another new phone. And what not a better idea then a gs4 to make me happy. :-)

I don't know what it's going to have inside but I want one.

Marin Grgic says:

I love you Android Central.

MaulingDeOso says:

I'll do it.


Go ahead, make my day.

kewlgreen says:

I wanna be the winner. !!!! Lol

rapp9 says:

I would love to be the first World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest winner!!

Mike Cooke says:

count me in.

I'd sell my first born for the S4

Jake Douma says:

With this comment, I thee win.

conchim says:

pew pew SIV

bradley30 says:

Galaxy S4!

MoneymakerM5 says:


upurassets says:

Single comment

tory38 says:

Woooo hoooo! This is exciting!

proudfrog says:


Time to dock the skyrocket for good, S4 assume the helm.

ejatds says:

galaxy s4 is the 1 IV me!

Retinella says:

I'll throw my hat into the ring. :)

umbrau44 says:

4 must be better than 3, right?

motny321 says:

How cool to win the New S4. Im excited.

Ben Ey says:

Bring on the S4! The HTC Desire is no longer cutting it!

rxep says:

Send it on over to Texas!

xxbigtonyxx says:

Samsng Galaxy S4 the next chapter

Prelover115 says:

Couldnt hurt to leave a comment

a_f says:

Android Central + Galaxy S IV perfect combo

Kumar Ramuk says:

Let's see if I'll be lucky this time.

Darrkman says:

Never had a Galaxy phone before. Hope to win the S4 to see what all the Galaxy hype is about.

rhope22 says:

Single comment.

sfsilicon says:

Who wouldn't want a SGS4? Count me in!!!

cotter4U says:

Please for my son. My only child. Would love to give him something for his excellent academic performance. Can't afford it on my own.

tntitan says:


MamreRobles says:

I'm in love of Samsung galaxy brand, is the most amassing thing ever! And the idea of be able to win a s4 just freaks me out! Thanks just for the possibility that existed me so much

2mrshan says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 needs a caretaker not just an owner and I'll provide the S4 warmth and comfort and handle it with care while boosting to Idevice owners.

casiouser says:

I promise to use it when I win. And to promote Android Central

Derek Fabry says:

here's my comment! i cant wait for the galaxy s4 to be released!

pilot-leo says:


William Law says:

Would love to win the SGS IV :)

13curly says:

Pick me! Pick me!
The S2 is killing me...

darus77 says:

It would be a great replacement for my Droid Razr.

Guille Glez says:

I think this will make your most commented post EVER!!! GS4 FTW!

pepe68 says:

What would be the odds or winning?

I would love to win!!

Thanks AC!!

Nebulaz says:

"you tell people I'm a rocket scientist? How insulting"

brad419 says:

Sure would like this new phone!

alexradu says:


bjn714 says:


ronii054 says:

Definitely can't wait for The Next Big Thing!

lindseybp says:

Yes I wantz it!

cfanelli2 says:

Just bought a Galaxy S3, so please don't let me be disappointed for not waiting! I'm definitely happy to beta test it for Samsung.

Nick Thai says:

Thanks. Make my wish come true pls :)

mhelfer says:

I can't wait for this phone!!

wsmather says:

Here's my comment for the S4

SweetBear76 says:

Hello Guys, it will be an honor to be winner of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, Good Luck To Everyone :)

Reeper says:

I'll take one right meow

Sonkway says:

One please, thanks!

Would love to win a GS4!

smartvinu says:

Please mark this unlucky fellow ;-)

Feed mah addiction!

noduck says:

Can't wait to see the new Galaxy.

ralvarado says:

S4 over any iPhone!

david279 says:

Give me one.

devum says:


killianss says:

Ide love an S4

I'd love to win a galaxy s4!

genghis_g says:

I'd love a Galaxy S4.

kamuidn says:

wow, this would be awesome

Lilly Romeu says:

This is pretty cool. Thanks guys :)

psipher says:

thanks for the giveaway.

Storm72 says:

Thank You For The Generosity!

Cant wait to see who wins!

~ Daniel ~

Trust me with this glorious smartphone. I will cherish it as if it were my own child, if my child came with a built in camera and an appstore.

Teng How Lai says:

S4 to match with my current S3, YES!

yoda16 says:

Dreamed of a Galaxy SIII but winning a S4 would be even better.

It's always a thrilling, and happiness, and that WANT moment when you, good guys of AndroidCentral, announce a simple contest like this.

rodolfoaz says:

Gimme S4 pl0x

Now serioulsy, I would really enjoy having a S4...

hefefazio says:

on verizon, got an upgrade, cant use it or they take away my unlimited data.
S4, yes please

scottae316 says:

Awesome, I would love the GS4 to bring me back to Android, that's my single comment.

A new Galaxy S4 sounds great to me.

SirJames says:

I ask myself, How do they do it? Across various mobile platforms with always fresh content. I guess if you are going to be to proverbial go-to place for all things Android, then you need to be all-in. Thanks for sharing your vision and access for the world of Android, et al.

The only thing that could be better than my S3 would be the S4

Serg S says:

Let's see if I win.

Jeff Gullett says:

I need to win the GS4 so I can get rid of my horrible Verizon Gnex. Going unlocked and prepaid.

timber6 says:

This is a great contest! Sign me up and Pick me PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

chaoswyrm says:


catallah says:

Yes please! Small odds of winning but always fun to hope, Thanks!

sk8trix says:

Please pick me Ive been using a GSIII with a broken screen for like three months already

Justin V says:

A winnin I shall be!

android_app says:


johnezell says:

I really need one for work, please?

Jeremypoli says:

It's about that time.

chogsten says:

This would be a sweet treat!!! Hope I win!

scheumanrj says:

Pick me, Pick me (please)

plusbond says:

But all my friends have a Samsung...

polefighter says:

This is going to be a beast of a phone. I would love to see a TV remote built on this.

bprabawabr says:

Come to daddy!

cucungux says:

hope I win :)

Must. Win.

I want mine please!!!

Crisis2040 says:


eyesparky says:

Bound to be worth a comment. ;)

chrono7 says:

I'll take one please

!!!!!!!!! I

Khuram Navid says:

Its my time!

daveandcori says:

I'd love one.

LadyDi says:

Thank you & Samsung - YOU ROCK!!

asoundmove says:

I'm in

debsawyer says:

Can't wait to get one from Android Central!

emmasdad528 says:

So..., since my name is Sam C. IV, I should win! An S4 for S4. See? It's meant to be!

proudfrog says:


Please let it be I can hopefully get Android 4.2 since my Verizon Gnex never will.

navedoperez says:

I worked hard scrolling all the way to the bottom to post this comment. Let me know if I win!

Mer kava says:

Here is my name in the hat *cross fingers*

scott.sb87 says:

A Galaxy S4!?!?! Why wouldn't I be in for that?

CJ COCO says:

SAMSUNG GALAXY S IV.....i hope Disney won't make the Sequels.....

Switala says:

Who wouldn't want a new S4?

Prabu Kumar says:

I am in for the contest....

Ronin12 says:

Me? Yes, yes me :)

iamstealth08 says:

Cool! Hope I win!

i need a GSIV... I lost my droid razr maxx and had to buy an old iphone... It´s been a nightmare...

Robert_W says:


Please please please so I can make my wife forest, emerald, and lime S3 owner...with the DNA but to have the new new? Hellzyeah!


Liljoe83 says:

i want a galaxy s4

alarude says:

Holy gods of Google, bequeath unto me your Samsung glory.

mrlichty144 says:

Looks like it will be a great phone


biros1 says:

Love to have one

epereira says:

I know it's a very long shot but I would love to win. I recently migrated from an iPhone 4S to a Galaxy S3 and am loving it.

niwhsa says:

Here I am!!

Sweet. Am ready to upgrade my android device

thecarloman says:

I really want this phone! pleasee!!

lorenz06 says:

Score me an S4 for the win!
Go Blackhawks!

iowabeakster says:

me me me


mjbrennon says:

Pick me!

msjen2u says:

Would love to win the new GS4!

deaner1029 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner

fnair says:

I resisted getting the S3 to replace my S2... In 2013, it's time to move up to the S4!!!

Josh515 says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4, thank you Android Central!

quarian17 says:

6454 comments..that makes my odds feel very good lo. but such is the allure that I have to try!

DWS44 says:

Haven't had a Samsung since the Instinct...maybe it's time to try them out again! :)

julez says:

Who has two thumbs, has a DNA and is mad about the HTC One not being on Verizon, but definitely wants to upgrade to an S4? This guy!

Victor Cruz says:


Marmap says:

Can't wait to see how that S4 will be !

Allan Dodge says:


lorcha says:

Pick me! Pick me!

mikec628 says:

Pick me!!! I have an old ZTE. Need upgrade bad.

chrismanning says:

I have SGS envy! (Current iPhone user)

BGrimes says:

Switch to Sammie? It'll take a freephone! ;)

nelsenweb says:

love my galaxy s1.due for an upgrade

TGEVDO says:

Would love to win this #android4life

steve sutton says:

I cannot wait for this device.
Love ya Android Central!

Ben Gold says:

Yes. S4 4 me.

JSB544 says:

Can't wait for this new device to hit the market. Good luck to everyone!

NexusFan7 says:

I really hope I win! I've never owned a smartphone before, nor have I ever won any contests here. But good luck to everyone else too! :D

sckortymab says:

one or s4. maybe this will decide it

taid_87 says:

Wow! Amazing! Hoping to win!!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Ashandarei says:

Yeah why not. I need a new phone.

haloxo88 says:

Me want it :P

jketti says:

Fingers crossed that I am chosen as the winner! Thanks Android Central!!

yugen101 says:

You found me!

Maddfrog says:

I'd love to win a nice new GS IV!

Thanks AC! You guys rock!

smooth3006 says:

How can you give away a phone that's not even released yet? I'll take one anyways! ; )

EVjoe3D says:

Hope I win.

A shiny new powerhouse! Thanks!

mrlichty says:

I don’t want to beg........ But please

GreyGhostRos says:

Let's try and get lucky!!

justintraver says:

yes, please! Ill be your best friend!

I wanna win this i love my S3 but the S4 will be so awesome.

hoganistrash says:

Here's to hoping!!

Hi... I'm from Venezuela in my country we can't buy a cell like I hope win this game.:/ good luck for all


chicu8s says:

I have to have one i'm a huge samsung fan

cmandd says:


sk102704 says:

Single Comment!

MCPTV says:

Oh please allows me to have the honor!

Thomas Loh says:

Galaxy S3 is already amazingly wonderful!! Can't wait to have Galaxy S4!! especially those new features like "Remote Battery Charging", Bravo!!

kadmanMusic says:

Please save me from the world of my Rezound!

john richter says:


courtjames says:

Galaxy S4? Does it run Windows phone 8?

deaner1029 says:

winner winner chicken dinner

soonerpa says:


ZebraIII says:

Oh, how I love you!

mercury895 says:

Let's see what happens . . .

garylet says:

I'm in. Hope I win! Thanks for the contest.

Please make my year and hook a college student up with a new phone!

If I win, I will put it up for sale on ebay and donate the money to a local charity in my community in the name of Android Central. All managed by the staff at AC so it's on the up and up.

Imagine how many people that would piss off if I win. Man I hope I win, for my local community's sake of course.

davidkim1106 says:

I've been waiting for the release of the Galaxy S IV for the whole year, and I'm very excited about it!

blkman969 says:

It's mine!

This would be a pretty sweet deal!!!

I want it Samsung Galaxy S4

hschreibz7 says:

Sure I'll take one please!

desertdog says:


dmauin717 says:

Just got my N4 a week ago, but i'll take a s4 also lol

Madhav A says:

I could use one S4!

kide#WN says:

Hope to get one this time

neoflasher says:

I'll take a new Galaxy S IV to upgrade from my s III.

vor says:

Dear 8 pounds 6 ounces... new born infant Jesus, don't even know a word yet. Please Pick Me!

Hell yeah I want an s4

Mike Lukins says:

Comment..contest is over i won

mricchio says:


poste says:

Would definitely love to try one out. Not sure I could give up my iPhone but maybe once I tried a galaxy I'd be hooked. I use to think I would never give up my blackberry until I actually tried an iPhone.

poste says:

Would definitely love to try one out. Not sure I could give up my iPhone but maybe once I tried a galaxy I'd be hooked. I use to think I would never give up my blackberry until I actually tried an iPhone.

thricetwice says:

enter me!

I can haz a Samsung galaxy s4? says:

am i winning one...are you kidding me.. :)

kaiser10123 says:

I really hope I win a galaxy s4 seeing how march 14th is my birthday and all.

SM05 says:


mercremise says:

Galaxy S4 ? Shall I replace my nexus 4 with it? My wife will be thrilled to get my next hand me down ;)

Pick me please!!!

yidavs2010 says:

I wouldn't mind one of dem GS4

toonhead85 says:

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the iPhone of the Android World. All the third party accessory makers love it. So pick me, please, so I can too be a cool kid and get some of those cool accessories, like a Loyd Case!!

Steamedcurry says:

I'd LOVE one! :D

pachenkster says:

I'd like one please!

kokmeng says:

I LOVE you


:) :) :)

curiousj87 says:


DarkEnergy24 says:

Good Googly Moogly.....A Samsung Galaxy S4???!!! That's better than going to Disney Land!!!!!

I will hug him and love him and squeeze him and call him George.

surebob says:

i'd love a new s4!

I want the new SGS IV!!!!

challs442 says:

I shall enjoy my new samsung galaxy S4....thanks

droseph says:

Looking forward to this

akziadn says:


DADREY says:

i dont believe it

It is worth the shot! I'm not planing to change my phone soon ish, but a Galaxy S4 sure would make me change my opinion! :)

rapproduca says:

Got to have it!!!!!

imrf says:

I would love to win something finally.

heat3610 says:

I will add a comment for a chance to win the yet announced s4 :).By the time the winner is picked this comment would be considered old.

For which carrier?


Jonna09 says:

This is going to be my next phone!

khughes6 says:

winner winner chicken dinner

AppHunter says:

Winning an S4 would be double Epic!

jmcabulay says:

let me win, pretty please :D

Mytwuk says:

Gotta have it to match my new garnet red p3113

zdn1042 says:


jerico74 says:

If I win it, I swear I won't root it!

Kyle Coppess says:

Well ssshhhheeeeeeeeeeeettttt. Might as well leave a comment :D

Randy Soto says:

I would LOVE to win this phone!

ambrous says:

May I please have one?

A single comment.

karan_736 says:

lets see what samsung has in store for us this time.

am1983 says:

Samsung is the best!!!

abhi2nahi4 says:

Wow! 6500+ posts and counting!

Pitrich says:

Am I one in a million. I never win anything. Make it so this can be my story please!

Matt McLean says:

Single comment to win!

...will be my first android phone if i won XD

SYL says:

New toys are fun!

lackland says:

me me me

Wacko11 says:

S4 lets go!!!!

chill.117 says:

Me please!!



morafam says:

I need this phone

YoungChrisG says:

I never win these, lol, so here's to the winner!

droidup says:

Samsung ROCKS!

tcol41 says:

I would love a Samsung galaxy s4!

id love this new device, no matter the specs or how crazy it will be. Gotta have it!

LFD153 says:

I almost fell for the S3, but hoping the next version was more to my liking...

Yay! S4!!

particle8 says:

Yes please

Nizartz says:

Wearing shining armor marching to the mordor, switching my nexus 4 for the new galaxy S4

GrungyNA says:

If its free then its for me....

SShadow1974 says:

I know that my chances of being picked are VERY small - but it's better than no chance, which is what I'd have if I didn't post a comment!

sitsambry says:

I would love this so my wife could finally upgrade her droid incredible.

ajk511 says:


jglap4 says:

I am win yes?

sinisterc says:

Would love a Galaxy S4. Pick me please!

Smooth703 says:

would be a nice upgrade hope i win

Neohunter01 says:

I've never owned a Samsung Galaxy phone before. I would love for this to be my first one! :D

Philioness says:

Like all the others here, I want it too!

vashishtuday says:

S4 will be a good phone ( best Phone , if free :) )

Babycherub says:

New phone!

Count me in

glenn2k4 says:

Galaxy S4...would be the perfect birthday present for me!! #AndroidFTW


Fuzzypumper says:

Sounds swell -- I can truly dig it.

That was easy...

owoseni1 says:

will love to win this

neo.collin says:

I can't imagine anyone not wanting A FREE Galaxy S4!

kjjb0204 says:


I hope I win! I love Samsung!

steveapos says:

Could definitely use an update!

John Thiers says:

Awesome contest

JordanW430 says:

I hope I win!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this phone!!!!! Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SummerLov says:

I'm in prison in a 3rd world country and i only have one phone call, but I don't have a phone, Please pick me! Thanks!

PS: Just kidding about the prison thing.

PPS: though I'm serious about the country.

PPPS: pick me, yeah? lol

saad87 says:

So excited to get one !!

jreed06 says:

I'll take a GS4 please!!

backfire103 says:

Ooooh me! Me!

imatepda2k says:


kkapoorr says:

If I win, I'll be in a State of Trance!

TekWarren says:

Samsung ftw! Good luck all.

Just a "SINGLE COMMENT".. Proven.. Small is Big

jimmiekain says:

Single comment

Dr Mixer says:

And boom goes the dynamite.

SSherris says:

What are my odds? One in 6611 so far? I feel good about it!

Biac1982 says:

Count me in! Great contest.

ksu1971 says:

Pick me I need a new phone bad

jcrome04 says:

The one where JCrome wins.

Pick me... I'm still using a junky evo 3d

evancomer says: