Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Do I deserve it? Yes, yes I do.

willis833 says:

Pick me please.

I love new toys! Pick me!

boxer2 says:

Must have to complete the Samsung package, note 10.1 and note 2, can has plez!
thanks for the contest!!!

cykodelik_75 says:

I could really use a new phone. I let my girlfriend have my upgrade so she could get a Galaxy S3. I'm gonna be stuck on my Galaxy S2 for the next year at least. :(

Pick me for the SIV. I'm really looking forward to this new hardware.

zuzonline says:

What are the odds of me upgrading my og Evo 4G?

guytahji says:

I hope I win

glt918 says:

oooo lala please pick me FTW

randall2580 says:

I can haz S4?

AC you guys rock !!

15israellai says:

Mine to take for sure!

Could use to replace an old(er) LG Optimus S.

tinysalmon says:

I am IN.


yamiyugi00 says:

Going for glory.

Cretz says:

Me want S4

oberon45k says:

What's an S4??? Just to be safe send me one.

superzod says:

Samsung kick apple ass..and continue with your great products

jdm4u says:

Well then, here's to the Galaxy S4.

gabbott says:

Here is my comment to win! :)

Snubby1234 says:

Hope I win!!

rey_als says:

a 1 in 10000 chance to win - I'd take those odds

atomic_squid says:

The Force is with me in this contest, I can feel it flowing through my veins.

(lol don't ask)

Mr.Geek says:

I want an s4 (:

Gaurav Mehta says:

Best new phone = Samsung Galaxy S 4
Samsung Galaxy S 4 = Best Android experience
Best Android experience = androidcentral !

venki5star says:

I would love to win a S4 from you (Android Central)!

nightfox11 says:

Wow After 6000 Comments i don't think ill get picked *Insert Sad-face here*

neopiper says:

I'm really excited about the new Galaxy SIV.. And hopefully I'll win one.

mg7711 says:

I'd love to have a GS4

alfester says:

Hook me up

donsherod says:

I paid full price for the Gs2,Gs3,Gnote,Gnote2, I think i deserve to win the Gs4.

sentinelred says:

No...that just makes you crazy.

alfester says:

Hook me up

zimmerfly says:

I'll take one.

nocaldawg says:

Help me one up my wife!

munnarg says:

Would be nice to finally win something on here.

redock says:

I'm all in.

SHSimps says:


hammer40 says:

pretty please!

walidkhalil says:

Me please :)

I want in on this!

Here's to hoping that I'll be the World's first winner of The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest!

vyers07 says:

i want i want i want :D

MightyM0use says:

Please make this a winner.

peb1225 says:

I hope use S4 is more amazing than any of the bother top line phones out this year. I love my S3 and looking forward to a wonderful experience from the S4.

caiocesarja says:

I hope this contest also works for brazilians fans of androidcentral, can't spend a day without cheking upon u guys!

rggonz says:

I hope I can win this!

mykez says:

That would be wonderful

narok90 says:

Got a Bionic... Do i need to say more....Need an S4...

dman2081 says:

I want it.

knishknosh says:

this is a comment. that is all.

It would be great to jump from My s2 to the s4!

MRedmon says:

I want one!

itS#WN says:

Im getting one. . Thanks to andriod central for me even knowing about the galaxay android phone <3 might be hard toleave the note 2 tho

DLprac says:

Hope I win!!!

jrebeccat says:

Me, Please!

kman74 says:

Still sportin' the launch day T-bolt. I think I deserve a new phone!

blade111 says:

Hail to Samsung!!

dsandman87 says:

I'm still on my Galaxy S (Captivate) running CM10... I could certainly use an upgrade!

foolforfood says:

Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey

Darkangel05 says:

I would love to replace my S3 to S4 and stomp more sense into iPhone sheep!!

jrmitchell72 says:

Yes, please!

rinxas says:

Sweet!! Hope I get that beast phone.

dear android central,
what does it take google to implement full access to the google play store to countries outside of the us. i live in Barbados, a caribbean island and I am fed up with not being able to download some of the most popular apps like temple run 2, words with friends to name a few. Also, how do i work around this?

I got have this S4!!!

agzgarcia says:

Awesome contest! I didnt get to read my daily android central news until now! What a way to end the night! Good luck all! But please pick me!

dkmyers says:

Now this is a contest that I can get into!!!!

anoiel1220 says:

Worth a try.

llmgtab says:

I'm in!

Kurt Hoffman says:

What would be better than to replace my current Samsung Galaxy S3 with the new Samsung Galaxy S4?

lookforthe1 says:

aweessooooommmmeee!!!!!!!!! maybe this will take me to droid and say by to bb???

i want one please!

its_lucky says:

hooray! contest!

jWatkins6 says:

Hey i would love one!


Crazycook728 says:


I'd love to have one with Verizon Wireless, please.

davidank says:

I want the phone pleasey please.

nice!!! I will take it! you guys have the best contests.

rahooligan86 says:

I want to make a switch from ios but I want to switch to the best android out there. Give me a reason to switch :D





















Awesome contest!

Sara Paulo says:

Give me one,please,never had one smartphone

mpeterso says:

Well...what the heck!

tiger81t says:

My Galaxy S2 is getting beat up. I'd love a new S4!

fintan91 says:

I want an S4

pick me!

newmexican says:

A contest for a phone that has not even been announced ??? Count me in :-)

aaronbwells says:


shcole says:

This would so make my day....let it be so....

JJ Jones says:

I'll be your Huckleberry.

magickalmike says:

Yes please & thank you.

beamin45 says:

okay, Ill take it.

imnuts says:

WANT!!! I think you should pick me.

Lodkeserith says:

Oooh, winning a device that hasn't even been officially announced. Count me in!

tschwenke says:

I won! I won!!

cib227 says:

this is awesome, thanks!!

Evo4g says:

Would love to win this phone!

garveygibbs says:


Nick_87 says:

S 4 me!!

microent says:

Hmmm.....this the most excellent news.. Wish everyone the best of luck when this drops... Can't wait to see goodies included in this edition

rh166c says:

Man it would be sweet to win a GS IV. Love you guys!!!

chris.wueste says:

Yes oh Yes. Please pick me!!!

V3T_TOO says:

Awesome, enter to win before it even is announced! Wait, what provider?

sRedwolf says:

Sign me up for this one.

jayala319 says:

Just a comment?!!! You could ask anything for a s4 and yet you're very generous, thanks!!!

jblaz says:

Sign me up!

orionisland says:

Super sweet Samsung S4 sounds superb!!!

I would love this!

Comment submitted, entry complete.

leaddog128 says:

Love to win a new phone!!!

BKVic says:

Ill take that GS4!


RiCeRyDa says:

I want the S4!

chasemc311 says:

I'm it!

vferrari says:

Hey, if I don't win the S4, I'll gladly take a Note 8 as a consolation prize :D

Prince_Basil says:

My favorite number is 4. It would be so awesome if I won a galaxy s 4.

kitchin says:

One of these days, we're going to have to tell my girlfriend about our relationship AC. Probably not now, probably not even when I win the galaxy S4 you're hopefully going to give me, but when she wakes up and sees my sugar daddy gift one morning, I'm going to have some 'splainin to do. Thanks for the opportunity guys

Kamil Wilk says:

I'm in.

A guy can dream can't he?

dzim14 says:

yes please

sentinelred says:

If the GS4 has softkeys, then ship the beast to my house. If no softkeys, then who the hell cares anyways? Please and thank you!

A K1 says:

I don't know what to say for winning. I have long list of people to thank. I would like to start of with...just give me the S4 please, haha.

crossing fingers hope I win

diegoalmeida says:

Oh Lord, please let something good happen to my life this next month, let me have this cell phone.

WilianLopez says:

I don't know if I'm more excited about this phone or the M7! You guys are awesome!

ColetonAM says:

Please please please pick me!

timlair says:

I'd love an S4!

jmgg2k says:

Im gonna win a GS4!

jthiemeyer says:

I need a Samsung S4 because I can't afford an Audi S4

mattSP says:


futureric says:

pick me!

Corey says:

Fingers crossed on this one. Let's see how lady luck plays.

eduardog21 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4. Definitely need a new phone.

Samson1433 says:

I really really hope that my first win from androidcentral will be the s4 :-)

defaguim says:

Oh please, pick me!

rosecity1980 says:

Thanks so much Android Central for the chance to win!

samhuff says:

Thanks for the chance!

ibcop says:

C'mon.....I'm a self confessed phone whore and I need this fix!!

mustang8918 says:

A dream come true, if I win.

chrissyd11 says:

I would love to be the first to own what's bound to be the hottest handset for quite some time.

thedumbkid says:

fingers crossed

sdfutrell says:

Enter me!!!

jburke315 says:

Add me to the 6000+ people interested in winning this thang!

edwinc8811 says:

me please!

brianmasonmn says:


ShadowX says:

Why not what do I got to lose :->

holangja1 says:

oh god pick me!

AJC1973 says:

Friends have been trying to make me jealous with their Note iis. I have a gs3 not muchto be jealous about now this would be ample payback

Pick me pick me:-)

PMerritt says:

^^^^^^ Needs a Galaxy S4 like a fish needs water.

ultraviolet says:

I want me an S4

tossici says:

Can't wait to see one of these up close!!!

sherpajosh says:

One of the easiest contests to enter, glad it's that way. I'll take a S4

Jack Dunn says:

Awesome competition guys

manof2moro says:

"I won a Galaxy S4!"- Me in a few weeks

Aaron Livera says:

I would really like to replace my htc desire hd....
I wont sell my htc desire hd though...
I hope this samsung galaxy sIV is better than htc one...
I hope i win the first samsung galaxy sIV contest...

Homi92 says:

im in

Dyllani says:

Lady luck, smile on me... I want...

Blaksmyth says:

I'd love to win a S4, come on baby!

bojack72 says:

hook me up!

lcallejo says:

Ill take an S4!!!

xeraphael says:

Would make a nice upgrade for my aging Xperia ray. I've never owned a "flagship" Android device from any OEM before, and some people argue that I've hence never really tried Android - if I do win this, it'd be my first flagship.

Omkar patil says:

gonna love this "new big thing" in my hand...

Odds are... I won't win.

Ommadawn says:

What a great contest this is. Count me in!!

ashbandicoot says:

Always know where your towel is!

osubeavs728 says:

James Falconer you're one cool cat for doing this

jklaren says:

I'll take one

Abby Marzan says:

I'm up for winning the new Samsung Galaxy IV!! It's about time I upgrade from a motorola krazr XD

Reharper72 says:

Oooohhhhhhh yes please!!!!!!!!!

Ashrith says:

S4! This way please!

I want a galaxy s4... pick me pick me :D

dmaischolar says:

How about we all win SIVs!

antics120 says:


donhackman says:

I like dogs

lets see how lucky i am XD gs4 ftw!

Jagcustom says:

I'm game I still have the 3g iPhone been waiting to upgrade would be nice.

KennyC78 says:

If I win this, it'll be my first Samsung phone. With my first Samsung phone being the SGS4, it'll be the best experience once can get. Make it so.

Jonneh says:

Oh please let me win, pleas let me win, please let me win! :-D

Thank you so much in advance, AC and Mobile Nations!

mcm180 says:

Come on Lloyd Daddy ... No whammee's No whammee's.. hahahahha Bonne chance à tous!

farhan001 says:

Me pls

Ghostlobster says:

S4 S4 S4 S4


DudeVee says:

I just cracked my screen and would love to upgrade. Pick me please! AndroidCentral rocks!

why not?

everreyes says:

Is the greatest device of the history!!

blazr2k says:

The odds are not in my favor.

davidk365 says:

WOW!!! Holy moly of a mother...
The phone is not even ANNOUNCED and there's already a contest for it.
I would love to win it even if the real spec of the actual phone is dual core.

Blammo79 says:

I would love to win the new S4! I own the S3 and love it, so it can only get better!

That's all we have to do is comment for a chance at a Galaxy S4?! I'm in!

ReaganDee says:

Well geez this is an easy contest to enter

crisg723 says:

I love Android central!

trunks527 says:

Let's rock and roll

DVUS1977 says:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy !!!!!!
I wanna win this brand new toy..
This new Samsung for me would bring a smile to my face.
So count me in !
Good luck to all.

In it to win it!

I would Love to get a new sg4, pick me!

pour2468 says:

in an effort to save myself from going broke sine i just got a new S3, i'd love to win this phone LOL

magneto198 says:

yes please

fireace75 says:


JHK1984 says:

This is going to be a looooooong shot but I might as well try!

Mikey47 says:

You can't win if you don't enter!

Agent13960 says:

Would love a new Galaxy S4! Great add to my android devices!

dg538 says:

I joined as soon as i saw this on google currents!

cuzinpedro says:

YES PLEASE! Having owned a Galaxy S Captivate, i'm excited to see what the next generation will bring.

datboijon says:

pick me so i can have yet another reason to love this site

4R69l says:


ozbreaker says:

Just the one?

l30r0 says:

You have no idea how much I miss having a Samsung device without a broken screen!!!

netstars22 says:

Me! Me! Pick me!

netstars22 says:

Me! Me! Pick me!

Uzian says:

A S4 would be really nice!

DriveEuro says:

My Galaxy S3 is feeling a little bit old.

lostfan0 says:

i'm ready for my first samsung

todmonsta says:

I love the Galaxy S 3 and I think I will love the 4 just as much.

dgishere says:

The S4 is finally here!!! I've been waiting for this. Please give me one.

linkkoriri says:

Count me in for the draw ^_^


khmendoza24 says:

Yes. Samsung!

dvdmark says:

Thanks in advance

smoker337 says:

I wanna win

NRobertDavis says:

My chances of winning are slim to none but I will try, pick me

troyboytn says:

I'm the one to pick! I'll appreciate it more and if I don't win, someone from AC is gonna have to sing "Soft Kitty" to me....!!!!

rookier says:

Count me in.

Coleman says:


bawoo says:

Wouldn't it be nice..if I won?

djluis48 says:

I would really love to win a GS4!

tralfaz says:

I love when you make it this easy.

ama3654 says:

i want s4 badly

Galaxy 4 me!

mmdotking says:

In it to win it. Winning!!

lumpynose says:

Samsung rocks.

Synystery says:

Hope I win this...

TenorioSLP says:

A College student needs one ;-)

Kazi Huq says:

As a Bangladeshi citizen i only can dream of winning a GS4 set.

ReutS says:

I would so love to win! Thanks for the contest

Terrahawk says:

I am now entered. That is all.

farcaster says:

Was about to spring for an S3, but I'll wait now on my free S IV.

Thanks in advance!

JayND says:

Well here's hoping and all that.
Boy if I ever really do win one of these I'm gonna freak out.

MikeNY says:

Wow what a contest! Would love that S4 :)

huix0018 says:

Good luck!

kobe24b says:

The name Galaxy S4 sounds sweet.

vbarada says:


shrestha says:

Samsung S4 or bust!!

cpuOahu says:

Woo Hoo! Love a contest like this!

dardia says:

Count me in!

Yes. I made an account just for this.

Brett Unruh says:

Don't worry I won't win I am horribly unlucky

Onlyping says:

Thanks AC for another awesome giveaway!!

Alirezait says:

I really want it,once in my life I wanna win a Galaxy S4, will my wish become true?!! =D

coldking says:

I'll take it!

slave says:

Wow, I support this endeavor!

cleanscreen says:

I'm in!

bjs188 says:


tcrobjr says:

Galaxy S4 FTW

achan68 says:

one time!

AJ Romero says:

John 3:16

I would like to enter to win a new Galaxy S4. Thanks for the opportunity!

DPrice2 says:

Count me in

I hope to win... really need a new phone!

Galaxy S IV I sense. Acquire one I must.

vicky2181991 says:

I am in need of a smartphone. I currently own a Nokia n97mini. I need S4 so badly.

Samowens says:

Tortas, Tortas, Tortas, Tortas, Tortas,
Tortas, Tortas, Tortas, Tortas! S4 please!

b3nz02 says:

Count me in!

I finally switched from the iPhone back to a Samsung and I am really excited to see the s4!

indyjoe says:

Yes Please

TopJimmyII says:

Pick me!!!! Pick me and I will give my old phone (a Galaxy S II) away to anyone on here that wants it!!

DarrenTYP says:

Help me get a new phone for the missus and you will have my eternal gratitude :)

jmcarlos says:

I can't wait for SIV to arrive.

The world's first??? Count me in!

hawksfan01 says:

Yes please!!

ThePapaPat says:

How sweet is that!? Weeks ahead of announcement, and they are giving one away?? Do they know something we don't? Like that they may actually launch the device within weeks of announcement?

miikeyroks says:

I'd love to win a s4! It would make 2013 a great year!!

ChaRia says:

Please please please. Excited to hear ANY news about the s4. Would love to win this.

hpfan999 says:

Come on. Give me a s4

Lillypad2000 says:

Again, AndroidCentral comes through with an awesome giveaway! This would be a fantastic surprise and a great update!

dah4949 says:

Great contest would love to win, thanks.

gtmerciless says:

My SGS2 is dying a slow painful death, I'd love a nice shiny upgrade!

Kayl_Galaxy says:

Pick me please! Galaxy S4!!! :)

Simonintx says:

Please let me win

twilite2000 says:

I adore the new GS4.

El Sabio Uno says:


erbe232 says:

I would love one for Verizon! Thanks!

Whitepawn34 says:

Would love a new phone.

Marco L says:


evobassfish says:

Hit me baby one more time:)

jmclear says:

Pick me!

tcournoy says:

I want to win the first S4!

CardFan#AC says:

I'm in.

krang1 says:

I would love to take a look at this phone :)

Jm6001 says:

I wants de pwnzing Samsung Galaxy s4!!

Yes please

kilodash says:

give it to me, David Beckham already have S III.

My Galaxy S2 says if I don't win this It's gonna divorce me.. Apparently Tim Cook made it a better offer.

mashizhao says:

Time to retire my old Samsung Droid Charge..

Jedi_Pilot says:

Why the heck not?

I'm looking for a new phone anyway :)

vuthappa says:

I want to win

Oxagarh says:

I m in ready for win

SCT78 says:

ME ME ME! I need to replace my S3, Thx!

I want that Galaxy SlV

kevster1321 says:

Unicorn apocalypse!!!

Ayush Gupta1 says:

Valid in India, too?
If yes, then I'm in :D

I'd sell my first born for the S4

Tyrol says:

Hope to win this!

beelykemyke says:

Galaxy S4 FTW!